Saving Water

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Bright sunlight flooded the living room, but Josh was glad to be out of the searing heat and reunited with the air conditioning. Panting heavily he leaned on the leather sofa, and dutifully stretched his legs. The muscles in his thighs continued to burn, and Josh had some trouble catching his breath.

‘Nicely done, sweetheart’, Meredith patted him on the back. ‘I think you’re getting better.’

She had already regained control of her own breathing and was watching Josh bemusedly, who grunted and looked over at Meredith’s stretching routine. He couldn’t help but marvel at her unique body, at her unique beauty.

Meredith was quite slim and dark-skinned, and her sleeveless top effectively showcased her toned arms. Curvy she wasn’t, by no means. No, her breasts were decidedly humble though perky, and she had very little in terms of bum or hips. Easily most notable about her appearance were Meredith’s legs, or rather what remained of her legs.

A fateful day’s rock climbing had resulted in the loss of the majority of two of Meredith’s limbs. Her right leg stump only extended maybe four inches from her torso, while her other leg was significantly longer, ending just above where the knee had once been. At the moment she was wearing a pair of brand-new running prosthetics called blades. There were made of light-weight carbon and extremely springy, allowing Meredith to reach rather impressive speeds.

Meredith was stretching by placing one of her blades on the coffee table and pressing down on it with her hands. Although she tried to stay still, Josh could see her bouncing up and down a little due to the sporty prosthetics. Meredith rarely displayed her disability so openly, preferring long trousers or skirts, but even she had to admit that shorter, tighter pants were ideal for running in the summer.

With a little jump, she switched legs. Josh let go of the sofa, before walking around it and falling into the cushions with a sigh of relief.

‘Oy, don’t sit there! You’re all sweaty!’ Meredith pointed an accusing finger.

‘Yeah? You should have thought of that before making me take the long way round.’

‘What a crybaby,’ but she had to smile. ‘You aren’t done, anyway. You should take your stretching seriously or you’ll get sore muscles.’

‘Too late. I don’t think I can get back up again, ever. You’ll need to take care of me.’

‘Moron,’ Meredith shook her head.

Josh grinned, and grabbed his water bottle. His was feeling beyond parched, and had to take care not to finish it immediately. Meredith had soon finished her little routine, and came closer. She took pulled a scrunchie from her ponytail, and shook loose her long, black hair.

‘So? How are they?’ Josh asked looking at the artificial limbs.

‘So awesome,’ Meredith jumped in place, apparently without any effort whatsoever. ‘It’s like being on a trampoline or something.’

Josh handed her the water bottle, and Meredith drank greedily. Josh examined Meredith closely.

‘Any swelling?’

This was always a problem with wearing her legs for a long time, and sports usually made it worse.

‘Yeah a little, but they held out really long this time.’

She discarded the empty water bottle and bent down to Josh.

‘Now stop changing the subject, and get off my leather sofa, smelly.’

She took Josh by the hands and leaned back. Reluctantly Josh let himself be pulled.

With the prosthetics on Meredith was about the same height as her boyfriend, and grabbing his hips she pulled him closer.



‘You’re hurting my feelings. I think I’ll need a kiss to get over it.’

Josh puckered his lips, but all he got was a peck on the cheek.

‘Join me in the shower then,’ Meredith said, and Uşak Escort skipped off to the bathroom.

The couple’s apartment was designed to be accessible, spacious and flat, in order to make it possible for Meredith to use a wheelchair as well, even though she rarely did so. In the bathroom this was probably most notable. There were plastic handles everywhere helping Meredith to get around, and the sinks and the toilet were very low down, much like what you’d get in schools.

Josh took off his sweaty shirt and flung it into a laundry hamper. Briefly, he glanced at his naked upper body in the mirror. Even after all the exercising he did with Meredith he was exceptionally skinny. He ran his hand through his blonde locks. About time for a haircut. He shrugged, knowing he’d probably put it off for at least another week.

Meredith had sat down on the edge of the bathtub and was fumbling with one of her legs’ locking mechanism. She released the deadlock, and there was an audible click. With a look of great relief, she pulled off her right leg. A sock remained on her very short limb with a metal rod on the end that had docked with the prosthetic. Slowly she peeled off the sock as well, revealing her bare, round stump. Aside from the missing leg, the only trace of the surgery was a very neat line, which ran straight across it. Meredith sighed, and massaged her stump a little, glad that it could finally breathe again, before moving on to her second prosthetic.

