Sakura’s Stuck Saga 03: The Milking

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Chapter 1: Assembly

Sakura wakes up and promptly checks her phone in anticipation.

“It’s here!!!” She yelped so loudly that Jessie could hear her all the way from the kitchen. Jessie watches with a pleasant smirk on her face as she sees Sakura zoom through the room, headed straight for the front door. A rather large package sat on their front porch, with a small label saying “For Sakura” with a pink heart drawn on it. “My package is here!!!”

“Ooh, what’s that?” Jessie asked, seemingly inquisitive and rather confused.

“It’s a fun little toy I found online!” Sakura says as she brings the huge package inside and starts unboxing it immediately. “I can’t believe they did overnight shipping for a parcel this big!”. Jessie peers into Sakura’s room, and then walks in to watch her open the parcel. She sees Sakura pull out a large and tall rectangular base, somewhat resembling a breeding mount.

“Well, it’s a milking machine! But like, for penises!!!” Sakura exclaimed, barely able to contain her excitement. “I’ve been looking for something like this for years and a new seller just made one! It seemed a little sketchy, but I’ve always wanted to try this!”

“Oh my, that’s quite exciting! I do feel like I’ve heard you mention something like this once!” She said, still smiling from Sakura’s enthusiasm. Jessie heads back into the kitchen and starts to cook up some food as she watches Sakura through her room’s open door as she set up the machine. Sakura quickly assembled the machine, bolting the machine into the floor. She tried to move the machine in order to make sure it was sturdily held in place, and it wouldn’t budge one bit.

Sakura exclaimed “The installation was a success!” as she cheered to herself.

“I’m so glad to hear! Now come on in and let’s eat before our food gets cold!” Sakura and Jessie both ate with haste, as Jessie was just about headed to work, and Sakura was extremely eager to test out her new toy. She knew that she’d have the place all to herself, so she was ready to jump right in as soon as Jessie left. Jessie and Sakura cleaned their plates and then put the dishes in the sink. Jessie checked the time and saw she was going to run late if she didn’t hurry.

“I’ll see you after work, Sakura!” she said as she grabbed her coat and dashed out the door.

“Okay sweetheart! Love you!” Sakura shouted out to Jessie. The door closed behind Jessie, and then opened a second later.

Jessie popped her head back through the door and said, “Hey, have fun!” as she winked and closed the door again.

“Oh I will!” Sakura said to herself, eyeing the machine through her open door.

Chapter 2: Testing Things Out

Sakura immediately ran over to the machine in her room. She took a couple of seconds to admire its soft padded exterior and luscious interior. It had handles attached to the sides which allowed for stabilization during the milking process. Then she reached towards the back of the machine and grabbed the power cord, plugging it into the wall outlet. She then grabbed the remote control for the machine out of the box. She fiddled with the controls as she heard the milking chamber made humming and sucking noises from the vibration and vaccum effects it came installed with. Just thinking about using the device made her penis erect. She looked into the thin milking chamber as it hummed about. The entrance almost seemed too small in diameter for her girthy penis, but she knew she could make herself fit!

She turned off the machine, and then brought her hips toward the machine. She slowly guided her shaft to the machine, easing it through the right entrance and into the chamber. Once her length was fully seated inside the machine, she looked at the remote. She saw several unlabeled buttons. Through experimentation, she determined that there were three separate strength levels for suction, and a variety of vibration modes, including low, medium, high, pulsing, and rotating through all of istanbul travesti the modes quickly.

Sakura pressed the low suction level first, and she immediately felt the inside of the chamber close and open tightly on her penis, causing her to instantly get even harder. The pressure of the machine against her member caused her to tremble with pleasure, and this was only the lowest setting. She then set the vibration function to low, and she quivered once again. The tightening around her penis along with the vibrations was sending her into heat, and fast. She quickly raised the vibrations up more, taking in and pushing out warm heavy breaths. Sweating up a storm, she grew a blush as the machine continued to pleasure her.

She then raised the suction to the maximum strength. The machine began to quickly constrict and release the tube around her rock hard penis. Her erection grew to the point where even when the tube wasn’t actively sucking, her penis was still firmly placed around the walls of the chamber. She could hardly contain herself. It all felt so surreal. She then decided to test out the vibration rotation cycle feature. She clicked it on, and then lightly tossed the remote onto a shelf hanging on the wall a few feet behind her.

