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Anal Fucking

ROSITA AND CLARITA PART III. BEACH, SUN, SAND, ANDHello friends. How are you? I imagine they are fine, no matter what time and no where in the world are reading me right now. Can you imagine what I would not give right now for being asoleándome? Refrescándome?? Beach, sun, sand, women (men if they are women) and sex, are the general characteristics that define a beach when a person visits, in this story, love and sex and was on my side though outside in secret, and it was the woman who changed my life and gave a radical shift in the sexual, a woman will never forget while I live: Rosita.In this third and final installment of my experiences with Rosita, the story begins two months ago after the experiences in the family tour, tour to which I was invited by her husband, was planned and coordinated everything you need to attend a beach they choose, and the beach was chosen Camurí Chico. Camurí Chico is a beach located on the Venezuelan coast, in coastal Vargas state, characterized by beach attract people from different latitudes, and not only in Caracas but in different cities of Venezuela, incrementándole the state one of its main sources income such as tourism.I was excited about going to the beach as I had never gone, I just saw her in taking photos or on television.Clara called me from the branch of the video store where he worked at the time and it reminded me of the trip to the beach.- Look, I’ll call you just to remind you of the beach. My dad wants you to come. Do not go to look bad because this is a birthday gift that is doing to my mom.- I have not forgotten.- Another thing: my father also wants to go home tonight. I do not know what he wants to talk to you.- Ok. Tell him to go.I went that night to the home of Clara and Joseph the old man explained:- It’s been two months since I said we were going to Camurí Chico. I promised a beach good and there’s going to go. If you ask do not tell where we are going. I can trust that you favor?- Ok boss.- Well that goes to the kitchen and Rosita Clara want to talk to you something.- Ok I’m coming.The conversation did not last long because it was just going to get some movies to be repaired, because it also managed VHS movies. I go to the kitchen and turns Clara had me list dinner because his mother told him to give me food. I paused for a moment because what I saw in that kitchen really caught my attention. It was the first time I saw the legs of Clara, and I must admit that was quite beautiful though not dress or skirt used because you do not like, while Rosita received me in the kitchen with a homemade coat so transparent showing him all the tits and their peaks were unemployed and only me, and your heart asking meaty and juicy fight, had learned the lesson that would be much more delicious without underwear doing this to my stop cock of one stroke. Surely if we had been alone together had burned the house of the irrepressible passion she had stored within it. I serve a meal and almost immediately Rosita sits beside me while Clara went to the room to fetch some movies that should be repaired.Leveraging we were alone in the kitchen nailed me a deep kiss and proceeded to greet me as one who takes the thing to not let bad thoughts in the environment.- Enjoy my love.- Also Rosita. How you doing?- Let’s say that well, not going into details.- How so?- Ah, you know, a lot of work.- Are you coming with us to the beach?- Sure. It is also my first time.- You’ve never been to the beach?- No, never.- ‘I can not believe. You’ve never really gone?- No my love I’ve never been.- Well you’ll see. It’s beautiful. I guess you said that this is the birthday gift that I will get.- Yes, I said it. I hope to give you your present that day.The last words that made her feel something let go in the body, drawing we were alone in the kitchen, she smiled in a mischievous manner and openly, grabbed me and pulled my cock had already raised while eating and while I said whispering ear- I just be you my gift as well, knowing you as I know, I know that something good awaits me there. Only if you go I will give you something in return rather rich.- Of course I will.- I hope so, replied.And finishing lunch I drove another kiss while kept me gripped his cock with his hands through his pants. But the moment was interrupted because Clara called me because I had doubts about a movie. He went to the kitchen.- Look not understand which movies you should repairI said:- The action.- I’m going to find you, because I brought the wrong ones.- Ok.He went back to the room, so that Rosita and I were alone again, and while there was enough time to devour though they were two minutes. But not me. I love the danger, in fact I love the danger, I admit and yet dangerous lovers also know when they can afford it and when not. And for me that was not the point.Knowing that he could not return to the kitchen, I said goodbye to Rosita with a deep kiss and went to the room where the husband films Clara leads me to the room and I say when Joseph the husband tells me:- Try to square on Saturday so you do not deduct it.- Ok boss. I’ll find a way, I replied.I went home thinking about how to balance my Saturday. So I came up with the ideal way to square it. The only way was to work off hours and pay enough for the Sabbath hours, and this was done.I explained to my boss that it was a work trip and he accepted. All you need is squared and worked until Friday of that week. I cashed my half and handed the keys of the video to my boss, who was to take over that Saturday was not going to be me.Arrived on Friday, ending my workday Clara called me and asked:- Finally you go to the beach with us?I said.