Samitha’s Christmas

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This story begins takes place on a cold and snowy December in Toronto. It centre’s around a young girl by the name of Samitha. A student at the University of Toronto, she originally came from Vancouver, located on the other side of the country. What drew her to Toronto? Well, it was two things. One, she wanted a change in her life. Two, it would be a perfect opportunity to work closely with a professor at the university who’s research focused heavily on the philosophy of mind. And so it was that at the tender age of 18, Samitha found herself in one of Canada’s largest cities, alone.

Samitha came from a very affluent family. Her parents were originally from India. Her father, who had come to Canada in the late 60s, managed to go to university while he worked as a cook at a restaurant in downtown. Through hard work, he managed to become a successful architect. Through a traditional arranged marriage, he got married to a smart and beautiful woman. She eventually managed to get her PhD and became a professor at a college where she taught philosophy. Years later, they had their first and only child. Samitha took on her mother in both looks and intellect; long luscious hair, big beautiful dark eyes, caramel skin and a love of philosophy.

As a child, Samitha was very spoiled. But at the same time, she took nothing for granted. She smart from the beginning. Her keen interest in politics allowed her to realize that she has been afforded opportunities that others had not. Her parents instilled values of humanity and compassion in her which she carried with her to Toronto. When it came time for university, through some tough diplomacy, she convinced her parents that Toronto was the right school for her. Naturally, parents are always worried about the well being of their daughters, especially if they are an only child. So they spared no expense to comfortably accommodate her. They bought Samitha a modest condo and even bought her a car. The car wasn’t anything special though. It was reliant enough to get her from A to B. But Samitha didn’t complain. She was thankful for what she had.

Over the course of the months, Samitha became involved in the community. Particularly, she was involved with an organisation that centred on ensuring the rights of immigrant women in the city of Toronto. It was through this organisation that she met Kate, a real estate developer by profession. Incidentally, the two of them lived on the same street as each other.

Kate herself was an immigrant from the United Kingdom. She had moved to Canada in the 80s. She got married, had one child but eventually got divorced. Ironically Kate’s daughter was attending university in Vancouver. Kate was a bubbly older woman, around the age of 40 or so. She was plump and yet incredibly gorgeous. Brunette hair that was curly and shoulder length, big beautiful dark eyes, tall and very voluptuous; she was always being eyes by both younger as well as older men.

The two ladies became very close friends over the course of time after they met. They both shared a similar interests and viewpoints. The fact that they lived so close to each other was something that added value to their relationship. They began to do everything together. They shopped together, dinned out together, watched movies together; typical stuff that friends do together. Kate had a passion for cooking, especially. More often than not, Samitha would end up eating dinner at Kate’s house because Kate always insisted she come try out her latest dish. She was her own version of Nigella Lawson. And in fact that analogy isn’t all that far off. Kate did in fact have some resemblance to the kitchen goddess. She possessed the same sultry accent, and even shared the same fashion sense as Nigella. This is on top of the sex appeal that naturally came off of her. Samitha on the other hand, was pretty in her own sense. She was not too terribly tall, standing at about 5’6 in height. Her body type was that of a typical 18 year old girl. If I had to guess, I would probably weight her in at about 135 lbs. She had a sweet caramel coloured completion, long hair which ran all the way down her shoulders and ended around her chest, typical of her East Indian ethnicity. She also had big, dark eyes with naturally long eye lashes. Her lips were full and pouty with a naturally normal than usual pink to red colour, making it seem like she wore lipstick all the time. Her breasts weren’t the largest but they certainly were perky, as they always stood out despite what she wore. Her personality was very different than that of Kate’s. Whereas Kate was sophisticated yet outgoing, bubbly as I mentioned before, Samitha was almost always laughing and yet possessed this heir of a more mature young woman. Despite the age difference, this created a well bonded friendship between the two.

By the end of the year, the two were almost inseparable. And so it was no surprise that when Kate decided to throw a Christmas party in late December, Samitha was the first one to get the invitation.

