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Sara’s FriendAs the taxi pulled up out the front of our house, I kissed Thuy good bye,“Bye sweet heart, I’ll back on Friday night.” It was a Wednesday afternoon, so I would be away just two nights.“OK, honey.” Thuy kissed me back “Behave yourself – no naughtiness with those Hanoi girls.” she smiled “Don’t forget – I know what they’re like – I know what tricks they get up to.” Thuy had a look of mock consternation,“Stop it.” I smiled back “you know I only fuck other girls if you’re with me.”“Good, that’s OK, let’s keep it that way.” she said, then with a smile added “by the way, speaking of girls we fuck together, Sara is coming to stay and keep me company while you’re away.”“OK darling, that’s nice, should be fun. Say hello from me.” and I ducked into the taxi and headed off to the airport.Sara came into our lives over the last few months. Initially, she appeared in Thuy’s conversation from time to time, then shopping together, then Thuy and Sara were exchanging Viber and sms messages a few times a day – and night. I was traveling a lot and Thuy hated being alone – even though we have two k**s – she liked adult company. I don’t have the emotional detachment to agree to her spending time with another man. But, even though it may sound illogical, I can cope with my wife having a female companion – provided it doesn’t detract from our husband/wife relationship. Sara was easy to have around the house, she had a cool ageless beauty and could have been any age from a mature looking 29 year old to a youthful 42 year old. It was irrelevant to ask, although she did mention that she had a c***d in his late teens. She had a long slender body and a grace of movement that was very alluring. I’m not a “tits” man. Thuy’s 32C’s are perfect as far as I was concerned – but Thuy liked women’s breasts that were more “womanly”, and Sara’s 36C’s were indeed a very impressive sight to behold – and to hold and to massage and to suck – we both appreciated her naked body.Our daughter Phi came home school around 4pm, did her homework and then took off on her bike to play at a friend’s house. Sara turned up about 6ish, Thuy let her in the gate,“Hello darling,” Sara touched Thuy on the side of her left breast as she gave Thuy a light kiss on the lips.“How was your day?” she asked in passing as she deflected own overly friendly dogs and walked into the house.In the kitchen Thuy got two wine glasses as Sara opened the bottle of red she had bought with her,“Not a bad day,” Thuy replied to the earlier question “I’ve been working on a couple of document translations for Andrew, it’s sort of interesting.” Thuy and Sara and Phi had dinner together. After dinner, Phi managed to negotiate her way into being allowed to sit up a bit late and chit chat with the Sara and Thuy – she could pretend to be one of the big girls for a while. Before the agreed time, Phi had dozed off to sleep and had to be woken up to go to bed.At around 9.30pm Thuy and Sara went upstairs, while they waited for the bath to fill, they undressed and showered together, taking turns to wash each other’s body with the soapy sponge. They then prepared the bathroom by lighting scented candles and mixing Rose scented oils into the running water. After showering they lay on the small couch next to the bathroom and opened another bottle of wine. Laying naked together on the little couch in a sort of head to toes arrangement their fingers wandered across each other’s skin.Thuy loved Andrew’s manliness, his weight, his strong body and of course his big fat penis, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her hands and in her mouth as she masturbate him while they watched sex videos of some handsome young man with a big cock fucking some lucky girl. She enjoyed the way his cock filled her body when they were fucking and the tsunamic shudders of his orgasm as he filled her vagina with his semen. Of course she enjoyed her own orgasms, either masturbating or with a man’s cock buried deep inside her body – she loved to remember previous fucks and fuckers, like the time she Andrew arranged for an anonymous young man to fuck have sex them both in a hotel room – having the young stranger fucking her while she masturbated and sucked Andrew’s cock – nice.But, Thuy also very much enjoyed the particular sexual pleasure of the softness and comfort of a woman’s naked body. She especially loved the soft and subtle ways of Sara’s supple body – she was happy to occasionally share her with Andrew, but mostly she liked to claim her for her own private pleasures. Sex with a woman didn’t come naturally to Thuy, initially she was frozen by cultural taboos, but once she opened the gate in a halting and excruciatingly awkward evening with a trusted friend – she discovered a whole world of sexual pleasure that she never imagined. She sometimes agreed with the comment, that a man can satisfy a woman’s body but it takes a woman to satisfy a woman’s soul. So Thuy saw herself as sexually straight who enjoyed bisexual pleasures, on the other hand, it occurred to Thuy that Sara was a lesbian at heart, who enjoyed fucking a man from time to time.Sara stretched her arm out at full length to lightly caressed Thuy’s breasts with her finger tips. Thuy’s nipples swelled türbanlı çankırı escort and became hard at her friend’s touch. Sara then stroked her fingers down and across Thuy’s tummy to the small crop of closely trimmed pubic hair that sat perched just above the full lips of her mons venus. Instinctively, Thuy opened her legs a little wider – she couldn’t see, but she knew her lips were wet.