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Subject: Ryan’s New Life 27 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Chapter 27 Ryan was happy as he walked back to the hotel after visiting Adrian. He had just been promoted and his friendship with Adrian had reached a new level of intimacy. Life was good. Approaching the hotel lobby, Ryan decided to find out how the interview for the trainee waiter had gone. “The interview was to start at three so the guy will be long gone,” he said to himself. Chai was busy checking in new guests so Ryan entered Neil’s office without being seen. His mouth fell open at the sight in front of him. A young Thai lad was bent naked over the desk and Neil was fucking him from behind. Ryan saw tears in the young guy’s eyes and heard him say, “Man ceb mak”. Ryan knew that meant, “It hurts a lot.” “Don’t you want the job?” Neil asked as he continued to pound into the young Thai, unaware that he was being watched. Tears filled Ryan’s eyes and he wanted to scream. Instead he turned and left the office, slamming the door behind him. Chai turned and realised what had happened. He tried to speak but Ryan brushed past him and hurried out of the hotel. Neil poked his head out of the office door and Chai told him that Ryan had seen him. “Fuck!” said Neil before disappearing back into the office. Ryan’s immediate thought was to run to Adrian but then he decided that he had to handle this himself. He turned to the beach and walked slowly as he considered his options. “I could leave and return home to Malaysia but I wouldn’t have a job and Auntie wouldn’t be happy. No, I don’t want to move far from Adrian. I could almost certainly get a job as a waiter in a restaurant or another hotel here. That probably wouldn’t pay as much and I’d miss being around lots of older gay men.” Ryan heard Neil shouting his name and hid behind a beach hut. He wasn’t ready to confront the man but he knew their relationship was over. “If I get a job locally, I can spend more time with Adrian. Maybe even live with him one day,” Ryan thought. “Meantime, I can rent a small room somewhere.” He began to think about where he might get a job and then it struck him. “I can carry on working here. I like my job and Neil needs me. I just won’t be his boy any more. I will be an employee like Chai. Yes, that’s it.” He took a deep breath and walked back towards the office. Ryan was near the lobby when he saw Neil. Neil spotted Ryan at almost the same time and hurried towards him. “I’m sorry, Ryan. I was horny and couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me.” “We need to talk,” Ryan said. The self-doubting teenager who had arrived in Krabi the previous year was long gone. He walked over to a bench in the garden and Neil followed him. “Please don’t leave me, Ryan. I need you,” said Neil. “I’m sorry that I can’t always control my urges when I see a pretty boy.” “You can’t change who you are,” said Ryan. “I was hurt when you had sex with that waiter in Bali and now you are fucking a boy who just needs a job. You aren’t the man I thought you were.” Neil opened his mouth to speak but Ryan stopped him. “I know you need me to work in the restaurant and I assume you’d like me to continue hosting the pool-parties.” Neil nodded and Ryan went on. “I need a job so I will carry on working as before but I will find a place to live in town. Okay?” “But�” Neil couldn’t think of an excuse for his actions but he didn’t want to lose Ryan. He wondered if he might be able to win him back given time. “You will be my boss but not my daddy. We can’t have sex any more. Okay?” Neil sighed. “Okay, I agree. And I’m sorry I let you down.” “I will start looking for a place to live tomorrow,” said Ryan. “In the meantime, I will move into one of the empty guest rooms near the building site.” Neil watched Ryan walk away, regretting getting caught with the new waiter but not as upset at losing Ryan as a bed partner as he thought he might be. “He’s not a submissive little boy any more,” he said to himself. Chai had given Ryan a room key without asking questions and it hadn’t taken Ryan long to move his belongings from Neil’s apartment. Now he was dressed in his sexy waiter’s outfit ready to work with Veera for the final time. “Tomorrow I will be the head waiter,” he reminded himself. Neil avoided the restaurant that evening and only came in after the last guest had gone to wish Veera good luck for the future. He brought drinks for all the staff and invited them to raise a glass to Veera. He followed that by asking everyone to wish Ryan good luck as their new manager. As the