Sandra is Different Pt. 1

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Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun.

Part 1

Hi, my name is Sandra and I am different to most women. I’ve been told that I am anti-social, a bit of a recluse, an introvert, and I tend to agree with those assessments.

As I was growing up I realised that I had great difficulty making friends. I watched other girls talking to other girls that they hadn’t met before but I had no desire to talk to srangers, I didn’t want to know them. I was okay talking to girls or boys who I was ‘forced’ to talk to and had sort of got used to, like classmates, but I never really became friends with any of them, no sleepovers and no party invites.

This never bothered me as I was quite happy with my own company and that of the family cat and dog. It’s fair to say that I enjoyed the company of those pets more than I did of other kids.

Both mum and dad did their best to ‘encourage’ me to make friends but it never really happened and they even considered taking me to see a shrink but I kept telling them that I was happy the way I was, which I was.

As a result of this, when, at the ripe old age of 18, I went university still a virgin. I had read online lots about university life and I was looking forward to getting rid of my virginity without much conversation and no emotional attachment. I’d read about Glory Holes on the internet and I was hoping to find one where I could sneak in, suck a cock or get fucked, then sneak out never having seen the face of the man or spoken to him.

The first few weeks at uni were somewhat difficult for me. I didn’t have any problems with the other students on the same course because I could just go to class, do my work and talk when necessary, then not see then until the next class.

The same couldn’t be said for the other 5 students in the same accommodation as me, they were all probably great people but they all wanted to make new friends, which of course I didn’t. I spent more time in my room, on my own, than with all of the others combined.

I soon realised that the freedom of being at university and living, essentially, on my own, gave me some freedom that I didn’t have at home, and that gave my brain the opportunity to think a lot more about my fantasies and the new opportunities that had opened up to me. I started thinking about sex and my body a lot more than I ever had before.

One day I realised that the idea of showing my naked body to male students, tutors and men in general was appealing to me. It was turning me on, making my pussy very wet. With my new freedom I decided that I was going to explore the side of my character that I never realised I had. I was going to flash my naked body with no, or very little, chance of repercussions or reprisals. I wondered if this new side of me had something to do with my upbringing.

Going back in time to living with my parents, my parents were never the controlling type, nor were they prudish in any way. It was quite common for any of us to wander around the house in just our underwear, and sometimes less, and no one thought anything of it.

Of course I’d had ‘that talk’ with my mother, and the lessons at school and I’d got interested in sex, and I did the things in bed on my own that I’m sure all teenage girls do, but I really wanted to lose my virginity. Unlike all the other girls at school, if the stories that I overheard were true, I just never had the opportunities to become a ‘full’ woman until I went to university, nor did I have the chance to explore my other kink.

As I’m sure you are aware, parties are a big thing at universities and I did go to them with the intention of attracting men so that I could lose my virginity and have lots of sex. My intention was to get them into bed, fuck, then leave without giving them my address or phone number, or a false one if pushed.

One thing that I did do whilst still at home was to change the way that I dressed as I got older. I liked the short skirts and low cut tops that the other girls my age wore and I managed to get my parents to let me keep up with the fashion, even though I didn’t go out much, to feel good wearing them or to show them off to the boys that I was scared to talk to but wanted them to fuck me.

What did make me feel good when I did go out was when I was able to roll the top of my skirt so that it was really short and I could feel the wind on my knickers and that made me feel nice. I think that doing that was a substitute for not being able to find a boy to have sex with.

Going to university gave me the opportunity to go further with the way I dress, to look like a slut with ultra short skirts and baggy, low-cut tops, not that I have any sort of cleavage, but it does give me the opportunity to bend over so that guys can see my tits down my tops.

Anyway, I think that now would be a good time to describe myself just so that you don’t think I’m some grossly over-weight, ugly girl. Actually, I’m quite slim, almost skinny but with the traditional girl’s hourglass figure. My dad embarrassed me a few months ago when he told me that I had a cute little bubble butt. Comparing what I see in a mirror with other girls at school and then university I think that I’m pretty average or maybe a bit skinnier than average, average height with light brown hair, although I do have small tits, only a 32AA. When my breasts first started developing my mum bought me a training bra but after a couple of weeks I decided that I didn’t like bras and decided not to wear one until I had breasts that needed some support. Mum was happy with that and the training bra was consigned to my underwear draw never to come out again because my tits never grew bigger than an ‘AA’ cup and the only bra type top that I ever wear is a bikini top when I go swimming. Oh, and I have long, light brown hair that I usually wear in a ponytail.

Jumping forward to my new life as an undergraduate, lots of the other girls at university often wore skirts that were so short that they often gave the boys and tutors a glimpse of their knickers and I was pleasantly shocked when I accidentally noticed a couple of girls who weren’t wearing knickers under their very short skirts.

When I saw my first commando girl I started to think what it would be like to go commando myself and it didn’t take much courage for me to do it myself and the thrill that it gave me was something that I’d never experienced before and I swore that I’d do it every day.

The girls that I saw flashing their pussies were newbies like me, at Freshers week and before my course actually started I had started wearing only my shortest skirts with no knickers underneath. I’d also been to one party that my flatmates persuaded me to go to but I soon realised that all the boys there were taking the opportunity to spend their subsistence loans on booze and having no repercussions from their parents. The only good looking ones were too pissed to be able to give me what I wanted so I left early and went straight to bed where my fingers got to work.

