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After a long, exhausting flight from LaGuardia to L.A., all I wanted to do was hit the shower and the bed in my hotel room and sleep til I got my wake-up call. I unlocked room 1247 of the Starlight Luxury Suites. Despite the cheesy name, the room was actually big and cozy with a king sized bed I always brought with a maroon velvet bedspread with me, after hearing scary rumors about the scarcity of clean blankets in hotel beds. I dreaded giving my sales presentation to a roomful of button-downs at the corporate headquarters. Every week I’d promise myself I’d give notice after I paid my next credit card balance, but then it was another bill or a broken arm from a skiing trip. Six months later, I was still wrapped in a corporate culture I despised.

I didn’t feel like unpacking. It was already ten thirty, my flight had been two hours late. I plopped onto the bed, exhausted and fell asleep in my business suit. I awakened to the sound of the doorknob being turned oh god I thought the maids clean this late at night. I had forgotten to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign up. I jumped out of bed and yanked the door open.

A gorgeous but somewhat bemused man stood in the hallway, holding a large duffel bag.”I’m sorry. Is Is this room 1247? Hmmm, they must have made a mistake at the desk.” The man said, in an indetermined accent that couldn’t decide if it was British or California surfer dude. I was instantly attracted to him.

“Wait, my key says 1247, too. Let me call the desk and see what’s going on.” I was so tired it took me a minute for it to the sink in that the man standing next to me in this hotel room emitted more testosterone than my employer’s entire board of directors combined.

With black hair a little past his ears, brown eyes, and lips that were a bit too prominent for his rugged looks. His face showed a bit of wear and tear. Nothing major, but just enough to be intriguing, show that he had lived a life. He was dressed causally, in jeans and a windbreaker with some sort of logo for a soccer team. When the desk clerk answered I wanted to say never mind, but decorum won out. I had to go through the motions.

The desk clerk was nice about the whole thing, but I couldn’t illegal bahis wait to get off the phone and talk to the beautiful stranger who stood before me “He says that it was a mix-up with booking and they copied the wrong keys. The hotels full up so they cant offer us another room til tomorrow they offer a voucher for the Ramada Inn down the street…or they could send up another bed and we could share a room for the night.” I said

“That would be fine. I’d just as soon we could share for the night. ” he answered.

I didn’t wanna say it but I forced myself to ask housekeeping to send up another bed.

“Is that all right?”

“That’s no problem. I’ll set up shop in the next room. There’s enough space. My name’s Michael, by the way.”

“Hi. I’m Jenny.” I said, and we shook hands.

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Oh please, God, I thought, don’t let any rooms open up unexpectedly. I usually slept in the nude but that was out of the question with this stranger in the room. I threw on a plain white T-shirt that I used for workouts.

When I came out, the twin bed had been set up.

“I’m going to change and then I’ll be out of your way.”

I peeked into the bathroom before he closed the door all the way. He took his shirt off. His body wasn’t perfectly sculpted but he was built like a man – strong, slightly muscular arms, a tattoos on his biceps. I dreaded falling asleep masturbating over the stranger in the next room – how pathetic. But it was too risky to come on to him he was after all, a stranger. When he walked out of the bathroom I trying to read the biography of Charles Bukowski, the writer.

“I thought I was the only person on earth who had that book.” Michael said.

I have a first edition of “Post Office.” I said. He sat down on the bed and we talked about writers we enjoyed. He was so easy to talk to, so funny, I let my guard down.

“You can take your T-shirt off. Don’t be uncomfortable on my account.”

“I think I’ll do that.” He slipped his shirt off. I watched him, savoring the moment like a teen-ager in the backseat of a car.

“This isn’t the hotel bedspread. You brought it with you.”

“I like the way it feels. The velvet – it’s not like the illegal bahis siteleri scratchy old rags they put on the beds here. I usually.. umm.. sleep in the nude.”

“Don’t be uncomfortable on my account.” Michael breathed. “You can take your T-shirt off if you want. I don’t mind.”

His sweet breath in my ear was too much. “I’m going to stop being a lady if you keep talking like that. You’re going to make me do something I’ll regret.”

“I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Its up to you. We can do as much or as little as you like and stop when you want to stop.”

I kissed him, his chest so firm and manly, so different from my usual businessmen boyfriends. Michael pulled my T-shirt off, then guided my head up to his mouth. As we kissed, I scooted up and slipped my panties and guided him down to my pussy. He tempted me with a trail of little sweet kisses before eating me expertly with his tongue. I felt his cock growing hard against my leg. “Do you like that, love; he smiled lifting his head and looking at me, strong chin shiny with my pussy juice. I giggled, and kissed him. Taste that you taste that. That’s you. That’s what you taste like a sweet peach…” I kissed his chin and licked my lips. “Please do something for me,” I whispered. “Yes, love,” he ran his fingers through my dark blonde hair, still wet from the shower.

“Fuck me, I need your cock in me. Let me see it first…I licked a bit of precum off him. He tasted so good. His taste, his smell, evoked feelings in me that could prove more dangerous than any drug. I read somewhere once that a feminine woman can get hooked on a hormone produced during when she orgasms by a studly man. I knew it was dangerously true, but I’d gladly suffer the consequences, I’d gladly go through withdrawal from this man’s scent and body. I sucked him ravenously, digging my hands into his back and squeezing him hard.

“Get on top, baby, you wanna ride, I can tell,”

I laughed. All my hidden lusts were emerging, and I was lucky to unleash them on such a willing, active victim. Unashamed, I straddled him.

“There, that fits in so nice and easy.” He moaned. His cock filled me up, almost to the point of hurting. It had been so long since I had been driven canlı bahis siteleri to the edge of desire, since I had felt like a totally sexual being. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Michael noticed this and laughed. “You better than any porno star, baby,” I stared at his body, at the sweat pouring down his chest, at the look of pleasure on his face, and finally at the cum that poured out of his cock – a gorgeous release.

We kissed and cuddled, with moans substituting for words. He slipped his arms around my waist and held me close as though he’d afraid I’d escape. I fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

Slowly the sun filtered through the thin white slits of the window blinds. I opened my eyes. The bed still smelled like sex. Melancholy set in – it was seven am and he’d be gone. Slowly I prepared myself for the inevitable. And turned over. And there he was stretching in bed he even looked beautiful in the morning.

He kissed my neck. “C’mere, let’s start the day off right.”

Before I could express my delight, his arms enveloped me and he pressed his body so hard against mine, cuddling me squeezing me greedily sliding his hands over my breasts and down to my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his. He fingered my already wet pussy. I gently felt for his erect cock and helped him inside. I lost myself in the absolute pleasure of his cock entering me and growing larger and harder in my pussy. I made sure that he got on top this time, and I watched him fuck me in the mirror. It was a beautiful picture I would always remember.

The specter of attending to reality lapsed completely I didn’t know I was in a hotel room, or even in Los Angeles or even on planet earth. I knew I was with the most beautiful, sensual man I had ever known. He was obeying my every command, licking and kissing my long-neglected pussy. That’s all I knew and more than I could have ever dreamed.

There isn’t much I remember about the rest of the day – I know that we showered and dressed separately, agreeing that we’d never leave the hotel room if we got ready together.

As I walked through the lobby to the taxi stand, trying hard to hide the wicked smile with a neutral expression, the concierge greeted me. “Good morning, Miss Reily, I’m sorry about the inconvenience last night. We will have a new room ready for you this evening.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Freddie”, I said glancing at the man’s name tag,” You can take your time it was no problem. No problem at all.”

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