Scout’s Bad Hand Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: All characters in this story are 18+. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome, as this is my first story! Please tell me if you are interested in seeing the rest of this story. I hope you enjoy!


It was a slow afternoon when Scout’s phone lit up. Laying in her panties and a large t-shirt, Scout rolled over on her bed and grabbed her phone from the adjacent nightstand. It was her rival, Addie. The two had been rivals as long as they could remember, always competing for anything and everything the other wanted. Be it a boyfriend, an award, class office, anything under the sun that had a hint of competition in, the two would compete for. Scout tapped on the notification, allowing the text sent by her rival to pop up on the small hand-held screen It read;

“Hey Scout! Since we just graduated and all, I figured we could attempt to be friends. I know we’ve been rather spiteful towards one-another for the past several years, but I think college is a great time to start anew! I’m having a party at my house at 7 tonight if you want to come! Hope to see ya there!”

Odd. Addie had never been so forward about trying to make amends. To be exact, Scout could remember that Addie had sworn to get revenge for what Scout had done, which was steal her boyfriend for a third time. However odd the text seemed at the time, Scout decided to go and attempt to fix the past between the two. After all, who couldn’t use a new friend? Scout threw together an outfit and headed on her way.


Pulling in to the driveway of Addie’s house, Scout noticed that there weren’t any other cars there. Assuming she was just early, Scout parked her car, got out, and went up to the front porch of the home, knocking on the door.

“Hey!” Addie chimed, gleefully. “I thought you weren’t going to show, come on in!”

Scout walked into the large house, admiring the leather furniture and roaring fireplace. She noticed a pair of scissors and a deck of cards on the table, curious to how they would be used for at the party.

“So, where is everyone else?” Scout asked, curious as to why she was the only one at the property.

“I kinda lied,” Addie said “I only invited you.”


“Well, I figured the two of us could make up over a game of High Card!” Addie said gleefully.

Scout shrugged, not too bothered by the lack of people. She preferred a quiet scene anyway. “Sounds good to me! What are the scissors for?”

“Well, who Ankara bayan escort ever loses the round gets a piece of clothing cut off, and the winner of the game gets to have the other do what they want.” Addie spoke bluntly. Scout was taken aback, not used to any form of sexual interactions made this scary, yet kind of exciting.

“If you won, it would be a good way to get payback for what I did to you, and vice versa. You wanna play?”

“Uhh, you sure nobody else is coming?” Scout said, worried. She wasn’t prepared to display her body to anyone and everyone.

“One hundred percent!”

“Well, I guess I’ll play.” Scout added, reluctantly.

“Great!” Addie beamed. She grabbed the deck of cards and cut it, passing the bottom half to Scout. “Ready?”

“Sure!” Scouts heart pumped, she never played a game with such high stakes before. All of this adrenaline made her very excited, and a little aroused.

“Ok. 1… 2… 3!” The two each slapped a card on the table. Addie had laid down a Queen of Hearts, while Scout had mustered up a 7 of Spades.

“Ha! Stand up, girly!” Addie rang with happiness, grabbing the scissors and standing up next to her victim. Addie grabbed the hem of Scout’s tee shirt and placed the scissors open blades on it. Sliding the scissors along Scout’s back, avoiding her bra, Addie sliced the back of Scout’s shirt off, allowing it to fall to the floor and reveal a cute lacy white bra. Scout turned back around, allowing her bra-clad breasts to give a slight bounce before she sat back down, embarrassed.

“See? Isn’t this fun!” Addie giggled as she teased, knowing that Scout had a history of bad luck. Scout, on the other hand, was determined to embarrass Addie. She had ideas running through her head of what she could make her do if she won, and this made Scout giddy with excitement.

“1… 2… 3!” The two slapped another set of cards on the table, but this time, the margin was much smaller. Sadly, for Scout anyway, the fate was the same.

“You make this too easy!” Addie gloated, grabbing the scissors again and motioning for Scout to stand. Scout complied, blushing in preparation for the removal of her clothes and her dignity.

Addie tugged at Scout’s leggings, taking the scissors and cutting the thin fabric off of Scout’s legs, making her perky butt jiggle as the blades made their way down her legs. The now-ruined pants fell to the floor, leaving Scout in her skimpy white thong and a matching lacy bra, exposing her innocent Escort bayan Ankara form. Scout looked at the floor, mustering up the nerve to ask a question.

