Saddle Her Up

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As the saddle slipped sideways, I came down with a thump. Winded, all I heard was a tinkling laugh that shattered around me. Then there was a sound of footsteps as I lay on my back in the dust. I tilted my head back and saw a pair of khaki jodhpurs and the tantalizing crease just where the legs met. Then, as more came into view, there was a crisp white shirt that swelled mysteriously followed by a longish neck and then glistening teeth framed by a huge grin followed by the most startling blue eyes that danced with amusement.

My mother had hauled me off my bed on the small farm where we lived and sent me to do some shopping at the trading store about three miles down the road. Since he was the easiest horse to catch, I had corralled Snowdon, a huge, lumbering Percheron carthorse, bridled him and threw on a saddle. Now some horses tend to blow themselves up when saddled and Snowdon was one such horse. The trick was to stick a knee into his side when tightening the cinch to make him deflate. I was too irritated at being forced to do the shopping chore that I didn’t bother to fight the big horse, thinking I would tighten the cinches properly down the road. I then promptly forgot about it.

I had done the shopping, put the bags in my rucksack and ambled out noticing another slender chestnut tethered along the fence near the giant carthorse. I was in the process of mounting the big horse when the saddle slipped and sent me crashing to the ground. The legs walked around me and a slim hand thrust down.

“Come on, I’ll give you a hand up!” said the girl, her voice barely containing the laughter behind it.

I grabbed the surprisingly strong hand and hauled up, red faced and stuttering about the horse and the fucking cinch straps.

The girl’s grin widened then she turned around and strode off to fetch Snowdon who was contentedly cropping at the grass at the roadside.

“You’re lucky this white thing you call a horse didn’t take off back home without you,” she flung at me over her shoulder.

Most horses would have done just that, but Snowdon didn’t move unless he had to. Besides I was far too interested in the rear of the girl as the tight jodhpurs seemed to have a life of their own as she walked. She grabbed the reins and hauled the big horse back. She undid the cinches, righted the saddle and between us we pulled the buckles tight, but I was only aware of the girl straining with the leather at my side and the softness as my elbow prodded her breast.

“That should do it,” she said stepping back. Then holding out a hand she said “Come on, I’ll give you a leg up to make sure you don’t pull the saddle down again.”

Still embarrassed, I muttered my thanks, put a foot into her hand and swung aboard the broad back of the carthorse. I watched as she dusted her hand on the seat of her pants, ambled across to her horse and swung easily into the saddle.

“Where are you going?” she asked.. I told her where I lived and she told me that was great as she also lived in that direction.

As we kicked the horses to a walk, she turned to me and said:

“Hi, my name’s Linda. My dad’s the village electrician”.

I knew the name well. Her father often came to the farm to fix the odd things that always seem to go wrong.

I said I was pleased to meet her and that my name was Anton. She grinned that wide smile of hers again said: “Tell you what, I’ll race you to the top of the hill (about two miles distant) . Loser gets to pay a penalty!”

Before I could object that my lumbering carthorse could be no match for her beautiful thoroughbred, she had slammed her heels into her horse’s sides and galloped off with a whoop.

Try as I did, Snowdon would do no more than a swinging canter so by the time I caught up with her at the crest of the hill, her horse had almost stopped blowing.

“Ï’ve been waiting for hours, you slowcoach,” she yelled above the snorting of Snowdon who was distinctly unused to such exercise. “Now you’ve got to pay the penalty!”

“Oh come on,” I said with some heat. “I had no chance on this fat blob of lard. Now if I was riding Greensleeves, you’ld have had no chance!”

“Okay, “she acknowledged. “Tell you what. We’ll go for a cross-country ride tomorrow and we’ll race again, then we’ll see.”

“Cool,” I said, accepting the challenge. “Then we’ll see who has to pay a penalty.”

“See you right here at 9 tomorrow,” she said as she swung her horse around and trotted off down a side road, giving me a dismissive wave, leaving me to ride the further mile back to my home.

I could not get Linda off my mind. I still felt the strong grasp of her hand in mine, the tantalizing swell of her shirtfront, the slight crease where her jodhpurs met and the oiled movement of her haunches as she walked. These images taunted me for the rest of the day and I was going to make damn sure she would have to pay a penalty for invading my mind.

