Santa Surprise

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“Sit that pretty pussy on my lap little girl,” a sexy male voice beckoned her from across the way.

“Sit that pretty girl on my lap!” A male voice politely demanded as Vanessa woke from her foggy thoughts.

She and her daughter were next in line to see Santa Clause, something she always dreaded as a little girl. She was terrified to sit on a bearded costumed stranger’s lap. She had no idea who was behind all that red, white, and shiny black material, much less let him hold her! But everybody else was doing it right? Couldn’t be that bad. What kind of mother would she be if she didn’t bring her own four year old daughter to get her picture taken with Santa?

She approached the mystery man and placed Haley on his lap.

“This is Haley,” she said nervously.

Most of his face was covered with a stark white beard, a noticeably fake one at that, but enough to make her wonder.

“Have you been a good girl this year Haley?”

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” She giggled into his chest, his wiry beard tickling her face.

“What do you want for Christmas Haley?” the Santa asked with a jolly laugh.

“Teddy!” Haley eked out a reply and giggled.

“That tickles Santa!” The strands of his postiche must of brushed up against her cheek.

For a brief moment, Vanessa fantasized his faux facial hair tickling parts of HER body that haven’t been caressed in years.

“Ok Haley! One teddy for you and one teddy for your mommy!” he chuckled and winked at Vanessa.

“What!? Oh no I … ” Vanessa turned as bright as this man’s suit. She could only imagine what it would be like to have sex with a complete stranger, especially one in a disguise nonetheless.

She picked Haley up off of his lap and thanked him. He gave Vanessa a wink, “And you? What would you like for Christmas?”

Startled once again, Vanessa came back to reality as Santa said to Haley, “Make sure to be good and listen to your ankara escort mommy!”

“Ok sweetie lets go, Santa has other children to see!”

Vanessa bit her lip and noticed how wet her pussy had become from her little Santa fantasy. She left completely embarrassed, her face as red as St. Nick’s suit.

Since they were already at the mall, Vanessa decided to do a little Christmas shopping; she still had a few more things on her list to buy. She looked in the direction of the lingerie store, a teddy WAS a good idea. She deserved it. She hasn’t bought anything sexy for herself since Haley was born and she certainly hasn’t had an amazing, mind blowing sexual escapade since then, either.

Vanessa strolled over to the picturesque mannequins that were wearing the finest silk and lace. A few strands of red and green garland dangled across their fake outstretched arms, bedazzled as if they were at a holiday party. She traced the luxurious material with her fingertips, wondering how soft it would feel against the delicate skin of her breasts, her nipples, her pussy. She looked over at the jolly bearded man thinking again about his scruffy face in between her thighs. Her legs beginning to buckle as she imagined those full lips enveloping the center of her love.

And just at that perfect moment, he made eye contact with her, nodded and mouthed the words “yeah, that one.”

Finally feeling festive and disinhibited, she took the silky deep cut V neck teddy off the rack and danced around with it for a moment, as if she was the one on display. He winked at her and continued with his duties. Vanessa paraded up to the purchase counter, with a new found energy and lust in her eyes.

Later that night Vanessa returned to the mall without Haley in tow. Filled with nervous excitement, she hid under an oversized coat that was baggy on her tiny little frame. But it was all about easy access. She was on a mission.

Vanessa jumped in the Santa Clause line with only minutes to spare before mall closing time. She felt a jolt of endorphins travel up and down her spine, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

“Well hello there young lady. Come, have a seat on my lap. Tell me what you want for Christmas.”

Vanessa, in her thigh high boots, with one foot in front of the other, approached the mystery Santa. She stood, facing him, her fingers slowly undoing one button at a time, revealing the deep valley of cleavage covered with only a delicate silk barrier between her flesh and what was about to happen.

She gently and slowly began to rub the edges of her soft swollen mound as she stared with lust into the eyes of the festive man in front of her. He beckoned her closer, just close enough that he could smell the mild scent of her sex as her juices began to stir, arousing him further. He placed his gloved hands on her hips and raised the garment up, exposing the creamy skin of her stomach, tracing a long line back down to her wet blossoming folds.

“What I want for Christmas, Santa, is to be pleasured by that thing you have hiding in your pants,” she licked her lips and pointed to his growing bulge.

Vanessa turned away from him and squatted down onto his lap. She moved her hips back and forth, sliding along the velvety surface of his suit, grinding just enough to tease the head of his erect, throbbing penis.

Removing his pants quickly, St. Nick’s erection sprung up proudly and invited Vanessa to sit. Santa forced her panties to the side and teased her with the tip, dipping into her just enough to get it wet. She lowered herself onto him, sinking her hips lower, a burning desire taking over all of her senses.

“Santa, I’ve been so nice this year. I want you to fuck me for Christmas! Please!”

He obeyed escort ankara and slammed his cock into her whimpering pussy. Vanessa let out a loud moan that echoed throughout the desolate mall. She continued bucking her hips like a briddled reindeer, her pussy slid onto his rock hard cock with ease, adrenaline running wild in her veins, a violent orgasm already building up deep within her.

Suddenly he stopped, ordering her to the ground.

“On your back, right there where it’s soft.” He pointed to a fluffy white display of sparkling fake snow that surrounded his sleigh. It enveloped her like a warm hug.

Vanessa felt as if she was floating on a cloud. She closed her eyes as she felt her boots slide off of her legs, first the right one then the left. His fingertips traced the curves of her calves and thighs, making their way up higher until he met her pussy again. With ease, her panties were shed down towards her feet, the anticipation making her quiver with delight.

Santa and his beard hovered above her firey hot love blossom and he deeply inhaled her salty sensual aroma. He lowered his face down and allowed his lips to make contact with hers, pulling her clit into his mouth as if it were a candy cane. He sucked on her clit with a hunger she had never felt before; his fleshy tongue flicking it around, allowing it to dance along his tastebuds, savoring every bit of it, until he felt the urge to go deeper inside her.

Vanessa let out a giggle and a moan. “Santa that tickles!”

The white whiskers amused the sensitive skin of the inside of her legs. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her, causing his tongue to vacillate faster, her pouting pussy gushing with the liquid of lust. Her entire body pulsated into a non-stop vice clinching orgasm until one final shutter. She flooded his face with her nectar until it dripped down to the very end of his long white beard.

Santa came up and gasped for air.

“Lady, you are definitely on my naughty list!”

Vanessa breathed out a sigh of relief and pent up frustration as she grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips, accidentally pulling off his beard.


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