cheers filled the room, Ryan wondered how long it would be before everyone knew that his relationship with Neil was over. *** Ryan had wanted to tell Adrian about the break-up almost as soon as it happened. However he also wanted to prove to Adrian that he was mature and responsible so he waited until the Sunday morning before phoning to ask if he could visit when the breakfast shift ended. Adrian was curious but he didn’t ask questions when he confirmed that he’d be happy to see Ryan. “This is a nice surprise,” Adrian said when Ryan arrived on his doorstep. “Come in.” Ryan stepped inside and hugged Adrian as soon as the door was closed. There were tears in his eyes when they pulled apart and he said, “Something happened when I get back to the hotel yesterday.” Adrian led the teenager to the sofa. “Sit down and tell me all about it. Take your time.” Ryan took a deep breath. “My relationship with Neil is over. I got back yesterday and found him fucking the new waiter over the desk in his office. I caught him doing stuff with a guy in Bali too so clearly we want different things.” “Trust is vitally important in any relationship and if you can’t trust Neil then obviously the relationship is broken,” said Adrian. Ryan nodded. Neither of them commented on the fact that they were involved with each other behind Neil’s back. “So where does that leave you now?” Adrian asked. “I’m going to carry on working at the hotel, at least for now,” Ryan explained. “Will you be able to work with Neil?” Adrian asked. “It might be a bit awkward at first but I’m sure I can manage,” replied Ryan. “The young guy he was�you know�has already quit so I don’t have to face him. I moved into a guest room yesterday but I want to find a place to rent here in town. Maybe you can help me find a place.” “Sure. I’m happy to help in any way I can,” said Adrian. Ryan smiled. “Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” “Come here.” Adrian pulled Ryan closer for a hug. Ryan felt his cock stiffening as Adrian held him. “This isn’t the time to think of sex,” he told himself. Adrian wasn’t thinking of sex but he was wondering if he and Ryan Erzincan Escort might become closer now that the bond with Neil had been broken. “Okay. Let’s talk practicalities,” Adrian said when he and Ryan finally pulled apart. “I know of a few rental agencies but they will be closed today. I’ll be at school tomorrow but I’ll give you their addresses. Or I can come with you if you can wait until after four.” “I think I will wait. They might not want to deal with me because I’m under eighteen,” said Ryan. “I hadn’t thought of that. You could rent a room in someone’s house but it could be difficult to rent an apartment because of your age.” Adrian thought for a moment. “If you wish, I could say I’m your guardian and guarantee that the rent will be paid.” “Thank you, Adrian. I will definitely pay the rent. I have savings so I can pay any deposit and a month’s rent in advance,” said Ryan. Adrian smiled. “I trust you. And if you’re stuck, you can always stay with me for a while.” “Really? You would allow me to stay with you? I’d love that,” said Ryan. “I’d be happy to pay you rent. In fact, I’d insist on it.” Adrian began to think about having Ryan live with him. He’d never shared an apartment with anyone else before. Word might get around the school about him living with a young man but Adrian realised he didn’t care. Looking at Adrian’s serious face, Ryan assumed that he wasn’t interested in the idea of them living together. “Sorry, that was a stupid idea. I know you like me but you wouldn’t want to live with a young boy. People might talk.” Adrian smiled and grabbed hold of Ryan’s hands. “No, it’s not a stupid idea. I never thought you’d want to live with an old man like me. I’ve grown to love you, Ryan. I don’t care what people think. If you want to live with me, you can move in today!” Ryan grinned. “Really? I think I love you too.” “There’s just one small problem,” said Adrian. “I only have one bedroom.” “Why is that a problem?” Ryan was still smiling. “If I’m living here, I’m sharing your bed.” Adrian hugged and then kissed Ryan. It was a long passionate kiss that left Ryan with a rock-hard erection. “I really want you to fuck me right now,” said Ryan. “However I need to be back at the hotel soon.” Adrian nodded. “I want to make love to you, not fuck you. It shouldn’t be rushed so let’s wait. Our first time should be special.” “I agree.” Ryan smiled. “You’re special.” Adrian laughed. “Move in with me today. I don’t want to spend another night without you.” “I will pack this afternoon and I can move