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Rosie 2Rosie/M Jon and I had come to terms with my relationship with Ron and I must say he was being a lovely husband and spoiling me outrageously. My undies draw was full of new and very naughty items Jon had brought back from a trip to the US. I was enjoying my more dominant status in our marriage and I am sure Jon was much happier with me taking the lead. Ron and I were continuing with our delicious and very sexy affair, if that is what you call it with the full knowledge of your husband. We were doing more outrageous things in the office I was masturbating him at his desk while he was stroking my panties into my soaking wet pussy, it was just so horny. Ron was being particularly naughty with me in the office my panties were pulled to one side and he was stroking me so gently it was driving me mad, when we were interrupted by a phone call to say I was frustrated and left hanging was an understatement. I left work in a filthy temper determined that someone was going to suffer for my current situation. Jon was at home and I was greeted with “hello darling how are you” I was so crabby and unkind to him I felt so guilty and as usual he was lovely. I took my coat off he could tell something was amiss so I told him in very blunt terms, Ron was about to make me cum fingering my cunt and had to stop and left me so on edge.I know I was being a complete bitch but he was so loving, he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me “you have been a very naughty girl and I think a little spanking is called for I giggled but he was stroking my tits they were achy I was so canlı bahis horny. He sat on the couch and I just sat on his knee so he could play with me. He undid my blouse and pushed the front of my bra down, oh god he sucked on me it was so exciting I was so flushy and wet he was stroking my legs “I think you should be over my knee my girl you need a very slow spanking” I know my bum is quite big but he loves it and so does Ron. I laid across Jon’s lap and could feel him lifting my skirt over my stocking tops and my pale blue panties.”these panties are ruined they are soaking” his hand was stroking over my bum and into my crotch I moaned as he pressed the soaking panties into my juicy cunt, I was streamingI could feel his little hardness pressing into me, god I wanted to cum so badly. I felt my panties being pulled down just enough to expose my bum and my pussy. I squealed as the first slap caught me another sharp smack and he was massaging my bum his fingers crept down over my bum and into my cunt I just couldn’t help myself as his fingers touched my clit I exploded I was soaking him, it was a veritable gusher he was soaked in girly cum. ” you bad girl what am I going to do with you” I giggled and sat back up” I think you need to finish undressing me and finish me with your little hard cock and fill me up with lovely creamy spunk. I smiled when he took my soaking panties and put them in his pocket I wonder what he wanted to do with them. Over the next few days we were very relaxed with one another and I was so enjoying my attentive and loving husband. He really bahis siteleri couldn’t do enough and shall I see all my needs were being seen to. I would tease Jon unmercifully and he would be gasping to get his hands on me. I would tell him about Ron and I and how we had been out to the woods again so he could have me properly. I would tell him how big he was how I could feel his spunky knob almost up to my belly. Ron would tell me what a dirty little slut I was and he would stick a finger up my bum, I know he wanted to have me there I just wondered if I could take it. I wouldn’t let him spunk up me when we had to go back to the office and would suck his slimy cock until he shot off in my mouth. I never swallowed it all I would let some drip from the corners of my mouth so he could see. Jon was panting and touching himself as I sat opposite from him telling him of my adventure I had opened my legs and he could see my stockings and the damp crotch covering my oily cunt. He wanted to go to the bathroom but I was feeling a little mean “come here darling I need a little special attention” I opened my blouse and pulled my bra down so he could see my swollen nipples “come and suck on mummy’s titties darling”. His trousers were tented at the front and I tiny damp patch had developed where his little willie had got drippy. “you are very naughty boy aren’t you and I know you are wearing Wendy’s panties aren’t you darling” He just groaned and suckled my tits, they felt so full and sensitive. “I think mummy needs some licking don’t you if you are very good I may bahis şirketleri let you cum on my nylons” Jon was voracious licking me through my panties and with what I had told him earlier he seemed especially keen. He is soo good I gripped the back of his head and pressed him into my cunt and gasping I drenched his face with a lovely girly cumm. I let him sit up and snuggle up to me I let him play with my titties, he was so grateful and I love him to bits. He was still hard and I told him to undo his trousers, he dropped the zip and there were my pale blue satin panties with a big damp patch “have you cumm already darling” I asked. I could see his willie was hard and I teased him a bit telling him how hard Ron was and how I could feel his big spunky knob pushing into my poor little pussy. Jon was almost crying with lust he was slobbering on my titties and I got his little knob out it was so hard and the knob was dripping. “Shall mummy do it for you darling or do you just want me to watch” He moaned “please please darling do it for me I am so desperate to make some spunk for you” I slipped it out of the leg of his panties and took hold with my thumb and fore finger. “Just watch mummy darling” I hardly had to move my hand he was jerking against my fingers oily stuff was leaking out onto my hand. I just started to rub him when with a groan a jet of hot spunk shot out over my legs, my word he was horny. I told him what a dirty boy he was and sent him for some tissues to clean up. We both had had a nice time and I could see Jon was getting hard again so I told him we had been invited to Ron and Martha’s for a meal next week. To say he was excited was putting it mildly but then again so was I. I was so excited about what this older couple had in mind for us and we can hardly wait.

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