“You have such a lovely pussy.” Sara said as she swirled her finger tips through Thuy’s closely shaved pubic stubble. Thuy laughed a little “Andrew says that all the time.” And then added “Did I tell that when I was having my first baby, one of the nurses made the same comment. I wasn’t feeling very sexy at that time – I enjoyed the compliment, but it was bad timing.”“That’s for sure.” Sara and Thuy laughed together“I like the way you shave.” Sara added, “just this neat little triangle of short black hair leaving your lips, clear and smooth.” With that she brushed Thuy’s pubic hair again.Casually Sara’s long slender fingers traced along Thuy’s the moist lips of Thuy’s outer labia – Thuy gave a shiver as Sara’s fingers slipped between her lips and into vagina. Instinctively, Thuy pushed into Sara’s penetration.“Mmmmm – nice.” Thuy cooed in a breathless whisper as Sara gently toyed with Thuy’s lips.“Wow, you’re so wet.” Sara said as she wiped her wet fingers across her tongue, “And you smell like semen.” And then in a stage voice “Ooooh – did you and Andrew have sex this afternoon?” Thuy moaned an acknowledgement, Sara continued “A little parting gift of sperm to fill up your pussy? How nice.”“Yeah, it was nice. We spent the afternoon in bed together – dozing and sucking and fucking each other – there’s two loads in there.” Thuy said to impress Sara, “I love it when he cums twice.”“Yeah, I agree, once is nice twice is definitively twice as nice.”Thuy added as she pushed down onto Sara’s penetrating fingers, “I like to give him a farewell fuck – just to let him know what he’s got to come home to.” It was a nice habit that Andrew and Thuy started a long time ago – made sure that they both had a good feeling to keep inside. Andrew liked keeping the smell and feeling of their last sex together as long as he could – he liked the feeling of sitting on a plane with his cock caked in a dried mixture of his semen and her vagina.Sara withdrew her fingers and sucked them one by one, “ Mmmm, how nice.” “It’s been a while since I’ve sucked Andrew’s cock,” she said in a lazy seductress way “He tastes nicer than I remember. How long has this been mellowing inside your vagina?” Thuy decided that was a rhetorical question and made no attempt to answer it, so Sara pushed on “Maybe semen is like wine – the taste improves with blending and age?” They both laughed.“Hmmm, Sara” Thuy started “now you’re getting wetter.” Thuy was massaging her friends slippery wet pussy, “It seems that you like the idea of sucking Andrew’s semen from my pussy?”“Oh yeah – of course I do. I love sucking your pussy, especially when Andrew is fucking my pussy at the same time.” “Do you think we could complete the daisy chain and have someone fucking Andrew?” Sara asked,“No, he doesn’t like…..well, actually he says he’s never been fucked up the ass and doesn’t want to be either.”“Fair enough – I didn’t like it much either.” Sara continued “Has he ever fucked another man?”“Yes, he said the couple that he hung out with back in Australia – he fucked the man a couple of times.”“Did he enjoy it?” Sara asked “I don’t think he thought much of it, he didn’t say, and he’s never expressed a desire to fuck or be fucked by a man. He seems comfortable to suck cock and masturbate other men, but that’s all.” Thuy and Sara lulled back into a pleasant silence while they relaxed and masturbated each other.Coming back to earth, Thuy said, “Let’s see what the bath is doing.” and made to stand up.Almost simultaneously, the oddly unmelodic door chime sounded.Thuy was annoyed “Oh you’re k**ding? Who could be at the gate? Let’s just ignore it.”Sara looked sheepishly at Thuy “Um, actually – I know I meant to mention it earlier, but was enjoying myself so much I forgot to tell you, it’s my friend Jacque.” Sara looked apologetically across to Thuy, two of her fingers still imbedded deep inside Thuy’s vagina,“Do you mind if he joins us?”Thuy wasn’t sure if she should be annoyed or not, but there wasn’t much to be done at this late stage,“Well, he’s at the door now, and we’re about to get in the bath together – so I suppose it’s too late for anything other decision.” Thuy tried to sound “matter of fact”, then with a sly smile, and a touch of motherly tolerance, as if she was talking to her wayward older sister,“Sure, you better go down and let him in before he rings that stupid bell again.”