Once my course started I saw a couple of guys in my group that were cute and I could easily have jumped into bed with them but they were in the same tutoring group as me so I put them off-limits for sex but that didn’t stop me from letting them see up my skirts or down my tops when the opportunities arose.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned that I have a great dislike of pubic hair and I kept it trimmed short when I lived with my parents but when I moved to university I got rid of it altogether and I’ve been shaving everywhere below my neck just about every day since. When my finances improve I’m going to get it removed permanently with laser treatment.

Life with my flatmates continued with me avoiding them as much as possible and when I had to talk with them it was always in short and to the point conversations.

I was happy, hardly ever having to talk to anyone.

It was only a week before I was invited to another party and I put on my shortest skirt and thinnest tank top and went with the others, one of the boys commenting that it must have been cold as we walked from one block of student accommodation to another. You see my nipples were making not so little tents in my top.

What I neglected to mention earlier was that I have huge nipples for the size of my tits and they, and my areolae are much darker than the rest of my skin. With me never wearing a bra they become quite prominent when I have a thin top on, especially as my little tits are very conical in shape and very pointy. Boys that have seen my tits tell me that they are like ice cream cones or miniature traffic cones.

On the subject of protrusions, I have one between my legs as well. My clit is also quite big and too big for the little hood that fails to hide it, something that makes it easy for my fingers to make me cum. The other thing about my pussy is that I only have a very thin layer of that fatty tissue on my pubis and my inner labia just never grew out from inside my outer labia. It’s like my pussy just never developed properly, just like my tits, apart from my clit that is and it does stick out from between my outer labia, all the time. My hood is just incapable of hiding it.

Sorry, I digressed, the party. I was pleasantly surprised to see that no one was drunk or high on weed or pills or whatever and my very short skirt and headlights attracted the attention of quite a few boys. I quickly dismissed the ones that I didn’t fancy and made a special effort to talk to the first cute one that did try to hit on me.

Maybe someone had told him that uni girls who wore very short skirts and no bras were easy to get into bed because it wasn’t long before his hands started wandering and I didn’t stop them.

When one of his hands discovered that I was knickerless his fingers were soon opening my pussy lips and rubbing my clit; and I was loving it. I was stood leaning back on a wall and he was stood beside me with one hand up the back of my skirt and I had spread my legs a bit so that he had easy access to me.

I was soon having my first orgasm in public although I don’t think that anyone other than that boy and me knew it. But I loved it. It was a strong one, so strong that I vowed to have more orgasms in public, with or without the help of a boy.

The guy was good with his fingers and he brought me to a second orgasm before he invited me back to his room which turned out to be a bit of a dump but it had a bed with cleanish sheets and we were both soon naked and fucking like rabbits.

Ethan (his name) didn’t know that he was taking my cock virginity and there was no bolt of pain when he first entered me, my hymen having been broken by a cucumber a long time before. Of course I knew about cocks going soft after they had ejaculated and it happened but I didn’t want that to be the end of it so I gave my first blowjob to bring it back to life before we were at it again.

That happened twice more before Ethan finally fell asleep and I quietly left. He had never asked me for my name nor my phone number and I didn’t offer or leave them. All I left for him was what I hoped was a memory that was as good as the one that I had.

Back in my room I was very pleased with myself, two firsts and a desire to repeat both experience over and over again.

Oh, in case you are wondering, on my first day at university I went to the medical centre and got one of those contraceptive implants in my arm. There was no way that I wanted to get pregnant and the woman there told me that there was a good chance that my periods would stop (which they did), and that turned out to be a bonus for me. Also at the medical centre there was a big box of condoms with a sign saying ‘Help Yourself’ so I got a big handful and stuffed them into my bag.

I went to sleep that night a very happy Sandra with my fingers toying with my clit between my spread legs.


I started going to more parties, sometimes ones that I wasn’t invited to but had overheard people talking about. I figured (correctly) that no one would refuse entry to a reasonable looking girl wearing very little, ans often carry some booze, and at about half of them I’d find a guy that I fancied and we’d end up in his bedroom having a good fucking session.

At one of the parties when I was pretending to be a bit drunk (I found that pretending to be half drunk helps break the ice for some of the guys), one of the guys there started daring the girls there to take their clothes off. Some just took their outer layer off and a few stripped to their knickers but I was the only girl who got completely naked and I spent a couple of hours like that before I hooked-up with a guy and went back to his room which turned out to be in the same building so I went there wearing only my shoes and carrying my dress. Again I crept out once he had fallen asleep not leaving my real name or phone number.

Going to those parties was turning out to be Edirne Escort a great way of getting my sexual cravings without any attachments.

One of the parties that I had overheard about, and gone to, turned out to be a guys only party. I’d misheard them talking about a games night and assumed that they meant party games not electronic games so when I knocked on the door and was let in I was faced with half a dozen guys all wondering what the hell a girl was doing there.

When I said that I thought that I’d made a mistake and gone to the wrong address, the guys begged me to stay (possibly because of how little I was wearing and the booze in my hands), inviting me to play their electronic games. As I was telling them that I don’t play electronic games I was thinking about being the only girl there with half a dozen guys.

“Stay and talk to us when we’re not actually playing.” One guy said.

