Room Service

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Room ServiceShe woke with a smile, instantly recognizing the beautiful hotel room, and the city skyline beyond the und****d window. As she sat up to stretch, a light knock came to her door followed by a young woman’s voice “room service”. She reached for her robe at the foot of the bed, but in an instant decided instead to leave the garment where it was and roll out of bed and answer the door as she was… fully, happily, naked.After a quick look in the mirror, she gave her hair a shake and ran her fingers through. A wicked smile ran across her face as she reached for the ornate door handle. On opening the door, she looked directly into the young woman’s face that was standing behind the food service cart. She saw her smile, her eyes widen, and a faint blush quickly cross her face before she said “Good morning, Miss, your breakfast is ready.””Yes, thank you,” she replied, holding the door open wider so the delivery girl could push the cart all the way into the room, casually waving at the woman from the room down the hall. Once the delivery girl was beyond the doorway, she closed the door and turned to face her.”Your breakfast, Miss…””Please… call me Ríona…””Yes, Ríona. Your breakfast, as ordered… two over easy eggs, Irish sausage, buttered whole grain toast, coffee, and a pitcher of mimosa.””Perfect,” smiled Ríona, looking more at the young woman in the hotel uniform, rather than at the spread of food before her.Once again, Ríona noticed the young woman blush and asked “Are you alright? You seem to be a little flush…””Yes, Miss… I mean, Ríona… it’s just…” she looked quickly at the closed door “it’s just that you’re naked.””That’s not i*****l around here, is it?” Ríona smiled as she pulled a corner from one of the slices of toast.”No… I don’t think it is…””Then I’m sure you see other women nude in your line of work.”The girl noticably blushed again. “I’m sorry, Ríona. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.””There’s no need to apologize to me…” she looked for a name tag on the girl’s uniform, but didn’t see one. “Ah, I see… you’re new to this, aren’t you?””It’s my first week…””Do you mind if I ask your name?””Dáirine,” she sheepishly replied.”Hello, Dáirine, I’m Ríona,” she smiled holding her hand out to the younger girl to shake.Dáirine took Ríona’s hand and shook, smiling.”There now, no need to be embarassed, we’re old friends,” smiled Ríona. “Have you many more deliveries this morning?””You were my last for the morning.””Really? Well, if you’re hungry, Dáirine, there’s plenty here.””Thanks, but I don’t think I should…””Why?””Well, I don’t think I’m allowed… and…””And?””And… well… you’re still naked.””Does my being naked bother you, Dáirine?””I wouldn’t say bother… but… you’re so beautiful I’m having a very difficult time not looking at you.””Aw… aren’t you so sweet… I’m sure you’re quite beautiful, as well. And I’d bet that if you were naked, I’d have a difficult time not looking at you.”Dáirine smiled a genuine smile, looking a bit more at ease. “My boyfriend likes it best when asyabahis yeni giriş I’m naked.”Ríona laughed. “Yes, most men do prefer their girlfriends naked.”Dáirine laughed, too.”Are you naked around him often?””Well… not as much as he’d like…” Both women laughed again.”Seriously, Dáirine, if you don’t have to go back to work, you’re welcome to join me for breakfast,” Ríona offered again, this time holding a glass of mimosa to Dáirine. “You are old enough to drink this, yes…?”Dáirine gave an affirmative nod, took a long look at the hotel room door and then smiled. “I suppose if I’m off the clock…” she took a sip of her drink, “I can stay a little while.”Ríona smiled. “Good for you, Love. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not going to get dressed. And I truly don’t mind you looking.” Ríona put her arms over her head and did a slow full turn, giving Dáirine an all sides view, before putting the breakfast food on the table next to the large window.Dáirine intently watched Ríona as she turned, u*********sly biting her bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful…” she said, barely audible in the otherwise quiet room.Ríona heard and smiled. She turned to face Dáirine just as Dáirine was unbuttoning the burgundy coloured waist length hotel uniform jacket. Ríona smiled again.Dáirine stopped unbuttoning the jacket. “I’m sorry, I should’ve asked…””Asked?””If it’s alright for me to take off my uniform in your room…”Ríona gave a small laugh, “Dáirine, Love, as far as I’m concerned, you can take your clothes off whenever and wherever you wish. And you certainly don’t need my permission to get out of your uniform. I mean, you are off the clock now, right?” Ríona briefly wondered if she’d gone too far and should’ve put on her robe to answer the door. She shook her head to clear the thought and smiled again at Dáirine.”If it’s alright with you, I think I’d be more comfortable if we were both naked,” smiled Dáirine as she pulled her uniform jacket from her arms. She stepped out of her shoes, quickly undid the button on her uniform slacks, letting them fall and puddle on the floor. She stood there for a moment in just her bra and knickers, smiling directly at Ríona, feeling the wetness building between her legs, and again, u*********sly biting her bottom lip.Ríona smiled again, having no idea where this was going to lead, but, strangely enjoying the anticipation of seeing Dáirine naked. “That’s a pretty bra,” she smiled, “and you seem to fill it quite well.”Dáirine beamed. Her nipples hardened and her clit tingled at the compliment. She couldn’t decide if she hoped Ríona would notice or not… Dáirine took another sip of her mimosa and undid her bra. As the lacey cups fell from her breasts, she suddenly felt magnificent.Ríona saw how taught Dáirine’s nipples were, hoping it was the building excitement. She also saw the smile on Dáirine’s face, “I’m glad you’re feeling less shy,” she smiled.Dáirine quickly dropped her knickers and stepped from the pile of clothes on the floor, leaving them where they lie.”My asyabahis giriş first impression was correct,” smiled Ríona. “I