Saying bye to my student

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Saying bye to my studentThe year was over and I took my students out for a drink. We had a great time and went from bar to bar. It was an international programme so it was a nice mix of African,Latin American and Asian. More than half women and I must say pretty good looking. I had caught myself a few times staring at their bodies in summer when t-shirts and skinny jeans would sketch the outline of their curves. They were all in their early twenties and for some this was th first time outside their country. I’ shy with women so often had to resort to wanking in the university toilets to release the pressure and not to walk around with a tent in my pants. As the night went on, the group became smaller and smaller. We.ended up in one of my favorite late night places. A piano bar, with a duplex upstairs from where you can see the action but nobody can see you. We were all slightly tipsy and before I. Knew it I was alone with Ingrid, a sweet Peruvian lady. We were the only once left upstairs and agreed to have one final drink before hitting the road. She was waring a semi see through shirt that showed of a nice black bra cupping two small handfuls. Time was flying but we were having a ball. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and left me staring at the crowd downstairs. She was away for ages and I had started to wonder if she had stood me up. I heard a cough behind me. She was standing behind me smiling .. My mouth dropped. She had removed her black bra and in the semi darkness I could see her nipples poke through standing on top of two very firm and perky boobs. She behaved as if nothing had changed and we both sat down again. I had made the mistake of wearing my summer cotton pants and had to cross my legs as to hold back my cock, who was trying everything possible to show himself . She was talking about the fact that she had really enjoyed my class and was sad to go back home. Life is not the same. Can’t do anything as a young woman. Conservative. I was loosing half of her sentences. She was leaning back in her seat, letting her nipples do part of the talking. I knew her almanbahis giriş as a very shy girl in class and did not want to do anything that I would regret. She disappeared to the toilet again and I could not let my eye off the door wandering what was going to happen next. She walked back in slowly, she had unbuttoned the two top buttons showing a nice cleavage. She said nothing but stared straight at me. I tried to get up but she gently pushed me back in my seat, lifted her skirt and set down on my lap. Tell me to stop she whispered. I know this should not happen. She gently kissed my neck and moved up to my ear. She smelled incredibly and I buried my nose into her skin. She whispered again that she did not want to stop. I was speechless but put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her lips onto mine. This was incredible. Her whole body came into motion, her hands and lips were all over me. From my student she had turned into one of the most horny, sexy girls I had seen in a long time. Se sat down on my groin and I could feel her freeze as she could feel my dick pushing against her jeans. She let out a short ow, looked up and slowly pushed down further grabbing my head and pushing me forward towards her titties, stopping short of letting,me touch them. I tried to each for her nipple but she held me back while gently jiggling them in front of me. This was so fucking erotic that I could feel my cock pulsing and pushing against my zipper. She felt it, she looked and her finger ran down my chest towards my pants. I was panicking, we’re in a bar I hissed. She put her hand over my mouth and continued her journey downward. The tip of her finger walked over my dick and she gently squeezed it with two. Wow, she whispered. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed back my zipper far enough for my dickhead to pop out. She grabbed it and let her fingers run little circles. I had some pre-cum oozing out. She laughed, picked up some of it, smeared it on her lips, and let her tongue lick it up. I want you, I want you before I go. I can’t go home without knowing what it is, almanbahis güvenilirmi she whispered in my ear. Pleeeease. She as gorgeous and my mind was blurred by now. I nodded. The last line was crossed. She pulled back her skirt and showed me a nice shaven cunt. She had taken of her panties the last time she went to the toilet. Her pussy lips were glistering and slightly swollen. She took my hand and brought it down so I could just touch her lips with the tip of my fingers. She moved her hips and one finger got literally sucked up. It was moist and warm. She closed her eyes as I tried to open her pussy further and gently pulled her lips apart. I had found her clit. Small but pointy and hard. I tapped it which sent shivers through her body and I could hear her moan and starting to breath heavily. Pleeeease fuck me. Here, I stuttered. She looked down at the bar scene below and said yes, i can’t wait. She unzipped my pants, moved up and guided my dick towards her pussy. She let my dickhead run up and down her pussylips. I couldn’t wait anymore and tried to push up. She held me back. Be gently, it’s my first time. What, I gasped? You really want me and this bar to be your first time? Yes, I’ve been wanting this all year. This is my last chance. Please fuck me. With that she slowly lowered her body down and gently pushed my dick inside. It was tight and I could feel she was nervous. I took control and slowly moved my dick round in little circles. And each few rounds, pushed a little deeper. I could see it hurts. She was bloody tight. My cock however was enjoying the squeeze and was throbbing. I had to hold back. She tried to control her breathing. She looked at pushed down hard. As I felt my dickhead breaking through , a scream escaped her mouth and she tensed up again. You want me to stop? No, no, fuck me, I want you to cum inside. Now, please. I tried to increase the rhythm and played with her clit to soften her up. The pain was slowly making place for moans and she was quickly picking up speed. Man, she was pushing down so hard now, still having a very almanbahis yeni giriş tight pussy that it felt she was milking me. I had to hold on to her hips not to loose her. She pushed my head between her boobs. I had lost all sense of place and time. I bit her nipples through her shirt and she moaned harder each time I did it. Cum please. Harder, harder, … I had never encountered a girl that liked it so rough. I swung her legs over my arms and pushed her back so I could push deeper. I was getting out of breath as I was trying to keep up with her. My cum was definitely not going to wait much longer. Suddenly, we heard cheers break out downstairs. We both glanced over and realized the whole bar was watching and encouraging us. I looked at her but she begged me not to stop. Another couple had come up, lifted her skirt and started fucking her from behind with her tits dangling over the balustrade. Two young guys had walked up to us and had their cocks out, wanking them right in front of us. Ingrid looked shocked but was too far gone now to stop as she kept riding me as hard as she could. The guy next to her had moved in so close that she could almost touch his cock. She gasped and put her mouth around his dick. The guy gave me a big smile as she was going up and down his shaft. This was beyond my wildest dreams and I could not help but getting turned on even more. The other guy had closed in on me and I was staring at a beautiful 8 inch dick with a bright red dick head. I had never touched a cock but my own . I clearly had no control anymore and slowly parted my lips. I gagged as he pushed his cock down my throat. He tried to pull back but I grabbed it and started sucking it as hard as I could. I had seen the odd porn movie but the feeling of my cock up her dripping pussy pumping up and down and this cock in my mouth was too much. I pushed forward and had load after load shooting up her pussy. I could hear her scream in excitement and she started shaking as the orgasms worked their way up and down her body. I lashed on to the guy’s dick and in a few seconds I felt cum swelling up. It was a weird taste but I swallowed as much as I could. Ingrid was licking the other guy dry in the meantime. I looked down, and the whole bar had turned into one big orgy. Ingrid looked at me. Thanks, I did not know it was this much fun. Lets go to your place and continu…

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