She winced as the machine tightly gripped up and down on her shaft, and the vibrations cycled through. Her breaths became even warmer and heavier, and she was covered in her own sweat. The machine was working her well, and she loved every second of it. She was getting extremely close to an orgasm, and she grabbed onto the handles as she was continuously being pleasured. Just as she was about to hit the point of orgasm, the machine started to audibly jitter and rumble. But at this point that was no concern to her. She was ready to finish, and she didn’t want anything to stop her. Then the machine made a loud cracking sound. The vacuum effect gripped down with maximum on her penis, and the vibrations went back down to a low hum.

Sakura looked down, confused as to what was happening. She definitely didn’t orgasm, and the machine definitely wasn’t functioning as expected. She then looked down at her crotch, and tried to take a small step back. The vacuum continued to hold her firmly, so she was immediately stopped in her tracks; wedged in the device. The suction would not let go.

“Oh no…”

Chapter 3: A Hitch in the System

“No no no!!” Sakura yelped. “What’s going on?” She exclaimed as she took another look at her situation. While mostly being upset about essentially blue-balling herself, she was also just generally confused about what had happened. The machine continued to vibrate softly, keeping her on the edge of orgasm, but the suction was also keeping her pinned in place, unable to stimulate her enough to push her over the edge.

She tried to step back again, the suction firmly holding on to her penis, not letting her go anywhere; she was thoroughly stuck. Sakura then thought “Oh, the remote, duh!” as she looked behind herself towards the shelf. As she went to reach for it, she realized that she might have tossed the remote too far. After fully extending her arm, she was just a couple of inches away from the remote. “Agh… come on!!” Sakura exclaimed as she tried to pull herself out of the machine any little bit to help her reach the remote. However, the suction would not grant her any freedom of movement whatsoever.

She then tried to push against the base of the machine with her paws, but was still unable to free herself from the machine’s grasp. She then tried to grab the unit’s power cable in an attempt to yank the plug out of the wall, but it was located too far behind the machine, and too low to the ground to reach it. She even tried to use her feet to push against the machine’s handle to get as much leverage as physically possible, but to no avail. Nothing was going to get her unstuck any time soon.

As the low vibrations continued, Sakura whined in anguish, istanbul travestileri still sitting so close to an orgasm, yet so far away. Her legs began to jitter as she felt weaker and weaker from the constant denial. She tried to pull herself away from the machine every couple of minutes, but her efforts always fell short.

Many thoughts were racing through Sakura’s head. “Is this really happening?”, “Why does this thing have to constantly tease me?”, “Do I… kind of like this?”. She tried again to push herself away from the machine with all of her strength, and blushed a little bit as she found no success. She was essentially at the will of this machine, stuck to it in a constant state of arousal; essentially praying for an orgasm (or at least for it to let her free). She put her head down, breathless, as she took another look at her stuck member.

“This could be awhile…” She said softly as she whimpered from the tight hug of the machine and the ever-teasing vibrations.

Chapter 4: Help Is On The Way

After what felt like countless hours of being stuck in the machine, Sakura heard a car pull into her driveway. Jessie was back. While Sakura was most certainly embarrassed to have Jessie end up seeing her like this, she was enthusiastic about finally being free from this mess. She heard the front door open up, and expecting Jessie to gasp or exclaim something from seeing her bare naked through her room’s open door, nothing was vocalized. She simply walked into the door and looked at Sakura, standing up with her dick wedged in the milking machine. Sakura was blushing profusely from embarrassment and arousal, but Jessie showed no distress; just a pleasant smirk.

“Thank heavens you’re here, Jessie!…. Ah, I’ve been stuck in this machine all day! Please help me!”

“Oh, really?” She said, seeming less inquisitive than Sakura expected her to be. “Run me through it.”

“Well I was just using it and tossed the remote aside on that shelf, and it gripped down really tight, and, ah… it just… won’t let go!” Sakura explained, panting.

“How peculiar… Here, let me help you with that.” Jessie said slyly as she grabbed the remote and brought it with her to Sakura. She held it in front of both of them, so they could both see. Jessie then suddenly turned up the vibrations up to medium strength.

“Aahh” Sakura exclaimed as she trembled; even more aroused. She blushed even harder. “Why did you do that?… How’d you know that button did that…?”

“Lucky guess I suppose!” Jessie said as she chuckled. She then put the remote into her right hand, and stood to the right of Sakura. “Hmm, this is quite the predicament!” she chuckled as she wrapped her left arm around Sakura and began to lightly stroke her waist.

