Sarah’s Journey Ch. 004

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004 And this is how my life would change.

Fighting my way through the side street traffic and back on to the parking lot, sorry freeway, I settled back in to my mindset of the terrible traffic that was LA, and my saving grace to keep me sane, my audio books and pod casts.

After probably 30 minutes or possibly just by the end of the next podcast and I happened to look down and noticed that the charging light on my new discreet vibrator and turn from red to green. While sitting there on the highway doing maybe 5 miles an hour the green light of my new toy kept beckoning to me and pulling my attention. I finally rationalized to myself I bought it for a purpose I should probably go ahead and try it out for that purpose. It turns out possibly that making this decision to use a toy like this for the first time ever probably was not the best time to do this while in Los Angeles rush-hour traffic. Nevertheless I went ahead and gave it a try. I unplugged it, pressed and held the small button on the end of it to turn it on and it sprang to life vibrating at its lowest setting. It seemed rather benign, safe and non-threatening. So I waited until traffic lurched to a stop again as it always did and slowly hiked up the dress I was wearing and gently pressed it against the toilet paper that I had forgotten was in my panties.

I jumped at the first feeling of the vibrations as they moved through my panties, the makeshift wetness pad I still had in place and to my sensitive delicate pink lips. The new sensation was alien yet amazing if not fascinating to me all at the same time. I pressed with a little more pressure and the strength of the sensation increased as well. This was fantastic! As I moved trying to get closer to my clitoris my leg muscles tensed and relaxed as I tried to focus on the fact that I was still in traffic and running into the back of the car in front of me would not only be really bad but tough to explain. I found the perfect spot and pressure to balance my new found personal bliss of pleasure yet still maintaining awareness of the traffic around me.

As I was still thoroughly loving my new purchase it suddenly stopped and all of my attention snapped back to the present. Pulling it away and noticing it was rather warm I noticed the red flashing light on it’s end. I remember thinking, “Wow I ran the battery completely out!”

This was great! Not only did I discover this fantastic new device that unlocked a door to a whole world that I never knew even existed. In staring at nişantaşı escort bayan this fantastic little machine, I plugged it back in to the USB port and the light started to gently pulse orange as it recharged. As it pulsed steadily I wondered what the life span of these types of things are, as surely one day it would wear out.

As I was finally reaching the exit I needed I noticed that the light had turned green again. I thought surely it wasn’t recharged already, it had been only 20-30 minutes. Pulling into the parking space at our apartment I gathered my laptop bag, lunch bag, and purse to head inside. Pausing to think that when Brandon got home he might notice the green light on in my car and ask questions. I really didn’t want to have this discussion with him. Not that we was ever mean, hurtful, or violent, I just didn’t want to have to tell him that I wasn’t happy with how our sex life was going and I was feeling almost desperate. I grabbed the small vibrator and went inside.

Putting down my bags in the kitchen I immediately took the toy from my pocket and washed it. I figured that the dish soap was good enough for the dishes we eat off of, it should be able to handle the little bit of wetness that was now dried to the slender and smooth surface of my new found world. Washing with warm water, drying, and putting it back in the “convenient” carry case, that was nothing more than a cheap velvet bag with a drawstring, I suddenly had a thought. If I didn’t want to leave it in my car because of the light I was afraid Brandon was going to notice, where was I going to keep it?

I turned to walk down the hall still carrying my new best friend, I didn’t get out of the kitchen before it dawned on me. The small zippered pocket in my purse that was for my emergency tampons would be perfect. I opened the pocket, put it under the 2 tampons I kept in there at all times and it was as good as gone. Now I just had to make sure that I didn’t get caught with it left out or worst of all using it when Brandon got home in the evenings.

As I changed out of my work clothes I was thinking to myself that I definitely didn’t want to have Brandon find out as his feelings were still a concern. His emotional distance from me just seemed to happen as he became more consumed with work. It wasn’t intentional or done out of spite, it just sort of was; I guess. I wasn’t exactly overly domestic or vocal about the path we were well into now after a few years of marriage. Being honest I şişli escort bayan was to blame as well but as my happiness waned so did what I thought was my love for him. Regardless of all of this there was no reason to be cruel or mean.