- Of course.Clara I concluded:- Ok. Remember that my dad and bought you your favorite bottle …Now the man knew what my weakness to accept an invitation. A Clare said:- All right, tell your dad to give me at least an hour to go home and take a shower and get my bag. I have it all set.- Ok, I replied.I closed the video store, he was the manager at the time, grabbed a taxi and went to my house, I took the clothes, a bag where I would put my clothes and went to the house of Rosita.When I reached the house of Rosita, and her husband was waiting for me with a bottle of White Label ready for me to be the premiere, only this time it happened: not buy bottles like the tour, but bought a box as for two whole days. The two days that we would be on the beach.We were ready to go and just waiting for me. Along with them was Carlos is the same as passenger van and was also who would take us. Since the entire family was ready to leave, the whiskey was cooling box in the cellar, and everything was just right and as we say security professionals, all without incident, only this time, something suddenly happen in unexpected and additional that weekend I would leave a mark on my sex life.As we were going to the beach, it was not necessary to dress well but I was surprised as everyone was dressed: Jose Carlos and the two walked with shirt and shorts, while women were not far behind. Clara with a tight-fitting blouse to her hip that seemed to want to stifle her tits while not large are tasty and very short shorts calling attention to mean that it also gives the fight; tools that Rosita was carrying only a robe over dark but transparent, indicating that through any light you could see the entire shape of your body, and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt without wearing underwear. Immediately I felt I should find out if she was hungry or not. You know what.Without wasting time we got in the truck and grabbed the highway to get well faster and find an empty spot on the beach to unpack things.Just spent the toll old Jose tells me:- Prepare vessels there because we want gasoline.I had to move to the end of bus because there had left everything, so I had to move to the end, grab all the cups, filling them with enough ice and open the first bottle of whiskey the whole box that Joseph had bought. I put well filled to prevent asked all the time.Since I was the only one who did not have at hand a glass, poured served him well as the others in the van, when I proceed to take my first drink, Rosita to me and who does not want the thing, I said to ear making sure not to be seen:- Pour me a glass as you know serve.- Did you not served you?- Yes, it was my glass but I removed it Carlos.- Well … Give me a second.There was an additional glass and poured him a glass full well done with love, but at the time I serve inadvertently stumbled boobs with my elbow, and they felt very fleshy, huge and tasty, which made me think that no carried bra.No doubt once asked:- Sure you do not wear bra set. Right?- No, and down either …Now with that killed all my questions in one shot, and suddenly lifted my dick, but I got so violently that I banged my pants because I was carrying inside because as they say here in my country freewheel .More and I could not let it out:- My love, the next time I say no charges anything, let me know in advance, because you made me stop my cock in one stroke and pounded me with my pants …Rosita laughed that left me speechless not knowing how to respond. He went forward and left me alone for a while back there. I only said:- Oh no. You and your stuff …I was back there in the last positions to prevent any load from falling. They had a long time that I called whiskey, which made me think that it had just been accommodated in the front for bed, unless Carlos who was the one who sent him to ask. I drank two glasses almost followed to take my tired after half an hour when I ordered another glass Rosita. He will serve and there I threw myself into the adventure once.- Sure you do not charge anything under the robe?- Why? Check please?- To be honest, yes.- Then check it.He stood in front of me, holding the tube in the truck without any risk being seen, had my hand under her robe and it was true! Not only was free wheel, but had its cucharota depiladita well, because he was not feeling any hair.- Have you noticed? I will not fall to passions, he said.- Really? Me neither, I chime.- What do you mean?- I do not care underwear, in fact, I do not use it, I replied.- Do not think. Right?- Then check it for yourself and be convinced, – returning the answer I said now.To check, sat to my left, where you could not see anything and once again the darkness of the van helped us a lot. With both hands, I desbrochó pants, freed my cock that was hurt in both stand and caged, and felt along the sides. I also found that carrying underwear and engolosinó. I asked whispering in my ear and squeezing my hard cock:- How are you going to do on the beach?- Simple. I wear a bermuda.- No fool. I mean how are you going to devour me.