“Thanks.” Sara sat up and planted a quick kiss on Thuy’s left nipple, grabbed a towel and wandered off downstairs, like Thuy, Sara was completely “at home” in her nakedness, but maybe she needed something to wear to go out to the gate.In the bathroom, Thuy sprinkled some more scented oil and dried flowers on the surface of the water. She didn’t bother with bubbles – they usually only did that when türbanlı çankırı escort bayan Thuy and Andrew and the k**s were all in the bath together – it was sort of festive and fun with lots of bubbles.Thuy rinsed off under the shower and then slipped into the scented waters of the bath. From downstairs she could hear the front door open, then the clatter of the gate, and whispered conspiratorial voices. Thuy sipped some more wine and as she closed her eyes and drifted off for a short while.Moments later Sara appeared in the doorway, the towel was nowhere to be seen, her naked body always looked so breath taking.And then from behind her a young man appeared,“Hello, I’m Jacque.” he said in a clear but soft voice, “I’m sorry, but Sara was supposed to ask you before I rang the bell.” he smiled and looked only slightly apologetic.Thuy’s attention was captivated, wow he was stunning, tall and athletically well toned, despite his obvious youth, he was calm and composed.Thuy was dying to see this young man naked, but thought she should remain cool for the time being,“Oh that’s OK, we’re all used to Sara’s little surprises.” Thuy gave Sara a mock slap on the bottom since she was standing within reach.Sara stood in front of the boy and started to undress him,“Have a shower before you get into the bath will you? You have to be nice and clean to join us in here.”She tossed his shirt onto the couch in the other room as he stepped out of his pants, Sara returned to slip his boxer shorts down his perfectly rounded buttocks, the front of the shorts got hung up on his penis. Sara pulled the shorts down further and his half erect cock sprang into view,“Oh yum” Thuy was thinking as she peeked over the edge of the bath while her fingers massaged the lips of her swelling labia.“My my – what a big boy.” She said, they all laughed a bit. Sara gave the boy’s cock a friendly suck and a massage as he turned have a piss in the toilet before walking into the shower. Sara resumed her position in the bath, kissing Thuy she said, “Impressive cock isn’t it? It’s a family trait – his father was hung like a horse too.” Thuy was slightly shocked, this seemed pretty outrageous, “Have you fucked the boy’s father as well?”“Yes.” Was Sara’s simple answer. The sort of answer that brooked no further inquiry.“Oh” was Thuy’s equally succinct answer.Despite his obvious youth, Jacque was quite unfazed by the obvious attention – of course he was used to being naked with Sara, she had referred to her “young man” or young boy, on several occasions. He showered and washed himself – slowly stroking his cock with a soapy hand – he may have been relaxed and cool, but there was no hiding his erection. Even as a slack cock it was impressively large. Thuy had said to Andrew on a few occasions, that she believed that a boy’s cock was already fully formed by the age of 15, and that was her fantasy toy boy. Andrew had arranged a pretty good substitute when they met the anonymous young man for a threesome at the hotel. But Jacque was quite a bit younger than that. His circumcised head was beautifully well defined – it looked sooooo suckable.The boy finally rinsed off the soap and stood next to the bath, his cock about three quarters erect, without giving it a moments thought, Thuy reached out and took his cock in her hand a started to suck him. The bath was seductive – the aromatic air full of Jasmine and Sandalwood – the naked young man with a large cock, it was too much to resist, Thuy had often told Andrew the saying “If you put a saucer of milk in front of a kitten, then it will surely drink”. Now she was drinking, but hadn’t got to the milk – yet.As Thuy sucked his cock the boy started to push back and forth, fucking Thuy’s mouth. She loved the feeling of his cock enlarging in her mouth. She massaged his balls in her hand, he had cut his pubic hair very short, not shaved but trimmed.Sara massaged Thuy’s breasts with one hand and masturbated her pussy with the other. Thuy moaned with pleasure – this was such a good feeling. The boy kept up nice steady rhythm, not too furious but energetic enough to feel like she was being fucked. Thuy’s mouth needed a rest, she was getting a stiff jaw from holding it open so wide, she took his thick shaft with one hand and proceeded to masturbate him. Instinctively she masturbated as she did with Andrew – nice long strokes and making she paid special attention to his smooth sculpted head at the top of each stroke. The boy’s breath started to shorten, he couldn’t hold his orgasm for much longer.Thuy wanted to feel his cum shooting into her mouth – she looked up to him as she wrapped her mouth around his cock once more. She sucked him deeply down the full length of his shaft – well for most of it – and then as she drew back, the boy let out a little whimper and a shudder, as his orgasm swept through his well toned body. The head of his cock was just inside Thuy’s mouth, so the first load of sperm shot onto her tongue.