Saving a Stranger has Rewards

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I have enjoyed writing this story and can see many chapters in the future. However, I would like your comments and feedback if you would like me to continue the story line.


My wife and I drove up to our cabin in the Catskills for a week of relaxation. The weather at this time of the year would be perfect and August is a quiet month up there.

We had bought the cabin a couple of years ago. It is in a very secluded area with no other people around us. It is a short distance to the lake which isn’t huge but is very nice and serene. We have never seen another person there and that is what makes the place terrific.

Both of us are in high pressure jobs and we needed a break or go crazy.

Lisa, my wife of twenty years is a stunning woman of 38 at 5’10”, green eyes, auburn hair that is shoulder length, legs that never stop, an ass that is inviting and a pair of tits that you could play with forever. She stays trim by running.

I, on the other hand am 5’11”, 185, brown hair, hazel eyes and am in decent shape for my 40 years. I use our treadmill when I have the time. My name is John.

We have a daughter, Jessie, who is 19 and a college student.

Anyway, it was time we recharged our batteries and headed north from Yonkers. We were in no great rush and took our time getting there.

At around 5:00 p.m. we arrived at our cabin. We put all our stuff away and Lisa and I cleaned up the place. I put some logs in the fireplace and everything was nice and cozy.

I got the grill going and we had a romantic dinner on the patio as we listened to the peace and quiet.

We turned in early that night and had our bathing suits and stuff ready for tomorrow at the lake. We weren’t nudists but did enjoy taking the sun without clothes on.

In the morning, we had our breakfast, got into our bathing suits and headed down to the lake.

We put our stuff in our usual place along the shoreline and laid on the blanket to soak in the sun. The quietness was deafening.

Before long, I started playing with Lisa and before we knew it she was naked and I was getting on top of her when I pulled my suit off. My hard cock was already poised at her slit. She spread her lips a bit and allowed my cock easy access to her cunt. It didn’t take long for my cock to be fully seated in her cunt.

I started fucking her and we were enjoying ourselves when we heard screaming. I looked around and saw a woman in the lake that was in trouble.

I jumped up and ran into the lake and swam out to the woman. Lisa followed me and I reached the woman as she was going under. Lisa managed to join me and we both were able to get her to shore safely.

We tried to calm the woman down and told her she was going to be ok. It was at that time Lisa and I realized we were both naked but continued working on her.

We almanbahis finally got the woman settled and calmed down. She told us her name was Cathy and she was up here alone and got a cramp and panicked.

We told her she was ok now. We told her we would take her up to our cabin so she could rest.

Lisa and I apologized to Cathy for our being naked and we threw towels around us and took our stuff and led Cathy to the cabin.

When we got to the cabin Lisa and I threw on some old clothes but were still naked underneath.

Lisa told Cathy to get out of her wet bathing suit and gave her a coverup to wear to be more comfortable.

Lisa made coffee and asked Cathy to sit in the living room. I asked her what she was doing up here. She said that she just bought a small bungalow on the other side of the lake and this was her first trip here.

She told us that she was a widow and that her husband was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago. She said she was 36 and had one child, an 18 year old son. She also said that she lived in the Bronx, which was a stones throw from where we lived.

She couldn’t thank us enough for saving her. She said she got a leg cramp and just panicked. She said she thought it was meant for us to meet.

The three of us chatted for quite awhile. We invited her to stay for dinner and she accepted.

As we talked, I started laughing and both asked what was so funny.

I told Lisa and Cathy that I could only imagine what Cathy thinks of us rescuing her while we were naked.

Cathy smiled and said she didn’t realize Lisa and I were naked until we were on the shore. She continued by saying that she thought her eyes were playing tricks but was glad when she realized they weren’t. Cathy then said that she was happy with what she saw. Then she said that she we could rescue her anytime without clothes on.

After dinner, we invited Cathy to stay the night as her bungalow was on the other side of the lake and it was getting late.

Cathy thought about it and said she didn’t have anything to wear. Lisa told her she could give her something of hers or, if she was like us, she could sleep naked. Cathy smiled and said that she used to sleep naked with her husband but hasn’t in awhile but maybe tonight she would start again and we all laughed.

It was around midnight when we turned in. Lisa set up the guest room for Cathy and we went to our bedroom.

That night, Lisa and I made love and tried to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb Cathy. After Lisa and I finished fucking, she went to the bathroom and as she passed Cathy’s room, she heard noises and peeked in the door opening.

Lisa watched as Cathy was masturbating and stayed until Cathy had multiple orgasms then quietly left without ever using the bathroom.

When she got back to our bedroom, Lisa told me what almanbahis adres she saw. I asked her if she enjoyed the show and she said she did and laughed.

Lisa and I fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

The next morning we all got up and we asked Cathy how she was. Cathy said she felt terrific and thanked us again for everything.

