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Big Tits

I’d always been drawn to older men, but never really had the courage to actively seek out my desires. I thought they might see me as too young, too inexperienced, too childish even.

But then I got curious and did some research, and found many older men love younger women. At 22 I might even be considered too old for some of these men. That’s when I decided to look for my own sugar daddy.

I found a site that offered exactly what I was after. I wondered about what picture of myself to post. I’m very lucky (or some consider it unlucky) that I could easily be mistaken for being under 18 without my makeup. But I decided to go for a selfie I’d taken (with makeup) with a wonderful view in the background. After all, I am a country girl at heart. I wrote a short profile, describing myself a petite, a country loving girl, with simple tastes; but I do enjoy being spoiled every now and again.

I uploaded by profile late one night, then didn’t logon again for a few days as I’d been very busy at work. When I did revisit the site two nights later, I was amazed at the response. Five messages were ready waiting for me. I opened the first with excitement. I started reading the message, I blushed. What on earth had I done. He’d written the most explicit sexual content. I quickly closed my laptop and paced around my flat. Oh my, oh my, what have I done?

I went to the fridge, poured myself a glass of prosecco, and drank about half of it in one gulp. Think, think, think. What shall I do? I can’t ask my friend’s for advice, they’ll wonder what I was doing in the first place. I take a few more sips, my mind is racing. I’ll take down my profile. Forget it even happened.

I open my laptop back up. There are two more messages waiting. I open my profile, go into the settings. find the “delete profile” option. The pointer is hovering over it. I wait. I hear a ping as another message flies into my inbox. Now there’s seven unread messages. Curiosity gets the better of me. Maybe they’re not all like that first message.

I click on my inbox. I open the first unread message. I start to smile. That’s so sweet, he says how beautiful I am, how he’d like me to be his babygirl. I look at his profile, he’s nice but I don’t really find him attractive. I message back a polite “thanks but no thanks” response. I head back to my inbox, and check out the next message. I’m a little disappointed, it’s not very well written, poor spelling and grammar. I check out their profile, he has a gorgeous smile. He’s European and been living in UK for a few years. Ah that explains the poor English, not his first language. Maybe he’d have a sexy accent I think.

Now I’m starting to enjoy this, I head back to the fridge, refill my glass. Then open the next message in by inbox. Oh my, he writes so exquisitely, I find myself smiling and swooning all at the same time. şişli eskort I click on his profile. Wow, he’s unbelievably handsome. I read his profile with interest. He’s worked and travelled all over the World, speaks several languages. But loves the simple things in life. He divorced last year, they weren’t really compatible anymore; as she wanted the fast paced jet setting lifestyle and he wanted to settle down.

I return to the message in my inbox, waiting for my reply. What shall I say? I type something, then delete it, type again and delete it. Nothing seems enough, or to match his writing. I put some music on, try to think. Just be yourself! I start to type a reply, I thank him for his message, say how I like his profile and would love to chat some more. Then I hit send.

I head back to my inbox. I check out the other messages, nothing really grabs me. I send more polite “thanks but no thanks” replies. What to do about that first message though. My curiosity gets the better of me, I check out his profile. It’s a picture of him sunbathing on the beach. Creepy I decide. Then I notice a “block” button, and hit it with glee. Don’t want anymore from that creep. Relieved I sip my drink and relax listening to some soothing music.

Blip, I turn to my laptop. Another message waiting. I click on my inbox. A smile lights my face. Mr X has replied. He thanks me for my response, says he’d love to chat a little, get to know each other. I ping back a response almost immediately, saying how that would be lovely and I’d love to know more about his travels and if he has any funny stories. We message each other to and fro like this for the rest of the evening. Before I know it, it’s almost midnight and I’m starting to yawn. I message back saying, it’s late, I have work in the morning, and need my beauty sleep. I get an instant response saying I’m far too beautiful already, but he’s sorry he’s kept me up, sleep tight Babygirl xx. Oh my, I quite like that endearment. I send kisses back and agree to chat again tomorrow night.

The following day, work goes in a blur. I dash home, make a quick salad, and open my laptop before even the first leaf is off the plate. I check my inbox. Only messages from new guys, two of them; which I simply ignore. I go back to our exchange from last night. I message asking if he’s online. No response. My heart plummets. I put the laptop to one side and start to eat my salad. Only two mouthfuls in and I hear a blip. Hey Babygirl. I drop my fork back onto the plate. I’m straight back there, messaging to and fro.

This continues for the next couple of days. Each day I can’t wait to get home to message my Sugar Daddy. My heart almost skips a beat each time he calls me Babygirl. Then THE message arrives, he wants to meet, if that’s OK with me. Oh God, um, how to I reply. What nişantaşı eskort if he doesn’t like me in real life. What shall I wear. He messages again. Only if you want to, maybe I’m being too forward. If you’re not ready that’s fine. He waits.

