San Diego Day Out

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Sue was on a temporary assignment in San Diego and I flew out for a visit. A couple of days after I arrived we decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. When we arrived at the beach we found a place well away from other sun-lovers and put up a small windbreak to ensure our privacy and to protect us from the slight breeze. Sue stripped down to her traditional turquoise bikini and stretched out to take in the rays. I stripped down to my swimming trunks and got out a book to read. We both applied some sun tan lotion and settled down for the day.

After about half an hour Sue turned over from her back onto her stomach and asked me to rub lotion on her back. I applied a few drops to her back and started gently massage it into her skin. I was straddling her bum and leaning forward to reach her shoulders, which caused my penis to rub against her. Sue asked me to undo her bikini top so that she wouldn’t have any tan lines across her back. I was happy to oblige as it meant that her bikini top fell away from the sides of her breasts and, after more than fifteen years together, I still enjoy looking at Sue’s uncovered body.

I started to get an erection so I decided to move to Sue’s left side, positioning myself so that I could see if anyone approached us. I concentrated on the her back but every now and then I would rub lotion over the sides of Sue’s breasts. After five minutes of this I took the opportunity to tease my hand under her to cup her right breast and gently tweak her nipple. This elicited a soft moan from Sue so I did the same to her left breast. Sue refused to lift her body and without her help tweaking her nipples wasn’t particularly easy so eventually I decided to switch my attention. I put more lotion on my hands and gently applied it from her shoulders to the base of her spine where her bikini bottoms started.

I dribbled some more lotion just above her bikini bottoms then, lifting her bikini with my left hand, rubbed the lotion into her bum cheeks. When I did that her legs parted slightly, which I took as an invitation to slide my middle finger down the crease of her bum to her labia. This elicited another moan and further spreading of her legs and that allowed me to insert my finger into her vagina. I inserted a second finger then withdrew them bursa escort both and spread the moisture around her lips. I then reached slightly further until my fingers came into contact with her clitoris. At that, Sue moaned again and spread her legs further.

I decided to change my approach and took my hands out of her bikini. Sue whimpered at the loss of stimulation but then I attacked from another direction, moving her bikini bottoms aside so that I could use both hands on her vagina. With my left hand I reached down and spread her outer lips then I ran the fingers of my right hand through the moisture and onto her clitoris. I gently rubbed her clit and before long she was moving her hips and lifting her bottom to press against my fingers. I slipped two fingers of my left hand inside her vagina and that sent her over the edge. She can be quite noisy when she orgasms but somehow Sue had enough presence of mind to remember that we were on a beach and just moaned into the sand.

To help Sue come down from her orgasm I continued to rub her back. In a couple of minutes her breathing became steady and she fell asleep. “Great!” I thought, I had a raging hard-on that was leaking pre-cum through my trunks and Sue wasn’t going to do anything about it now. I did the only thing that I could (in public), I lay down on my side and picked up my book to start reading.

I must have fallen asleep myself because the next thing I knew I was surprised by cold sun tan lotion being dripped onto my back. I looked over my shoulder to see Sue kneeling next to me with a smirk on her face. Sue rubbed the lotion into my back and shoulders. After a few minutes she told me to turn over so that she could put lotion on my chest too. When I did, she looked at my groin and started smiling and the slight stain that was still apparent.

Sue dribbled lotion down the centre of my front, from my chest to the waistband of my trunks, then straddled my thighs to start rubbing it into my body. In order to reach my chest Sue had to lean forwards quite a way, which gave me a great view of the cleavage of her now re-constrained breasts. She had re-fastened her bikini top before kneeling next to me. Her leaning forwards also caused her to rub against my penis. Given what had happened earlier, it didn’t take bursa escort bayan long for me to get another erection. Despite my urgings, Sue ignored it as best she could, just continuing to massage the suntan lotion into my chest and stomach. A couple of times she caught the head of my penis, causing me to twitch. Eventually Sue started to concentrate on stroking my stomach and the frequency with which she brushed my penis increased. Before long I was leaking pre-cum again, which Sue noticed.

As Sue was sitting up she looked over the windbreak to confirm that there was no one near or approaching then she gently lifted the waistband of my trunks and eased it below the head of my penis. I raised my hips, which was a bit difficult with Sue sitting on my thighs, but Sue took the hint and pulled my trunks further down. It took a bit of time and manoeuvring in order not to be too obvious but eventually my trunks were completely off and I was lying naked on the towel.

Sue was still sitting on my thighs but she edged down my legs a bit then leaned over and licked my penis from my scrotum to the tip. She did this a few times, causing even more pre-cum to leak out. Sue then sat up again and started moving back up my legs. When she reached my thighs she stopped again, picked up the suntan lotion and dribbled some sun tan lotion onto the head of my penis. Given the amount of pre-cum that was leaking out, she hadn’t needed to do that for lubrication so I think she enjoyed seeing me twitch at the sensation of the cold lotion on my somewhat overheated penis.

Sue took hold of me and with her thumb, massaged the cream into my penis, mixing it with the pre-cum that was still leaking. Before long my penis was covered in the mixture of pre-cum and lotion and Sue was slowly stroking me. She would encircle my penis with her hand and give it a good dozen or so strokes then let it go and run her fingernails from my scrotum to the underside of my penis head. After ten minutes of that I was getting desperate to come and she knew it so she took firm hold of my penis and started stroking it again. Sue gradually increased the pace and within another couple of minutes I groaned and come erupted from my penis. The first spurt landed on my chest and Sue continued stroking me whilst the escort bursa come continued to spurt. Once she had squeezed me dry Sue leaned over and passed me my trunks, which I put back on. We both then ran down to the water to get cleaned up.

We waded out to where the water was up to our necks and then floated around for a few minutes. Sue swam up to me, put her arms around my neck causing me to stand up. She then brought the rest of her body into contact with mine. Even though the water was cool and I had just come, it didn’t take me long to develop another erection. Sue enjoyed herself pushing her groin against mine then the wrapped her legs around my waist and trapped my erection between us. I glanced towards the beach to make sure nobody was looking because it must have been pretty obvious what we were doing. I then moved my hands down from her waist to her bottom, slipping them inside her bikini bottoms. Eventually I manage to get a hand between her legs and my finger found her lips. Sue let go of my neck and a gap appeared between her groin and my erection.

Continuing to play with her vagina with one hand I struggled to ease my trunks down with my other, but I managed it. I then pulled Sue back towards me, held my penis down slightly so that when she was back against me it slipped between her legs and rubbed against her pussy lips through her costume. I teased her for a brief time then lifted her slightly, eased her costume to the side and slipped my penis inside her. Sue then went to work with her pussy, gripping and releasing to create the usual wonderful feelings.

I moved my hands under her bikini top and massaged her breasts. Her nipples were already partially erect and it didn’t take long for then to be at their full length. She then started moving her groin so that her clit was being massaged whilst she continued to work me with her pussy. In only a few minutes I was on the verge of coming. I warned Sue so she stopped massaging me with her pussy but became more urgent in stimulating her clit. I couldn’t hold back any longer and started coming inside her. That seemed to do the trick for Sue because she started groaning and I felt her pussy gripping and releasing my penis, milking my come from me. We held each other for a short while then separated, cleaned up and waded back to shore and our towels.

We hoped that no-one had realised what we had been doing but once we were back at our towels we just lay down and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.

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