Seduced by a Billionaire

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I could not believe it. The woman behind the front desk told me again, “We are sorry sir, but we have no reservation for you and the hotel is completely booked for the whole week because of the meetings and retreat for a major financial institution.”

“I know!” I said. “I am supposed to attend those meetings and participate in the retreat! Please, help me out here.”

I felt like a fool. I was holding up a long line at the front desk and I knew that I had forgotten to make the reservation. I was picturing me spending a week in a cheap motel down the road somewhere while all of my co-workers were enjoying a luxury resort. I would also miss out on the networking with the upper tier executives of the company who were so important to my career.

I had been through the same drill with the woman behind the desk several times and I was really starting to believe that she had no room for me.

Then, I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “If this young man doesn’t mind sharing a suite, put him in one of my extra rooms in the penthouse.”

I turned and saw Jackson Jennings, the famous hedge fund manager who was going to be the keynote speaker at the company meeting. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself and said, “I have enough room in my suite for an army and I wouldn’t mind a little company in between golf and a little work if you don’t mind sharing a room.”

I was stunned. Jennings was a financial superstar. He had made billions by his mid-40s. He was the darling of the financial television networks because he was tall, handsome, smart and charming in a down home pleasant sort of way. He was raised in Austin, Texas, but was educated at MIT and Harvard. He was probably asked to be the keynote speaker as a way to get a chance to talk to him about our bank providing some kind of services to his hedge fund.

I stumbled and stammered and managed to finally say, “My name is Joe Miller. I appreciate your offer, Mr. Jennings. I desperately need a place to stay. Are you sure it is not too much of an inconvenience for you?”

Jennings said, “First, call me Jackson. Second, I have stayed in this place before and this suite is so ridiculously big, we may not see each other for days.”

So, Jennings slapped me on the back and said, “Come on, Joe. I will show you your new home for the week.”

Jennings turned to a gorgeous blond girl who could have been a model and said, “Misty, will you make sure Joe’s bags get up to the suite? Thanks a lot.”

Misty smiled and said, “Sure, Jackson.”

On the elevator ride to the penthouse, Jackson said, “You probably think that Misty is employed by me because she is drop dead gorgeous and can suck a cock better than any porn star.”

I didn’t know what to say other than she was very pretty.

Jackson laughed and said, “Misty is gorgeous and she used to suck my cock before she got married, but the truth is that she is a genius and is better at her job than anyone else I could possibly find. She also has a good attitude and will put up with me. She runs my life.”

I was then 28 years old. I had been married for three years to a great looking girl and I was a junior executive at the huge international bank having the retreat at the resort. I was trying to become an investment banker. This was a dream come true to meet Jackson Jennings.

We were at a luxury Florida resort and top executives from around the word had gathered to meet and play for a week at company expense. I was a former college football player and I sometimes wondered if I was invited to these retreats because I was a scratch golfer.

I am about 6 feet tall and was a very fit 175 pounds. I had lost about twenty pounds since college when I was a wide receiver and running back. I have short blonde hair.

Jackson showed me around the penthouse. It was huge. It had a huge living room, a full kitchen, several bedrooms and baths in addition to the master bedroom and bath which were beautiful and gigantic. He gave me one of the extra rooms and told me to make myself at home.

Jackson opened a bottle of red wine and poured me a glass. I had never tasted anything like it. Jackson laughed when I asked him about it and said that he did not concern himself with stuff like what wine to buy. He left that to Misty.

Jackson said he was going to clean up and would see me in a few minutes. I heard the shower running while I drank a second glass of the superb wine. I truly could not believe how good it tasted.

Misty came into the suite a few minutes later. She asked me if everything was okay for me and I told her that everything was great. She then asked, “Does Jackson still have his clothes on?”

I gave her a perplexed look and said, “He did the last time I saw him, but he is taking a shower now. Why did you ask?”

Misty smiled and said, “I just wanted to warn you that Jackson spends a lot of time when he is not working in the nude. He doesn’t care who sees him. It throws some people off.”

I told her, “If I can stay Bycasino in this suite and drink this wine, I don’t care what Jackson wants to wear around his suite. He doesn’t go nude in front of you does he?”

“Oh, yeah. All of the time. But, I have seen it all before and I have an understanding husband. The huge paycheck Jackson gives me helps my husband be understanding.”

Misty asked me about my job and my wife and I asked about her husband and her interesting job. I really liked her and I could quickly see that she was very bright and very charming. Misty said that since Jackson had taken me in, I needed to understand that everything that goes on around the suite this week is confidential and cannot be revealed to anyone including my bosses and my wife.

Misty said that one of her main jobs was to avoid securities law violations. She laughed and said that she also had to protect Jackson from the gossip magazines to the extent that was possible. Jackson was constantly seen with super models and beautiful young actresses. The gossip magazines could not resist a handsome billionaire with a super model.

Misty laughed and said she felt like a pimp keeping track of all of Jackson’s women. I told her that from what I had seen in the papers she was doing a good job.

About that time, Jackson came back into the living room. He was naked and was drying his hair with a big white towel. Jackson looked great. He was muscular and tan. He obviously worked out a lot. He also had a partial erection and the biggest cock I had ever seen hanging down between his legs.

I had seen a lot of naked guys in locker rooms over the years and I had never paid much attention to their bodies. For some reason, I became instantly aroused by Jackson’s body, especially his big cock. It was huge and thick and it looked great swinging between his legs as he slowly walked in drying his hair. I was literally weak in the knees. I felt like I might fall down. I also was somewhat embarrassed that I instantly had an erection. This had never happened to me from looking at a man.

Of course, lovely Misty was seeing the same thing I was. I found it exciting that Jackson was showing his big dick to this beautiful girl.

However, this was apparently old hat to Misty. She said to Jackson, “You are walking around with an erection in front of your guest! Can you cover that thing up, please?”

Jackson laughed and said, “Oh, Misty. You have been doing that to guys for years. Maybe you could help me out with this erection.”

Misty rolled her eyes and said, “You didn’t even know I was here. And, you know I don’t want to help you with your erection problem.”

Jackson laughed. “Too bad you had to get married!”

Misty said, “I have good news for your erection problem. Alberta is flying in to see you on her way to New York. I am just guessing that she knows what to do about an erection.”

Jackson smiled and said, “Great! Joe, you will enjoy meeting Jenny, she is a lingerie and bathing suit model from L.A.”

I was confused. “Who is Alberta?”

Jackson laughed and said, “Alberta Einstein is Misty’s nickname for Jenny. Misty does not think that Jenny is too bright. That may be true, but she has other redeeming qualities.”

Misty turned to me and said, ” Alberta’s redeeming qualities all fit in a double D bra. She actually thought that Florida was between Los Angeles and New York.”

Jackson smiled and said, “Now, Misty, it may be more complicated than you think to get those big tits in those tiny lace bras.”

Misty laughed and said, “I still think that ‘Alberta Einstein’ is appropriate. She is coming to see you because she does not understand basic geography.”

I was not used to having discussions with a man who is naked and has a huge semi-hard cock. I kept trying to avoid staring at his cock. I think he may have noticed that I was looking at his long, thick cock. Misty did not seem to care that Jackson was showing her his cock.

Misty and Jackson talked business privately for 15 or 20 minutes and then Jackson rejoined me and the wine. He opened a new bottle and we talked for a while.

We talked about our workout routines, sports, women and investing. I told Jackson I was working 70 or 80 hour weeks in one of the Texas offices of the bank. He laughed and said, “I know you have to do that to get your opportunity to be a lead investment banker, but I do okay investing and work less than a couple of hours a day most of the time.”

I was stunned to hear that. I thought hedge fund managers worked constantly.

Jackson said, “Don’t tell anyone, but the way I invest, I make a few very hard decisions and then wait very patiently to see if we make money. I have found that I can be much more patient if my cock is in someone’s mouth or I am playing a sport. Staring at a computer screen is boring and makes me want to do something to relieve the boredom. I make more money when I am patient.”

It all sounded good to me.

Jackson Bycasino giriş showed me photos of the girl who was coming to visit him. The pictures were spectacularly sexy. Jenny had huge tits that appeared to be natural and was extremely skinny. She was blonde and beautiful. Jackson said that if I wanted, I could have sex with Jenny too.

Jackson said, “Jenny loves sex and she will fuck a good looking guy like you if I ask her nicely. Come to think of it, it would be fun if she fucked us both at the same time.”

I had never cheated on my wife and I wasn’t sure I wanted to start. However, my head was spinning from the fact that I was in a huge penthouse that must cost thousands per night with a guy I admired greatly drinking great wine. Now, I was being offered group sex with a beautiful lingerie model.

I knew I should say no, but instead, I said, “Why don’t we let Jenny decide.”

I figured that Jenny would only want to have sex with Jackson since she was flying across the country to see him.

Jackson said, “Great!”

We drank and talked some more. I was amazed at how open and unreserved Jackson was with me. It seemed like he would say most anything to me and was never embarrassed about it. He was extremely self confident and sure of himself. I guess that happens when you are tall, handsome, smart, rich and hung.

Late in the afternoon Jenny arrived at the penthouse. She was prettier in person than she was in the internet photos. Her face and hair were perfect, her body was fabulous and she was dressed in tight pants with sexy high heels. As advertized, her tits were almost too big to be real, yet they looked real and moved like real tits every time she took a step.

Jenny gave Jackson a kiss and shook my hand.

Jackson said, “Jenny, this is my friend, Joe. As you can see, he has a nice, muscular body. I thought it would be fun if Joe and I fucked you at the same time.”

I expected Jenny to object, but instead I heard, “Wow! That will be fun, Jackson. Do you want to do it here or the bedroom?”

“You two take your clothes off and head for the bedroom,” Jackson said.

So much for remaining faithful to my wife. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous girl was so willing to do whatever Jackson suggested, but I did not see how I could gracefully decline at that point and did not want to.

I pulled off my clothes and looked up to see Jenny release her giant tits. It was a spectacular sight to see her boobs bounce as she unhooked her sexy black lace bra. My cock was hard immediately.

Jackson said, “Jenny, look at that nice cock Joe has for you. It is big too. What is it Joe, 8 inches?”

“7 and a half,” I said.

Jenny said, “Man, this is going to be fun!”

I was relieved at her reaction because I was a little self-conscious about how much smaller my cock was than Jackson’s.

Jackson threw down his towel and revealed his cock that was longer and thicker than mine even though it wasn’t fully hard yet.

Jackson directed traffic in the bedroom. He had me lay on my back on the big bed in the middle. He positioned my body just the way he wanted by moving me around. Then, he had Jenny get in the 69 position on top of me. My cock was instantly in her mouth and it felt great. I started licking away at her pussy and squeezed her giant tits. The tits were definitely real.

Jackson provided encouragement to both Jenny and me. He was on his knees beside us as Jenny sucked my cock. Occasionally, Jackson would stick his big cock in Jenny’s face and she would suck it for a while before she came back to mine.

Jenny was moaning and squealing. Jackson was beside us talking dirty to Jenny and encouraging her to suck my dick harder and take it deeper.

Jenny could definitely suck a cock. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming in her pretty mouth. Jenny was obviously enjoying having her pussy licked.

Then, Jackson joined the activities in earnest. He came around behind Jenny on his knees. His big cock was hard and was just above my head as I licked Jenny. I was concentrating on Jenny’s lips on my cock when the head of Jackson’s huge cock appeared in front of my face and entered Jenny’s pussy. At first, only a little of Jackson’s cock was in her pussy, but Jenny was moaning and reacting to the big cock.

I had never been so close to a man’s cock. It was just an inch or two above my face. I was extremely turned on and started to lick Jenny’s clit even more enthusiastically. I was afraid I was going to lick Jackson’s cock and was afraid it might offend him.

I stopped licking for a moment and said, “Jackson, do you want me to move?”

Both Jackson and Jenny told me to keep licking Jenny’s pussy.

So, I had a close up view of a monster cock fucking a beautiful girl. Every time the giant cock would enter very far into Jenny, she would shudder and moan. I watched the cock go deeper and deeper into the pussy.

Finally, after a long while, Jackson rammed it all the Bycasino deneme bonusu way in. Jenny completely lost it and moaned loudly with my cock still in her mouth. I felt her cum as Jackson fucked her. I wanted to lick the big cock, but I was afraid of grossing out Jackson, so I just licked Jenny’s clit and from time to time felt Jackson’s big cock hit my face as he fucked Jenny.

I was so excited that a moment after Jenny started to orgasm, I exploded into Jenny’s mouth. