Risky business

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Eva knew she was risking everything by walking through the heavy, oak door in front of her. She had received her instructions earlier that day and against her better judgment had confirmed she would arrive as instructed. The information Brad had sent her read:Shower an hour before you leave. Ensure all pubic hair is shaved and no hair is present on your legs, underarms, pubic area and arse. Moisturise with baby oil, everywhere, twice.Wear the underwear posted through your door yesterday underneath a long coat. Nothing more.Do not apply obtrusive make up. Wear your usual scent. Tie your hair back in a high pony tail.Wear shoes that are easy to take off.Arrive at 14.00 hours. Do not be late. Do not be early.On arrival at 14 Barracuda Way, Breacon, knock firmly on the large wooden door.Follow instructions as given by the owner from thereon in.Eva had been active on the website for four months. It wasn’t the usual dating site most single women used but an alternative site that was predominantly for swingers. It seemed to give her plenty of single men to meet up with. She had been inundated with messages. She tried to reply to all of them but it was a full time occupation keeping up with it. Whilst she had met a number of men that she was keeping as her regular fuck buddies, she had been chatting with a guy who had advertised for a submissive with a dark desire to be dominated by a non-participating white male.The whole scenario had intrigued her so she had messaged the user back just to see what the potential meet might involve. She was astute enough to know there were guys out there that would entice women into their houses to be met with a room full of aggressive, sexually hungry men. She had insisted on meeting Brad before their first play. Although he wasn’t keen, he had agreed just because he liked her sexy, pornographic photos on her profile picture that would persuade any man to bend the rules a little to get her in their bed.So the deal was that she would arrive at the house dressed provocatively in underwear with a coat over the top. She was to follow all his instructions and be aware that failing to do so would result in punishments. Boundaries had been agreed and as the two parties didn’t know each other well communication would be verbal, rather than intuitive. They agreed safe words in advance.Eva’s heart was pounding in her chest. Her head was telling her to turn around and get the hell out of this stupidly dangerous situation. Her pussy was wet and her clit was throbbing . Stubborn and not to be defeated by a little fear, Eva knocked confidently on the large, wooden door.The door opened. Eva stepped inside. It was pitch dark and she was trying to get her bearings and adjust to the change of light when a tall, slim, white man firmly closed the door behind her. He took off her coat, hanging it on a hook to the side of the door she had entered by. She suspected she wasn’t going to be leaving without yielding to Brad’s demands. She felt apprehensive and vulnerable. It was everything she wanted.’Get on your knees,’ he instructed.’Where’s Brad?’ asked Eva.’Get on you knees,’ the man repeated.This time the instruction came with a swift crack across the bottom of her arse cheeks. It made her gasp as the sting of the cane smarted on her delicate skin.She got on her knees and felt a gush of hot pussy juice inside her cunt as her wrists were grabbed, pulled behind her back and handcuffed tightly with what felt like heavy duty police cuffs.’Face on the floor,’ the man demanded.Eva obediently placed her face onto the cool, tiled floor making her arse stick up in the air. Her pussy was on show, peeping out between the slim edges of the crotchless knickers she had been given to wear.  It made her feel exposed and a little shy.’You have shaved as instructed?’ the man asked.’Yes,’ replied Eva.She got another crack across the fleshly cheeks of her arse.’When you speak to me, you address me as master,’ the man insisted.’Yes master,’ struggled Eva.She was not accustomed to being submissive verbally. Everything she had experienced ankara travesti on the sub scene had been very much letting the man take advantage of her deliciously beautiful body. It hadn’t been on this level. She was incredibly turned on but her stomach was jittery and she was becoming more nervous about the strange man who seemed to be in charge.Why was Brad not here?The man slipped his fingers over her pussy lips, around the front along her pubic area and back between her labia and up between the cheeks of her arse.’You are pleasing me, Eva,’ the man said reassuringly.’Kneel up,’ demanded the man, tapping her arse once again with the cane.Eva knelt and the man covered her eyes with tape, firmly and tightly so it was just uncomfortable enough for her to feel unsure about the situation.In her head Eva was thinking about how ridiculous she was to be restrained by a total stranger in a place she had never been. Her body however was responding rapidly to the domination and her wet cunt was already gaping and dribbling in anticipation.The man lifted Eva to her feet and walked her down the hallway through another solid, heavy, internal door.On entering what Eva sensed was a bigger space, the man spoke out loud to his associate.’She has obediently followed instructions and is ready for you, sir.”Thank you my dutiful servant,’ replied sir, ‘you will stay and enjoy the rewards of good service, Greg.’Greg stood