Sakura trembled even more from the increased sensations, feeling herself get even closer to orgasm than before. She showed no resistance whatsoever towards Jessie though. She’d been waiting to orgasm for hours. Jessie then slowly grazed her arm across Sakura’s fur, ending up on the right side of her chest. She began to lightly fondle Sakura’s breast; groping it and rubbing her paw around Sakura’s areola. As she did this, she discreetly turned up the vibrations to the highest setting.

Sakura began to audibly moan out in pleasure, as Jessie’s expert fondling and the strong vibrations were just about putting her over the edge. She whispered into Sakura’s ear as she continued to grope her chest. It’s okay Sakura, don’t worry. Everything will be alright.” She put the remote down and wrapped her arms around Sakura, pleasuring her chest with one hand and her balls with the other. Sakura had hit the breaking point. After hours of constant denial, she finally burst her load into the machine. Her knot expanded inside of the machine, causing the tight chamber to grip her member even harder. Her warm semen flowed through the machine’s clear tube and into the collector.

“I figured you’d like travesti istanbul this” she said as she smirked deviously.

“What… do you mean?” Sakura inquired, incredibly confused.

“Oh come on, overnight shipping for a parcel this big?” Jessie hinted.

“I’m not sure… I don’t think I understand…” Sakura said as she was still struggling to see or connect any dots.

“Ah, it’s nothing… I just hope you liked your little toy!”

“Heh…” Sakura panted, still breathless. “Honestly, I kind of did! Even with that whole hiccup!”

“That’s great to hear, sweetie”. Jessie said as she wrapped her arms around Sakura once again and hugged her.

“Alright, let’s get me out of here then!” Sakura said, hoping this endeavor could come to a conclusion. Jessie complied and turned off the suction, but left the vibrations on low once again.

“Go ahead: pull yourself out!”. Sakura had a glimmer of hope in her eyes, feeling the pressure dissipate from around her member. She tried to back out of the machine once more. Bump. Her expanded knot hit the sides of the chamber’s entrance. She tried stepping back again, and her penis was still stuck in the machine. She was far too big to get her knot through the tight entrance hole.

“Umm… My knot’s not letting me go!” Sakura said as she lightly chuckled.

“Just as planned.” Jessie said as she smirked once more.

“What?!” Sakura said as she stood confused, still lodged in the machine.

Jessie went on to explain; “I’ve seen your search history, Sakura. The stories you read, the things you watch… I know what you like.” Sakura went on to think about everything that happened and what Jessie was saying, and then she peered over to the box that the machine was shipped overnight in. “Shy and Sly Dog Incorporated… Of course… She somehow managed to sell me that machine herself.”

“Consider this to be a treat; from me to you.” Jessie said as she peered over at her trapped lover. Sakura was definitely a bit upset, and shocked that she would create such a mechanism to cater towards Sakura’s deep desires, but she couldn’t help but appreciate every part of Jessie’s elaborate plan. She couldn’t deny that the machine caused her to feel more aroused than she ever had before; locked in denial with the constant reminder of tight pressure and teasing vibrations.

Jessie then grabbed some rope from Sakura’s drawer and a vibrating prostate massager. She tightly bound Sakura’s forearms to the handles of the machine. She then inserted the prostate massager deep into Sakura and turned on its vibration.

“Ahhhhhh!…” Sakura yelped as the massager instantly made her start to quiver from pleasure once again, growing her erection and keeping her knot plump. She wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, and she couldn’t help but feel extremely aroused. She continued to let Jessie go about her plan as she stood helpless in the machine.

“I can tell you like this, Sakura. In fact, I think you like it so much that you’d want to spend the night here feeding the machine with your seed. What do you think?” Jessie inquired, grinning from ear to ear.

“Ahh… I think.. Yes… I would like that. Very much…” Sakura replied.

“As you wish.” Jessie said as she grabbed the remote once more and set both the suction and vibration to their strongest settings. Sakura was near speechless from all of this pleasure; pinned in place from her expanded knot and the ties across her arms. No matter how she tried to pull away, she was bound to the machine.

After just about a minute, Sakura was already cumming again, watching her semen flow from the machine’s chamber to the collection tube.

“Ohhh…. This is, ahhh… amazing… thank you, Jessie…” Sakura said, truly breathless.

“You’re welcome, Sakura. I’m so glad you like it.” Jessie replied, proud of her hard work. “Now you stay here and let that machine milk you dry. I mean, I’m not really too concerned about you leaving, but I just thought I’d mention it!”. She put the remote back on the shelf behind Sakura, and began to head for the door.

“Hey,” Jessie said as she opened the door and looked at Sakura. “Have fun!”. She winked, and left: closing the door behind her.

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