“Hmm – nice taste.” Was Thuy’s first thought, but she didn’t have time to think much more – the next load of warm sperm followed quickly, Thuy had swallowed most of the first load but the third and türbanlı escort çankırı fourth bolts of semen came in quick succession,“Fuck,” Thuy thought “this boy’s like a fire hose.” Thuy struggled to swallow as fast as the semen flowed into her mouth, but with the boy’s cock was more or less filling her mouth it was almost impossible to swallow at all. Thuy sat back and let the boy’s cock slip from her mouth – he was still hard and erect. Sara held Thuy’s face in her hands and hungrily kissed her, licking and swallowing as much of the boy’s semen as she could gather. Soon the two women sat wallowing in the warm bath, wrapped in each other’s arms while the boy sat in the bath opposite them. The three of them sat submerged in scented water and chatted quietly. Thuy didn’t drink anymore wine, she wanted to keep the taste of the boy’s semen in her mouth as long as possible. Time seemed to extend forever. At one point, Sara stood up in the bath and bent forward and without a word the boy fucked her from behind. His erection was again big in every way – he fucked her pussy slow at first, and then quicker and quicker – Sara shuddered as her orgasm washed through her – she couldn’t stand any longer so she sat back in the warm water and sucked the boy to another of his fire hose orgasms. Thuy was happy to sit back and watch and masturbate – this time Sara shared the semen with the boy – a perfect Snowball, holding his cum in her mouth and then kissing him and swapping the semen back and forth. Sara kissed Thuy as a sort of consolation prize – it was nice top up the taste of his semen again.After that there wasn’t much conversation – each person was happy to float away in a sea of coital bliss. Somewhere or sometime, they decided it was time to go to bed. They toweled themselves and followed Thuy into the bedroom. Thuy lay down on her back, propped up against the bed head on a couple of pillows, her legs drawn up in a relaxing position. As the boy came closer, Thuy reached and lightly took his hand and then she held his cock – he stood closer to the bed and Thuy was pleased to feel his cock swelling again in her hand. She smiled up at him in a quiet way and spread her knees wider apart – the boy didn’t need any more hints – without a word he knelt between Thuy’s spread open legs, he took his cock in his hand and stroked it up and down along the Thuy’s excited lips, by now his cock was back to it’s full sized majesty. After a few minutes, Thuy reached forward and slowly guided his fat cock into her eagerly wet pussy.This time she wanted a long luxurious fucking – she wanted to implant the feeling of his cock deep inside her body, stretching her lips wide and filling her vagina – to feel the young boy sliding in and out of her willing body. She held her hand against his stomach to regulate his fucking – keeping it long and deep – not slow to be boring, but slow to be thoroughly fucked. Each time he pushed forward, Thuy raised her hips into his thrusting body. She lay back, closed her eyes and moaned and wallowed as she was impaled again and again. Sara lay close to Thuy, but didn’t touch her – happy to watch her friend being fucked by her other friend. Sara loved listening to Thuy’s moans of sexual ecstasy – and she masturbate herself to several fun orgasms.Thuy turned around, kneeling on the bed and tucked a folded pillow under her chest – the boy let her get settled then introduced his cock to her vagina, at first just the head then he plunged deep inside with a single push from behind – Thuy loved being fucked from behind, her first orgasm shuddered through her body – she and the boy kept fucking. On her back again, she sucked his cock and tasted her own sweet vagina fluids. Now Thuy wanted to feel the boy’s orgasm fill up her vagina with his warm sticky cum. She reached around and held his buttocks in her hands and pulled him into her body – crashing now, her body jolting with each impact. Sara thrilled watching Thuy’s breasts crash and wobble each time the boy thrust forward. The boy understood what was expected of him – soon he was tilting his head back and breathlessly uttering moans – then all of sudden he halted and Sara could see his cock pumping her friend full of his semen. Once he was finished pumping sperm, he resume fucking Thuy – not as energetically, but in a more relaxed way.Thuy cuddled up to Sara – it was nice to be holding the woamnly softness of her friend’s body, she sucked on Sara’s nipples and kissed her fleetingly and in an inter-twined tangle of naked limbs the two women fell asleep together. At some point during the wee hours of the morning, Thuy was still wrapped in Sara’s arms and was aware that the boy was fucking Sara from behind – it was a nice friendly fuck and with each thrust Thuy could feel Sara’s body give a little jolt and hear her quiet little whimpers of pleasure. Thuy smiled to herself and snuggled closer into the comfort of Sara’s bosom and fell asleep again.Nia came into the bedroom and snuggled into bed with her mother. It was school morning and she had to get ready for school. Thuy awoke in slight panic when she felt her daughter slip into bed. Soon Thuy realized that it was just she and Sara in the bed – the boy was gone. Thuy was pleased that she still had the taste of his semen in her mouth.Thuy sleepily kissed Sara asked Sara, “Where’s your friend?”Sara muttered in a sleepy voice “He left a little while ago, you’re not the only one who has to get their k**s off the school.”Thuy was drifting between sleep and waking, but remembered thinking – that was an odd thing to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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