“We promise not to get you drunk or rape you.” Another said.

My brain was working hard trying to decide what to do. After a minute or so of silence I replied,

“Well okay then, but at the first sign of any of you doing anything that I don’t like I’m leaving, and I must warn you that I have a Black Belt in Karate.”

That got a few comments and promises to be good.

I wasn’t lying about the Black Belt, right from an early age my father took me to Karate lessons and over the years I got quite good at it. Amongst other things I learnt self-defence and I was confident that if any man attacked me I could put him in hospital if I wanted to.

My dad also took me to swimming lessons because the school ones were rubbish. The lessons were in a privately owned pool that had separate male / female changing rooms but as usually happens when just one parent takes a child to swimming lessons the child changes in their parents designated changing room. That meant that I always got changed and showered in the men’s changing room.

I never thought anything of it, even when I got older and started to notice the difference between girls and boys. Often when I was getting showered after my lesson boys and sometimes men would be changing and showering at the same time. With my family not having any hang-ups about clothes the idea that getting changed and showing in the men’s changing room just felt natural and I never thought anything about it. Even when my chest started to develop little bumps on it.

I often think back and wonder just how old and how developed I would have got going on like we did, before one of the swimming instructors asked if I would enter a swimming competition. My dad and I talked about it and decided that if I was good enough to enter a swimming competition I was obviously a competent swimmer and didn’t need lessons any more, and we stopped going.

I digress again, back to the party. Those guys who weren’t actually playing started talking to me and offering me drinks. When I told them that I didn’t drink alcohol I lied, my parents let me drink wine and beer at home. As I was saying that I didn’t drink, my brain was developing a plan. I let them persuade me to have a beer, my plan being to quickly act like I was drunk and at least let them see me naked.

My pussy was starting to get wet as my brain considered a few possibilities..

With some encouragement, my first beer disappeared quite quickly and as a second one appeared in my hand I started to pretend that the alcohol was getting to me. By the time the second bottle was empty I was still very sober but pretending that I was drunk.

I started sitting very lazily with my knees drifting apart letting the guys see that I was knickerless and a bit wet.

As the contents of a third bottle of beer was going down my throat I heard some whispering about a gang-bang and my pussy got even wetter. I’d read about gang-bangs and I’d watched a few videos online and each time that I watched one my pussy begged for attention as I imagined myself in the ‘victims’ position.

For a couple of seconds I questioned what I was doing but those doubts soon disappeared as my nipples and clit got harder and my vagina leaked some more.

My pretending to be drunk got more real, I started slurring my speech a little and flopping about on the armchair some more.

“Phew, it’s hot in here.” I said and got the response that I wanted.

“Why don’t you take some of those clothes off?” One of the guys asked.

“Oh, I err, I am only wearing this top and this skirt, I shouldn’t take them off, you’ll see me naked.”

By that time the electronic games had stopped and all six guys were round me.

“Don’t you worry your little head about that Suzie (the name that I’d given them), we’ve all seen naked girls before.” One of the guys said.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “it is hot in here and if you’re sure that none of you will be upset? I don’t want any of you calling the police and getting me charged with indecent exposure.”

“There’s absolutely zero chance of that happening.” Another guy said.

“Are youuuuu suuuuuuuure.” I replied.

By then my heart was pounding. I knew that I was about to get totally naked in front of half a dozen guys that I’d only met minutes ago.

“Sure.” a guy said, “It’s no big deal, we’ve all got sisters that we’ve seen naked hundreds of times.”

I knew that he was lying but I continued,

“I don’t know if I can take my clothes off, I think that one of you put something in that beer because I feel really funny.”

“No we didn’t.” Half of the guys said, then one continued,

“You’re just not used to drinking alcohol but don’t worry, we’ll look after you Suzie, no harm will come to you here, we are all gentlemen.”

I giggled the said,

“Can one of you help me, this top is so tight.”

Six guys stepped forward but only two of them managed to get their hands on the hem of my top. Two more hands grabbed my hands and pulled me forward off the back of the chair so that my top could go up and off.

I giggled and said,

“Don’t look at my little titties guys.”

“No we won’t.” A couple of them lied.

Within seconds I was topless with six guys staring at me. I made a half-hearted attempt to cover my tits but my big nipples were sticking through my fingers and I did nothing to hide them.

I lay back on the chair and said,

“That’s a bit berrer but I’m still warm.” I said.

“Do you want us to take your skirt off Suzie?”

“Yeah, please, that might cool me down. Can I have another beer please, a cold one?”

The tingling got stronger and my pussy got wetter as hands went to the waist band of my skirt. It was a denim one with a stud and a little zip and fingers quickly unfastened those then went to the sides and started pulling. All they did to start off with was to lift my butt off the chair and I giggled as the hands finally moved to the hem and pulled.

“Don’t look at my pussy.” I said as my bald pubis then my shiny slit became exposed.

“Wow.” I heard one guy say, “look at that clit.”

“Yeah, it’s as big as her nipples and I thought that they were big.” One guys said.

“Think what it would be like to chew on one of those three.” Another guy said.

“You’re being naughty guys.” I said as I giggled.

A cold bottle of beer was put in my hand and I pretended to take a swig from it, then I held it against my right nipple.