That afternoon, I soaped the bridle and saddle and made sure they were in excellent condition. Avcılar Escort I had bought Greensleeves at a local stud farm where I had worked during college holidays. She had won or been placed in all six races she had run before her knees had given in which put an end to her racing career. I was there when she came on heat and was put to stud.

The stable crew watched with high excitement as the glistening black mare was put into the stallion’s enclosure. The great beast snorted and pawed the ground at the intrusion, then his head jerked up as his nostrils caught the scent of the mare’s sex hormones. He reared, shook his head and galloped at Greensleeves, coming to a stop in a great shower of dust. Then he nudged her, his hooves dancing on the turf. He put his head against her flank, pushed her around and stuck his nose under her tail. Again he lifted his head, his lips pulled back in a piercing whinney and his great cock, thick as a man’s arm, propelled out of its sheath. The stallion, his fully extended cock slapping up against his stomach, then rose on his hind feet and plunged on top of the mare who had pulled her tail to the side, her glistening pink edged cunt opening to receive the giant member. The stallion’s haunches thrust at the mare, but his cock missed the opening. He jabbed again and found the opening sinking his cock into the big cunt with a shudder.

Greensleeves, much as she wanted to, could no longer bear the weight on her weakened knees. She had splayed her front feet to receive her stallion, but with the mammoth lunges behind her those knees failed her and she slowly toppled over and the metre-long cock was wrenched from her body.

The stallion screamed with frustration, his haunches still thrusting and his free pole, glistening with moisture, continued to jerk, slapping his stomach. He shook his head in confusion that this mare who had been so ready to receive his rampant sex was now shivering at his feet.

My heart broke for the mare at that moment and calling the stablehands, I grabbed a rope and together we chased the stallion away. Greensleeves managed to heave up onto her feet, her weak knees trembling from the strain of carrying the stallion’s weight.

As I slipped a halter over the mare’s neck, I heard the foreman say: “That’s another one for the lions – pity about that, she’s a beautiful horse with great breeding.”

I led the horse out of the enclosure and marched to where the foreman was standing.

“Mr Gallagher, how much for the horse?”

We negotiated a price of R300 (about $50) and I became the proud owner of Greensleeves and I worked hard at strengthening her knees so that she could enjoy a good run without her knees trembling with pain.

Being a lazy 18-year-old, grooming was too much like hard work so that Greensleeves’ coat had gone from glistening coal to dull and shaggy. That afternoon I put in a bit of elbow grease, but she still looked pretty ordinary by the time I had finished, which suited me as I thought of the surprise was going to give Linda the next day.

Lying in bed that night, I could not help but trail my fingers between my legs and it did not take long before I came in a shower of all my fantasies.

The next day I told my ma I was going for a cross-country ride with a friend and she packed a lunch which a put in my rucksack with a few cartons of fruit juice and a carefully hoarded condom which I prayed would not be too old in case I got to use it.

Linda was waiting by the time I got to the crossroads. She eyed Greensleeves. Conceded that the horse had some good points and trotted off back up the road. I followed past her house to a gate, which she opened without dismounting, and through into the open veld of Africa.

Side by side we cantered along a path, chatting easily about our lives and what we wanted in the future. She wanted to stick to horses, ride gymkhanas and start a riding school. I wanted to go to the city and work on newspapers which seemed to me to be better than any normal job.

The next gate was a barbed wire affair, which meant I had to dismount, unhook the posts and let the horses through. To close the gate, the bottom of the pole was stuck into a wire hoop and then I had to put my shoulder against the top of the pole and heave to taughten the wire and slip another hoop over the top of the pole. As I pulled away, a barb on the wire caught on the zip of my jeans and ripped the nylon zip apart.

“Oh Shit!” I bellowed peering down at my gaping pants.

Linda rode back to me and asked what happened. I explained as I hauled myself back onto the horse and she giggled as my pants gaped showing a pair of red underrods.

“There’s no way I am going to ride along with you with that thing gaping at me,” she said, her eyes flicking from my crotch to my reddening face. “We’ll have to see if we can fix it when we stop a little further down the track.”

I nodded dumbly and ushered her ahead. She took off at a fast pace and Avcılar Escort bayan I followed miserably, wondering how on earth I was going to deal with the gaping fly.

