Sabine’s Summer Ch. 02

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Sabine’s hands were shaking a bit as she undid her blouse in front of Mr. Adams. She wasn’t absolutely sure that she wanted to do this after yesterday, but he was right, he had seen everything she had yesterday. And to her horror, she felt herself getting aroused. She felt her nipples harden, she felt her pussy begin to moisten, her panties beginning to stick to her pussy. She knew that she was getting wet.

When her blouse was undone, she pulled it out of her skirt and slowly removed it, not looking at Mr. Adams. She shouldn’t be feeling embarrassed after what she had already done with him, but she was. She could feel her face heating up.

She folded her blouse neatly and laid it on the chair she had been sitting in. Then she undid and unzipped her skirt, pushed it down and let it slide down her legs to the floor. Shuddering a bit, Sabine bent and picked up the skirt, folded it and laid it on top of her blouse.

Then she pushed her pantyhose down and rolled them down and off, slipping off her shoes as she did. She began to fold up the pantyhose but…

“Hand them to me.”

Sabine looked up, looked at Adams and then slowly moved her arm forward. Adams reached out, took the pantyhose from her and dropped them in his wastebasket. She shivered as she watched him do that.

Now in just bra and panties, Sabine wasn’t sure how to proceed. Adams solved that little problem for her. He picked up his wastebasket and walked around the desk. He set the wastebasket down and leaned against the desk, crossing his arms. He smirked.

“I think the panties next. And drop them in the trash.”

Sabine gulped and pushed her panties down off her hips, letting them slide down to the floor. She stepped out of them, picked them up and looked at Adams, then slowly, hesitantly, she dropped her best pair of panties in the trash. Almost involuntarily Sabine moved her feet apart, her lips would show better like that.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, slipping it off her shoulders and down her arms and off. Adams snickered, pointed at the wastebasket and watched as Sabine dropped her best bra in the trash, standing bare ass in front of him. She was looking at Adams, seeing his smirk, he was staring at her and she watched as his eyes went down to her pussy. She felt her face get hotter

“Sit in the chair, ass at the edge.”

Sabine did it, keeping her knees together.

“Now you little slut, legs over the chair arms”

Sabine moaned softly and slowly lifted her legs up and out, hooking them at the knees over the chair arms, knowing that in this position her pussy was totally in the open. She was completely nude and totally exposed. And she felt hot all over.

Adams leaned forward and reached towards her with both hands, grasping a boob in each, rubbing a thumb over each nipple.

“You little bitch, you nipples are hard as stone. Before I even touched you.”

He laughed and looked down at her pussy. She had pubic hair, but it was sparse and really didn’t hide anything on her.

“Now I want you to be a good girl Sabine, and good girls do what they are told, right?”

Sabine didn’t answer.

“Reach down and pull that cunt of yours open Sabine.”

She closed her eyes and did it.

Adams laughed again.

“Do you know that you are so wet strings of juice connect your cunt lips together?”

Sabine swallowed and whimpered. She was not used to this at all. It was humiliating to be talked about like this. And Adams did not seem to care.

“OK, ankara escort now get up and get your ass on the edge of the desk, legs spread.”

Sabine hesitantly did it and looked at Adams. He smirked at her. Then he unzipped and flopped his penis out. It was hard and veiny. Adams stepped up between her legs and slowly slid up inside her. Sabine gasped and looked down, seeing his pants pressed up against her pussy, the hot, hard bar of flesh stuffed inside her.

“I’m not on birth control.”

“I know, you told me last night, and I don’t really care. And you like it, don’t you?”

“I, ah, ah, I, ah, God, yes, yes, I like it.”

“Look down, Sabine.”

Sabine looked down again, seeing Adams pulling back, a thick bar of flesh easing out of her pussy, then pushing back up inside her.

“Oh God, oh my God…”

“What is that, Sabine?”

“Y-y-your penis..”

“No Sabine, it’s my cock. Say it.”

“Y-your cock?”

“Yes, and where is my cock?”

“Ah, uh, in my pussy?”

“No Sabine, my cock is in your cunt. Say it.”

“Y-y-your cock is in my cunt..”

“And what is my cock doing in your cunt, Sabine?”

