School with Tiffany Ch. 01

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My name is Sam and I am a married man who dearly loves his wife. I mean dearly! She is really the best thing that has ever happened to me, but unfortunately, I love sex. I love women. Not just one woman, but women. Now, I know that I’m a bit of an asshole for saying that, but I’m just being honest.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My wife and I have a great sex life. It is frequent and definitely not boring. She loves to suck my dick and taking it in her ass. She loves to taste her pussy on me after we have fucked. I mean we have a lot of fun.

So, I decided to start something on the side. Now it wasn’t a conscious decision. I was at a school for work and met a gorgeous woman. I mean gorgeous! Tiffany was twenty-five, eleven years younger than me. She was new to the profession, I’m a cop. She was married and very confident. She was about 5’4″ tall and looked a lot like Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games. She was in great shape too. I mean she wasn’t muscle bound or anything. She was in great shape though. She worked out all the time.

On the first day of class I watched all of the usual suspects walk into the classroom. A bunch of mid-twenties guys wearing tacti-cool pants and desert boots. A few older guys, all with the pre-requisite mustaches. Then there were the five girls in the class, which was actually a little weird. I mean five chicks in a cop class is a lot. One was about 50 and looked like the chick from those, “STOP THE INSANITY!” commercials from the 90’s. Three were a little heavy set and one of them was gay. Then there was Tiffany. She walked in and I just stared. If she didn’t notice there was a problem. She was dressed very professionally, which I like. She tried to hide her D cups and beautiful ass, but that was not going to happen. Lucky for me, the instructors put our name plates out ahead of time and she was right next to me.

For the first few hours of the class we got to know each other a little. We talked about traveling for school and being away from home and spouses. Her husband was in the academy and mine was in Law School. She was really a nice person and nice to talk too, so we went to lunch together.

Now I can’t say that I was being a good boy at this point. I was flirting my ass off. Prolonged eye contact, lots of compliments and a little bit of playful touching. I mean like the occasional nudge, nothing overt and never bare skin.

That night I asked her what she was doing for dinner. She didn’t know and offered to show her escort beyoğlu to a nice place I knew in town. “Dinner together?” was her initial response.

I thought that I had blown it now. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and I would have really just enjoyed her company. “Yeah, I mean neither of us knows anyone here and it’s better than eating alone at a restaurant.”

“Sure. I don’t think that could hurt. Why don’t you give me you number and I’ll call you when I’m done with my workout?”

“Ok.” I gave her my number and left for my room. It was about an hour and a half later that she texted me. We agreed to meet down stairs. I told her that I would drive mostly because I knew the area, but let’s face it; I was trying to be the gentleman about it too.

She walked into the hotel lobby wearing denim capris that showed off her legs and ass. A tight Tough Mudder t-shirt on top showed off her impressive tits. I could see more of her flawless skin this time. I have to admit, I started to get hard looking at her there.

“Are you ready?” she asked. “Yes, let’s go.” I said as I pointed to the door. I opened the door for her and out of habit placed my hand in the small of her back as I held it open. I thought I heard a little noise from her when I did that, but I can’t be sure. The one thing that I do know is that she did not object or move my hand. I thought to my self, “That is a good sign Sam!”

I opened the door of my truck for her and couldn’t but watch this beauty climb in. We talked the whole fifteen minute drive to the restaurant. This time our spouses did not come up. We talked about work and the differences in our departments and hobbies. You know, the normal stuff two people might talk about.

The conversation lasted all through dinner. She brought up how some friends from work teased her about going off to school. “They all said that I was definitely going to get laid. I guess it is common for cops to fuck around at school and leave it there.” Now, I’m not a ladies man or anything, but I don’t think that was something that a woman would normal bring up if she was thinking about it. So I went with it.

“Well, I have heard that too. Not that I have ever done it while I was away, but you are gorgeous and wouldn’t have a problem getting laid I’m sure.”

She said, “I would have to find someone else who is married. I mean, he would have to be risking something too.”

“I see your point. I mean, escort merter if the other person is single, what have they got to lose if your husband finds out?” I said.