- You’ll see.On the journey gentle but secure the truck and the lights that could identify the distance, I could tell we were going through Paracotos, indicating that there were still an hour to get to La Guaira. By now everyone was sufficiently taken and sleeping less Carlos who was the one who was driving, and when we were sitting, and making sure that no one is going to wake up, so Rosita mouth like mine were reunited and our tongues and lips to tighten, while we started doing a pajazo another unforgettable. The delivery was already full. We were to begin a crazy night of lust, desire, passion and total debauchery. While crossing our tongues and lips glued and mutually pajearnos while, one hand got two or three fingers on his burning cucharota while anadolu yakası escort one of them touched her clitoris lot, while the other hand was squeezing her tits. They felt so great that my hands could not cover and I loved it that way. A few minutes after my fingers went in and out of the hot cavern, I felt that I was getting a huge orgasm because in a split second, his hand was completely filled and vaginal juice because I strongly pajeaba; seemed to break mercilessly slit of my cock and the excitement that had dominated.As a reward for such a gigantic orgasm, I took with my hands all vaginal juice possible out of it and took it to his mouth and sucking savoring it all, and she saw him lost track of each other, was possessed by lust and desire I was unstoppable.Was placed on top of me kissing wildly and savagery. We started to eat literally and in less than a minute was so lust Rosita felt hot and was ready to receive my sledgehammer.My hands caressed and squeezed her buttocks while she finished loosen and down my pants without take it off, standing above me and grabbed my cock hard to bring it to the entrance of his cucharota. Lust had become quite an expert and once my head touched the entrance of his cave, he fell on me and stuck it in one fell swoop it alone. In the two worked out a moan which fortunately was drowned by the music player that had a significant amount. Although everyone was sleeping and music was the impediment to stifle our moans, nothing could prevent Rosita and I liberáramos our true sexual identity.I barely knew what was happening. We could not believe. Rosita and I were making love on wild ride full of Highway Regional Center for the second time in Carlos’s truck and we had not even arrived in Caracas.We were nearing the Hoyo de la Puerta, the main toll highway leading to the capital, where still the wildness and passion, pleasure ardíamos, but we realized that the truck had reached the toll because Carlos had turned down the volume to music and prepared to pay the toll, while in the back of the truck Rosita was swallowing my cock with her cucharota, but I did not realize that so much passion we forgot to close the window, so the girl attended at the toll could visualize our silhouettes in passionate movements, but we did not mind being seen making love like we have never done and still do until relaunched another mountain of orgasms completely bathed my sledgehammer.Received the new wave of orgasms said,- You will feel something cold but I know you’ll like.- What will you do?- You’ll see.Even being stuck by my sledgehammer, grabbed a piece of ice is not very big and I passed his lips moved as she frantically went through it was moved tits and long, and it was enough to go through her clit and cucharota being stuck in front of me yet. What blew me was indescribable: so what ended was this woman, I thought for a moment that it was crazy Orinoco River flood of orgasms that I received from this woman. When he could not keep moving from exhaustion, stuck to my body and hugged me so I ended up apechugarme bathed in the sweat of a woman who sexually seemed hopeless and abandoned.I looked out the window because I saw many lights and I realized that we were in Caracas because we passed Fort Tiuna. At the height of Fort Tiuna I still had a lot of resistance and made to sit on top of me, but now she had her back and only took my head look the cave entrance, the rest would come alone, and when he was completely wet the juices released Rosita.She began to tremble as exorcised. In seconds managed to get back. Was normal, being so hot. On the contrary, I was still resistance, so I took to penetrate hard. Within seconds, he began to scream in pleasure thing that scared me because I could wake the others but it helped the music was loud, and kept thrusting hard, until my cock could take no more. I said:- Mommy and I will get.- Come I’m waiting – I replied.Rosita jumped me too hard until I get there and I could stay at the bottom of it a few missiles that completely flooded the cave making me sit down all the way. Once lying, still getting my thick load.With her breathy voice asked:- How long have not you make love?He was very honest to confess:- Not from the tour to family. I was with my balls to burst, and also the last woman with whom I made love you. Why?- By no daddy.I hugged and kissed me passionately.We were there a long time hugging, sitting on top of me with my sledgehammer still inside her, feeling each other’s hearts beating fast in time with the elixir of passion that just happened practically next door to his family who were fast asleep.Boquerones spent two tunnels to reach La Guaira, prepared two glasses of whiskey and we talked about many different things to love, total commitment and sex.However, it was then when I first opened Rosita completely before me, talking internally and confessed:- I need to confess something but it does not leave either- Tell me what you want mamita rich, anyway everything I confess I give you my oath that I will take to the grave ..- You apparently see me happy on this trip but I feel very abandoned.- Abandoned? I do not understand.- My marriage is going through severe problems and emotional crises. How do you explain … Since my husband is treating me like before. To tell you the last time we went was so taken that even touched me to at least get me hand.- I think not. So much time has abandoned you?