facing Eva. He was astonished how great her body was for an older woman. She had big breasts, huge nipples and a narrow back which emphasised the size of her chest. Her waist was sculpted with a vague outline of the start of muscle definition in her abdomen. Her hips were curvy and the cheeks of her arse perfectly rounded and when he cracked the cane on them she clenched her muscles demonstrating how firm her buttocks were. Her legs were long and the swell in her calves suggested she trained regularly or wore heels on a regular basis, possibly both.Greg’s cock grew hard just looking at her. He wanted a piece of that and he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.’What is your safe word?’ asked sir.’Red,’ replied Eva.’So lacking in imagination Eva. I expected a little more from you,’ teased sir. ‘Let’s hope you don’t need to use it.”Brad?’ queried Eva.’Master,’ corrected Brad.Eva flinched expecting the crack of the cane across her cheeks.’You are a little jumpy, aren’t you?’ laughed Brad, domineeringly.Eva sensed his body near hers. She felt his fingers touch her nipples through the delicate mesh of her bra. They responded and she groaned in pleasure. The building tension and anticipation was leading her to be needy and verging on an orgasm without much need for penetration or stimulation of her clit.Brad removed her bra. Her breasts sat beautifully on her small frame. He cupped them firmly and admired the cleavage they formed as he played with them.Music started playing. Loud and thumping in time with her quickening pulse. It masked the conversation between Brad and Greg. Eva was excited and fearful in equal measure. She was definitely way beyond her comfort zone, yet her cunt was dripping. Her thighs were sticky and her juice was stretching in long drips onto the floor.No more words were spoken but Eva felt thick, cold fingers shoved deep inside her pussy. Hard, fast strokes were pounded into her and she was going to cum. Her knees were weak and she felt the hot flush of her climax start to release. Immediately the fingers were gone and she couldn’t maintain her pleasure.Then her hair was grabbed and she was pushed down onto her knees. A flaccid cock was shoved into her mouth.’Suck it. Get him hard,’ demanded Brad.She sucked and moved up and down his cock. It was getting hard when it was pulled out of her mouth and a big set of balls was pushed inside her mouth as the man held her nose so she had to open wide to breath.She had saliva running down her face and she didn’t like it. She only did controlled blowjobs. Slow or fast was fine but she didn’t like wet and sloppy. This time she didn’t travesti ankara have a choice. The man grabbed her hair again and pushed his cock deep into her throat. She was gagging but he insistently pushed it further in and she managed to swallow it. He thrust lustfully, fucking her mouth.As her mouth was busy being fucked another man, obviously Greg, grabbed the cuffs and lifted her off her knees. His unsheathed cock was slammed inside her pussy and he rode her fast and hard. She was a mess. Her wet cunt squelched with every stroke and could even be heard over the music. Muffled protestations were useless in persuading the men to take it easy on her. They pounded and grabbed at her arse and tits until they shot their plentiful load up her pussy and down her throat.Great, thought Eva, I’ve survived my first submissive encounter.Expecting to be released from the cuffs Eva lifted herself onto her feet. She stood waiting for what felt like a few minutes but she couldn’t hear anything above the music or sense anyone moving around. That nervous feeling started up again in the pit of her stomach. She was right to be wary.Three men had entered, carrying with them a restraint bench. Greg and his associates had gone to clean up and left them to it. Brad was watching from his throne-like chair across the other side of the room.Unaware of the scene unfolding around her, Eva started to struggled in the cuffs. They tightened further on her wrists and cut in to her skin.’Brad,’ Eva shouted out.There was no reply.’Brad, help me get out of these cuffs,’ she shouted, starting to panic.Suddenly the cuffs were released and the movement in her arms and shoulders returned. As she breathed a sigh of relief, she felt hands on her arms and legs and she was being lifted. She was totally disorientated. Her body was being taken across the room and she was placed on a cool, padded bench. Her hands were fastened tightly in front of her so as she could use her elbows to keep herself steady. Her ankles were fixed in place so she was face down on her knees. Then the bench was manipulated and her legs were spread as far apart as they could go.’You ever had black cock bitch?’ an unknown voice taunted in her ear.Eva started to struggled and panic. She screamed out, ‘No, no, no!’Eva had one main fear when it came to sex. She didn’t do massive cocks. She was tight and in shape. She couldn’t always take penetration doggy style because it hurt her if the man had a larger than average dick.Ignoring her protestations, the man squirted lube over the cheeks of her arse. He lubricated her already saturated cunt and inserted two fingers. Finding her g spot he firmly but slowly massaged making her feel like she was going to cum. She was enjoying his fingers and hoped this would satisfy him.The two other men stood stroking their cocks. It didn’t take long for them to get hard and one of them pushed his dick into Eva’s mouth. He gently rocked in and out, letting her take more of his length with each thrust. As Eva took it all the way in, up to his bollocks, the man stroked her hair and started to tell the other guy how good her mouth felt.’Pure honey, that’s just fucking hot,’ he said lust giving weight to his already deep voice. ‘This bitch is quality, Brad.’Eva was doing fine. She was calmer now and was enjoying her g spot being stimulated. The orgasm was building. She was desperate to cum and she knew she needed her clit to be rubbed to push her into her climax. As if he sensed her frustration, the third guy knelt down and firmly and quickly rubbed her clit. Eva came hard. She was moaning and squirming and the muffled cries of pleasure were punctuated with deep thrusts of cock down her throat. The guy on his knees took over fingering her pussy and carried on rubbing her clit. Usually when she came she couldn’t bear for her clit to be touched but she didn’t have any choice.’You have been great, Eva,’ Brad said, his voice laced with thick lust. ‘You are delightful to watch.”I think we should let Eva have a break for a minute. Give her some water. ankara travestiler Let her stretch her legs and arms,’ Brad instructed the three men.Eva was lifted off the bench and drank thirstily from a large glass of water. She stretched her arms and legs and went to sit down on the floor. She was surprised how her sense of balance and coordination had developed having been blindfold for so long.’I never said you had permission to sit down,’ shouted Brad.Immediately Eva was grabbed and dragged over to the bench once more. Quickly restrained she realised her error and begged with her master to spare her punishment.’You will never learn to be a good, obedient sub unless you remember what happens when you disrespect your master,’ chastised Brad.He turned to one of the black, well-hung men and instructed him to administer twenty strikes across the buttocks using the leather strap.Despite her struggles, Eva couldn’t free herself from the bench and she counted the strokes in her head. Tears spilled under her blindfold and her breathing was jagged and shallow. Her arse cheeks were stinging even though the strapping had ceased. She was distressed and frightened. She wanted to go. She wanted to curl up and disappear into herself. She was so humiliated.Expecting to be released, she was about to use her safe word. She should have done that as soon as the strapping started but her inexperience had left her confused and she had not remembered to code out when it got too much. Just as she open her mouth she felt cool lube on her skin. The relief from the stinging was amazing.As she relaxed once more, she enjoyed the cool massage and she drifted into thinking of the orgasms she had enjoyed as a submissive. Calm and not paying much attention to the movement around her she was in the best state to take what happened next.One of the guys swiftly inserted his finger into her arse. He massaged the cool gel deep into her. He withdrew his finger and massaged the smooth rose bud entrance and it felt good. As he continued playing with her arse, another of the men placed a vibrator inside her destroyed pussy. She was tender and sore but her clit still responded and she quickly felt her orgasm building up.’Cum on baby, let me see you squirt,’ he said insistently.That’s why they were making her drink water, she thought.She was struggling to know just where was being stimulated and with what. Her cunt was used and it was impossible for her to tense her muscles with the pounding it had taken. It was inevitable that she would lose control and squirt her ejaculation over the face of the man now pounding her g spot. Swift, deep, relentless strokes with the toy and she was holding on as long as she could before eventually she was pushed into a relentless, squirting orgasm.Eva was near exhausted and she couldn’t feel a thing in her used pussy. She lay defeated and fully submissive on the bench.Brad walked over and checked she was okay. He stroked her head and then just nodded to the men.All three of them stood around her. One removed the blindfold but left her tied to the bench. They took their hard cocks in their hand and started wanking furiously over her hot, but damaged body. Her hips and buttocks were bruised and marked from the strapping, as well as from hands grabbing her. Her cunt was dripping and swollen. Her tits, whilst pressed underneath her right now, were covered in finger prints and hand prints where they had been groped and mauled. The men just used her to get off. They made comments about her tight pussy and said they were having her ass next time. Almost in unison the men shot their thick, copious load of cum over her arse. It trickled down between her cheeks and dribbled between her thighs.Brad released Eva from the bench. He took her hand and walked her through the door into the hallway where she had started earlier that afternoon. He placed her coat around her, slipped her shoes on her feet and opened the front door out onto the street.Eva looked at Brad like he had lost his mind. He expected her to drive home covered in cum, dripping from her pussy, bruised and battered.’You’ll be back, Eva,’ said Brad, ‘Now thank your master.’Eva turned and walked away.’You know you will be back, Eva. And we will start by teaching you to use your manners,’ Brad shouted after her.She knew he was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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