Roxanne and Jack at Work

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Big Tits

It was just my co-worker and I left, everyone else had gone for the day. I had always thought she was cute, 5′ 2″ blonde, 36C chest, nice ass, over all a great body.

About 6 months ago she confided in me that she thought one of the other employees was smoking hot. That opened the door for me to let her know I thought she was smoking hot. Over the past 6 months I have continually made comments about her body, she has been working hard at getting back into shape after having 2 kids in 4 years. I know she likes the acknowledgment and has accepted the compliments well. She had confided in me that she was not regularly having sex with her husband, the spark was just not there.

Slowly I felt the sexual tension building between us. I would try to push the envelope and see how far I could go before she would say that’s too much.

It was a Friday and I had asked her if she enjoyed erotic stories, she said she did but I would have to wait to send it to her until Monday. It was the end of the day on Friday and she didn’t want me to email them to her as she shares the iPad with her husband.

That particular weekend my wife was sick so I had a lot of free time to work on a story for her after I put my kids to bed. It all seems wrong but I couldn’t help myself. Roxanne was intoxicating. Her personality, kindness, and looks. She was so attractive and working together we were talking more and more. I felt that she would be the perfect woman if I were to cheat on my wife. The story was easy to write as it was just the fantasy I had between her and I! I wrote the story, re read it, modified it a little bit, and finally was ready to share it. I was so hard reading the story myself as it was exactly what I wanted to happen with her! I couldn’t help but masturbate when reading it. Sunday night had me dreaming of her.

Monday rolls around and I head into work. Roxanne is there already and we exchange good mornings. I settle in for a little bit and finally send her a text. I let her know I worked on a couple erotic stories the past weekend and asked her if she would like to read them.

She sent a quick response and said surely. So I sent them over the her and ataköy escort waited.

Her response was “you certainly have a knack for story telling, detailed, personalized and hot!!”

At that point I knew she must have really enjoyed the stories. I walked into her office and closed the door. No one else was scheduled to be in the office on Monday which was a bonus for us.

As soon as I closed the door she looked me in the eyes and said “I’m so wet from reading your stories.”

She reached her hand down and started to slide it over her wet pussy. She was wearing gray leggings and I could see the wet spot forming near her pussy.

My cock immediately hardened knowing how wet I made her. I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders giving a slight massage. She continued to rub her pussy through her leggings letting out a slight moan. I told her to hold off I would get to taking care of her shortly.

I could tell she didn’t want to stop as she kept moving her hips around. I kept slowly massaging her shoulders and the tension disappeared. I moved my hands down slowly to the front and placed them on her beautiful 36C tits. Her nipples hardened beneath her bra, but I could feel them. I spent some time massaging her perfect nipples and tits. She kept wanting to slide her hands back to her soaking wet pussy, but every time she tried I told her not to!

As I was massaging her nipples I bent my neck down and kissed her neck. Her moaning got louder as I kissed her neck. I continued to move my hands down her body and finally came to her thighs. She instantly spread her legs open hoping for my hands to play with her pussy. I wasn’t ready for that yet, still a little more teasing to do. I slowly rubbed up and down her inner thighs feeling the heat and wetness from her pussy. Man, Roxanne was worked up as she still had her leggings and panties on and here I was teasing her. I slowly moved my hand over her crotch and felt the dampness.

Roxanne said to me “fuck me right here right now”

I looked at here and said “not yet.”

She looked me right in the eyes and said “no more teasing, fuck me right here right ataköy escort bayan now”

She had always been feisty, but I had never heard Roxanne be this demanding. She took control of the situation and grabbed my rock hard cock. “I need this in me now!”

I was stunned, I wanted to play around a little more, but there was no doubt she was going to be in control.

She said “take my pants off now!”

I knew if we were going to fuck I had better obey her orders. I just nodded yes and started to strip her pants down. Her pussy was soaking wet and glistening. I wanted to eat her out so bad. Get a good taste of the beautiful, soaking wet pussy.

I sheepishly said “can I lick it before we fuck?” This was the first time that the woman had taken control like that. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I kind of liked that Roxanne was being the dominate one.

“You better get in there and lick it now!” Roxanne responded to my question.

I wasted no time in getting to my knees. This time there would be no teasing. Roxanne grabbed the back of my head and shoved it straight into her clean shaved pussy. Just straight to business. I started licking her lips and slowly made my way to her clit. She tasted so good! Sweet juices were flowing as quick as I could lick them up. I spent some time on her clit, licking and sucking it. She started to shutter from the first orgasm coming.

After a couple more small orgasms Roxanne grabbed my head again, pulled it from her pussy, looked me in the eyes and said “fuck me now!”

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by her dominance.

I stuttered “ok.”

“Jack, I want it from behind” she demanded and she bent over her desk. As she bent over the desk, she grabbed my rock hard cock and started rubbing it up and down her soaking wet pussy.

I couldn’t even get any words out. All I could do is moan as she rubbed my cock along her lips.

She slid the tip in between her hot wet lips. She was soaking wet, but very tight. As she shoved her hips back at me her amazing pussy consumed my cock. It had been a long time that I had such a tight pussy. It felt amazing. We got into escort ataköy a rhythm of fucking, me pushing forward and her pushing back at me. My cock going in and out was making a swooshing sound from all our juices combined.

Roxanne turned her head over her shoulder, looked me dead in the eyes and said “fuck me hard jack, I need your hard cock!”

Hearing her say this to me turned me on even more, I grabbed her hips and stated to pound away. I felt her push start to contract around my cock. It wouldn’t be too much longer before I shot my load.

“I am going to cum soon” came out of my mouth.

“Shoot your big load into me” she demanded.

It had been a while since I had good pussy like that and shortly after she demanded I unload into her pussy my cock exploded into her! Spurt after spurt of my cum flowed into her still tight pussy. All of our juices combining getting Roxanne’s floor all messy.

My cock slipped out of her pussy and just hung there, dripping our combined juices onto the floor.

She looked me dead in the eyes and said “clean my pussy up!”

I still was in shock being dominated like that. I was stunned but obeyed her order. She scooted her ass on her desk and spread her legs wide open. I got onto my knees again and started licking her pussy clean. I had never done that before but boy was it sexy. She came a couple more times while I was licking her clean. As soon as she was satisfied with the job she slid off her desk.

“Put your pants on, but not your boxers, I want to be able to play with your cock later”

“Well the same should go for you too, no panties, I want to play with your sweet pussy later”

I looked Roxanne in the eyes, grabbed her face and planted my lips onto hers!

“That was one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had. No woman had ever been dominate with me and it really turned me on”

“It won’t be like that every time, I sometimes like to be dominated too”

“I can live with that!”

I kissed her one more time and opened the door to her office. We had to light a candle to dispel the overwhelming smell of sex in her office! As I walked back to my office, my head was spinning with thoughts.

Obviously there will be more sex with Roxanne as she told me she liked to be dominated, how will I pursue more time with her, how far will this go, how can we both get away with cheating on our significant others. So many thoughts….

To Be Continued…

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