in after I finish work this evening,” said Ryan. “I’m not due to work the breakfast shift tomorrow so we can stay up late.” “I should come to the hotel and help you carry your things,” Adrian said. “That would make it easier,” agreed Ryan. “I have gained more clothes, mainly sexy items, and a few books since I moved here. Why not come for a late dinner? You can wait in my room afterwards until I finish.” “I’ll do that.” Adrian smiled and gave Ryan another kiss. “I’ll change the bed sheets and give the apartment an extra clean this afternoon.” “Okay, but I might prefer to sleep on sheets that smell of you.” Ryan hugged Adrian. “I love how you smell.” *** Neil came into the restaurant shortly before it was due to open for lunch and approached Ryan. “I have drawn up a new employment contract setting out your terms as head waiter. The pay is as we agreed and your normal hours cover six lunchtime and six evening shifts per week. You don’t need to work breakfasts any more and you will get paid extra if you work additional hours. You will also get four weeks paid vacation time each year. I hope that is satisfactory.” Neil paused and then added, “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between us but I would hate to lose you.” He didn’t tell Ryan but he hoped they might still have sex occasionally. “Those are very generous conditions and I’m happy to sign the contract,” responded Ryan. “I have learned a lot from you and had lots of fun. Now it’s time to move on. I hope�I think we can have a good working relationship.” Neil smiled. “I’d like that. You are one of the best employees I’ve ever had.” “We still need another waiter,” said Ryan. “I think it might be a good idea if we interviewed future candidates together.” “Yes. Good idea.” Neil didn’t know what else to say. Ryan had suddenly matured. “Okay, I’ll leave you to get on with things. Customers will be arriving soon.” “Okay, Boss,” said Ryan. The rest of the day went smoothly. Some of the hotel staff sensed there was something different between Neil and Ryan but kept their thoughts to themselves. As far as the customers were concerned, Ryan was still the same happy, sexy boy. It was almost 9pm when Adrian arrived for dinner. Ryan slipped him the room key along with his food but they didn’t speak much because Neil was in the restaurant. Finally though Ryan and Adrian were alone in his temporary hotel room. They hugged and kissed, and Adrian slipped a hand down the back of Ryan’s shorts to cup the smooth buttocks. “You’re making me horny,” Ryan laughed when they moved apart. “Let me change out of my uniform and we can go back to your place to�make love.” Adrian smiled. “It’s not my place any longer. It’s our place.” Ryan grinned as he stripped down to his underwear. He made sure that Adrian saw the outline of his stiff cock before pulling on his jeans and a t-shirt. “Let’s go,” he said as he grabbed his bag. Adrian lifted the other bag and kissed Ryan again before they stepped outside. As soon as they were inside the apartment, Ryan began to strip off. “You are in charge now, Uncle Adrian. Tell me what to do.” Adrian smiled and followed Ryan in undressing. “I think we should have a shower and go straight to bed.” Ryan grinned. “I like that idea. Can we shower together?” “My shower isn’t very big but we can try,” replied Adrian. The two guys, both with erections, bumped into each other several times in the shower until Ryan said, “You stand still and I’ll wash you. You can wash me afterwards.” “That sounds like a good solution. Clever boy!” Adrian smiled and then enjoyed the feel of the teen’s soapy hands all over his body. Ryan loved touching Adrian’s hairy chest but he admired his strong back and broad shoulders. He knelt to wash the large, firm buttocks, soaping the arsecrack but resisting the urge to part the arse cheeks to look at the man’s most private area. “Later, when I’m licking there,” he told himself. After washing Adrian’s legs, Ryan turned his attention to the cock and balls. “I’ve saved the best until last,” he said, smiling up at Adrian. He spent much more time than was necessary to clean the cock and finished by kissing the cockhead. Pre-cum was dripping from his own cock when he stood up. Adrian didn’t spend as much time washing Ryan because he was keen to get him into bed. He did however pinch both nipples, stretch Ryan’s foreskin until Erzincan Escort Bayan he squealed, and get his middle finger inside Ryan’s arse up to the second knuckle. They fell on top of the bed while they were kissing and soon moved into a sixty-nine position. Ryan had almost half of Adrian’s