- Yes. But it does not matter because you are you.As he was explaining, I could tell that he was leaving the attentions received from her husband, not realizing they were being replaced by my affection and love. No wonder this woman was made a volcano! It was love from the family tour. That explained the hug he gave me minutes ago. Confessed this, with a long kiss goodbye and went to sleep.We reached Camurí Chico at about three in the morning and between Carlos and I decided to go down all the things not to wake anyone, so that when everyone woke up and everything was ready and prepared. When Carlos and I broke things down the truck was nearly five o’clock. It was time for a nap to regain strength. No missing almost anything to finish the first bottle of whiskey and between Carlos and I decided to finish with two separate two vasotes to go to sleep because we were already pretty tired (Carlos for the ride and I for having made love)Smoothly dawn came and woke around noon because I hear the noise of the beach, and if we add the music blaring, are factors that cause one to lose sleep it off.After washing and everything else around me look good. Never seen so many vehicles together in one place, much less with thongs, threads, and swimwear from demure to the most provocative, in short, was a memorable feast of buttocks parading down my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. My view was interrupted by Clara who brought me a special soup to lift the spirits.- Oh but if I woke you. Take what you sent my mom.I asked still sleepy:- What’s that?- A soup up dead, pa that you pass the pea yesterday.She received and replied:- Ok thanks.And I took it.Taking my soup I realized the huge and well kept body Clara, always hiding behind a pair of pants and blouses, as their single caress caused it stand on end and you put the willies. Just saw Rosita was not far behind: a blouse with no bra or shirt bra, and a rather short fashion shores at that time made it look divinely provocative. At this point I noticed an interesting fact: both mother and daughter were well waxed and afeitadita their private parts, if you know what I mean.About half an hour, and I felt pretty good so I decided to leave the band for a while and go for the first time the beach, walked alone, I wanted to go from end to end, from the rocks that separate each beach, to Medanales and I was rather tiny when I first saw the Caribbean Sea. The sea that had both seen and studied in books, now in front of me. I was impressed by the huge costs that covers this sea. I kept walking and eventually found an elderly gentleman who was doing a little well and I was looking to achieve will see if he understood what he was doing.I could not stand the curiosity, I approached and asked:- Hey sir. Sorry, but I wonder what he’s doing.The gentleman looks me up and down and asked:- Is this your first time on a beach boy?- Yes, I replied.After a silence, he answered:- Okay I’m going to explain. I never agreed with sun creams have chemicals because often you do not irritate the skin and protect you from the sun’s rays. So I make a well and every time I get in the sea water, I put a well harmonized enough water and thick mud it again, and again after me thick mud bath full of the mud because it helps counteract possible irritation and burns that can happen.He was a man of very few words, graying, he calculated his fifties, but very courteous and polite in their responses.- So you do not believe in lotions.- No, I replied. – One more thing. On Saturdays I use this well, and Sunday is the first goal there. Here we respect who uses this well, and if you’re using nobody usurp your place while you use it.Although he did not think much about it besides being something strange, that gave me a spectacular idea.I returned to my place with the group and as the old man waiting with a glass full of whiskey and ready to party. That Saturday afternoon was uneventful.The news came from the night. The whole family and I decided to go to a group of people who were dancing calypso and when we were dancing in a step dancing involves passing below a post where the only light was a bonfire that matched all . There was a group of people later, we were right behind Jose with its distinctive glass of whiskey and Rosita were before me, Clara and I were behind them, and Carlos went to another place in the group.I took a chance by discretion Rosita to grab by the shoulders and make it dance to the music; Clara thereupon took the waist and do the same, but there was a movement that paralyzed me completely. She suddenly felt a cold breeze and I grab his arm Clara, this my left, while Rosita grabbed me by the hand and led me to her buttocks. And with the next husband! It lifted my spirit and I was not which way to go, and as always, when a crowd of people clustered’s very dark and very little freedom of movement, I took the opportunity afforded by the darkness and guided me into the dark, and simulating dance keep up, I pull the cock and placed it on the buttocks of Rosita that corresponded squeezing against me. I was not to do with Clara grabbing the arm and hand, and Rosita rubbing against me, until the miracle came when a local black Clara invited to pass under the stick (can not remember what it’s called that way), and she went with black to move together beneath it. But Rosita was me because that was not the time, but realized that he had invited black dance Clara.Then I asked:- Have the black took Clara to dance?