“Oooh, that’s nice” I said as my nipple got harder, if that was possible.

“You like cold things on your nipples do you Suzie?” On of the guys asked.

“Of course, don’t you?” I replied, “aren’t you guys hot too?”

“It is quite warm in here.” Another guy said.

“I should go back to my room, I shouldn’t be naked in here.” I said, “you guys might touch me or rape me.”

“We won’t rape you Suzie, you’re safe with us.” One of the guys said.

“Good, but I need to go to the toilet, I’m not used to drinking beer.”

I made a clumsy effort to stand up and got half way then fell back onto the chair.

“You guys have got me dwunk. hey, take your hands off me.”

“I was only helping you sit safely Suzie.” One of the guys said.

“You’ll be touching my tits and pussy next, would you like to touch me guys?”

“Is that an invite Suzie?” One of the guys said.

I stayed silent for a good minute, imagining their hands on me and me getting more horny.

“Yeah, I haven’t had a good fuck for like, ages.”

“Would you like us to fuck you Suzie?” Another guy asked.

I giggled then replied,

“Not all at once, my pussy won’t take six cocks at once.”

“Just to be clear Suzie, you want us to fuck you?”

“Yeah, why not, I need a good fucking, can we use one of the beds please, that floor looks dirty.”

“Sure,” one of the guys said, “you can use mine, it’s the first on the right.”

I started to get to my feet again but again feigned being incapable and flopped back down.

“Can one of you help me, I think I’m too pissed.”

The nearest two guys helped me to my feet and I pretended to have jelly legs so arms went round me, one of them grabbing a tit, and I giggled again then said,

“You guys will be gentle with me won’t you, I’ve only been fucked once before,” I lied, “and you will wear a con, con whatever they are called, you don’t want to get me preggers do you?”

I was half carried to the untidy bedroom and, presumably, the owner hurriedly straightened the bed covers and I was lowered onto it. As I was going down I spread my legs so that all the guys who had followed us could see all of my pussy.

“Come and get it.” I loudly said then giggled again.

I closed my eyes and soon felt lots of hands all over my body, one set of fingers going straight to my vagina and invading it.

“Oooooooooooooh that’s nice.” I genuinely said.

Those fingers started finger fucking me and some others started rubbing my clit and before long I was cumming, my body shaking and jerking and my mouth saying a few rude words.

When I started to come down from my high I opened my eyes and said,

“That was good, who’s next?”

“That was only fingers Suzie,” one of the guys said, “do you want a real cock next?”

“Yes pleeeaaassee, fuck me hard.” I replied then closed my eyes again.

Seconds later I felt a cock sliding up and down my slit and I moaned. Then the cock was gently pushing into my vagina and I said,


“Umph, umph.” I said as the cock really started pistoning in and out of me.”

“That’s nice.” I managed to say before I relaxed my body and just lay there with my eyes closed

But I did open them when I orgasmed again which was just as I felt some warm cum filling the end of a condom deep inside me.

This time it was just moans and me saying,

“That’s nice.” As I looked up at the face of the guy that was fucking me.

It was very much the same when the other guys took their turn to fuck me. As the third guy entered me I heard on of the guys say,

“Is she out cold?

“Naw, I don’t think so, just going in and out of sleep. She wakes up each time that she cums.”

On it went until all six of the guys had fucked me and I’d managed to cum with each of them. When I’d counted the sixth load of cum being deposited inside a condom inside me I just lay there with my eyes closed.

After the sixth guy climbed off me I heard one of the guys say,

“What are we going to do with her?”

“Let her sleep it off.” Another replied.

“That’s my bed, she might be there all night.” Another replied.

“You could cuddle up to her and fuck her again.” Another suggested.

“We could all come back and fuck her again.” Another suggested.

“Not a bad idea mate, Stu, you might need to sleep on the couch in the communal lounge tonight mate.”

“I’m going back to the game.” One guy said and I heard three others agree with him.

A short time later I felt something covering me.

“What are you doing Stu? Someone asked.

“Just covering her, keep her warm.”

“Naw, leave her like that then we can come and look at her pussy whenever we want to.”

Then I felt my clothes land on one of my still spread legs but I didn’t move, still pretending to be asleep.

“She might want them when she wakes up,” I heard one guy say. “You know what girls are like after the fun is over.”

“Yeah, they pretend that you haven’t seen them all naked and they become all shy.” Someone replied.

“Yeah,” someone else said, “they should make girls be naked all the time then they couldn’t pretend to be shy.”

“I don’t think that that’s going to happen mate.” I heard before everything went quiet.

Shortly after I’d thought that I heard the rest of the guys leave I opened my eyes, and I was right, I was the only one in the room. I put my right hand on my pussy and gasped a bit when I touched my clit

“Still want more eh girl?” I thought and my fingers went to my very wet hole.

Not wanting to risk playing with myself, Edirne Escort Bayan and wanting to get out of there, I withdrew my hand and went to get off the bed. I was surprised to feel that I still had my shoes on so I grabbed my clothes and went to the open door.

I stuck my head out and looked to my left. I could see that the guys were engrossed in their game and not looking my way so I quietly crept to my right to the front door and quietly opened it, stepped out then quietly closed the door.

As I turned to put my clothes on I heard a male voice say,

“Looks like someone has had some fun, walk of shame back to your place is it?