thick 21.5 cm (8.5 inch) cock in his mouth. He fondled the large hairy balls while digging the tip of his tongue into Adrian’s piss-slit in search of pre-cum. Adrian meanwhile had the whole of Ryan’s 9 cm (3.5 inch) cock in his mouth. He had one hand gently tugging the hairless, grape-sized balls while two fingers of his other hand were rubbing up and down Ryan’s arse crack. When the two fingers finally pushed into his hole, Ryan gasped and spunked off. Adrian swallowed every drop and then kissed the cockhead. “You’ll be able to cum again, won’t you?” he said. He finger-fucked Ryan while he spoke. Ryan lifted his head from Adrian’s cock. “I think so. I haven’t been this horny for a while.” “You want me to fuck you now?” Adrian teased. “Oh, yes! Fuck me, please. I want your beautiful big cock inside me.” “Move onto your hands and knees,” Adrian told Ryan. “Now rest your head on the pillow and push your cute arse higher.” Ryan obeyed every instruction. Ryan moaned softly when he felt hands spread his arse cheeks and Adrian’s tongue start licking. Since Adrian didn’t have a beard, it felt quite different from when Neil rimmed him. “Feels nicer,” he thought. He moaned louder when Adrian’s tongue pushed into his hole and began probing. “That feels so good,” he told Adrian. “My pussy belongs to you now.” Adrian smiled to himself but he didn’t stop tongue-fucking the hot, moist tunnel. “Yes, fuck me, Adrian. Fuck me good,” Ryan said when he felt cool lubricating gel being spread over and into his pink pucker. “I’m all yours.” “Soon, Ryan. I need to open you up a bit more first.” Adrian finger-fucked Ryan with two fingers again for a couple of minutes before adding a third. Ryan moaned softly but he knew this would help because Adrian’s cock was thicker than Neil’s. “Finally,” Ryan said to himself when Adrian started to grease up his own cock. Despite having cum a short time earlier, he had been dripping pre-cum in anticipation of being fucked for some minutes. Adrian moved into position behind Ryan. With one hand on Ryan’s hip and the other holding the base of his cock, he lined his cockhead up against the quivering entrance and then pushed. Ryan pushed back. Nothing seemed to happen and then suddenly the cockhead burst through Ryan’s sphincter. Ryan moaned loudly and then quickly reassured Adrian. “I’m okay. Keep going.” Adrian pushed slowly but steadily until he was balls-deep in the tight tunnel. “Oh, your arse is amazing, Ryan,” he said. “Your cock is stretching my pussy more than it has ever been stretched before and it hurts so good,” responded Ryan. “I love it!” “Are you sure it’s okay?” Adrian asked. He didn’t want to hurt Ryan. “Yes, it feels wonderful,” replied Ryan. “Fuck me! Fuck my love-button and make me cum again.” Smiling, Adrian began to move slowly in and out. Ryan’s “Hmm, yeah” encouraged him to move faster. A squeak and an “Oh, that’s it” told him that he was now hitting Ryan’s prostate with each thrust. “Harder!” cried Ryan. With both hands on Ryan’s slim waist, his thrusts became more forceful. Ryan’s stiff little cock bounced up and down, leaking a steady stream of pre-cum as his prostate took a battering. He began to whimper. “I’m getting close!” he told Adrian. “Not yet. Let’s change position,” said Adrian. He eased his cock from Ryan’s hole, and Ryan groaned in frustration. “I want to see your handsome face when I cum inside you for the first time,” Adrian explained. “Lie on your back.” Ryan turned over and pulled his legs back and apart, opening himself up to Adrian. He smiled as Adrian pushed a pillow under his bum and said, “Give me your cock again, darling man. I want to feel you cumming inside me.” Feeling more confident, Adrian didn’t ease his cock slowly in this time. He moved into position and rammed the full length deep inside in a single thrust. Ryan gasped and then gave Adrian a huge smile. “Yes! That is how I want you to fuck me. Show me that you are in total control of me.” Adrian began to thrust in and out of Ryan again. “You like being fucked hard? Is that it?” “Aagh! Aagh! Yeah!” Ryan replied as he was being pounded. “I like being fucked like this by you. “You’re the man and I’m your little boy. You can do anything you want with me. Fuck me as hard as you want.” Ryan had never spoken to Neil like that but he had a lot more trust and respect for this kind Australian. Adrian never thought he’d ever be in a position like this. He was with one of the nicest and sexiest young Asians he’d ever met. The submissive young guy was begging to be fucked harder. It was the stuff of dreams. His thrusts became even