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The dull box knife cut jaggedly across the tape and cardboard as Desiree eagerly tore into the package she had retrieved from parcel pick-up. She reached into the package and fished out the shiny box showing various photos of the item hidden inside; a strapless strap-on dildo with an inflatable vaginal bulb and anal plug and a nice, smooth, long nine-inch phallus. A triple-pronged wonder-tool. Her twat twitched a little and she shifted excitedly from foot to foot, tearing open the retail packaging to get inside.She quickly discarded shimmery golden tissue paper and cellophane wrapper and revealed her new favorite toy. She fondled it, impressed with its soft red silicone surface with a little squish, and the firm rigidness of the dong. It was also unexpectedly lightweight, which would make retaining it during what she hoped would be rigorous thrusting more likely. She located the charger and plugged each end in for an electricity infusion and then texted Garrett and Sam.”My boner has arrived!” she texted giddily.Desiree then opened her porn app and scrolled through options for the search, “Pegging” until she found an alluring option. She would want time to allow the battery to fill to a full charge before first use.She dashed to the toy chest in her bedroom and located her favorite Bad Dragon dong with its strong suction base and brought it to the kitchen table next to her. She checked her phone.”I can’t wait!” Garrett had responded.”Yesss!” Sam, replied.Desiree was already juicy from excitement to try on her new toy soon. She pulled up some videos and removed her jeans and underwear kicking them off into the corner. She pressed two fingers into her slit and began twisting them around her clit and inner labia, not wasting any time. She was excited to try the new toy soon.Meanwhile, Des smacked the jiggling dildo to the seat of the wooden chair and began squatting, working the tip past her vulva and into her labia folds, teasing the opening of her hot lips. She began dipping it in her wetness inch by inch. Desiree moaned as the woman in the video sucked on the harnessed dildo another woman was wearing. The top was guiding the bottom’s head, holding her ponytail firmly. Desiree began bouncing her hips in longer strokes, taking more of the dragon dick inside her. She pulled at her bottom jaw with fingers wrapped, gripping her bottom teeth, her tongue wetly slicking across them like she was teasing the head of a cock. She noticed the fine ridges, subtle changes in texture of her own fingerprints as she sucked her own skin. The bottom in the video made alluring sensual moans and slurping sounds.Desiree’s pace quickened and quads hardened. She stroked away sitting further and further down onto the firmly squishy dildo. It yielded and squished pressing against her tight vaginal walls. On upward thrusts and she rode up off of it nearly completely, her vagina walls gripped and dragged against the surface, grabbing it wantonly.Soon the top pulled the dildo away from the bottom’s mouth and slapped the dong across her face and then pulled her up and around. She shoved the bottom over the edge of a couch and fingered the pussy. The bottom writhed and wiggled, groaning for Çankaya Escort Bayan more.”You’re going to have to ask nicely,” the top demanded.”Give it to me, please! Fuck me with your hard cock,” the bottom insisted.And the top gripped the full butt cheeks and spread them wide, with the camera angle zooming in on glistening ass crack and pussy lips. It showed the top’s hand guiding the dark brown realistic dildo into hot pink pussy-lips, disappearing as it slid inside. Desiree appreciated groaning from both herself and the bottom in the video. She sat hard and firmly onto the dragon dildo burying it inside herself. Desiree began rocking and fingering her clit vigorously, forearms resting on the back of the chair she was straddling backward. The bottom gasped and squealed as she was pounded firmly, with cheeks slapping against the top’s upper thighs.Desiree reached up her own shirt, slipped her hands beneath her bra, and squeezed her own breasts, rolling the nipples. She felt delicious fullness in her pelvis and heat setting in at her clit as she bucked and rocked on the juicy dragon dick. At once as the bottom in the video began making squealing noises with quick gasps, Desiree herself felt the rising swell of orgasm within her. She stopped bucking and began grinding with the dragon balls smashing against her slippery vulva, pressing them open and hugging the dragon balls deeper.It felt so dirty smashing her sensitive lips against the textured silicone that was getting as warm as her hot pussy by now. Desiree’s own moans turned to gaspy whines as she rode herself to orgasm along with the bottom in the video, while fingering her clit. She convulsed with a hunched back throwing herself forward against the back of the dining room chair, almost hugging it. Her pussy quivered and quaked. Her clit throbbed and her vagina walls spasmed against the dildo which filled her tightly.The video ended and an advertisement popped up, shaking Desiree back into her kitchen.The red light indicator on the dildo was still glowing, not fully charged yet.XXXA recorded voice message from Garrett appeared on Desiree’s phone that evening.”I’ll be over again tonight, Des, we need to practice the ropes before we meet with Sam tomorrow.”Garrett had been practicing a few options for a rope harness that he would apply to Desiree to secure the strapless strap-on for maximum and secure thrust power. Nobody wanted it falling out and the new dildo wasn’t compatible with a standard harness. The most important part about it was that Desiree would also receive intimate stimulation and feedback while pumping away at Sam. Sam wanted to try some anal and didn’t rust anyone but Desiree to do it. Desiree wanted to see what it might feel like to have a dick for once, and what better way than to wield a boner that also stimulated her own yummy parts?One of Garrett’s rope design options featured a braided dong retainer strap along the front of the crotch that wrapped under and around each thigh and butt cheek to the front again in a hugging jock-strap configuration. It required several figure-eight double knots and double overhand knots. This option would take the longest to create Çankaya Escort and could be made ahead of time to be stepped into, it would require a few simple knots to apply. Garrett wanted a reusable