“Something like that.” I replied as I dropped my skirt and lifted my top up so that I could put it on, also letting the guy get a good full frontal look at my naked body for a couple of seconds before my top came down and covered my tits.

I looked at the guy and smiled as I squat to pick up my skirt and then stepped in to it.

“Lucky guy.” The young man said as my slit disappeared behind the denim, then he walked away.

As I headed back to my place I thought about how happy I was. I’d been fucked by not one but six guys one after another and I’d realised just how much I liked being seen naked by men. It was truly a milestone in my life.

When I got back to my room I crossed gang-bang off my bucket list but added, two guys at the same time, three guys at the same time and a bukkake. I also added all four again but added on to the end of each one, ‘in public’.


The next morning before I went off to one of my classes I was thinking about all sorts of things including my finances. Being the sort of anti-social person that I am I don’t spend a lot, if any, on clubbing and pubbing like the other students, but I had decided that I needed more clothes, revealing clothes, but they cost money so I decided to see if I could find a job.

As I walked to my class I looked at all the notice boards and saw a few adverts for part-time work. Some were for fast food outlets which I ignored because I didn’t fancy flipping burgers, but two drew my attention. Both were working in fashion shops selling clothes for young women. As I walked on I made two phone calls and was lucky to get two interviews that afternoon.

Both were in the main shopping area of the city which was a good ten minutes walk from both where I was right then and where I live. I realised that I wouldn’t have time to go back to my room and change so I checked what I was wearing, smiled and thought,

“Sod it, if they don’t like girls in very short skirts and tops that show that she isn’t wearing a bra then fuck them, I’ll try somewhere else.”

The first interview was with a man, the manager of the shop. As I went in I saw three or four other girls working there, all wearing some sort of uniform. The interview went okay but the man’s eyes rarely went higher than my chest. That didn’t bother me, in fact I deliberately pushed my chest out making my conical, little tits really point at hm. Nor did the fact that his eyes often went down to my bare legs as I sat there with my knees slightly apart. What did bother me was that he looked creepy.

I left thinking,

“No thanks.”

The second interview was much better. Not only were the other staff wearing a variety of clothes which I later found out belonged to the shop, but the manager was a woman in her early thirties and when she first saw me she looked me up and down and gave me a big, warm smile.

The woman, Lisa, explained that her staff could choose any three outfits from the racks to wear for work and that there was a staff discount and that last seasons stock got sold to staff very cheaply and what wasn’t sold was sent to be cut into rags for engineers to use.

I caught Lisa looking at my chest one time and my headlights were fully on. When I realised that she was looking at the bulges in the front of my top I said,

“Oh, there’s one thing that you should know about me that may affect your decision to hire me, I never wear underwear. Will that be a problem?

“Not at all Sandra, you won’t be the only girls working here who doesn’t wear underwear.”

I smiled and replied,

“I’m pleased to hear that there are no restrictions like that.”

“No Sandra, there aren’t, did you know that in terms of history knickers and bras are a quite recent invention? I could tell you all about it but this isn’t the time nor the place.”

Lisa also said that she wanted someone who could work all day Saturdays and some Sundays or Thursday afternoon. That fit in with my class schedule so she offered me the job right then, I accepted and agreed when I would start. Of course the pay was only minimum wage but the perks were good, and that was just the clothes. I’d had a look around before introducing myself and seen quite a lot of clothes that I liked and the area for trying on clothes, although looking a but tatty and outdated, offered the potential to have a bit of flashing fun.

Yes, I had a fetish, by then I had decided that, amongst other things, I was a tease and an exhibitionist. Both things that I could be without having to verbally interact with other people. I also considered me being a nymphomaniac but I didn’t think that I qualified for that – yet. I smiled to myself when I wondered if I would ever qualify as one of those.

I left after arranging to be there on the Thursday lunch time.


Life at university isn’t just course work, parties and working for me, I don’t ever want to go the way that I had seen a lot of girls go, getting fat, so I decided that I had to find some sports to keep me fit and hopefully, in the shape that I was when I first went to university, so I went to scope out the university sports centre. I was looking for sports or ways of exercising on my own, not any team sports.

Since I was a competent swimmer and the university pool looked good, I decided to have that as one of my sports. I looked in the gym, at the people working out on all the machines and on the floor mats. There was a couple of girls in there and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing ignoring everyone else so I decided that I’d give that a go as well.

All the other sports going on involved more than one person so it was swimming and the gym for me. My next problem was clothing for the sports. My old swimsuit was a non-starter, small and one-piece. I had a bikini but I didn’t like it, it was one like middle-aged women wore, I decided to dump it. Thankfully, I’d started thinking about sports on my way back to my room after getting the job at the clothes shop so I hoped that I could get something to wear at the shop. I remembered seeing underwear when I looked around before the interview but I didn’t remember seeing any swimwear.

“Maybe I could find a bra and knickers set that I could wear as a bikini.” I thought.

As for a gym outfit I had trainers and tops that I could wear but no bottoms because I didn’t want to wear shorts of any kind, hell, I’d already dumped all the shorts, jrans and trousers that I’d owned. I giggled to myself when I imagined me wearing a skirt for working out, especially as I had no intention of wearing anything under it.

I put these things to the back of my mind, to think about them once I’d had a good look at what the shop sold, or I had some money to buy clothes clothes online or in a sports shop in town.