“So, do you have any clothes for when I go home?”. Scout then began to think about the aftermath of the game. How was she supposed to go home without any outer clothes? She couldn’t be seen like this in public!

“That’s not my problem, sorry.” The positive demeanor on Addie had faded, revealing that this wasn’t about making amends. This was Addie’s ploy to fully embarrass Scout, and so far, it was working.

“1… 2… 3!” This time, it was just Addie that counted down, but the both had laid a card on the table. Scout had met the same fate as before, but this time, it was much worse. Addie giggled as Scout stood up. She started to turn around, but was stopped when Addie said, “Nope, face me. I wanna see this.”

Scout looked at Addie’s evil grin. She closed her eyes as Addie took the scissors to the strap of Scout’s bra, snipping it off and letting the bra shift a little, but not falling off. She did the same with the other strap before standing back and looking at her work. Scout’s bra was barely hanging on, with the back clasp being the only thing between Scout’s perky breasts and the cool air of the house. In one swift motion, Addie grabbed the center of Scout’s bra and took the scissors to it, cutting it. The damaged bra popped open and fell to the floor, letting Scout’s hard nipples feel the harsh cold air. Addie laughed as she grabbed her phone from her pocket, snapping a few pictures and sending them to a couple of friends. “You won’t believe how long I’ve been waiting to see you like this!”

Demoralized, Scout sat down and waited for the countdown. Addie joined her, accompanied by a large grin. Addie counted down one last time…

“1… 2… 3!” With high hopes, Scout looked down at her cards…

No luck.

Addie had an evil grin on her face as she gave Scout some instructions, “Bend over the arm of the couch and put that pretty thong in the air.” Scout complied, blushing madly as she did. She felt the cool air on her barely covered pussy as she heard Addie talk infront of her phone.

“Look at this cute little ass! If you want some, drive along my street and play with it! It’ll be there waiting!” A few taps later and it was uploaded to Addie’s story. She laughed as she slapped Scout’s ass, making Scout yelp from the surprise. Addie grabbed Scout’s thong and yanked it off, Bayan escort Ankara exposing Scout’s slit. Addie ran her fingers across Scout’s ass, and slid them in between her cheeks, grazing her asshole and sliding over her wet pussy.

“I’m gonna have some fun before I let you go young lady!” Addie rang, sliding a finger into Scout’s slit suddenly.

“Why can’t I just go ho- Ohh!” Scout was interrupted by a forced entry cutting off her speech from shock and pleasure. Addie pulsated the finger in and out for a few more seconds before taking her finger out of Scout’s soaking cunt. Addie lowered her head to the level of Scout’s asshole and said, “This is such a cute little asshole! Mind if I have a taste?”

“Please! Let me g- Stop!” Scout said, feeling helpless to the onslaught of entrances in her lower half. Addie shoved her face into the crevice of Scout’s ass, sticking her tongue into her asshole. Shoving her tongue in as far is it could go, Addie started to lick around, making Scout moan. She then slid two fingers into Scout’s quivering pussy.

All Scout could do was moan. She never was touched like this before. She felt a sensation in her pussy. Suddenly, she arched her back and moaned loudly, letting her juices flow. Addie licked them up with joy, pulling away from her victim’s ass. Giving it one more slap, Addie backed away and led Scout to the door.

“Wha- where?” Scout was in shock as she was being pushed onto the porch of Addie’s house.

“Have fun! Come back in a few hours for your keys!” Addie laughed, then let out a loud whistle, hopefully grabbing the attention of anyone nearby. She then slammed the door, leaving Scout outside and exposed.

Scout immediately started banging on the door, unknowing to how much attention she was drawing to herself. “Let me in!!” she cried to no avail. She turned back around to see a car pull in the driveway. Struck with fear, she backed up against the door, her ass and tits bouncing as she did. She saw 3 women step out of the car.

“Look at that girls! Addie sure does know how to deliver!” One said, slamming the door closed.

“She sure does!” Said another, holding handcuffs. Scout’s mind raced, fearing what could happen to her. The drivers door opened, and a tall girl with brunette hair stepped out, holding a large dildo.

“Ain’t that sweet… Alright girls, looks like we found some dinner!” The tall one cackled, adding, “Hope that asshole can stretch honey, cause we’re gonna have some fun with you!”

Scout immediately knew that tonight wasn’t going to be fun.

To be continued…


Note: This is my first work, so any and all constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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