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She had warned him on several occasions that if he did not satisfy her sexual needs then she would begin looking elsewhere. He had shrugged it off as idle threats until one day she called him into their home office and told him she was going out tomorrow night to meet someone who she hoped would satisfy her. He said ok still not believing her. The next evening she left the house and he noticed how stunning she looked in her fitted suit with stiletto boots. He began to realise that maybe she was telling the truth. It was too late she had driven off so he tried to call her mobile which was switched off. His mind raced who was she meeting and where and why?

She arrived at the hotel as arranged and met him in the foyer. He was she noticed very well spoken & polite. He offered to take her coat and they walked to the lift. They chatted for a while and drank a little champagne, she decided she liked him and stood up boldly and said shall we play. He told her previously about his fetish for latex, leather & boots and she had always liked the idea of experimenting with that kind of clothing. He told her that he had taken the liberty of bringing a few items for her and laid them out on the bed. She felt very excited as she looked at the clothing on the bed.

A shiny Black latex catsuit with matching gloves & hood. And a beautiful pair of Black leather 5inch stiletto heel thigh boots. She quickly stripped and started to pull on the catsuit once on it felt amazing almost like being hugged all over. It was incredibly tight yet so comfortable and held her in all of the nicest places she noticed. Next she put her feet into the boots which fit her foot like a glove she wondered if he had ordered them especially for her. She pulled the zips all the way up to her thigh. She noticed that they helped to support her on the spiky heels and she soon began to strut around the room with some confidence. The boots fitted her tightly and she loved the feel of them gripping her legs & ankles. She especially liked the creaking leather sound as she moved it was so sexy. The hood came next and it was devastating to wear, she felt like she could do or be anything she liked. It took away her identity and she liked that feeling very much. Finally came the gloves to finish the outfit skintight again yet so wonderful to wear. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt immediately turned on. The woman looking back at her was not herself it was some amazing rubberclad goddess, and so black & shiny.

She heard him enter the room behind her and gasp, he told her she bedava porno looked amazing. She could not help herself and looked at the bulge at the front of his costume. It was huge and it made her heart beat faster. He was dressed similarly except for boots and she noticed how much she liked it. He apologised and produced one last item of clothing for her to wear. He gently wrapped the Black PVC boned corset around her waist and began to pull the laces tight asking her each time if it was enough. She kept on answering no enjoying the delicious squeeze around her waist. She finally told him enough and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She looked stunning her waist was nipped in and the garment pushed her ample tits out straining against the material. She could almost make out her nipples which were growing hard. She felt totally encased now trapped within a latex prison and she did not want to escape.

She sat down and without a word he cradled her boots in his hands and began to lick and suck them. She could feel his tongue working and a fire began to burn between her legs. This was wonderful she had never felt this before and all he was doing was licking her boots, she let out a lttle sigh. He slowly traveled up her legs and along her thigh then very gently pushed her legs apart and began to kiss her pussy through the latex. She closed her eyes and moaned a little she could feel how wet she was and how slippery his tongue felt against the latex as he licked and kissed. She reached down and unzipped her crotch she kept herself shaven which he obviously loved as he began to eat her. She gasped the pleasure was incredible as she felt his tongue eagerly and urgently find her clitoris. He could hear her moaning and sensed she wanted more so he began to finger fuck her. His latex gloves slipping easily in and out of her wet hole. One finger then two, then three. She greedily pushed her pussy into his face nearing her orgasm. He felt her beginning to cum he was amazed that this gorgeous women was allowing him this incredible honour. She shouted as she came once again forcing his face into her soaking pussy and demanding he drink all of her cum which he did greedily.

