Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 04

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After Mei-Lien left, I was once again in doubt about her ever returning. Although she expressed no anger and even seemed to sincerely appreciate the sexual gratification which I had helped her achieve, I was well aware that we had trampled on some of her deeply ingrained notions of propriety and that she would have to determine on her own whether it was those notions or our relationship which she would abandon. Therefore, I was not surprised that it was a couple of weeks before she decided to get in touch with me and that, when she did, she chose to telephone me rather than come over.

After exchanging a few somewhat strained pleasantries, Mei-Lien broached the subject which was foremost in both our minds, “As you can well imagine, I have spent a lot of time trying to untangle my feelings about what we did during my last visit to you. In fact, I have spent little time thinking about anything else. I am still conflicted, but I am beginning think that the ideas with which I was instilled as a child in China do not apply to the world in which I am now living. In particular, I am starting to realize that there is noting inherently wrong with two adults indulging each others sexual appetites even though they are not man and wife. On the other hand, perhaps because I am a woman, I cannot think of sex as just another bodily function which is devoid of emotional content. Thus, before I again allow you the sort of freedom with my body which I gave on my last visit, at the very least I need to know that I am more to you than just a toy with which you enjoy playing.”

When Mei-Lien had finished, there was a long silence while I tried to formulate my reply. On the one hand, I was impressed by what she had said, especially by her need to know that I did not think of her as a mere sexual plaything. On the other hand, I was a little peeved that she seemed to have forgotten who it was that had not only introduced sex into our relationship but had also been an enthusiastic collaborator. Trying to convey both these feelings, I said, “Mei-Lien, there is no reason for you to doubt that my interest in you extends beyond the sexual pleasure which I have derive from working with your body. In fact, until you insisted on involving me in your program to improve your figure, our relationship was entirely Platonic, and so it would have remained if you had not chosen to alter it. Surely you must have known that when you invited me to participate in a program to enhance your sexual appeal, you were inviting me to become interested in you sexually. That does not mean that your only interest to me now is as a sex object. Indeed, if I had not already been intrigued by you for non-sexual reasons, I would not have accepted your invitation. Finally, you should know that I very much hope that you will want to resume your visits, which I have always enjoyed. However, it would be foolish for us to pretend that our relationship can return to the Platonic one which it was before. Thus, you should decide to come back only if you want to continue at the point where we left off.”

Having spelled out my position in such an uncompromising manner, I was not surprised at the long silence which followed. But when she at last broke the silence, Mei-Lien replied with the decisiveness which I had learned to expect and come to love. All she said is “I will be there tomorrow.” She then hung up. It had been more than two weeks since her last visit, and I was not at all sure what to expect when I ushered her into my apartment the following afternoon. Mei-Lien, on the other hand, seemed to have no doubts about the meaning and purpose of her return. She quickly divested herself of her coat and, after placing her hands on her hips, turned to face me. Wearing the same halter and shorts as she had on her last Van Escort two visits and with her hair once again gathered in a tight knot at the back of her head, it was clear that she was presenting herself for inspection. A little stunned by her abruptness, I remained silent but made no attempt to disguise my appreciation of the visible changes which she had wrought in her figure. It was obvious that she had kept her promise to continue her training program. Not only was the rope girdling her waist at least an inch shorter, the contours of her entire stomach were more distinct, having become delineated by a faint hint of well toned abdominal muscles. Stepping forward, I confirmed with my hands the observations which I had made with my eyes.

Marveling at the texture and firmness of her flesh, I said, “Michelangelo would have been proud to sculpt such a torso. I cannot take credit for the work of art which you have become, but I feel some pride in the small role I have played in its creation. The question now is what further role you would like me to play.” Taking my hands in her own, and raising them to her breasts, Mei-Lien answered, “I am here to have my sculptor put the finishing touches on his sculpture and for his sculpture to bask in the pleasure of his approval.” Pressing my hands against her breasts, she continued, “The last time that I was here, you had an idea about involving my nipples in my training program. I have been wondering what you had in mind and if it would turn out to be as exciting as I have been imagining it might be. Perhaps you would let me found out.”