“It’s f-ffucking me..”

“Good girl, it is fucking you. Do you want my cock to fuck you, fuck your tight, little cunt?”

All the while Adams had been slowly withdrawing and pushing back up inside Sabine. She noticed how slick, glistening wet he was. She realized how wet her pussy was. How aroused she was. How she was totally naked, impaled on Adams, not protesting. He didn’t have a condom on, he was bare, if he kept going he was going to cum inside her again, the second time in 12 hours. And she had no protection.

“Yes, Mr. Adams, I want you to fuck me.”

“Well, there isn’t enough time right now, Sabine. Your break is almost over. And you aren’t going to get any exceptions from your break time. So, come over here.”

Adams pulled out of her, went behind his desk and sat down. Sabine followed him.

“Bend over and clean me off, Sabine.”

She looked around for tissues or something.

“No stupid, with your mouth and tongue.”

As noted before, Sabine was not a virgin, but she was very inexperienced. She had never done oral sex before. She had had sex twice, both times in the dark, not ever seeing a penis, she had touched one, wrapped her fingers around one, but never had seen one, just felt one. Now she was seeing an erect penis for the first time. Sabine tenatively bent over. Adams grasped a tit and squeezed.

“Lick it at the base first, Sabine.”

Sabine hesitantly put out her tongue and lapped at it, it rubbed against her cheek as she licked it. She could taste herself. It wasn’t too bad, she thought. She licked around it and began to work her way up the shaft, marveling at how hard it was, how hot it felt.

“Good enough, now take it in your mouth and suck on it.”

All the while Adams was squeezing her tit, thumbing her erect nipple, arousing her more than ever. She lifted a bit and opened her mouth, lowering it down over the head and sucking on it.

“Move your head up and down, fuck it with your mouth.”

And Sabine did. Nude, a tit being fondled, sucking Adams’ cock. She did this for a bit and then…

“I’ll teach you how to be a good little cocksucker, Sabine. I’ll teach you how to be a dirty little whore. Enough sucking. When lunch comes, come back here. As soon as you get in my office, strip, it won’t take you long, since all you’ll have on is your blouse and skirt. And then you can decide if I should fuck you or let you suck me off. If you want to be fucked, understand that I will cum inside you, Sabine. If you want to suck me off, I am going to cum in your mouth and you will swallow it. If you go for the fuck, understand that at some time you will be sucking me until I shoot in your mouth. You are going to be a dirty fucking whore for me for the rest of the summer. I am going to see you naked a lot, Sabine. I am going to spend a lot of time with my cock up your cunt. I am going to cum inside you a lot. You are going to suck me a lot. I am going to cum in your mouth. You will swallow cum. And maybe, just maybe, I am going to fuck you up the ass. Won’t that be a lot of fun?”

Sabine was looking at him, a sinking feeling in her stomach, thinking that something she had fantasized about, then acted on, might turn out to be a nightmare. Or it might be a lot of erotic fun. Except for the part about her ass. That she was definitely not sure about.

Sabine looked at her underwear in the trash and sighed. She put on her blouse first, letting Adams still have a view of her pussy, at least for a while longer, then put on her skirt. It was short. Way too short for someone who didn’t have panties on. Adams looked her up and down and chuckled. The blouse was white and her nipples and aeroles were plainly visible.

“Look at your nipples, Sabine.”

Sabine looked down, moaned softly. She had most of the day to go, Adams would not let her go, she knew that. Making her stay at work when she looked like this would be something that he would enjoy. How was she going to face the others at work?

She hurried to her workstation, hoping that no one would stop by. She tried to concentrate on work, but the lack of clothes, the fear that someone would stop by to see her and see what she looked like and the command to return to Adams office at noon was all she could think of. Sabine certainly couldn’t keep her mind on work.

Then it happened. Amy, one of the girls that Adams had threatened her with earlier walked up. She looked at Sabine and burst out laughing.

“Did you get the $500?”

Sabine turned red and said nothing.

“You got naked for him for nothing?”

Sabine still didn’t say anything. Amy laughed again.

“How much else did you do, dummy? Spread your legs for him? Let him feel you up?”

“Oh, shut up Amy.”

