Scarlet Temptation

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I see you looking in my direction but I pretend not to notice. I take another sip of wine and laugh at some vacuous joke, as if my full attention is with those old friends of your parents I’m standing with. But it’s not. I know it’s not, and my pretending doesn’t fool you at all.

The elderly gent next to me paws my arm and asks me a question about myself. I talk glibly about my job, my cat, my flat and you. There’s never any escaping you. I can sense you less than thirty feet away, leaning against that pillar by the buffet, your arms folded and that enigmatic smile on your face. Your eyes bore into me. I can feel your thoughts tearing through the silk I’m wearing until I’m standing naked, aroused and longing for your touch.

You know I want you.

Two hours ago you zipped me into this very dress. You’d patiently waited in almost every fitting room in London while I looked for the perfect one, shrugging at people in resignation as they gave you sympathetic smiles. I knew I’d found it when I came out to show you the flimsy red silk clinging to my curves and you suddenly sat up straighter, unable to tear your eyes away from me. The sense of power over you was intoxicating, and we barely made it back to the flat before we fucked each other senseless.

The best money you’d ever spent on a dress, you said.

I’m remembering it now, as I know you are. Those memories are more real than the polite conversation tinkling around me. Your aunt, so prim and proper with her antique pearls and ramrod-straight back, is extolling the virtues of good table linen. I nod and make assenting noises with my throat but elsewhere I can feel your hands and lips sliding down my body, seeking out places to make me gasp with pleasure. Your tongue circles one of my nipples, so so lightly that the pleasure is excruciating and then you blow over it, making me shiver and whimper for more.

I catch your eye across the room and you blush.

You’re thinking of me. I knew you would be. I made sure of it when I let you see that I wasn’t wearing any underwear under this dress. A pair of lacy hold-up stockings and that’s everything. You could take me at any time you wanted, touch me intimately right here and now if you chose and you’re thinking of doing it all the time. This very polite and well-mannered gathering would die of shock if they knew our secret and that just fuels our fire.

Your mother calls me over. I excuse myself and move across the room, knowing that your eyes are following me every step of the way. The silk brushes against my skin, sensual caresses of fabric that make me long for you even more. You can see me better from here. I’m introduced to someone I’m sure I’ve met before somewhere and before I know where I am, he trots me out onto the floor to dance.

I know you’ll be there in an instant, cutting in to waltz with me yourself. I remember the dreaded dance lessons at school when we were taught the steps, feeling your erection grow as you ‘accidentally’ brushed against me: back-two-three, side-two-three. I hadn’t realised you felt that way about me until then, but now I am certain you do. You’re in such tantalising proximity when we dance. It’s only a matter of time.

Your hand slides across my back, holding escort şişli me close as we revolve around the floor. Neither of us is good at this sort of dancing, but it doesn’t matter. I whisper what I’d like to do to you in your ear. Your breathing is suddenly short. You’re tense, ready to spring. I can feel it. I rub your arm lightly and you close your eyes for a moment and give an almost imperceptible moan. Your hand moves slowly down towards my arse and my breath catches. I’m imagining you parting my cheeks and using your fingers to drive me wild. Your pelvis jerks towards mine with similar imaginings.

This is a game where neither of us wins: or perhaps both of us do.

We finish the dance in the far corner of the room, and I stretch up to kiss your cheek in a signal I know you’ll recognise. You turn to look at me and I can see your eyes have darkened. I’m so aroused. The naughtiness of it all, the chances of getting caught all add to the heady atmosphere of lust we share. Outwardly, we’re always so very respectable. No one would ever guess that I’m naked underneath this glamorous designer gown and achingly wet for you.

No time to make love; not this time. I want you to fuck me. Hard.

You turn to follow me, but at once you’re accosted by a relative who hasn’t seen you for years. The frustration you’re fighting to keep off your face is almost funny. Your smile is a forced mask of blandness, but your fists clench at your side. I wink at you and slip through the door into the hallway.

My heart is beating quickly. Why aren’t you here yet? The seconds drag past. You could fit my parent’s whole house in this hallway. I always feel like a princess when I come down those stairs in an evening gown, but tonight I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be your whore.

At last, you’re here: breathless and gorgeously annoyed. I love you when you’re like this. You grab me in your arms at once and kiss me. No peck on the cheek like the enforced innocence in the party, but a deep kiss that tells me you want to devour me whole like I want you to. Our bodies meld together, and I can feel every glorious inch of you through your tux. Your hands are busy, groping my tits and then beginning to slide my dress up. Your fingers creep up my leg, pausing to stroke along my stocking edge before delving higher, and brushing my clit.

I gasp. You can’t. Not here. It’s too public and you know it.

You grab my hand and pull me further down the hall until we’re inside your father’s study. We could still get caught, but neither of us care by now. You tangle your hand in my hair, and kiss me with abandon once more. My hands are already on your jacket, pulling it off your shoulders and then attacking your tie and shirt. I need to feel you: skin on skin. I can’t breathe without you.

I feel the zipper on my dress descending, and without warning the whole thing pools to the floor around my feet. You stand back. I can see your eyes travel admiringly around my body: from the ever-present high heels on my feet, up my legs. You like to look, so I let you. You linger a moment on my stockings, and I know then you’ll want me to keep them on when you fill me. The throb between my legs aches more and I rub my thighs together taksim escort bayan impatiently. Your gaze burns into my breasts, down my stomach, back to the point between my legs that twitches when you linger there.