- Yes, I took it, I replied.With discretion and daring at once, grabbed my cock which was already hard as iron, opened the buttocks and placed between them. This woman is crazy, I thought, because in that position it is impossible to make him and shove a woman unless you have a club donkey. I did not want to stuff it, I just wanted to feel it, so I ended up opening the buttocks as I could and put it as close to the door of his cucharota.He had a dark beach set (those that are used at night) ataşehir escort but when I felt I had no thread below, I was crazy! So this made me more my cock hardening was to burst so harshly. When I put it squeezed me and made the dance beat as if dancing, but actually I was doing the straw with buttocks. I could feel him her ass and cucharota boil, so this gave me a clue that it was approaching her first orgasm. Within seconds I felt out of his cave huge vaginal juice squirts completely lubricated my stick. I grabbed and squeezed me hard my cock with her hands without her husband noticing, as he was dizzy and very focused with his glass. With wet hands the baton terminándome of my cock and gripped tightly in his buttocks and tight, I leaned far into his cave. I wanted to stick it!I could not find how to accomplish this daunting task. In c***dhood a person who has taught me much faith in the things one does not realize. That this did not apply to my case, until Joseph told Rosita already quite dizzy:- My love right back. I’ll pee.That was the chance she needed. Just turned retired as challenging me and said:- Now you bathed your stick. Make your discretion and as many people around me only going to get to finish.- Ok. When you finish echártelo’ll let you know for all in, because that’s orita all we can do.I could not believe that I speak that way. Rosita kept making me the straw buttocks but it was hard because my stick was completely soaked and wet from the juice, so I pulled out of her buttocks and put it, like I was fucking her buttocks, until a light touch with your juice and hot cavern that was dropping back said:- Mommy I’m about to end.- Have you got it in the door?- YesThat said, bowed slightly and entered the yard as she likes; hard and came only this time with a specific purpose: immediately release a huge eruption of cum that burst in just as you enter the depths of his being , filling your legs and cavernota flooding her sweet and tasty. After a minute acabándole inside, very quickly pulled my cock from cucharota of it and saved himself staying with the scent emanating from his cucharota. Even his back to me, grabbed me and stroked my cock through the bermuda as gratitude.From this time, and she would not be the same person I met demure and quiet, and did not want another cock that was not mine, and if there was not, did not eat anything. He had awakened to a new sexual experience, had learned to do things I love. It had become a very liberal woman I never forced myself to anything, and I was afraid of turning her into a sex addict because now it was she who surprised me. Well surprise!Clara appeared suddenly pulling me by the arm and invited me to dance going under the stick. To distract any attention I accepted his invitation and went with it, but I did not realize that Rosita was behind me until it was my turn to go. I dance my way, I went and spent tilting the stick but had the misfortune to have mine up yet, and Clara realized my stick up through the bermuda when I sat up and I kept seeing my stick raised. And the most obvious was when Rosita left turn and through the fire shone even the juice ran down my legs.That scared me because I thought Clara would know the truth and to top back Joseph who also noticed my erection and asked me and babbling:- Pana you like someone threw you?- As I pull no, someone threw me, ‘I lied.- Dick if you’re a dog.- Why?- And yet you ask?- Yes, I replied.Suddenly approaches me and asks me quietly- Who was the lucky one? Preséntamela.That chilled me (if I knew who was with his wife) but I knew circumvent.- It was a tremendous black hot but he’s gone.It took away a big weight off, but should be alert to the next.He finished the rumba of calypso and headed to the truck and tents that had been prepared to sleep and enjoy the big day was the beach. I was stuck in the mind of calypso moments and could not get out of my head, and even as if I have just passed me.And to top it off the surprise event of this story that I finished it happened in the early morning silence, would be about three, as calculated by the position of the moon at the time. After lying in my tent and I felt a hand grab my cock stroking gently as he used to sleep naked. (And I still sleep naked) I grabbed that hand to grab confident but I feel it is too thin to be the hand that both know. When dump is clear! I froze completely. I do not know what prompted her grab my stick. And to be honest I could not see myself making love with the daughter of the woman he devoured me, I tried to make me crazy making me asleep. I did not want to go to the beach with the experience of having pulled the mother and her daughter behind.I turned to me very effectively be asleep, but I realized that Clara was ready to give me the battle. I had no alternative but to answer:- P. .. but … but Clara … What are you doing?What he told me I was speechless.- I heard my dad say that you threw to the left black and airless. I want to do the same thing you did to her, and I will not go until I do, because I saw a while you had the stop cock well and I wanted to eat it …He left me without words what I said. Then I lay back, and started sucking me, first one hand and then put my cock in her throat. Good thing I was careful to wash. Such was the nosh-up, she wanted to feel sucked, so I put her butt in my face. I had no choice but to remove the floss was carrying and started to put his tongue in her fragile spoon and after a minute, began to convulse announcing an orgasm. It reminded me of Rosita by how convulses, and when he arrived he did filling my entire face and throat vaginal juice. Even that was exactly like the mother, of course, like father like son.- Stand still, he said.