faster. “Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum again!” To Adrian’s surprise, Ryan began shooting off hands-free for the second time that evening. Spots of thin boy-cream landed on Ryan’s chin and then his chest. Adrian could feel Ryan’s arse muscles clamp and unclamp his cock with each ejaculation and he had to stop fucking. “Wow!” Ryan smiled when he had finished. “That was a good one. You’re the best! Now I want to feel you cum inside me.” Adrian smiled and resumed fucking again. He knew he was close and part of him wanted to slow down. However he wanted to give Ryan the dominant finish he had requested so he was soon pounding hard and fast into the hot Asian arse while looking into Ryan’s smiling face. “Here it comes!” Adrian moaned. “Yes, take my load, little boy.” He grunted and sent volley after volley of thick man cum deep into Ryan’s arse. Adrian fell forward on top of Ryan who wrapped his arms and legs around him. “Thank you, Adrian. Thank you for making me feel special,” Ryan said. “You are special, very special,” said Adrian. He raised his head, smiled and then they came together for a long, passionate kiss. When Adrian moved to the side, his cock still buried inside Ryan, he said, “That was the best fuck of my life. No question!” Ryan smiled. “I agree. We will have many more wonderful moments like this.” Adrian gave Ryan a quick kiss on the nose and said, “I hope so.” His smile was followed by a sigh when his softening cock slipped from the boy’s well-fucked hole. “Allow me.” Ryan scrambled to take hold of Adrian’s cock. He kissed the cockhead and then took it into his mouth. “What are you doing?” Adrian was astonished as nobody else had ever done that to his cock after a fuck. Ryan came off the cock and said, “I’m sucking and licking your cock clean. That’s part of my duty when serving your cock.” He took the cock back into his mouth. Adrian looked on open-mouthed. It seemed weird to him but he certainly wasn’t going to stop Ryan doing that if he wanted. He smiled and thanked Escort Erzincan Ryan when he returned to lie beside him. They cuddled together in happy silence until Adrian sat up and said that he needed to pee. “Good!” said Ryan. “There is something else you need to do to celebrate us coming together as a couple. You need to piss over me and mark me as your property.” “But�” “I insist,” said Ryan as he got out of bed. “Come on.” Adrian walked with Ryan into the bathroom and watched as he knelt down in the shower. “Now piss over me and say, `You belong to me, boy’.” Adrian hesitated. “Please, Adrian,” said Ryan. “I want us to be together forever.” Adrian decided to play along. “Okay, boy. You are mine.” He pointed his cock towards Ryan. When the piss started to flow, he said. “You belong to me.” Ryan smiled as he watched the golden liquid fall on his chest and washed away his cum. Then he leaned forward and closed his eyes as he pushed his face into the warm stream. Adrian got another surprise when Ryan opened his mouth and let the piss fill it. He watched as Ryan gulped down two mouthfuls and then moved his face from side to side under the piss. The flow came to an end and Ryan smiled at Adrian and said, “I am yours now, Uncle Adrian.” Adrian pulled Ryan to his feet and stepped into the shower. He hugged the boy and then kissed him, getting a faint taste of his own piss. “I am honoured. I promise to take good care of you.” “I know you will,” said Ryan. They showered again and then went to bed hand in hand. Adrian spooned behind Ryan and they drifted off to sleep feeling very happy. *** Ryan woke up to find Adrian watching him. “You look so young and innocent when you’re asleep,” said Adrian. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my bed.” Ryan smiled. “I’m the lucky one. I have a kind, caring, very sexy man taking care of me.” Adrian chuckled. “I still find it strange to hear you call me sexy.” “You are sexy!” Ryan stated firmly. “You’re tall, very distinguished-looking and you have a fit body. I want to serve you and your beautiful big cock.” “But I’m so much older than you. Even older than Neil,” said Adrian. He still had some doubts because of the age gap. “Age is just a number,” said Ryan. “You and I talk easily about all kinds of things. I never think of your age when we’re talking about books or travel. However I really like the fact that you’re a lot older than me. It turns me on submitting to a mature man. The contrast between our bodies is quite sexy, don’t you think? I’m smooth and you’re hairy. You’re big and I’m small. Part of me is very small.” He sighed and added, “I still find it hard to believe you like my tiny cock.” “Oh, please believe me, Ryan. To me, your cock is a thing of beauty,” said Adrian. “Perhaps it’s that contrast thing you just mentioned. My cock is a bit bigger than average so I love the fact that yours is smaller than average.” “We are a good match then,” smiled Ryan. “I’m a submissive bottom boy and you’re a top. You admitted that it turned you on using cock-whip on me recently so you are the dominant man I need.” Adrian smiled. “You know that I have no real experience of bdsm. I have been turned on reading stories but I haven’t done anything apart from the little bit of spanking and use of the cock-whip on you.” “We can learn together,” said Ryan. “I trust you so we can experiment and see what turns us on.” “You’re so sweet. I don’t know what I have done to deserve you.” Adrian hugged Ryan and then kissed him. He felt Ryan’s cock stiffening against him and that caused his own to stir. “Do you want to fuck me?” Ryan asked. “It’s a nice thought but I don’t think that’s possible. I certainly can’t manage an energetic fuck like last night,” responded Adrian. “I’ll fuck you tonight.” “Shall I suck you off then?” “No, let me suck you off,” replied Adrian. “I like your boy-cream but I haven’t tasted much of it.” “Your wish is my command.” Ryan pushed the bed sheets down and spread his legs in invitation. Adrian rubbed his nose on the hairless balls and then licked the cockshaft. He followed that by licking the cockhead and then nibbling on the foreskin, bringing little squeals from Ryan. By now Ryan was leaking pre-cum so Adrian licked that off and then started sucking the cock. Ryan made little whimpering noises as Adrian alternately sucked and used his tongue to tease the cockhead. When Adrian started rubbing a fingertip over the pink pucker, Ryan moaned and said, “You’re going to make me cum!” Adrian pressed more firmly and his finger entered Ryan’s hole. That was enough to trigger an eruption. Ryan gasped and spunked off. Adrian let the boy-cum fill his mouth and took time to taste it before swallowing it. “Mmm, sweet and delicious. I shall want some of that on a regular basis.” Ryan smiled. “You can have some every day.” “No. You need to eat some too,” said Adrian. “I have always enjoyed feeding you after milking you.” “Okay but I’d like to eat yours sometimes too,” responded Ryan. “Mostly though I want you to cum inside my pussy.” “Don’t worry. I plan to deposit most of my cum in your tight little arse,” smiled Adrian. “Sometimes I might fuck you and then pull out at the last minute to cum in your mouth.” “Sounds wonderful!” Ryan smiled. “I love getting fucked. I love your cock!” “I’m happy to hear that,” said Adrian. “Now let’s get showered and have breakfast.” To Adrian’s delight, Ryan stayed naked while he ate his breakfast. Ryan insisted on washing up afterwards and then decided it was time to unpack. “I had a bit of a clear out yesterday,” Adrian told Ryan as they walked to the bedroom. “There should be enough room for your things.” He helped Ryan put away his clothes and then smiled when Ryan lifted two dildos and a butt-plug from his second bag. “Neil bought me these,” Ryan said. “Sex toys shouldn’t be shared so I didn’t think he’d mind if I took them. Adrian took hold of the larger dildo and examined it. “I might have fun fucking you with this.” “It’s not as big as your cock but I’d enjoy that,” smiled Ryan. “Hmm. Maybe I should buy some more sex toys,” suggested Adrian. “Things for your little cock as well as your boy-pussy.” Ryan smiled. “As long as you fuck me afterwards, you can play with my cock and my pussy however you wish.” Later, when Ryan was getting dressed for work, Adrian asked if he was going to tell Neil that he was living with him. “Not yet. I’ll just tell him I’m renting a room with a family,” replied Ryan. “He helped me a lot and I don’t want to hurt him by telling him that I moved straight from his bed into yours.” “I understand,” said Adrian. “Will I see you this afternoon?” “Since you’re not working, yes.” Ryan smiled. “Assuming you want to see me.” “Of course, I do!” responded Adrian. “Good. I want to see you,” said Ryan. “During the week when you’re at school, I’ll probably just stay at the hotel between shifts. The guests like to see me in and around the pool.” “And you enjoy displaying yourself to the guests in sexy swimwear, I know.” “Do you mind?” Ryan asked. “No. It turns you on and I like knowing you will be horny when you come home to me,” replied Adrian. “Home to you. Nice!” Ryan smiled and hugged Adrian. To be continued

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