You reach for me, and suddenly your lips are at my neck, nipping and sucking delicious torment. I rip away the last of your clothing and sigh as our bodies press together at last. You back into an armchair and pull me on top of you, as we kiss frantically. Your hands are everywhere, pulling my legs so that I’m straddling your lap with your erection straining against me.

Your hands are at my breasts again, and I writhe against you, rubbing my slit up and down your cock. You’re not inside me yet, but it feels so good. You bend your head, suckling and biting my aching nipples whilst your hands travel downwards to tantalise my clit. You could bring me off so easily like this, but I don’t let you this time.

I grin at you and slide down off the chair onto my knees before you. It’s your turn now and I like being in control. I love watching your face as I tentatively lick your cock with one smooth, slow stroke of my tongue, twisting it over the head. Your eyes are shut now, your head tipped back against the chair and I hear you groan. There’s no time to tease. I slide my mouth down your length, sucking and settling quickly into a rhythm. Your breath quickens with my pace and your cock becomes harder than ever. I can taste you. Your fingers grasp at my shoulders and your eyes fly wide open. You don’t want to come this way tonight.

I smile at you, your cock still filling my mouth, and you run your hand through my hair. I can feel you shaking with the effort of stopping, and I reluctantly let my tongue stroke its way back up to the tip. You slide down to join me, kissing me madly. You want to fuck me, and usher me to my knees, spreading my legs apart and leaning me forwards over the chair. I love it when you fuck me like this.

My arse is in the air. If anyone walked in they’d see me in my full glory but the door stays closed for now. You part my cheeks and your finger slides forward, stroking my slit and finding its home. Two fingers, three… I’m ready, I groan. I wiggle my arse pushing against your fingers, whimpering for you.

You’re leaning over me now, one hand pumping inside me, the other groping a breast. Then you let go. I can feel your cock, hard and ready, prodding against my entrance.

Fuck me. Please, fuck me! I’m begging, and gasping and crying. I can’t wait any more.

Suddenly you slam into me. Your cock fills me completely, knocking the breath out of me, but it feels so good. My muffled cries of relief echo your own. We’re one, at last. I wriggle my hips, loving the full feeling of you inside me. My nerves are ablaze with sensation already…but we’re not done yet.

You hold my hips, fingers digging in to my flesh and pull back. The loss is immediate, but I’ve no time to think before you thrust back into me again and again. Harder. You speed up, pounding faster I cry aloud, muffling my sounds in the cushion. We’re too near the party to be as vocal as I want to be; someone might hear. The thought makes me wetter.

Your breathing is ragged; mine too. One şişli eskort hand lets go of my hip and slides around me, rubbing my clit in maddening rhythm with your thrusts. I gasp and close my eyes, lost in the sensations you’re creating in me, creeping closer and closer to the elusive pitch of pleasure. You know I am, and you lean forwards, along my back, your thrusting slowing momentarily as you palm my tits and nibble the spot on my neck that always makes me shiver. A whispered idea and I smile.

There’s a real emptiness when you pull out of me, but it’s not for long. You’re stretched out on the floor already, waiting for me. I straddle you quickly, holding your cock in one hand and then sliding down your length in one movement. You’re mine now. I squeeze my inner muscles possessively around your dick, and you moan out loud, your eyes locked with mine in perfect understanding.

I know I’m not going to last long when I begin to ride you. I’m so close already and your cock is rubbing against my trembling nerves. I’m fucking you as hard as I can, slamming down onto your cock until you cry out with the delicious agony that craves release. My tits bounce wildly with my efforts, and you grin. You love my tits and that turns me on. Your hands are there in an instant, squeezing them and sending tremors through me. I’m almost there! Leaning forwards, we kiss breathlessly, sharing a smile for a moment before I speed up. You pinch my nipples, and suddenly my world shatters. My cunt erupts into spasming bliss, every nerve and fibre of my body shaking with pleasure. I’m crying out incoherently now, and you’re grinning bashfully, just like a little boy who’s just won a longed-for championship at school.

I start to calm and look at you through narrowed eyes. It’s all very well being the gentleman, but there’s something missing right now. You chuckle and roll us over, pinning me to the carpet beneath you. It’s obviously time for round two. I’m tighter now, and you’re close. There’s laughter from somewhere outside in the garden and my brain dimly registers that the party must have spilled out there. You grunt and drive into me. We’ve got to be quick.

God! From nowhere, it’s building up inside me again, that knot of delicious tension hasn’t gone away at all. You’re lost now, face screwed tight as you struggle for your own release, slamming your hips into mine in a last desperate quest for pleasure. My fingers caress your hot back, feeling the taut muscles twitch as I pass by. I grab your arse with both hands, pulling you deeper into me. I can feel you beginning to shake, the rhythm lost in a final frantic frenzy of desire. You’re there. You stiffen, jerking your passion deep inside me and hoarsely groaning out your relief. Our movement slows and you collapse breathlessly against me, still keeping us joined for a little longer.

I smile at you, and brush your hair back off your forehead. You’re surrounded by a happy haze of sleepiness and bliss; content and satisfied. You nuzzle into me, holding me in your arms, muttering words of love, and hoping that I know how much you mean them.

The noises outside intrude on us, and you raise your eyebrows with regret. I laugh, and roll my eyes. There’ll be no disguising this afterglow of sex at the party, but we have to go back…

I retrieve my dress, but before I can get back into it, you give me one of your mischievous looks. We’ve got time for a quick shower first to clean up. Would I care to join you?

You need to ask?

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