- Ok, I replied.She leaned forward and sat back to me over my baton appeared as a mast. First came gently to thoroughly wet me with my cock while the juice had dropped his spoon, then go metiéndosela slowly. I wanted to apply to me Rosita Clara which applied to me, but to grab her by the waist, I forgot that she was blushing just a touch, causing her to lose balance on my sledgehammer, you were the times, and I was completely warm up twice. Groaned looked like a wounded wolf because it showed that Clara had time away, and although she was not a virgin you could tell they had a long time without feeling a sledgehammer in his spoon. I barely caressing the tits came a second orgasm more violent and more heartbreaking than the first making my balls get wet completely.As there had come in fours and put it in one fell swoop emburré. The emburramiento Propine made him get back to the point where my sledgehammer sought his cave alone. Until came the most unusual request I have made a woman.- I want you to give me back.- What do you want?- Have me back.It meant to give him in the ass. I had never done that and I was afraid to break it, because it is not the size of the member who enters the cucharota of a woman who comes in the ass, by size. As thought he was doing in the same way as the black that her dad invented, it got into the ass of one jerk.That itself was a virgin, because she saw everything and I see everything from the stars to the devil. He could not help dropping a heartbreaking Aahhh that broke the silence along the beach that was then. He bit the cloth that wrapped wine and said:- Sácamela can not stand.And tried to pull away, but I grabbed her by the waist and the Afinque further and said:- Do not want you to do the same to her? Now you the coves.She stopped and let me do, pump and pump, it hurt and how tight cock Clara had the ass, took me a long while to get there as it was the fourth or fifth orgasm she experienced and had already lost count when she said- I never thought this was going to be so good but hurts …He took it out and although my dick was a mess of therefore she began to blow me ass, saying:- You do not think I’m going to sleep. This I’m going to get even.We started as the beginning and I was sucking a long while, my stamina was amazing although at the time I had no strength to continue the fight. After several blowjobs arrived, casting all my cum in her mouth. I was crazy to see that Clara swallowed it all, including what trickled down my bar. I never imagined that my co-worker was a woman savagely sexually liberated and, like her mother. After clean everything with his tongue, placed his thread again and prepared to go quietly into the van. It would be like the five placement of the moon. It was not exactly on the hour, only estimated.Suddenly, and before going to the van, Clara asked me:- How did you know I like to make love in this way?- I did not know. I just did as I do, I replied.- But I’ll afincaste strong back there, he said.Recalling the lie that his father told him, I said:- You wanted me to do it as I did to the black that, and I indulged. Or not?- That right and although it hurt me this was quite rich, responded.And saying this, he stood over me, hugged me and kissed me. It was the first time he kissed me deeply Clara and unbridled passion, and then retire to their place without putting the cloth.Fortunately Rosita was not for me, but the act was consummated with Clara. If I had gone for had not had the strength to respond. I just went to sleep.Already almost noon I felt very bad because I had to pull the woman’s daughter was eating me sexually. I did not want to know anything until he heard the conversation of Joseph with Rosita. It sounded good until Rosita got to the tent where he slept and called me:- Look I will walk the beach. Will you come with me- Ok. Let me get the bermuda …Would be around noon when Rosita and I decided to walk the beach. We talked about quite a bit, and also loved the calypso reaction. He had never felt like that and thanked me. We had no subterfuge as Joseph had not yet been lifted by the pea had, walked a safe distance when suddenly I felt his hand take mine. Can not be! We walked hand in hand along the beach like we were dating, before the whole world and regardless of whether or not to see us. I realized that we were not in sight of the group and I did take her to the place where the old man had made his pit yesterday.We arrived at the site and making the crazy asked:- Who did this?- Do not know. But what will it be?- I do not know. Let me see, I replied.I bent down to pretend I’m feeling but I do not step on the crazy good and I slip with intent to fall into the pit, and I fell in the mud pit … It was a very thick mud that would help me out if what I was thinking. But how to make me drop it? My only I had an idea and was only one way to project.- Are you okay? Because ugly liked you.- I can not support anything. All-slippery feel, I said as I shook the mud.- I’ll give you a hand to get you out.- Ok, I said.When he grabbed my hand to pull me out I found the solution: make stomping fine for false step and do it again, only to fall to lead me to the well. It was the only chance to make love before heading back to the city. When I pulled me out, she skated off balance and fell into the pit with me but with the bad luck to fall on my belly, so I left a few minutes without air.We laughed through the grace occurred, but the laughter stopped immediately and we were face to face for a moment. I only had one thing to do: I grabbed a lump of clay and gently handed it to her tits, and then started a game in the world no matter where, no matter if people ümraniye escort see us, no matter what, more than me and her.The mud was no impediment to put off the few clothes that we packed again and thus experience a moment of total surrender, where only feel our breath, caresses, kisses, hugs, feeling