“Sabine is just a little bitch, isn’t she? Getting naked for him get you all hot and bothered? You should probably let him fuck you. I did him once years ago. Once. I was drunk. He had a nice dick. You’d like his dick, Sabine. Except for one thing, he won’t use a condom.”

Any reached over and undid the top two buttons on Sabine’s blouse. She looked at her again and giggled.

“Show a little cleavage for him and he’ll be pretty happy.”

Sabine did not tell her about what was going to happen over lunch, if she did it. She was starting to think that it might be a really bad idea. Even so, thinking about what Adams had told her she was supposed to do, it was arousing her just thinking about it.

“Christ, Sabine, your nipples really stick out through that blouse. You should probably go home over lunch and change it for something thicker. Or put on a bra.”

Sabine couldn’t tell her that her bra was in the trash in Adams’ office. She just couldn’t tell her that.

Amy finally left her alone and Sabine struggled through work until the escort ankara other girls got up for lunch. Mary was the one who stayed to answer the phones over lunch. Sabine sat for a bit to be sure everyone else was gone and then she got up and walked back to Adams’ office. She walked in, closed the door, undid her blouse, slipped it off and dropped it on the floor. Then she undid and unzipped her skirt, pushed it down a bit and let it slide over her hips and down her legs, stepping out of it. Adams chuckled. Sabine walked, nude except for shoes, around his desk. She turned his chair to face her, knelt, reached out, unzipped his pants and reached into them. She could feel his penis hardening. She took it out and looked at it. Then she looked up at Adams.

“If you want I’ll suck it a bit and then if you want you can fuck me, Mr. Adams.”

He chuckled again.

“You know that I won’t wear a condom, right? That if I fuck you, I am cumming inside you?”

“Yes, I know Mr. Adams. You can do what you want with me.”

Adams chuckled again and put his hand on the top of her head.

“Well, get busy then Sabine. Time for you to get some more cocksucking practice.”

Adams pushed her head down and Sabine just opened her mouth and took the head of his penis in. She began to bob her head up and down while sucking. She kind of liked it.

Eventually though, Adams pulled her off his penis and lifted her up.

“Ass on the edge of my desk, Sabine, legs wide open.”

Sabine kicked off her shoes so she was totally naked, lifted her ass up so she was sitting right on the edge of the desk, spread her legs as wide as she could and looked down.

She watched Adams grasp his penis.

“What is this Sabine?”

“A penis.”

“No Sabine, it’s a cock. Say it.”

“It’s a cock.”

“I know that you are thinking that it is penis in your head, but you will start thinking that it is a cock instead and you will never say penis to me again, understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Adams.”

“Where is my cock going Sabine?”

“You’re going to stick it in my, ah, ah God, in my cunt.”

“That’s right Sabine. I’m going to stick my hard cock in your tight cunt and fuck you with it, until I cum right up inside your cunt. And I think I am going to cum quite a lot. So get ready to have cum running down your leg for the rest of the day.”

Adams then placed the tip at Sabine’s hole and slowly pushed his cock right up inside her. Sabine moaned softly. It really felt good. And then Adams started pumping it in and out of her. And Sabine braced her arms so she could look down and see his cock sliding in and out of her. It fascinated her to watch that. Her breathing got faster, almost panting, and she kept staring at the cock that was impaling her.

“Mr. Adams…”


“Grab my tits. Grab them and squeeze them while you fuck my cunt…please sir.”

Adams chuckled again and grabbed her tits roughly. Sabine watched him fuck her. He lasted longer than her boyfriend, the only other man who had fucked her before today, but not much longer. She could feel his cock getting stiffer inside her, then she felt it jerk and she knew that her unprotected cunt was getting pumped full of his cum. Adams shoved it into her as far as he could while he was cumming. When he finished he tilted her head up so Sabine was looking at him.

“Time for some more cocksucking practice Sabine. And not only are you going to taste cunt, but you are going to taste cum too.”

Adams pulled out of her, sat down and pointed in front of him. Sabine got off the desk, feeling cum oozing out of her and knelt again. She lowered her head and opened her mouth. His softening cock went in her mouth and she began to suck and bob her head up and down.

“Good girl.”

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