After sitting down with a glass of wine and my laptop I hammered out a few emails, remotely checked on the systems at work. Specifically the new customers data that we were importing, over 40 Petabytes of data. I saw that come through email weeks ago and was sure it was a typo. Apparently I was wrong. I never would have thought that human genome mapping data was to expansive. All appeared that it was still going as it was when I left the office. Green lights everywhere on the digital dashboard, and numbers ever increasing on the copy window, as well as numbers ever decreasing on the storage monitor. I always thought of data moves like pouring water from one bucket to another through a hose.

Putting away my laptop and getting a second glass of wine I fixed a salad and sat down to watch Seal Team on TV. Relaxing and unwinding from the day I started to think about the new vibrator I bought.

Before I got too far into my mini fantasy, my cell phone lit up. It was Brandon, texting that he would be home after midnight because a customer had a freezer full of meat that stopped cooling and they were one of Brandons largest customers. That and I imagine they would be pretty pissed if over One Hundred Thousand dollars of meat spoiled because the freezer, wasn’t freezing.

I replied ok and wished him good luck. Sadly knowing in the back of my mind that he was probably sitting in his truck snorting cocaine to keep him awake for the late night emergency. With that I hopped right up went straight to my purse, grabbed my new toy along with another glass of wine and headed to the bed room. Getting comfortable I was excited to see how this felt without anything absorbing the vibrations. As I took 2 huge gulps of wine and laid back I felt the wonderful vibrations as I turned on the small vibrator and placed it to the side of my lips. It was magical, as I gently massaged the little patch of spongy tissue to the side and felt the vibrations as they drifted across my flesh and ever so slightly to my clitoris. Like gentle waves lapping at a white sandy beach the sensations washed over my outer lips, and clitoris. I experimented with pressure and distance, moving to the other side just grazing the center of my opening as I did. I performed the same motions kağıthane escort bayan on the other side as well. I was undulating my hips and slightly squirming with delight. As I felt an orgasm starting to brew I decided to move straight to my clitoris and see what this would feel like. Gently dragging it up the center of my opening to ensure I picked up wetness for a smooth gliding feeling it was magical. I wa completely in my own world not paying attention to anything else. Between the fuzzyness from the wine and the fantastic vibrations I never wanted this to stop. Where had this been all my life I thought.

As I started to press my clitoris with the hard smooth cylinder I noticed waves of pleasure followed my a warming tingling I had never experienced before. I didn’t know if this was going to be a different orgasm than I’d ever had before or if that was even to be expected but it was intensifying. I felt my orgasm building inside me like never before, a slight moan escaped my lips. A few seconds later the warming started to turn to a burning and the tingling was more intense and sharp. Was this what an intense orgasm was supposed to feel like? A few seconds later the burning turned to dawn right pain!

This wasn’t right I took the vibrator away, waited, but I was still burning. Jumping probably 5 feet across the room I made a mad dash for the bathroom. Frantically grabbing a washcloth by the sink, I soaked it and began to furiously scrub my small pink folds as well as between them where it was the worst.

After a few seconds the burning started to subside and I slumped down on the toilet. Confused about what was going on I feared that if this what was in store for me in this new found world of pleasure I was not going to forge ahead. But I thought, this cant be right or there wouldn’t have been an entire store of this stuff. About that time I noticed the washcloth that was still in my hand. There were small bubbles on it. Opening it up there were suds and it smelled like the dish detergent.

I grabbed the vibrator and smelled it. It smelled like dish detergent, funning my fingers over it there was a small area right at the tip that still had dish soap on it. I was relieved and mad at the same time. Relieved that this wasn’t what it was supposed to feel like, but mad that I had quite possibly the most intense orgasm boiling inside me and it had been ruined, by dish soap.

This time thoroughly rinsing and drying it off back in my purse it went. I laid down and turned on the TV, still wound up from all that had happened. I kept thinking about the new intensity I felt boiling inside me. But still feeling a bit uncomfortable from the dish soap incident I decided that going to sleep was probably the best thing at that point. I turned off the TV and finally dozed off.

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