The Thursday soon came around and I decided to wear a really short, flared skirt made out of thin cotton and a thin top that couldn’t hide the fact that I had hard. big nipples. When I put the skirt on I quickly squat down and felt the skirt ballooned out. I then stood with my back to the mirror, bent at the waist and saw my butt, framing my pussy, in the mirror.

Happy with my outfit I set-off for work.

“Cute outfit.” Lisa said when she saw me.

“Thank you, I hope to buy some similar ones from here using the staff discount.”

“Well you’ll find plenty of outfits like that here, we may be part of a big chain but we do specialise for, shall we say, the more adventurous young women. Now, let me introduce you to the rest of the staff that are working today and then leave you with Bella to show you the ropes.”

Lisa did, and so did Bella, her wearing a similar outfit to me including a skirt that was just as short as mine. When we got to the changing rooms Bella said,

“They’ve been going to refurbish these for years but they have never got round to it so we get a few pervs standing over there watching the girls get changed, the curtains being not wide enough to cover the entrance on any of the cubicles and with them being so short you can see all the clothes that the girls let fall to the floor. You can have a bit of teasing fun during your breaks if you want to, don’t tell Lisa but I’ve shown myself to quite a few guys during my breaks and when it’s quiet out there, it’s a good job that Lisa goes out quite a lot.”

“You mean you’ve shown some guys your tits and pussy?”

“Dozens of guys, it’s a girl flashers paradise. You look like you might get a few kicks out of a bit of flashing yourself Sandra.”

“I, I, err, okay, you got me, how did you know Bella?”

“No bra, hard nipples, ultra short skirt and no knickers, a bit of a give away.”

“How did you know that I’m not wearing knickers, I haven’t bent over, yet.”

“But you stood next to that funny angled full length mirror and if you look at the right angle you can see up the skirt of anyone stood there. Most guys don’t realise it but a few do and I often see the same faces stood there. I swear that Lisa knows what that mirror can show but she doesn’t replace it.”

“Lisa seem okay.”

“She is, I’ve often seen her stand where you were when there are guys standing near it.”

“You mean Lisa flashes the partners of girls that come here?”

“I do, and I’ve done it a few times too. Lisa won’t admit it, but what she does say is that keeping guys that come in here happy means that they will bring their girls back here to spend more money and that’s what it’s all about, money.”

“This job just gets better and better, I’m pleased that I turned down the job at Top Girls.”

“Yeah, the manager there is a bit of a creepy perv.” Bella said “right, underwear, not that I ever wear any.”

Bella led me to the displays of the knickers and bras and I was pleased to see some that I could maybe wear as a bikini. I also saw some that were ‘strings only’ and I though that I could maybe wear those when I went anywhere where girls were expected to wear underwear. Or maybe even at the swimming pool. Then Bella said,

“Okay Sandra, I’m going to leave you on your own for a while. Familiarise yourself with the stock and the prices. There won’t be a quiz at the end but it helps if you know quite well what is out here, we often get asked for items like one that they are wearing, like if you asked for skirts similar to the one that you have on I’d be able to take you straight to the right rack. Oh Sandra, I think that you are going to like some of the skirts that we have.”

Bella left me to it and I started browsing. Because I was stood in front of the lingerie I had a good look at them and yes, my initial thoughts were confirmed, I could get away with wearing at least one of the bra and thong sets as a bikini, all I had to do was wait until my first payday.

I also saw a leotard made of some sort of fine mesh that I could maybe wear in the gym. It looked like it would be quite see-through when it was stretched on me.

When I went to the skirts section I saw what Bella had meant, there were some skirts that were shorter at the front than the back. I smiled as I imagined me wearing one with my slit being on display all the time.

The shop had some really cool clothes and I agreed with Lisa’s statement that they catered for the more adventurous (meaning almost slutty) girls, right up my street.

When I had gone round the shop I went to Bella who was stood at the sales counter. I stood beside her as she showed me how the till worked and how to bag the sold items. When the next girl came to pay for something Bella stood beside me as I rang-up the sale.

Another girl, Amelia, took over on the till and Bella took me to the stock room.

“I know that it looks like a tip in here but once you know what is where you’ probably describe it as organised chaos, the place just isn’t big enough and we get deliveries 2 or 3 times a week.”

Just then a bell rang and Bella said,

“Great timing, that’s a delivery now, come on.”

Bella showed me how to raise the shutter door and as it went up I saw the back of a lorry and a man waiting to wheel some racks in.

“Afternoon Pete,” Bella said, “this is Sandra, she’s just started here.”

“Pleased to meet you Sandra, you look like you’ll enjoy working here and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you.”

“Thanks.” I replied, wondering what he meant by that.

“Come Escort Edirne on Sandra,” Bella said, “we need to help the drivers unload.”

Bella led me into the back of the lorry and I watched as she bent over to pick up a box. Not only did I see Bella’s bare butt and pussy, but Pete was stood beside me watching as well. As Bella straightened up she said,

“Grab a box and bring it in Sandra.”

I smiled as I bent over, knowing that Pete could see my bare butt and pussy.

“Yes Sandra,” Pete said as I carried the box passed him, “you’ll like working here.”

“I think that I will.” I replied.