The night of the party was quite pleasant indeed. It was a typical Toronto winter. şişli escort The skies had clouded over and the hue from the street lights had illuminated the entire city into this amazing orange colour. This particular night wasn’t all too cold actually. It was -15 Celsius with no wind. It was snowing ever so slightly with big, puffy snowflakes. Because of the city lights, all of the snow had the same orange colour. Since Samitha didn’t see much snow in Vancouver, she had quickly grown to appreciate the beauty that a Toronto winter offered.

For the party, Samitha had decided to wear a traditional East Indian suit, a Kameez Shalwar. The top, called the Kameez, was a beautiful form fitting ocean blue soft silk with a low cut U neck. The detail consisted of patterns sewn in with a cold coloured thread that adorned the entire top. The neckline was bordered red and cold threaded elaborate detail. Also the torso part of the Kameez was tight, the bottom half of it was very loose and flowed freely. The Shalwar or trousers were a simple matching ocean blue with only a bit of detail on the hemming. She topped this off with what is called a Dupatta, or a loose piece of transparent cloth which is typically worn over the shoulder. It was a beautiful ensemble that really highlighted her key features, mainly her completion, her eyes and her perky breasts. Samitha had the suit in her closet for a while but never found the right opportunity to wear it. Her mom had sent through the mail, figuring she would need something more traditional if and when the time came. Now seemed like the perfect time.

After applying some light makeup and eyeliner, Samitha put on her black wool overcoat, wrapped a scarf around her neck and headed off. Since Kate’s house was only down the block, she figured that walking wouldn’t be a bad idea. Plus, it would give her an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful winter that she had become so fond of.

Samitha couldn’t help but smile as she walked towards Kate’s. Being a somewhat affluent neighbourhood, the community association had petitioned everyone that lived in the area to donate a certain sum of money so that they would be able to purchase large Christmas reeves that they eventually put onto each street lamp in the entire neighbourhood. It actually felt like it was Christmas; it set a good mood for the holidays.

It wasn’t long before Samitha reached Kate’s house. Kate probably had one of the most beautiful houses on the street. It was a large house with Victorian architecture. Red bricks covered the outside of the house. There were two large columns that went all the way up until a window that was centred in the middle of the house on the second floor. The columns held up a balcony which could be accessed only by the master bedroom. The windows were all a white colour which posed as a good contrast against the red brick. There was a cute little lawn in the front of the house complete with a small water fountain and a flowerbed. The properly was surrounded by a black iron fence that was came up the waist of an average person.

Samitha walked up the steps and approached the door. Already she could hear the sweet sounds of Christmas songs playing inside alongside the voices and laughter of people mingling with each other. She rang the doorbell and after a few seconds Kate opened the door.

“Hey you! You finally made it!” said Kate. The two embraced each other with a hug.

Kate looked especially beautiful tonight. She wore a one piece dress with a low neckline with a dark blue cardigan sweater over top. The skirt went down to just above her knees. The dress drew instant attention to her large, heavyset breasts, the neckline teasing everyone’s eyes. Her hair was different from what it normally was. It was straight all around except for two large locks of hair in the front which were curled from root to tip.

“You couldn’t have shown up at a better time,” said Kate with some nervousness

“Why, what’s wrong?” asked Samitha with concern.

“I need you in the kitchen as soon as possible.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in five minutes,” assured Samitha.

Kate smiled and said, “You look beautiful by the way,” and pecked her on the cheek with a small kiss.

Samitha smiled and walked into the living room.

The house was as beautiful inside as it was outside. The house had been updated when Kate had moved in a few years back. The previous owners had totally changed the layout of the house. The living room was a large space with high ceilings boding a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the room. The lighting was further assisted with strategically positions recessed lighting strewn about. The carpet was a nice bright white colour which complimented the eggshell colour of the walls. Towards the back was the dining room which had the end wall coloured a beautiful maroon shade. The furniture further added colour to the room. Although the sofas were a white colour, the wood accents were a beautiful dark cherry colour as were the large square coffee table, the various end tables and benches. The dining set was also dark cherry in colour.

The atmosphere in the house was cheery. There were probably 25 or 30 people standing or sitting in the living room, all with champagne or some sort of drink in their hands. There were really no people that could be considered young. They all looked like they were in their mid forties. Samitha knew a few of them as she had met them before on several occasions at various events she had attended over the course of the year. The rest were strangers. But they were all happy to see Samitha. She mingling with the people she knew and introduced herself to those that she didn’t for about ten or 15 minutes before she headed to the kitchen.