am going to have a difficult time not looking at you, too,” u*********sly licking her lips.Dáirine put her arms up over her head and mimicked Ríona’s slow full turn with a beaming smile.”How do you feel?””I don’t know… good… happy… free…” she giggled “excited…””Excited?””Yeah… I mean, I’ve never been naked with another woman… and, well… I’m afraid I’m more than a little turned on.” Quickly realizing her statement, Dáirine suddenly shook her head, turned and reached for her clothes. “Maybe I should go…”Ríona reached for Dáirine. “You don’t have to leave… please don’t! I’d really rather you stay.””You don’t mind that I’m turned on by looking at you? Even more turned on at being naked with you?””I’m very turned on, too, Dáirine. You’re very beautiful.” Ríona smiled. “You see, when I opened that door a few short minutes ago, I just thought you’d leave the cart and go, and we’d both get a little thrill at my being naked through it all.” She slowly looked over Dáirine and smiled. “Then, your sweetness and our conversation led us here. And, to be truthful, I’m not all that interested in breakfast right now.” Ríona smiled again and stepped closer to Dáirine, “May I kiss you?”Dáirine’s heart was beating harder than ever and there was nothing else in the world that she’d ever wanted as much. “Please,” she smiled as she straightened up and stepped to meet Ríona.Their mouths met in an increasingly needful kiss. Their bodies touched for the very first time, skin to skin, and Dáirine’s mind was tumbling and twirling in all sorts of directions. Without a word, they found their way to the bed, unwanting to break the blissful kiss. Dáirine felt herself being touched and caressed by Ríona’s soft hands, thrilling at each touch… similar and yet, so very different from how her boyfriend touched her. She so despirately tried to grasp it all, but every touch and kiss from Ríona sent her head spinning further and further away from any sense Dáirine had of reality. She felt like Alice down the rabbit hole, or Dorothy just landing in Oz… it was all so gloriously mad and she only wanted more. She smiled at Ríona in a brief instant between kisses, “I’ve not…” she started.”This is not the time for confessions, Love,” smiled Ríona as her index finger gently shushed the girl. “There are so many things I’ve never done, but now is not the time to list them. This… right now… feels good and feels right. That is, unless you want me to stop.””Please… don’t stop! I so want this… like nothing ever before…” Dáirine began exploring Ríona’s body with her hands, much to Ríona’s delight. Ríona’s eyes and smile gave her enjoyment away as Dáirine’s hand crept between the wet folds of Ríona’s cleanly shaved nether lips.”Have you ever tasted yourself when you’ve masturbated?” asked Ríona between small gasps of pleasure.Dáirine blushed.”Now is not the time to be shy, Dáirine. We’re asyabahis güvenilirmi naked on my hotel room bed and your fingers… mmmm… your lovely fingers are giving me such pleasure…” she looked directly into Dáirine’s eyes, asking her question again without a word.Dáirine smiled. “Yes. I have. Sometimes I’ll masturbate just so I can taste it… several times a day… I can’t help it. My boyfriend thinks I like sucking him off after he’s been in me so he won’t cum in me… I mostly want to taste myself on him first.” She pulled her soaked fingers from Ríona and put them in her mouth, with a delightful moan.Ríona smiled as Dáirine licked her fingers clean, and placed her own fingers past Dáirine’s closely shaved pubes to her hard, excited clit, causing her to gasp around the fingers still in her mouth. Ríona reached lower to Dáirine’s flowing wetness and inserted two fingers. Dáirine’s eyes opened wide as she quietly gasped “oh, yes…””Does your boyfriend use his mouth on you?””Sometimes…”Dáirine frowned. “Only ‘sometimes’? That’s such a crime!” She placed her middle finger in her mouth, tasting Dáirine’s nectar with a smile, leaving her soaked index finger free. “Men really should learn how to please women with their mouths…” Ríona offered her index finger to Dáirine. She happily drew it into her mouth, savouring the nectar she’d placed there to begin with.Dáirine’s body suddenly tensed as she felt Ríona’s mouth at her excited fanny. Ríona’s tongue swirled and danced around Dáirine’s clit, then dove into her depths, only to again draw up under her very excited nub. Her breathing was in laboured gasps as she whimpered and moaned her enjoyment while Ríona left no part of Dáirine’s sweet fanny untouched by her expert tongue. Dáirine grabbed her breasts and pinched her stone hard nipples as Ríona watched intently over Dáirine’s pubes, inserting two wriggling fingers deep into Dáirine’s drooling opening. Her orgasm built as her thighs began to tremble and her back to arch, pushing her spasming fanny even harder to Ríona’s mouth. Seeing Ríona’s eyes peering at her over her pubes, she managed a smile and, between gasps, begged “kiss me…”Ríona smiled and licked her way up to Dáirine’s mouth, her own mouth covered in Dáirine’s nectar. As Dáirine sat up, Ríona’s fingering shifted from just insertion to also rubbing Dáirine’s throbbing clit. The change of stimulation, combined with the slick wetness covering Ríona’s face, Dáirine’s orgasm went supernova. Licking and sucking her own nectar from Ríona’s face, Dáirine trembled and shook in shock after shock after ecstatic, electric, orgasmic shock. Ríona had removed her fingers so that she could rub Dáirine’s squirt into her body, and on to Dáirine’s…”I’ve never…” Dáirine managed between giggles, gasps and total body aftershocks, “I’ve never orgasmed so hard in my life…” Nearly spent, she was curled up next to Ríona’s breast, both women covered in Dáirine’s squirted wetness.Ríona hugged the girl closer and smiled, her fingers tracing the outer lips of her own very wet womanhood.”There’s so much I want to do…” Dáirine smiled and looked up at Ríona, “with you…””I have nowhere else to be… do you?” smiled Ríona.”I don’t have to clock back in for another two days,” smiled Dáirine before gently taking Ríona’s nipple into her mouth….

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