After removing my hands from her breasts, she reached under halter, drew it over her head, dropped it on the floor between us, and, clasping her hands behind her neck, defiantly trusting her naked breasts forward. Then, bending her head to look down at them, she said, “You can see for yourself that my nipples are already erect and fully at attention. They can still remember the calisthenics through which you put them last time and are anxious to learn what is in store for them this time.”

When I had recovered from my initial shock of being so blatantly confronted by Mei-Lien’s bare breasts, I drew her towards me and tilted her head up so that I could stare down into her smiling countenance. “Mei-Lien, you are quite a girl, and I only hope that I what I had planned for your nipples will live up to their expectations. Wait here a moment, and we will find out.”

Leaving her standing in the hall, still with her hands clasped behind her neck and her erect nipples protruding from the generous, dark areolae of her conical breasts, I went to my kitchen to fetch a short piece of cotton string and one of those large pins which are used to tie up the limbs of a turkey in the oven. Returning to the hall, I found Mei-Lien in the same pose, only she had moved so that she could see herself in the mirror. Coming up behind her and resting my chin on her right shoulder, I reached around her so that everything I did would be reflected for her to see in the mirror. After threading the string through the loop at the top of the pin, I made a little lasso at each end. Finally, I draped the string over one of my wrists and raised my hands to Mei-Lien’s right breast. Cupping the underside in my left hand, I gently trapped her nipple between the index finger and thumb of my right and began rolling it back and forth.

Watching her face to monitor her reaction, I explained, “Last time we discovered that your nipples can be made to grow in response to this sort of stimulation. This time, when I have made them achieve their maximum size, I am going to capture them in the lassos which I put at the ends of the string. You need not fear that I will injure them. I will tighten the string around Van Escort Bayan their base just enough to prevent your nipples from relaxing and to make sure that the string is securely anchored. Once it is, I will slip the pin to the center of the string, where it will dangle with its point at the level of your belly button. The pin is not very heavy, but it weighs enough to exert a slight pull on your nipples. Its role in your figure training will become clearer once I have finished. In the meantime, I want you to concentrate on what I am doing to your nipples.”

As soon as her right nipple had grown to what seemed to be its maximum size, I slipped the lasso over it and, while stretching it with the fingers of my left hand, I used my right hand to secure string around its base. After tugging on the string enough to make sure that it was firmly attached and would not drop off, I repeated the same process on her left nipple, which, on its own, seemed to have grown in sympathy to what her right one had experienced. When both her nipples were lassoed, I carefully centered the pin at the lowest point of the arc in which the string hung like a necklace between her pert breasts. As I had hoped, the point came to rest about an inch from the bulge of her lower belly, just below her tightly girdled waist. Making eye contact with her in the mirror, I asked, “What do you think of your new adornment? I think that it looks quite lovely and enjoy imagining the sensations which it is causing.”

In a rather husky voice, Mei-Lien answered, “My breasts have never felt so thoroughly displayed and have never been so impossible for me to ignore. With each breath I take, I can feel the weight of the pin tug against my nipples, producing a sensation which is tantalizing, something like an itch which is more pleasurable than annoying. However, although I suppose that it may teach my nipples to stay erect, I cannot guess is how it is supposed to improve my figure.”

Pleased by her response and amused by the way she phrased her question, I decided to take the next step, which was to remove the rope nipping her waist. No longer constrained, Mei-Lien’s tummy relaxed, swelling forward so that the dangling pin no longer hung free but instead rested on the rounded bowl of her lower belly. When this happened, I said, with mock dismay, “Just look how your tummy has spoiled the composition. I simply will not permit your stomach to detract from the aesthetic effect which I am trying to create.” Then, in a more severe tone, I said, “Now I think that you can guess the role which your nipples and their decoration will play in your figure training. You are to pull in your stomach and keep it flat so that the pin hangs free.”