The kitchen was another beautiful part of the house. Rather than tile, the kitchen had dark cherry coloured hardwood floors. The ceiling was again high, but not as high as it was in the living room. Recessed lighting made the room pop with brightness. The cabinets were a beautiful walnut colour which posed as a good combination with the hardwood. The countertops were white granite and warm coloured tiles composed the backsplash. The room was completed with high end stainless steel appliances. The centre of the kitchen boasted a large island, perfect for the avid cook.

When Samitha came entered the kitchen, there were four other older women helping her out. She quickly introduced herself and then went over to Kate.

“So what’s wrong?”

“This is terrible. I accidently burned my French Onion Meatloaf and now I have one less main dish. Can you help me?”

Samitha rushed to the fridge. She saw various vegetables and spices on the rack.

“Do you have any chicken and rice?”

“Yea, there is some chicken in the freezer but it’ll take some time to thaw out. I have rice. It should be in the pantry.” Samitha walked over to the corner pantry and discovered the rice sitting on a high self.

“Ok worry not Kate. I can do this. Just give me about 45 minutes and I will save you from this imminent disaster.” The all the ladies in the room laughed.

Samitha rolled up her silk sleeves, wrapped her dupatta over her neck and around her back, tied it into a loose knot and got back to work. Before Samitha had left, her mom had taught her how to make various Indian dishes. Over the course of her stay, she became an expert at cooking delicious North Indian food. In an instant, Samitha began to prepare a delicious chicken curry alongside some fluffy white basmati rice.

After an hour of rigorous work, Samitha had finished her two dishes and Kate was ready to serve dinner. The six women together set all the food in the dining room.

“Alright everybody,” called out Kate, “As you could probably tell by the awful smell, I managed to ruin the meatloaf but the good news is, the vegetable lasagne managed to survive.” The entire crowd laughed. “But with my special assistant Samitha, we managed to rectify the situation.” The crowd cheered and clapped. Samitha kind of blushed and jokingly took a bow. “Grab a plate and feel free to sit anywhere you please. Dinner is served!” The cheerful group of people cheered once more and made their way to the dining room and helped themselves to a wholesome, tasty dinner.

It turns out, everyone loved Samitha’s chicken dish. Normally she would make it spicier than usual but keeping in mind that many of the people probably would begin to breathe fire, she kept the spices to a minimum. Needless to say, the night went smoothly from thereon in.

The party continued on after dinner with the guests mingling about and exchanging humorous stories. There was even a bit of singing by some the people, including Samitha. She sang a very sweet version of Ave Maria and Oh Danny Boy which enthralled the now intoxicated group of people. Everyone cheered and clapped at the end of her performance and the rest of the night was filled with compliments about her voice and inquiries as to where she learned to sing like that. All in all the party was a huge success.

By the time the last of the guests had left, it was close to 1:30 in the morning. After Kate had bid farewell to the last of her company, she went into the kitchen. Samitha who was in the living room, spent some time looking out the window. The snow was still coming down ever so lightly. The streets were empty now. The only lights that were on were Kate’s lights. The rest of the block had now gone to sleep. She stood there for a few moments and admired the scene. Then she went and sat on the sofa. A few seconds later, Kate came in holding a bowl in her hand. She sat down with Samitha and put her legs up.

“Wow,” said Kate. “What a night this has been. Thank you so much dear, for all your help.”

Samitha giggled. “No need to thank me, you know that.” Kate smiled.

For Samitha, something felt strange. Throughout the night, she felt something that she had never really felt before when in the presence of Kate. She felt this strange type of attraction to her. She couldn’t really put her finger on it. She felt a type of nurturing attraction coming out of her. And she felt it in the littlest things Kate did. With every smile, with every playful nudge, with every look, there was this nurturing energy that came from her. Sitting on the sofa with her, Samitha felt that nurturing attraction once again.

Kate took the bowl she brought into the room and began to eat from it. Samitha sat back for a few seconds and watched, saying nothing.

“Here,” said Kate. “Try some of this vanilla custard I made. I didn’t have enough to serve to everyone.” She got up and moved closer to Samitha. Scooping a spoonful of the desert, she leaned forward, putting her hand under the spoon and brought it to Samitha’s mouth.