There were 3 more boxes that I had to bend over, pick up and carry in. Each time Pete and the last time, Bella as well, watched me bend over to pick up the box.

“Cute pussy Sandra,” Bella said as the shutter door came down. “I wish that I had a pussy like yours, I hate these flaps.”

“They look cute Bella,” I lied, “something for the guys to get their teeth on.”

“Yes, but I’d rather have a rather have a bike wheel parking slot like you have.”

“We’ve all got what we’ve got and we have to get used to it,” I replied then lied, “I would rather have a cute butterfly like you.”

As I said that I saw an image in my head of my pussy, a coin slot with my clit sticking out of it and I thought that I preferred my pussy to Bella’s.

Just then Lisa walked in and asked,

“Was that Pete? Ah yes, Sandra, can you help Bella get that new stock out onto the racks, that damned Top Girl has got similar items already on the shop floor.”

Bella and I both had to bend over to open the boxes and Lisa was stood behind us for a few second before she left with a smile on her face.

“Is Lisa a lesbian?” I asked Bella once the door was shut.

“No, I’ve seen her with a man quite a few times and his hands weren’t exactly the brotherly type. Why do you ask? You’re not a lesbo are you?”

“Hell no, it’s just that she seems to be staring at me a lot.” I replied.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, she just appreciates beautiful girls.”

“You’re not trying to hit on me are you Bella?”

“Hell no, but if I was a lesbo I probably would be. You’re quite cute Sandra.”

“And so are you Bella.”

We got on with our task without saying much and I reflected on how well I had interacted with her, much more than I had expected and it was quite a surprise to me.

I was also surprised at how quickly the afternoon went and before I really knew it I was leaving the shop and Lisa was lowering the shutters. As I walked back to my room I decided that I was going to enjoy working there. I also thought about some of the clothes that I’d seen there and how I could wear them to almost innocently expose parts of my body.

My fingers were quite busy that night in bed.


The Fri day was a boring day with a lesson in the morning and a lecture in the afternoon. I went to the cafeteria at the lunchtime and sat on a table at one side with my coffee and chocolate muffin. There was a group of guys at the table next to me and one of the guys was looking at me. When I say him looking I slowly eased my knees apart letting him see that I was knickerless, all whilst pretending to read one of my course books.

After a while I decided that I had an itch on my vulva, opened my knees wider, gave my vulva a scratch and closed my knees back to where they were. All whilst looking at my book but watching the guy out of my peripheral vision.

When I needed to leave to get to my lecture I stood up, my skirt staying up above my pubis for a few seconds then picked up my things and started to leave. When I was near the door the guy that had been staring at my pussy tapped me on the shoulder. When I stopped and turned to see who it was he just said,

“Party tonight, 508 Blackwell Towers.” Then he turned and went back to his mates.

It took a few seconds to register then I smiled and repeated the address to myself. When I got to the lecture hall I made a note of the address then got ready to make notes from the lecture..

That night I put on my shortest floaty skirt and a spaghetti strapped top and went to the party buying a 6 pack of beers on my way there.

There must have been more than twenty people there, half of them being girls. I had a quick look around and decided that it was going to be another boring party and I was about to leave when the guy from the cafeteria walked in.

“Ah, you did come,” he said when he saw me and came over to me. “I’m Isaac, what’s your name?”

“Suzie.” I lied.

“Pleased to meet you Suzie, I’ve just come from the party next door which is probably more of what you want. Grab a couple of bottles and let’s go.”

I was confused but I did as he told me. When we were outside where it was quieter I said,

“What do you mean ‘more of what I want Isaac’?”

“Well you want people to see your pussy so that’s what you can do here.”

By then we were entering another room and I saw another girl and 5 guys, what’s more, the girl was naked.

“Everyone, this is Suzie and she likes showing herself.”

“Hey, I didn’t say that.” I replied.

Isaac didn’t get a chance to answer as everyone said hello to me, the girl adding,

“I’m Ella and I like men seeing me naked as well. Come on Suzie, get those clothes off and we can put on a show for the guys.”

“What!” I replied, but it was too late, Ella was pulling the hem of my top up and I wasn’t resisting.

“Cute tits.” one of the guys said.

“Yeah,” Another said, “I’m going to love chewing on those nipples.”

My skirt was starting to be pulled down and within seconds I was totally naked and starting to relax.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

“Well,” Isaac said, “we’ve now got 2 naked girls that we can watch making out as a warm-up to us fucking you then going for a run outside.”

“WHAT! Are you crazy? Are you all high on something?” I asked.

“Getting there,” Isaac replied, “we all are but you 2 are the craziest, how many girls go to a party wearing only a skirt and a top?”

“Probably a lot more than you realise.” Ella replied.

“This is crazy.” I replied, “I think that I’m leaving.”

I didn’t get the chance to even pick my clothes up because Ella threw her arms around my neck and started deep throating me with her tongue.

Now I’d never made out with a girl before and it was an entry on my bucket list but I wasn’t being given a choice. It took a minute or so for me to respond as I decided that wanting to or not I was doing it. I relaxed and started responding.

My mouth started responding first then my pussy as it started to get wet and tingle. Seconds later I was on my back on the floor with Ella still kissing me and her right hand between my legs which had conveniently opened to give her better access and her left hand was on one of my little tits.