Half an hour later, Linda pulled up at a clump of trees and dismounted, I followed as she released the cinches on her saddle and tethered the horse, allowing it room to graze. She then ducked under the branches of a spreading tree and I followed. She led me into a clearing in the middle of which was the ruins of an old farmhouse built of the local rock decades before, but now slowly reverting to nature. Linda looked at my crotch again as I sat on the ruined wall. The fly gaped and my hands went instinctively to cover the gap.

“You can’t walk around all day with your hands covering yourself,” Linda told me severely. “Come on, take your pants off and let’s see if can mend the zip.”

The thought of Linda playing with my fly had me hard in a moment and the harder I got, the less inclined I was to take off the jeans and thus showing my pole at full attention. She saw my reluctance and snapped “Don’t be a nerd, you’ve got underpants on so what can I see?”

It was hard to argue against such logic, so I kicked off my boots and unbuckled my belt and pushed the waistband down. Linda pushed me down on the wall again, told me to lie back, crouched and grabbed the leg ends of the jeans and yanked them off. As I jerked forward to cover my raging hard-on, Linda squealed “Watch out! Snake!” I jumped up, all thoughts of modesty gone.

“Got you!” laughed Linda almost crying with laughter, but her giggles died as her eyes dropped to the bottom of my T-shirt. My cock still made a serious tent in my red Jockeys and as her laughter died Linda muttered “Wow! I’ve never seen one stand up like that. Can I see?”

I shook my head and swung around with my back to her “No! No!”

“Oh go on! I just want to have a quick look,” she pleaded

My hot teenage brain started to kick in slyly. “Ökay,” I agreed over my shoulder, “but only if you take off your shirt too.”

There was a moment’s silence, then I heard cloth moving and Linda said: “You can turn around now.”

I turned and gaped at her smooth lines, wideish shoulders sloping down to a trim waist and between globes of white flesh pushed up slightly by the white lace bra and the hard nub of her nipples sticking through the lace.

“Your turn now,” said Linda nodding towards my Jockeys against which my cock was straining uncomfortably.

“Not fair,” I said, getting the hang of the game. “You want me to pull my pants down, but you’ve still got your bra on.”

Linda shrugged, stretched behind herself and fiddled with the hooks and dropped the bra on the wall. The blood rushed to my cock as I gasped at my first sight of naked breasts – and they were beautiful. Her breasts were of medium size and swept up to the nipples which stood proud from large puffy aureolas which looked almost like a tiny breast at the end of the larger one.

Linda thrust her chest out and put her hands to her hips. “You seen enough lover boy!”

“They are the loveliest things I have ever seen,” I said, my voice hoarse with the awe of the moment.

Linda giggled breathlessly and covered up with her arms. “Okay, your turn.”

I half turned away, stuck my thumbs beneath the waistband and pulled down, hooking the elastic over my straining cock which jumped about as if reveling in its freedom.

“Now turn to face me,” Linda gasped.

I turned to find her eyes glued to my stiff uncircumcised prick. Her tongue flicked out to lick her lips and to my delight, her arms fell away from her breasts.

“Can I touch it?” she breathed.

I nodded, “only if I can touch your breasts.”

She came towards me, spread my jeans on the wall and pushed me down on the jeans with my back against the ruined fireplace, my cock twitching towards the sun. She stuck out a hesitant finger and stroked the shaft, then put a thumb around the other side and squeezed.

“Wow! It’s so soft and yet so hard.”

She crouched down and closely inspected my member, then leaned forward and sniffed at the precum that was dribbling out of the hole.

“It’s leaking, why’s that?”

I explained to her the role of precum and she nodded, put a tongue out and gave it a lick, but shot back when I groaned.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded, “don’t stop!” as the electricity from her tongue jolted through me.

She nodded, seemingly pleased that the pleasure she was giving me also gave her the power to make me plead and then put her mouth over the swollen head of my cock and her tongue between the foreskin and the sensitive inner cap. I desperately wanted to come, but it was more important that I get the chance to caress her breasts.

“Wait, wait!” I managed a hoarse grunt. “You’ve touched me, now it’s my turn to touch you.