each other till you drop. And so began the game in the mud pit where I fall.I was so excited that he had entered my index finger into the vagina. My thoughts had come true, but the situation was somewhat embarrassing for her and her whole body tensed. I noticed his nervous tension and proceeded to relax.I took my index finger of his cucharota and took it to his mouth. Despite the bitter taste of mud sucked it with pleasure both gesture that put much more excited, and went back to take it to the entrance of her hot wet cave, only this time I put the finger in the vagina and finger of the same hand in the anus. I did it very slowly and gradually, so you do not feel much pain. Lying on your back, rested my head between her legs and began to suck her clit while my fingers pumped her two holes.Her first orgasm was immediate. Despite the mud that also stayed in that did not stop cucharota find outgoing delicious juice she’s cave. I kept moving my fingers and my tongue slowly increasing speed. Now I was a raging volcano, and also of their language also came into play their lips. I was having lunch and sucking a cucharota ever had done to a woman, and so I presented with two orgasms in quick succession and abundant. Every time I got her vagina secreted a considerable amount of thick white discharge, but I disgust me away, I drank a frenzy and kept licking and sucking like vitamin that would save my life. The best lunch that is very difficult for retest.When I get finished by slowing down and I took my tongue slowly fingers. He was about candy!. I sat in between her legs and lay down beside her. We both looked at each other in the eyes for a few seconds, and then we kiss on the mouth like two schoolboys in heat. The tongues intertwined and exchanged saliva while scrutinizing every last millimeter of the other gums and palate.While kissing fingered me with one hand my chest. After my breast gently grabbed my balls with her hand and slowly massaged to me. Meanwhile I caressed her breasts and nipples with one of my hands, while the other took care of her crack again. Now his hand up my eggs looking for my cock.Despite what we were stained by mud, thought it was time to stop massaging my balls and devote some time to my cock and bajándomela subiéndomela hand. Later his tongue began to explore my trunk, from balls to tip, top-down and bottom-up, several times, as she looked into his eyes with a look of a bitch in heat.My cock was getting harder and harder, and my glans throbbed with desire. He put it in his mouth slowly to fit your bud in her throat; spat the remains of mud first stay at the club to enjoy and enjoy the action. Then he pushed gently to swallow and get get that stem, until the balls hit his chin. He started taking it out and putting it gradually masturbate. Then out of her throat and sucked my asshole thoroughly, crossing it in circles with the tip of my tongue, sipping his lips together. I writhed with pleasure in the mud, like I had done before her.Mamármela After a while, she crawled and stood over me. In that position again began to get me the tongue in the mouth while my stick was wet and deep cavern without the need to place it in the door, it’s like my dick come to life. His body was motionless above mine. As we tasted our saliva began a slight movement of hips so my cock started a dance with her vagina. In every movement of my hip up the ass a few millimeters and could feel the lateral pressure exerted his tail.Our tongues acquired a frantic pace and our salivary glands were overwhelmed in their production while we were delivering our sexual organs without notion of time and laws. We were drinking our saliva literally. Her nipples dug into my chest and ass up more and more, up to go deep in his cave fleshy, but again without allowing stand down much, hugging my stick between her labia.At one point, prisoners of a desire and an irrepressible ardor, lifted her ass a little more, until you feel that it rose above my post, which, by its own anatomy moved towards the entrance to his cave boiling. Since my sledgehammer had her so hard, she had risen so much that the lower your ass again, my glans is stuck at the entrance of her ass and, without assistance of any kind, got into her ass until eggs did stop. In one fell swoop had gotten to the bottom!. We escaped a terrifying scream of pain but also pleasure. I never thought anything would fit inside, but, as I squeezed her ass, made me burn my stick but with pleasure ..In that position, not to eat the mouth, slowly begin to fuck. My cock went in and out while sore mercilessly. The upward movement of her hips my cocoon reached out of his ass, but his toughness kept him in the same spot, so that in the downward movement again enter up eggs. Again and again. In, out, in, out.I grabbed his ass with both hands and started to increase his pace as he said:- My love your ass I squeezed my cock long and though it hurts me I’m going to pretend you did it ever anyone, not even your husband!.Pronunciarle those words really scared, but it turned into a very positive effect because that triggered orgasms million. He tried to stand without pain and helped me so fast, that I sent about five orgasms in a row. The went crazy, and it was right.Rosita had already become a very liberal woman who had opened a sexuality never known it, to the point that she had offered me her ass without me asking.