design that could be stepped into, dildo applied, and then tied up for quick donning, much like a traditional strap-on harness.Desiree pondered the last few nights of practice with the ropes harness procedure. She liked the braided one best because it felt most secure and provided good pressure with the ridged mound on the clit end of the strapless strap-on. It applied pressure in just the right spot. She didn’t mind the anticipation as Garrett took his time adjusting it and pulling each section tight against the braided ridge, strap by strap, wrap by wrap. The wait was tantalizing as he yanked and pulled, and fiddled with adjustments.Surprisingly, Desiree enjoyed the tugging and fussing with the rope pressing into her flesh and Garrett’s hands touching her. Sometimes she longed to feel Garrett in a more intimate way. She was bi, but Garrett was 100% gay sissyboy. Sam was Desiree’s newest partner, and they were all becoming close friends quickly. Desiree imagined a few scenarios as Garrett fussed with another knot.She felt the rope harness slide down her legs toward her knees and Garrett held it there.”Stick the dildo in,” he commanded as he held the ropes and pried open the holes in the braided ridge one by one. There was room for each of the appendages on the dildo. The phallus end strapped securely first, then a rope surrounding the bulb for the vaginal retainer piece and finally on loop for the anal plug and a strap up the butt crack attached to a macramé waist belt. Desiree shimmied into the rope harness and pulled it up her thighs.”A little help?” Des asked Garrett as her hands were full with rope, and she needed assistance popping each of the appendages into the corresponding orifices of her genitals.Garrett sprung to action, “Yes, girl, let’s just…” He grabbed the dildo and gently positioned it, adding a dab of lube to each bulb.”Pop,” went the vaginal piece as Garrett pressed it in, and then he fiddled with the anal plug after applying more lube. Of course, he knew just how to coax an asshole into accepting a foreign object. He circled his finger and knuckle into Desiree’s anus and with one decisive jam, the plug was firmly planted up her butt. Desiree jumped a little and giggled, and her butt hole happily accepted the new stimulation. She relaxed into it.Garrett tied the tips of the rope ends into the alpine butterfly loops he had crafted on the waist of the harness and tied each of them off. Desiree felt secure. She did a few lunge steps and hip thrusts to try out the flexibility and security of the harness. She grabbed at her dick and tugged a little. She liked how tightly it hugged her groin, thighs, and butt cheeks. It felt sexy to wear. She enjoyed how the tail ends of the rope dangled and sometimes tickled the back of her upper thighs.Especially sexy was the cock that sprang around in front of her, bouncing with her movements, red and perky. It felt ready and poised to be plunged into a willing body hole at any moment. Escort Çankaya But first, an adjustment was needed.Desiree pressed the button at the base of the balls on the dildo. Instantly, she felt the hum of the motor and the bulb inside her vagina filling her up steadily. She then tested the next button, which started a pulsing vibration from the implanted bullet at the clit mound. She yelped with the sudden stimulation, but eased into it in moments, playing with the settings.”That’s a strong vibe! I wonder how much the receiver will feel it,” she wondered to Garrett.”I’m tempted to find out!” replied Garrett with a raised eyebrow. He eyed his friend with her stiff red cock, teasingly.”You wanna?!” Desiree checked, enthusiastically. And she meant it.Garrett had been with women a few times in traditional sexual ways, experimenting with finding his sexuality. He had NOT, however, been pegged by one before. Let alone, he had never engaged sexually with Desiree.”Come on, it feels so good, I want to try it out,” she pleaded. “You did such a good job with the fitting of this harness. Let me put my dick in you, Gee.” Desiree pumped her hips teasingly and grabbed at her tits, flicking her tongue. She reached up and pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail, getting ready to play.”How about you take my mouth,” Garrett offered.”That’ll do!” she exclaimed.Garrett dropped to his knees in front of his friend while she leaned against the wall.”Suck my cock, boy.” She directed.He gripped the base, pulling slightly and Desiree moaned with pleasure as the large vaginal bulb and anal plug pulled against her sphincters simultaneously. She tightened her ass cheeks. Garrett licked and played with the bobbing dong, moaning as he noticed his friend relaxing into pleasure. He had a close view of his knot work and admired the design he had made as he sucked and stroked. He assessed the effectiveness of his design. He allowed the large phallus into the back of his throat, causing a gag and depositing a release of thick, slippery saliva on it.Garrett continued to stroke and pull and Desiree smiled and held her hands on her hips. She moved her hands up her abdomen and cupped and squeezed her breasts beneath her shirt. Her nipples were hard and she pinched and rolled them, gasping in pleasure. She was beginning to get a little lost in the sensations. Her eyes closed and she relaxed passively into receiving Garrett’s oral pleasures. It felt so good with the base of the dildo press on her clit while also stimulating her twat and asshole. It was a delicious sensation and felt so dirty.Desiree reached down and pressed the vibe buttons until she found a satisfying pattern. She settled against the wall again, arching her pelvis forward as Garrett skillfully worked her dick. Garrett found it unexpectedly stimulating to be working a cock attached to a woman.”Talk dirty to me, Gee,” she demanded.Garrett laughed a little as he sputtered his mouth on the dildo which occupying too much of his mouth to make words. He switched to a hand job, which was equally effective at yanking and tugging her lady parts with the tool.”You like your cock sucked, don’t you, Des?” he started.”I do! Stroke it faster,” she replied.Garrett complied and noticed the resistance on each upstroke as the anchors pulled and stimulated inside his friend’s orifices.”This cock is going to feel so good slamming inside Sam tomorrow. Jamming, stroking, sliding, and penetrating,” Garrett encouraged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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