Linda was irritated at having to let go of me, but she nodded and sat back on the wall, head thrown back and let Escort avcılar me feast my eyes on her breasts. I ran fingertips delicately down the slop and across her nipples. She drew her breath in sharply which I took to be a good sign. I squeezed her nipple between finger and thumb, milking it gently and she squirmed and groaned, eyes closed. I leaned forward and put her nipple on my tongue, flexing my tongue around it. Her head shot up to see what I was doing, then slowly fell back again with a sigh. I started on the other breast and Linda was unable to keep her bum still on the wall, while little grunts escaped from her lips.

By now my cock was twitching and demanded attention. I moved between Linda’s legs, my hand still on her breast and pushed it at the wet patch which had appeared where her skin-tight jodhpurs met. She reached up her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine, , making little gasping noises in my mouth. As if on their own, my buttocks were pumping up and down pressing my cock insistently against her mons.

Linda put her thighs around me and pressed me harder against her and then suddenly she went stiff, making mewling sounds in my ear and with a long shudder she gasped: “Oh God!” and relaxed back against the ruined stones of the fireplace.. She sighed deeply and opened her eyes in time to see my cock spurt great globs of seed on her belly and pants.

“What was that?” she sighed. “What did you do to me? I’ve never felt anything like that before. It was just wonderful.” She leaned up and started kissing me as if there was no tomorrow.

I cleaned Linda up with the paper serviettes my mother had packed with our lunch. We discussed what little we knew about sex as we ate the sandwiches and drank the juice.

“If sex makes me feel like that, then I don’t want it to ever stop,” Linda declared. I explained to her she could come as often as she liked by touching herself and she promised to try it out that night.

We tightened up the cinches and rode back, planning a new ride for the next day when Linda would report back to me on how her masturbation went. She leaned against me, her hand plunging through the broken zip of my jeans and she was delighted to find my cock was hard again.

As we parted company at her gate, I said to Linda: “We never did get to race and I bet I can beat you.”

She laughed. “We shall race tomorrow and the loser must promise to be the slave of the winner. Okay?”

Such a challenge I could not refuse.

I rode home in a daze, my mind flashing images of those hot kisses, the ski-slope tits and that wet patch that had appeared between Linda’s legs. I unsaddled, did my farm chores, had supper, watched a bit of TV and went to bed early, totally unaware of what was going on around me as I struggled to deal with my cock which had been hardening then softening all evening. As soon as I jumped into bed my hand on its own accord grasped my young pole and with the images of Linda sighing and stiffening under me, cum shot out in sticky globules that I had to clean up before I could sleep.

The next day I woke with a raging hard-on in anticipation of the day ahead. But as I swung out of bed, wondering if I should have a quick wank before heading out for the “big race” a background noise stopped me dead. It was fucking raining. And not just raining, this was a deluge bucketing down on the farm’s tin roof. I tried to get to the phone, but my ma would hear none of it, hustling me through breakfast and sending out to the barn to check and feed the animals which were going nowhere outside that day.

At 9 ma called me to the phone. It was Linda.

“Hey, where are you loverboy?” Her tone was bright, if a little brittle, but my cock jumped in my pants at the sound of her voice.

“You looked outside by any chance?” I could not help keep the heavy sarcasm out of my voice fed by the disappointment that hung heavily in my loins. This was the day I was going to use that condom, but the goddam rain had spoilt everything.

“Ja, it’s a bummer – and I was so looking forward to beating your ass in our race. I’ve been dreaming about all the things I’m going to make you do,” she giggled.

My cock throbbed as I thought about asking her if she had made herself cum.

“Can you talk?” I growled.

“What do you think I’m doing?” she said, all sassy.

“Ï mean can anyone hear you?” I demanded.

“Ja well mom’s around somewhere, but the phone’s fairly private.”

“Oh!” I mumbled seething at the fucked up day. “Well, how was your night?”

There was a silence for a while, then: “Ït was okay, how was yours?”

I knew ma would not be able to hear my conversation above the noise of the rain drumming against the roof, so I took a breath and said: “I lay on my bed thinking about you all night and that made me so hard that I just had to take myself in hand. You?”

“I was thinking of you too and that amazing feeling you gave me. I sort of fiddled down there, but it didn’t seem right so I gave up.”

“Shit!” I muttered, disappointment dripping down the phone line, my cock shriveling slightly.

She must have picked up the tone, because she said: “But now I’m talking to you, my nipples are getting hard and I seem to be getting wet again, like yesterday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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