“Mmm….” whispered Kate softly as she let her savour the dish. Samitha couldn’t help but feel that nurturing attraction, noticing it stronger than ever.

Samitha giggled adorably and licked her lips. Kate moved closer beside Samitha and scooped another spoonful of custard and fed it to her. This time, Kate raised her left eyebrow in a seductive manner making Samitha melt.

“That’s really good,” said Samitha softly. Kate then set the dish down on the table. She looked at Kate once again and smiled. Turning her attention to what Samitha was wearing, she began to feel the silk material of Samitha’s Indian suit.

“I really love what you are wearing tonight. It’s so beautiful…so soft,” compliment Kate as she caressed her fingers up and down Samitha’s thigh. Feeling a bit blush, Samitha inadvertently squeezed her breasts together with her arms, causing her cleavage to show and shyly said, “thank you.”

Kate moved her face close to Samitha and softly said, “You look stunning…” Still moving closer, Kate’s lips came into contact with Samitha, engaging her in a soft, sensual kiss. Both women could taste the subtle flavour of vanilla on each other’s lips. Samitha could feel her stomach melt. Her eyes remained open; Kate’s were closed.

Kate broke off the kiss.

“I’m sorry…” giggled Kate. Her face was blush red. “It’s just that I have never seen you like this before…you look so beautiful.”

Still not sure of what was completely happening, Samitha laughed with a hint of nervousness.

“It’s ok. That was nice…” whispered Samitha.

Both women looked into each other’s eyes. Still feeling that nurturing energy emanating from Kate, Samitha smiled. Feeling that it was alright, Kate took her hand and cupped Samitha’s soft face. Samitha melted the instant Kate’s hand touched her face. She could start to feel her pussy begin to tingle ever so slightly. Kate kissed Samitha once again. This time it was a longer kiss.

At first they sat there, just gently kissing one another sensually. They both had their eyes closed. It wasn’t before long that Kate’s tongue entered Samitha’s mouth. They began to make out. Kate’s other hand moved to Samitha’s face. Both her hands now cupped her pudgy cheeks. Samitha could feel the heat radiating from Kate’s face and breath. Her hands moved to Kate’s where she began to gently rub her shoulders and upper arms.

Kate slowly began to remove her dark blue cardigan sweater, tossing it onto the floor, revealing the thin spaghetti straps of her black dress. Kate couldn’t help but start to get excited as she felt the soft touch of Samitha’s warm hands on her arms.

They continued to make out on the sofa. It wasn’t before long that their kissing began to get heated. Samitha was starting to get horny but hesitated as she didn’t want to be aggressive. Kate was getting horny too. Her legs were starting to move about as if she was feeling restless. Slowly, Kate took Samitha’s hand off her shoulder and held it for a few moments, rubbing her thumbs over top. Slowly, she brought her hand down and onto her large breast, getting Samitha to gently caress it. Samitha noticed Kate didn’t have a bra on. She could also feel Kate’s erect nipple through the thin silk-like material. This sent another rush of excitement through the young teen’s body.

Instinctively, Samitha began to rub her thumb against Kate’s nipple. Kate momentarily broke off the kiss and sighed loudly, her eyes still closed, then began to make out with Samitha again. She continued to rub and pinch Kate’s nipple, forcing her to gasp for air. Samitha’s pinching eventually led her to palm and squeeze Kate’s massive breast. This sent a wave of sexual energy through Kate, forcing her to break off the kiss. Samitha then began to kiss and suck Kate’s neck. Kate sighed and gasped as the teen’s lips made contact with her sensitive areas.

As Samitha kissed her neck, Kate slipped off the straps of her tight fitting dress, pulling it down over her bust, revealing her massive tits. Samitha paused for a moment to take a look at them. She momentarily lost her breath, amazed at how big they actually were. Not wasting any time, Samitha moved down and began to suck and squeeze Kate’s breasts, her mouth paying particular attention to the erect nipples that stood at attention before her. Kate held Samitha’s head in her hands and leaned her own head back and took in the erotic pleasure that she was experiencing. Kate began to moan ever so slightly as Samitha’s long, soft hair tickled her chest.

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