Soon both of her stumps were free, and Meredith wriggled them for improved circulation and began to undress as well. Her top and sports bra were still soaked with sweat, but the stump socks were probably worse. Josh, already naked, helped to steady her when it was time to remove her shorts and panties.

‘Ready?’ he asked as usual.

‘Yup,’ Meredith put her arms around Josh, and he lifted her up from where she’d been sitting. Even with her legs, Meredith had never been heavy, which was rather a blessing for her rather lithe boyfriend. Her petite breasts were pressed up against Josh’s body, and she could feel his hands firmly, securely holding her bottom. He carried her through the bathroom and into the shower. It was quite large, and the couple had had a wall-mounted plastic seat installed for Meredith, so that she didn’t have to sit on the floor. A set of handles allowed her to climb up all by herself, but now Josh simply placed her right into the seat.

Meredith actually found it quite comfortable, although the fact that it had a circular whole just below her bum had felt rather strange at first. She turned on the water, and let out a little screech, before the stream turned reached a more tolerable temperature. Josh stepped closer, until they were both under the comforting, soothing warmth. Meredith could see the tension Josh muscles had built up slowly evaporate, and his posture became more slumped and relaxed.

‘Poor boy,’ she said, unable to keep a straight face. ‘Am I being too hard on you?’

‘So hard,’ he said and pouted. ‘I’m not sure if you can ever make it up to me.’

Meredith raised her eyebrows.

‘You want me to give it a try though, don’t you.’


Meredith’s eyes narrowed.

‘Maybe you should get that kiss now,’ she said, as though she was considering it very carefully.

Josh smiled, and leaned in closer, placing his hands on Meredith’s hips. She brushed aside a few strands of his now almost straight, wet hair, grabbed the back of his head, and pressed her lips against his, parting them, and began to explore with her tongue. Slowly at first, teasingly, luring his own tongue, forcing him to grow bold, and to join in with the intimate dance. They lost themselves in each other and the warmth, became Uşak Escort Bayan nothing but the kiss.

A finger bored into Josh’ chest, and pushed him away, and he opened his eyes to stare at a broad, mischievous smile.

‘Would look at that. You’re all better,’ she pinched his cheek. ‘If you want to make yourself useful, you could always soap me up.’

‘As m’lady wishes’ Josh curtsied dramatically.

He turned away, and reached for a the little porcelain tray. Quickly Meredith bent down, and, as well as she was able to from her position, slapped Josh’s bum before giggling like a school girl.

‘Someone’s in a good mood.’

‘I might not be the only one,’ Meredith glanced meaningfully at Josh’s manhood, which was beginning to make known its interest in proceedings.

‘Hands up,’ Josh said.

He directed the water away from Meredith, and a little shiver came over her, relieved almost immediately by Josh’s warm, soapy hands. He started with her shoulders, and his fingers carefully traced her back and ran along her spine, causing a not at all unpleasant tingling to spread from the point of his touch.

Meredith reached out herself, and ever so gently cupped her lover’s genitals. The response was a twitch. Josh had reached Meredith’s front and took great care indeed cleaning the now very slippery pair of tits. Meredith leaned forwards as far as she dared, and lightly placed her lips on Josh’s neck. Two fingers circled her nipple. Coarse and sensitive from rubbing against a tight and sweaty sports bra during their run, they responded right away, turning rigid, and an unexpected, little moan interrupted Meredith’s soft kiss.

Josh bent his knees enough so he could place both hands on the mangled remains of his girlfriend’s legs, and squeezed, watching her lips quiver from the sensation. He continued with rhythmic, circular motions, and could watch Meredith melt before his eyes, arching her back, and firmly holding onto her handles. She shifted her weight, and with a little effort parted her stumps invitingly.

Josh pressed the back of his fingers against the moist labia, and very slowly moved them up and down. He too moaned softly now, and Meredith’s lay a single finger on the tip of Josh’s manhood. It squirmed excitedly, and she placed it between her forefinger and thumb.

Josh, suddenly frozen in place, took a deep breath. Meredith took Josh’s hand’s and guided them away from her, then pulled him up a little, so he was once again standing up straight.

‘Closer,’ she said, eyeing the throbbing member hungrily.

Josh’s hands were now trembling, and he took a step forward, and began to lovingly stroke her long hair again, just as she very firmly grasped his shaft. Her fingernail traveled its entire length, and Josh winced when it reached the tip.

‘Wow,’ she said, and lifted her finger.