After breakfast, Cathy said she was going back to her bungalow. Lisa asked her if she would like to spend the day with us. She told her that we were just going to lay on our towels at the lake and take the sun.

Cathy said she would like that and said ok.

We then put our bathing suits on and headed to the lake. We got everything set up and laid on the towels. Cathy was between Lisa and myself on her own towel.

After a few minutes, Cathy asked if she could ask us something. We told her she could. Then Cathy asked how did we manage to be naked when we rescued her.

I looked at Lisa and Lisa just simply said, “Cathy, just before we heard your screams, my husband was just starting to fuck me.”

Cathy looked at Lisa, “You mean, I ruined your getting laid? I am so sorry.”

Then Cathy continued by saying, “Look, I am not a prude or anything but if you two want to continue where you left off, feel free to do so. I will take a stroll along the path until you are done.”

Lisa responded, “Cathy, that is very nice of you but if you wanted to stay while we finish what we started, you can. It wouldn’t bother me and I know it wouldn’t bother John either. We are both exhibitionists of sort.

Cathy just smiled and with that, sat up and removed her bikini top and let her big tits fall free and then laid back down.

John looked over at Cathy and complimented her. Lisa saw and then sat up and removed her bikini top.

My cock was ready to burst through my bathing suit when Cathy asked me to put some sunscreen on her. I moved to her, put some sunscreen on my hands and rubbed it on her back. Then she asked if I would do her front. I looked at Lisa who nodded an ok and soon my hands were rubbing sunscreen on Cathy’s tits and nipples.

Then Lisa yelled out, “I need some sunscreen on me too.”

Cathy quickly said she would do it and got up and went over to Lisa. She put sunscreen on her hands and started rubbing it on Lisa’s back. Then Lisa rolled over and Cathy started rubbing the stuff all over Lisa’s tits and nipples.

I couldn’t take it any longer and removed my bathing suit. My cock was rigid and both women noticed.

Cathy came over to me and rubbed some sunscreen on my balls. Then she knelt down and grabbed my shaft and moved her mouth over it and started sucking my cock.

My hands were all over Cathy’s tits. Then I moved my hands down to her bikini bottom and pulled it off of her.

Her pussy was smooth and I could see her wetness.

It almanbahis giriş didn’t take long before I told her I was cumming. I finally shot my load into her mouth and Lisa and I watched as she swallowed every drop.

While Cathy was finishing me off, Lisa had removed her bikini bottom and moved closer to Cathy.

My wife put her arms around Cathy and turned Cathy to face her. In an instant the two women were locked in an embrace kissing.

This was the first time I ever saw my wife with another woman and it immediately got my cock hard again.

I watched as the two of them made love and rubbed their pussies together. Then Cathy started masturbating Lisa.

Lisa’s legs were spread wide and gave Cathy complete access to her cunt. Soon, Cathy’s tongue was deep inside Lisa’s cunt.

It didn’t take long before Lisa had orgasm after orgasm. Lisa even squirted, something I have never seen her do.

When everything subsided. Lisa asked Cathy if she would like to stay with us. Cathy smiled and said she would.

The rest of the day the three of us had great sex before we headed back to our cabin to continue our fun.

After we got back to the cabin, we showered and all three of us stayed naked.

I made dinner and we had plenty of wine as well. We discussed the day and Cathy said she just wanted to show her appreciation for everything

That night, the three of us slept in one bed and I fucked both women as they laid side by side, going from one cunt right into the other cunt.

I had both women on all fours and fucked them doggie style as they were besides each other.

While I rested, the women put on a dream show for me. My wife was like an animal in heat and her and Cathy played with each other for most of the night.

This went on for the rest of the week.

When it was time for us to come home, Cathy thanked us for everything. She then asked when we would be coming up again.

We told her we didn’t know. She then asked if we would be interested in continuing the relationship. We told her we would. She then told us that her 18 year old son would love to join us. She said that he has a huge cock and that Cathy lets him fuck her all the time.

Lisa and I were surprised but told her we would think about it and let her know. We exchanged telephone numbers and we said our goodbyes.

On the way home, Lisa and I discussed the week. I asked her about her being with Cathy and she said it wasn’t planned but she enjoyed it immensely.

She asked about my fucking Cathy and I was honest and told her she was a good lay.

Then Lisa asked me if I would be upset if I let Cathy’s son fuck her. I told her it wouldn’t since I fucked Cathy.

At that point we decided to move ahead and tell Cathy to bring her son up the next time.

We then looked at each other with the same thought. “What was it like to have a son fuck his own mother?”

I told Lisa that it would be like me fucking Jessie. It would be incest and wrong but something that is tempting.

Lisa then asked me, “What if we bring Jessie with us on the next trip?”

Chapter 2?

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