- Daddy and I’m yours forever, my ass is my greatest treasure and I’m giving it to you. And remember that I told you I would give you something in return is rather rich and my ass because my husband had never gotten me enjoy as much as you’re doing it-he confessed as he pumped.His words made me stand on end is all body hair. Bombearle nonstop strength increase with the pace because I wanted to reach out into the depths of his being, until the time had arrived said:- Let me know when you’re arriving.Those words I accelerated my reach, but a strong leap made me scream with pain and pleasure and squirm, and that made me jump a little longer endure.When I looked at the clock I saw that we had been making love almost all afternoon. Our bodies were completely covered in mud and sweat, and our sexes gave off the odor typical of a****ls in heat. She took the ass to put on all fours in the mud and went behind a single blow and with the same force and pace of the first minute. Groaned with pleasure and rubbed against me so hard that I thought I wanted to start my balls and bat once. I was already on the verge of passing out of passion, but I did not care, I was enjoying Rosita’s ass as ever. I said it before and I will repeat. What female was in front of me!.When I stick it behind whole started rubbing her clit with lusty skill. After a few seconds while pumping the last orgasm tore between moans and enviones. Rosita felt it was my time to get it noticed my glans throbbing inside her ass, unmistakable signal that my ejaculation was inevitable.He had been right.- Mommy and I llegaaaar …He pulled out of his ass with urgency and, turning around, put it in your mouth. With half a baton inside the mouth, which was pretty, I masturbate hard until I started wheezing, to grit your teeth, to grab tight buttocks despite the mud would not let me, and shook his head in both directions.I could not more. The first jet discharged with such force and abundance of semen, he went directly to the back of her throat. Then three more jets, and another and another, and another. Now I was a raging volcano. Finally took it out of his mouth and with his other hand grips over, I got the final rounds that fell around my stick, which lost no time in mouthing.I lay in the mud totally exhausted as she with her mouth full of this precious elixir coming out of me, looked me straight in the eyes, and swallowed everything smacking taste.Nudes in the mud and exhausted, still kissing and caressing our bodies for a few minutes. We made love with such passion and with total commitment for most of the afternoon as never before in our lives, but we would have to return to the group where you left her husband and company, but not before hitting the sea to take away the mud that had surrounded our body.When we returned in different roads Clara had much time looking for me and Carlos wanted to Rosita, the two got two separate lies every man for himself pulled us muddy paws, as we say here in the phrase out of trouble, it was all collected and mounted on the truck to bring us back home.We were not quite late in the Guaira, while on the way we took the last bottle of whiskey was left and when I saw the clock was already six in the evening. Either way everyone came home pretty exhausted, but I twice, because back in two parts, or rather, in two women: a part of me had swallowed Rosita on that unforgettable afternoon delivery, and the other was inside at dawn Clara who completely surprised me with his way of loving. Clara needed to be loved and desired, a woman was sexually very liberal in power equal to the mother, but I was not right for it. It just happened, as sometimes things happen in life that has no explanation.The fifteenth day trip to the beach, the husband sold the house to solve family problems and left the city. Clara continued to work with me in the video, but not touched at any time what happened in La Guaira in the work. Unexpectedly, days after selling the house, call me video Rosita.- My love, you are welcome in my new home when I want to complete as I devoured devour everything and mud. But remember to give me time to overcome my sexual problem with my husband …That made me think that intimate relations with Joseph were over. It was a fact-body separation. I felt a lump in my throat and a feeling of guilt in knowing that I am in part responsible for the destruction of a marriage yet, if I had not known sexually Rosita, perhaps these encounters with her that I have never shared with you had raised.Today I have not heard from Rosita, I know nothing of it, I have about nine years of his life without knowing it at the same time I took two negatives: I was thrown out of the video store I worked for and then having gotten a job outside my field and my city, were causal made me lose all contact, but recently saw Clara, now currently working on a sale of phones and see if I can get information on where they are living now. Just felt I saw a woman remains sexually very liberal in power. If I have time, I will visit to somehow get a small hint of how to see her again.I tell you again might not run into a woman as hot as Rosita. I had the sea of ??experiences with women of all styles and classes, but really came to break any barriers or sexual limits and take me to get over it as she did. No woman is born to exceed the high levels of love and sexuality as having Rosita. It appears difficult one, but not impossible.Nowadays strange and I very much need the way we devoured. Hope to hear from her because something tells me that she wants to hear from me.And to all those anywhere in the world who have enjoyed this reading, I recommend from experience that if you have someone like that do not let go for the world, because after not know whether to let go of that person lose some of their lives, as happened to me. At heart they recommend and advise. Do not leave and do not allow for the different demands and constraints of society they can escape the only chance of making yourself and feel like!I welcome your

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