Already pre-ejaculate was dripping from it, and Meredith licked her finger, before grabbing Josh’s arse and bringing the helplessly twitching penis right up to her mouth. The kiss was long and wet, and Meredith made sure to lap up any excess fluids.

She could feel Josh’s hands, now desperately digging into her shoulders, and she looked up to see his clenched jaw, as he held himself back with unfathomable willpower.

Meredith took the twitching member into her mouth, and her head began to move. Back and forth. Very slowly. Stopping whenever the excitement seemed to get the better of her plaything. Her tongue was dancing all around this new, welcome invader, licking him all over, covering him in saliva, eagerly tasting every inch of the erect member.

She pulled back, and there was a flicker of uncertainty in her expression. Josh gave her a wistful look.

‘W-we could Escort Uşak give it another try,’ Meredith’s voice was small.

Josh needed a couple of seconds to calm down. He avoided her gaze, but gave her a little nod.

‘Yeah sure,’ he said. ‘Why not.’

‘Don’t say it like that, it’ll be fun,’ Meredith feigned indignation.

‘Sorry,’ Josh laughed.

He grabbed a foam swimming board, which had been leaning against the wall, and put it down on the shower floor. Meredith, using her arms and the handles, skilfully clambered down from her little seat, lowering herself until she could reach the floor with the longer stump, then using it to sit down safely. She quickly scooted across the wet tiles, over to Josh.

‘Little monkey,’ he smiled.

Meredith placed both of her hands on the floor, and her left stump on the swimming board, allowing her to raise her small bottom. She tried to shake it enticingly, and had to giggle. Josh knelt down behind her.

‘Cute,’ he said, and gave her a hefty slap right on the bum.

Meredith bit her lip, but couldn’t stop a little moan.

‘Oh. Like it, do you?’ he sounded delighted.

Meredith’s shorter stump was dangling in the air, and she extended it backwards, not quite far enough to reach Josh’s area of intimacy.

Firmly he grabbed hold of her cheeks, massaged them, prised them apart, bent down to kiss and worship Meredith’s toned behind. The tip of his penis playfully traced her crack, and lightly bumped her soft, wet lady parts.

His hand reached the left stump, and Josh could feel it trembling, the muscles tense and hot.

‘I’m fine,’ she said.


And Josh slid inside of her, as her sex parted willingly, invitingly, putting up no resistance. He shuffled closer, and Meredith whimpered.

‘More,’ she said.

Carefully he thrust, and the couple moaned as one. Again. Meredith shook. Every movement let loose a tiny gust of ecstasy, which travelled all the way through her minute body, left her trembling, helpless before a slowly building storm of pleasure.

Josh sped up. Natural lubricant was dripping down, mixing with soapy water, and with every thrust he grew more forceful. Their wet bodies slammed into each other time and time again, faster and faster, and neither felt in control, no longer could they tame the gale of pleasure.

Josh’s knees were killing him, and Meredith’s thigh was burning fiercely, but they hardly noticed.

‘Go on! Go on! Faster Deeper!’ Meredith wanted more, wanted to take it all.

Their bodies moved as one now, danced, helplessly swept up in the relentless joy of every new sensation, each surpassing the last, building upon each other, growing stronger and stronger, blocking out any pain, any exhaustion, blocking out everything that wasn’t pure, unadulterated pleasure.

‘Gah!’ they screamed in unison.

The climax was a tornado of feeling, of tension released in a rush of sensation, and the couple let go and arrived together, spasms of ecstasy accompanied pain flooding back in.


Meredith rolled to her side, grabbing her stump, pulling it towards her.

‘Oops,’ Josh sank down next to her, his manhood still twitching, releasing ever more of his hot secretions.

‘Oh my god!’

Meredith’s body was trembling violently as pain and ecstasy reached new heights.

Then came the calm. Panting heavily she let go of her stump. Her face was a mixture of bliss and shock, and looking utterly exhausted she turned to her boyfriend.

‘Cramp,’ she explained.

Josh placed his hand on her face, and tenderly kissed her lips.

‘Poor you,’ he said.

‘Worth it…,’ Meredith hadn’t quite caught her breath yet. ‘But next time… the bed.’

Josh continued to stroke her face. He didn’t want to move. The floor was hard and wet, and sweat, soap and all-new bodily fluids were creating a rather unique aroma, but he had no desire to move from this spot.

‘Fine,’ he said, and kissed her forehead. ‘Wherever you like.’

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