She told him to lie on his back she wanted to see this monster between his legs. She unzipped him and eased his cock out, he was huge. Long and fat it made her husbands look like a peashooter. She poured the lubricant into her hands then wrapped her rubberclad fingers around it and slowly began to pump. He whimpered a little the sensation was incredible zenci porno she looked at her hand gripping his engorged penis the shiny black gloves contrasted against the pinkness of his penis. She began to stroke faster and faster his moans increasing as he squirmed beneath her. She was using two hands now and wanking him hard. The large head of his cock was purple and she could see the precum dribbling down the sides mixing with the lube so her gloves made a squelching sound as she pumped. She told him she would countdown from 10 to 0 and at 0 he would cum. Slowly she counted down watching him closely his eyes were tight shut struggling with his so close orgasm. Zero now cum she shouted he erupted into the air splashing down all over her gloves she did not stop she wanted to milk this monster cock dry. She watched him greedily lick his own cum off her gloves panting as he did so.

She asked him to put on a pair of rubber penis pants which just about contained his manhood. She was very wet now and positioned herself over his rubber covered cock which now looked shiny and menacing. She lowered herself so his head was nudging her pussy lips and then slowly began to impale herself. As he sank into her she felt herself being stretched like she was never stretched with her husband. She threw back her head as she orgasmd the sensation and pleasure of sliding down onto his huge cock and feeling him in her was enough to make her cum. She took him all the way in and then began to push herself back up again. She could hear her boots creaking as she rode up and down on him. The sound only leather can make when rubbed together and as she began to realise one of the horniest sounds ever.

Right at that moment her phone rang it was her husband Peter, she decided to answer it feeling very smug. He demanded to know where she was and what she was doing. She sighed deeply and told him that she was being fucked by a huge rubber cock and loving it, she humiliated him further by telling him how big it was and what it was doing to her pussy. She went on to tell him that it was so much bigger than his and how many times she had cum so far. He was silent as she told him how she was dressed and what she had done and what she was going to do. She was so excited talking to her dumbfounded husband that she came as she was speaking to him. He sounded like a little lamb at the other end of the phone when he asked will you be home soon darling. She told him she would be home when she was good and satisfied and not to wait up. Smiling brazzers porno to herself she hit the end call button not giving him chance to answer. She rode her rubber stallion on and on, her head swimming with orgasm after orgasm both of them sweating heavily in their rubber suits. In between fucking she would dismount and take him into her mouth sucking & licking all of her own juices from his rock hard rubber covered member.

She arrived home and sure enough he was waiting for her. She knew that he would be. He looked sheepish and without a word of complaint he kissed her on the cheek and asked if her evening was a good one. She smiled as she handed him a DVD disc telling him she was going to bed now and that he should watch the video to see how good her evening had been. He began to watch not believing what he was seeing. He felt totally humiliated, Jealous & frustrated. He had never seen his wife dressed this way and it stirred something within him. He watched the two rubber clad figures fucking in front of him. They were stood side on to the camera and he watched as he held his wife`s waist plunging into her pussy from behind. He could not help but notice just how large his cock was compared to his and that his wife was so obviously enjoying it as she arched her back and moaned taking in every inch of this Black shiny cock. He fought his emotions but he could not stop himself from becoming more and more turned on as he watched, his own cock growing hard. She looked so shiny and Black teetering on her lovely leather boots. Two Black rubber shapes pounding into each other trying to milk one another for everything they had.

She seemed to be looking straight at her husband a smile on her lips. He knew what it meant. Her husband had his own cock out and was furiously wanking as he watched his wife nearing her orgasm being satisfied in a way he had not managed and by a cock so much bigger than his. He was so humiliated yet so turned on His wife began to moan loudly as she began to orgasm he could not stop himself and a jet of cum shot into the air as he shot his load. Little did he know but she was watching him from behind and strode in dressed in the same outfit. He tried to cover himself and looked ashamed and embarrassed. Straightaway hands on her hips she asked him if he had enjoyed watching his wife being fucked, he looked at the floor and nodded. She asked if he had noticed how big his cock was, he told her he had. She replied quickly by telling him that it was much bigger than his and asked if he agreed. He mumbled that it was and she made him repeat it properly loving every minute. She went on to tell him that they would continue their normal loving marriage but that when wifey needed satisfying fully she would call on her boy to help. He knew from her tone that she meant it.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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