I stare at the screen. I have to write something back. Am I ready? Is this too quick? What the heck. I type, I’d love to, and press send. My heart is racing. I now realise I don’t know where he lives in the country, he could be living in the Outer Hebrides for all I know. He messages back, asking me to choose a town or city to meet in. I message back with the details of one of the larger towns in my area; not too close, but also not too far. Within a few minutes he’s messaged back asking if Grafton Hall would be OK to meet. Instantly I reply yes. It’s a wonderful old building, beautiful grounds, a spa and some of the best food in the area. We agree to meet that Saturday at 10 o’clock for coffee. Only two sleeps I think excitedly, as I sign off that evening.

Friday, seems to last forever in work. Anything that can go wrong does so, and I end up stopping an extra hour to finish everything off. When I get home I’m shattered. But I can’t wait to open my laptop. I find two messages from Robert waiting for me. One saying Hi, can’t wait to meet tomorrow. The other about five minutes ago asking where was I, and had I changed my mind? If so, that was OK; and he hoped he hadn’t scared me off.

I replied, saying I hadn’t changed my mind. I’d been working late, so only just logged on. We chatted away for hours. Then he said goodnight Babygirl, see you in the morning. I replied, can’t wait Daddy. I’d pressed send before I even realised what I’d written. I got a kiss straight back. With relief I headed off to bed, but couldn’t really sleep.

I got up as soon as my alarm went off, headed to the shower. Then tried on and discarded several outfits. My bedroom looking like a shop changing room. I decided on a light flowery sun dress, with kitten heeled sandals. I dashed out the door, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining but without the full heat of the day. I took a leisurely drive to Grafton Hall, along the country lanes. I arrived around 9.30, and decided to sit out in the garden. I started to get nervous. What if he didn’t like me? What if that wasn’t actually him in the photo? I almost bolted twice. Don’t be silly I told myself and at 9.55 I headed into the lounge where morning coffee is served.

I saw him almost straight away. Wow, he’s even more handsome in real life. I smiled as I headed to his table. When he saw me coming he stood and took my hand. Holding my hand, he kissed the back of my hand gently. Then said “Babygirl, you’re even more gorgeous in real life”. “Thank you” was all I could manage in return. I was in awe. We sat down and mecidiyeköy eskort he ordered coffee for us both. We drank our coffee and chatted a little, he asked about my journey. I said I’d travelled along the country lanes which were beautiful. He asked if I’d like to take a walk along the river, I replied yes. And before I knew what was happened he’d taken my hand and was leading me out of the hotel and into the gardens. We walked hand in hand down to the river and across a path by the river side. He kissed me softly on the cheek. Everything was perfect. He was the perfect gentleman.

We headed back to the hotel for lunch. Again he ordered for me, but I hardly noticed. We drank champagne and ate lobster salad. After dessert he told the waiter we’d have coffee in his suite. He told me the view was glorious and he had a balcony looking over the gardens. So he took my hand and guided me up the grand staircase to his hotel suite. He wasn’t wrong the view was stunning. You could see over the river and to the mountains beyond the town. There was a knock on the door, he instructed them to enter. Then told the waiter to place the drinks on the table out on the balcony. I looked around the room, it was so plush and the bed was enormous.

I followed Robert onto the balcony, he pulled out a seat for me. I sat looking out to the gardens, while he poured the coffee. I was totally in awe, I’d never been treated like this before. We sipped our coffee, drunk in the view and chatted happily. Once we’d finished, he ran a finger down my arm, he told me how beautiful I was and then kissed me. The most tender, delectable kiss I’ve ever had. I almost melted. I was glad to be sitting, as I think my legs might have given way. He continued to kiss me, the kisses getting more and more intense. I hardly noticed his hand moving up my leg. Totally lost in the moment I opened my legs just slightly, I felt his hand move up the inside of my leg, he touched the top of my inner thigh. It was like electric. I started kissing him madly, deeply. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and and sucked it gently. His fingers reached into my panties. I moaned, yes.

He picked me up and carried me back into the room, lay me on the bed. He gently removed each of my shoes and kissed my toes. He planted kisses up my legs. I open my legs, wanting to feel him between my legs. He kissed and licked up my inner thighs. I’m gripping the bed, wanting more and more. He reaches for my panties, pulls them down my legs and off. His mouth is there between my legs, his tongue lapping at my pussy lips. I moan again. He moves up, his tongue finds my bud and he flicks away. Then his teeth ever so gently nibble at my bud. Then his tongue is deep deep inside me. “Ohhh!” I grip the bed. Once again his lips and teeth are on my bud. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” I murmur as I start to quiver and shake. Then his tongue is back in me, poking deep inside me. I grip the bed as I buck wildly.

Then he’s on me, kissing me. His cock sliding oh so easily into me. I taste myself on his lips. I moan again. “Daddy wants to cum inside his Babygirl”, he says as he enters me.

“Oh yes, Daddy”, I reply.

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