Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 03

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Chapter 3. Gerry. (June 1993)

While having a sandwich in the park before setting out on the journey home, I became aware of an oldish guy eyeing me up from an opposite bench. He pretended to be reading a newspaper but spent more time ogling my legs! He hadn’t made a move by the time I’d finished my sandwich though, so standing up and smoothing crumbs from my skirt I started walking towards the park gate. I’d almost reached it when, breathing heavily and using a stick, the old guy with the newspaper caught me up. I say old because at 29 he seemed old to me. Actually he was 57, which isn’t particularly old.

“Excuse me I think you dropped this. It was near the bench where you were sitting.” Breathing heavily he handed me a letter.

“I don’t think so.” I replied seeing at a glance that it was addressed to a Gerald somebody or other and with a local address. “Perhaps it was already there when I sat down.”

I handed the letter back to the guy who continued to walk beside me to the gate. Seeing me unlock the car he asked about a lift.

“I live towards the motorway, right on the edge of town if you’re going that way. I’ll have a long wait for a bus so you’d be doing me a real favour,” he told me, adding, “I’m pretty harmless, can’t get about very quick since I injured my foot.”

Well as I was driving in that direction anyway I told the guy to climb in.

During the drive I learnt that he was a widower, his wife having died nearly 6 years earlier, and was currently off work sick following the accident to his foot. His name was Gerry, the significance of which escaped me until I pulled into the road he indicated and realised it was the same as the address on the letter. Gerry, Gerald it had been a ploy to speak to me all along!

Well I said nothing to indicate I’d recognised the coincidence of the address ankara escort and perhaps surprised Gerry by agreeing to his invitation for a coffee.

Inside, Gerry departed to the kitchen and I took my short jacket off wondering how he would play it from here. When he came back Gerry’s hand shook as he placed my coffee on the low table beside the settee where I was sitting, my shortish black skirt displaying my legs to advantage. Sitting down opposite, Gerry loosened his tie while casting surreptitious glances at my legs. While we talked I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times, my hemline riding higher and the guy’s face growing redder.

“Well then Gerry, or should I call you Gerald. Was the letter just an elaborate ploy to get me into your house so you can seduce me?”

“Ah you’ve realised. I apologise, it was a clumsy effort but I haven’t had sex since my wife died and you looked so very attractive sitting in the park that I couldn’t help myself.” Gerry explained looking embarrassed.

He seemed on edge now, uncertain how to proceed, so I offered to do a striptease for him.

“Would you, that would be fantastic!”

While Gerry looked for some suitable music I stood up and kicked my shoes off ready. I sometimes dance a striptease for hubby but this would be the first time for someone else and I felt as excited as Gerry looked. Music playing he sat down again and I wasted no time in slipping out of my top. Moving, seductively I hoped, to the music I lifted my skirt to give Gerry a quick flash before unclipping my bra. I tossed the bra aside and leaned towards Gerry, my breasts almost in his face, a very red face.

Straightening up I again lifted my skirt, this time holding it up a little longer. Gerry could barely contain himself now, both hands resting on his trouser front. Was he erect and embarrassed about it?

Next I unzipped my skirt and wriggled my hips until it fell to the floor. In no hurry now and wanting to tease Gerry I danced in front of him in just my panties, stockings and suspender belt. Turning my back to him I bent low, wiggling my bottom in his face. I could hear his laboured breathing as I straightened up again. Turning to face him now, I raised a foot high to rest it on the arm of his chair while I unfastened my suspenders.

“Take the stocking off for me.” I purred and with shaky hands he did so.

I then repeated the procedure with my other leg aware of Gerry’s eyes on my crotch and the wisps of pubic hair escaping the side of my panties.

Next I again turned my back on him and bent low, this time lowering my panties to expose my bottom.

“Oh God.” Gerry groaned while I repeated the procedure several times.

Time to put him out of his frustration I thought and this time when I lowered my panties I slipped them off. Straightening up I looked over my shoulder and saw that Gerry, unable to contain himself any longer, had his cock out masturbating.

“Don’t waste it; I want to feel him inside me.”

So saying I spun round to face Gerry, my feet wide apart. He was drooling but no longer masturbating as he stared transfixed between my legs. As ever I experienced a sense of excitement to be completely naked in front of a guy lusting after me.

He seemed to snap out of his daze and leaning forward ran his hands up and down my thighs. His hands were on my bottom then, pulling me closer and pressing his face to my pubic bush which was quite long at that time.

Hubby prefers a luxuriant growth of pubic hair but sometimes I trim it, other times remove it completely.

Slipping down to his knees, escort ankara his face between my thighs, I gasped at the sudden touch of Gerry’s tongue on my cunt. He didn’t lick me there for long though. Commenting that his injured foot was playing up Gerry suggested going to the bedroom.

Upstairs I went to do a wee while Gerry undressed in the bedroom. Sitting on the loo I felt amazement at the way the day had turned out.

In the bedroom I glanced briefly at the photo of Gerry and his late wife beside the bed before climbing on top of him in a 69. Taking his cock in my mouth I felt Gerry tongue on my cunt again, his hands squeezing and kneading my bottom. I raked his balls with my fingernails before licking them, Gerry’s tongue by this time doing gorgeous things to my clit. He was sucking it now, his fingers probing my anus. Hands spreading my cheeks, Gerry was driving one, and then two fingers in and out of my anus which combined with the way he sucked and licked my clit soon had me yelling joyously in orgasm.

All shyness gone now Gerry rolled me onto my back and I spread my legs eagerly to receive him. He paused, kneeling between my feet to study the promised land.

“Your cunt looks to be pulsating, pouting open for my cock.”

“Yes.” I murmured while realising that in my lust any cock would do!

Gerry moved onto me, and I felt his fingers spreading my vagina lips.

“Here it comes then,” he murmured, driving his cock into me.

I clung to the guy, squealing excitedly to feel his cock drilling in and out of my cunt as he fucked me relentlessly. My head rolling feverishly I caught sight of his bottom in the mirror and the reflection of it pounding up and down between my thighs excited me even more. Grunting and groaning, Gerry came, my own ecstatic yells echoing around the room.

“That was bloody good; you’re a very sexy girl Sandi.” Gerry smiled down at me, his cock slowly subsiding inside my cunt.

Before resuming my journey I took a shower with Gerry sitting in the bathroom watching. He dried me off and then continued his watching while I dressed.

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