I was totally oblivious to the 5 guys watching us make out as my hands went to her tits which were much bigger than mine. I played with her nipples like I enjoy guys playing with mine. After a few minutes Ella broke the kiss then got to her feet standing over me with 1 foot either side of my torso. I looked up and my eyes zeroed in on her bald and slightly spread pussy.

She had flaps, unlike me, but they did look nice.

“Shall I guys?” Ella asked.

Not waiting for an answer, she turned around and then got down on her knees, her calves pinning my arms to the floor and her butt and pussy hovering above my face. Then I gasped then moaned as her tongue, presumably, licked the length of my slit.

Now I’ve had guys do that to me, but with them there always seemed to be some sort or urgency about it but Ella was taking her time, her tongue going up and down my slit and when she got to each end she’d circle my clit or penetrate my vagina.

I was in heaven and when Ella’s pussy came down enough for my tongue to reach her pussy I returned the compliment. I’d never eaten a pussy before but I wasn’t nervous as I just did to her what she was doing to me.

I was the first to orgasm, my body shaking and jerking, but Ella managed to keep going prolonging my orgasm, me somehow managing to also keep my tongue working on her pussy. It wasn’t long before Ella orgasmed and I felt a sudden rush of her juices on my face.

Obviously I’d tasted my own juices before and Ella’s were just as sweet. I decided that eating a pussy was something that I liked and wanted to do again and again.

As Ella’s orgasm subsided I felt her roll off me to one side, and me rolling with her, both of us somehow managing to get into the position that the other had been in. I looked down at Ella’s shiny pussy and dived in. No sooner than I had started eating her again I felt her tongue on my pussy again and I spread my knees a little so that I could get a little lower onto her face.

Five minutes later we’d both orgasmed again and I rolled off her only then remembering the 5 guys in the room. I looked at 5 almost gob-struck faces before one of them said,

“Our turn, all 5 of us are going to fuck each of you, are you ready girls?”

“Condoms.” I said and saw wraps of foil appear out of pockets.

Ella looked at me and said.

“We’re getting the better deal here, each of them is only going to fuck 2 girls, you and me are going to be fucked by 5 guys.”

I smiled realising that she was right. I looked at the 5 guys and realised that they all looked a little dazed. I wondered if they were a bit drunk or something and hoped that they could all get it up, but I hadn’t seen much evidence of alcohol. Then I saw one of them put a white pill in his mouth and I thought,

“They’re all high on drugs.”

I thought about getting up and leaving but then I thought about their cocks. Two of the guys had already dropped their jeans and undies and were showing their hard cocks. One was a black guy and that saying that all black guys have big cocks crossed my mind. It was certainly true about the 2 cocks that I could see right then.

I watched the condoms being rolled down their cocks then they both looked at Ella and me, smiled and came over to us. My legs automatically opened wider as my first black cock advanced on my pussy.

“Another first to cross off my bucked list.” I though as the huge cock started to stretch my vagina.

I don’t know what drugs they were taking but whatever it was made those cocks hard but it also made them cum quicker. It was what seemed like only 30 minutes later that all 5 guys had fucked me, me only managing to cum twice.

It was Isaac that finally spoke,

“Okay guys, it’s streaking time.”

I had mixed feelings, on the one hand I really wanted to run around outside in public totally naked but I was nervous. My mind started going over the pros and the cons. It was dark outside, the pubs hadn’t shut so there would be lots of people around, there might be some coppers around, I didn’t know how far or even where Isaac intended us all to run.

“Sod it.” I thought, and as the others started to leave the room I went with them.

We were of the 5th floor so there were lots of stairs to go down and we passed some people going up who stood to the side and smiled as Ella and I passed them. One of the guys saying,

“Pissed or what?”

“Or what.” I replied as I kept going down.”

I was till nervous when we got outside but at the same time I felt great and I realised that I really did like being naked outside with other people looking at me.

“LET’S GO.” Isaac shouted and we all started running.

Thankfully there wasn’t much traffic around and thankfully I didn’t see any coppers. What I did hear was lots of guys and girls cheering us on, all of which added to the excitement. I’d never run when I had a wet pussy before and it felt bit squishy and strange, but certainly not unpleasant.

On we ran, turning corners and avoiding cars that had stopped so that the passengers could stare at us and before I knew it we were back where we stared. Unfortunately, or not, none if us had a door card with us and we couldn’t get into the building for a couple of minutes until 2 girls, probably coming back from a pub, arrived. In fits of giggling and staring at the 5 soft cocks the girls kept us waiting for a couple of minutes before 1 of them opened the door for us. The 5 guys started running up the stairs but Ella and I went to the lift with the 2 clothed girls.

“Good night out girls?” I asked the 2 clothed girls.

“Yeah, but not as good as you 2 by the looks of it.” One of the girls replied with a little giggle.

“Yes, it was fun, a gang-bang followed by a streak,” Ella replied, “you should try it sometime.”

I think that the gang-bang part surprised the clothed girls because they went quiet and the lift soon stopped at the 5th floor and Ella and I got out.

Back in the room I saw 5 guys all collapsed on sofas and chairs. I looked around for my clothes and got dressed before saying,

“That was fun guys, we should do it again sometime.”

Then I walked out the door and quickly left.

Back in my room I crossed a couple of things off my bucket list then went to bed.


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