“Exactly!” She said

I just smiled and took a drink of my beer. She just smiled and had a twinkle in her eye. She reached across the table and started gently rubbing my hand with hers. “So, what do you think Sam?”

I couldn’t suppress my smile as I looked up at her. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She said.

I quickly paid the bill and he walked back to my truck with my arm around her. During the drive back to the hotel I kept looking over at her and she was smiling like a giddy school girl.

Now, I’m not an Adonis or anything. I like to think that I keep myself looking pretty good though. Six feet tall, about 210 lbs, I work out a lot and keep my body toned.

When we got to the hotel we had a dilemma; who’s room to head to. We ended up in her room, which was good because she didn’t have to leave to get anything later.

We were on each other before the door closed. I had two wonderful hands full of her ass. While we were kissing I just had to feel her whole body. My hands were roaming all over her and hers were roaming me. She unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it off and started to rub her hands across my chest. I pulled her shirt over her head and buried my face in her cleavage. My god she smelled great! I was massaging her tits when I noticed that her bra clasped in the front. With one swift movement I had the bra open and two magnificent tits in front of me. I picked Tiffany up and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her to the bed while I was lavishing her breasts with attention.

“My god, I haven’t felt that in a long time.” She sighed.

I just smile up at her as I laid her on the bed. I slowly started to kiss my way down her body until I got to her pants. I unbuttoned her pants and she lifted her hips so I could take them off. It was like I was unwrapping a present. I marveled at this glorious woman on the bed under me; perfect skin, breasts and a beautifully pussy that was nice and smooth. I kissed way up and down her perfect thighs and then slowly introduced my mouth to her pussy.

Tiffany tasted amazing! I knelt on the floor next to the bed and put Tiffany’s legs over my shoulders. I stroked her hips with my hands and took my time exploring her snatch. As she got more and more turned on, I got more and more aggressive with her. escort bağcılar She was moaning and sighing uncontrollably and then I felt her hands on the back of my head. “Oh my god! I’m…cumming!” was all she could get out as she clamped those amazing thighs down around my face and shook for several minutes.

I gave her a few more licks and then crawled back up her body. When I got to her face, she had this beautifully content smile. She opened her eyes; saw me and immediately started kissing my mouth and licking her juices off of my face.

I stood up from the bed and finished getting undressed. Before I could return to the bed, Tiffany crawled down and got on her knees in front of me. She started to slowly inspect my cock. Fist she was holding my semi erect dick in her hand while she was sucking and kissing my balls. Then she lowly licked my cock from base to head. When she got to the top she let out a moan and I felt her mouth engulf my member. She was slowly bobbing up and down on it while holding just the base of with her hand. She was turning her head from side to side and getting deeper every time she went down. She was letting out soft moans as she sucked my cock and I loved the way she looked on her knees in front of me. Every once in a while she would look up at me with those green eyes and try to smile with my cock in her mouth. As much as I wanted her to swallow my load, I wanted to fuck this beauty more.

I backed away from her and helped her to her feet. I kissed her and lead her to the bed. She lay down on the bed and looked like a goddess. I slowly crawled between her legs and positioned my cock and the entrance to her steaming cunt. I started to push forward and listened to the moans escaping her mouth. He arms were on my shoulders as I bottomed out in her pussy. I kissed her as I started to pump in and out of her and she moaned into my mouth. Her hands moved down to my waist and her legs wrapped around me as I quickened my pace. I had one arm by her head and my other hand holding on to her ass as I fucked her. As I got faster Tiffany’s breathing did too. “Oh god. Keep…fucking…me…Sam! Don’t…stop…I’m…going…to…cum!” Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and started to scream, “YES!” over and over again.

After I knew that she had cum again I pulled out all of the stops. I pulled Tiffany’s legs up onto my shoulders, held onto her hips and started to fuck her like my life depended on it. I could feel the tingle in my balls. “I’m going to cum!” I grunted. “Cum inside me!” Tiffany panted. That was all I could take and I let a spurt after spurt of hot cum go inside Tiffany’s cunt.

I collapsed on the bed and we laid there for a while.

We fucked again that night and really only needed one room for the rest of that school.

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