Mei-Lien immediately tightened her abdominal muscles and drew back her belly so that the pin once again hung free. When she had, I unclasped her hands from behind her neck and lowered them to her sides. Pressing my front to her body, I could feel the tension which was caused by her having to control her stomach, a tension which was also visible in look of intense concentration on her face. Wanting to have a direct view of her front, I turned her around so that she was facing me. Standing there, she presented an image of enticing of feminine beauty. Her breasts were two firm cones with theirs erect nipples anchoring the string and its pendent, which bobbed attractively with each carefully drawn breath that she took. In addition, the usually muted contours of her torso were accentuated by her flattened stomach, which trembled slightly as her abdominal muscles valiantly strove to prevent her belly from protruding too far forward.

Wanting to be sure that she knew how much I appreciated what I was seeing, I said, “Mei-Lien, you now have a figure of which Escort Van you should be proud. I can see what a strain its maintenance is imposing on you, but, if anything, the fact that you are willing to bear that imposition only enhances the overall effect.”

In response to my words of appreciation, her face brightened, and she said, “I am glad to be able to please you because you have not only enabled me to transform my body but have also helped me to transform my attitude toward it. Unfortunately, this method of training my figure restricts my movements, and so I have the sense that I have actually become your statue and only lack a pedestal to complete my immobilization.”

I replied, “Beautiful as you look just standing there, I want to watch you walk. Because I fear that you may hunch your shoulders in order to keep the pin from hitting your tummy when you move, I am going to make you keep a book balanced on your head while walking. After ten minutes, I will let you stop, and at that point we can decide on the appropriate reward that you should receive. In fact, during your walk, you might want to think about what sort of reward you would like to have.”

After taking her into the living room and pushing aside enough furniture to provide her with an unobstructed , circular path, I placed a medium size book on Mei-Lien’s head and told her to start walking. Uncertain about the stability of the book on her head and concerned about the pin hanging from her nipples, at first her movements were rather awkward. However, after negotiating the circuit without mishap a couple of times, she gained confidence and was able to move more gracefully. Choosing a chair which availed me the best view, I watched with fascination as Mei-Lien learned how to manage the assignment which I had given her. About half way through the prescribed ten minute walk, I asked Mei-Lien to approach my chair. When she stopped in front of me, I put my hands on her hips, hooked my fingers in the band at the top of her shorts, and looked inquiringly up into her face. With a broad smile, she whispered “yes, I would like that” and spread her legs a little as I lowered her shorts. When she had stepped out of them, I gave her a tap on her bare bottom to indicate that she should resume her walk. During the remaining time, I was struck by the stark contrast between the strict discipline with which she was controlling her front and the delicious, feminine softness of the flesh on her rear and at the tops of her thighs, and, by the time that I told her that she could stop, I was more than ready to turn my attention to her nether regions.

When the time came, I beckoned her to my chair, grasped the mounds of her rear in hands, and drew her forward between my legs until her knees rested against the cushion on which I was seated. In spite of the rigid imposed by the book still perched on her head and her belly’s struggle to avoid the pin, she had look of contentment on her face and an aura of receptiveness enveloped her body. Totally captivated, I asked, “Mei-Lien, have you decided what your reward should be? Perhaps, it should begin by having the book taken off your head and the string removed from its moorings on your nipples.”

Without hesitating for an instant, she replied, “No, leave them where they are for a little longer. My reward should come only after I have passed my exam. Thus, I want you to begin by making me lose control and have the book drop off my head. You have tried to teach me discipline, and you should test how well I have leaned that lesson. Assuming, as I sincerely hope you will, that you succeed, you can administer the rest of my exam in your bedroom.” After moving so that my legs were between her own, she lowered herself onto my thighs until she was seated with her crotch suspended and readily available in the space between my knees. Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she said, “There is no time restriction on this exam, and so you should work carefully and take as much time as you need.”

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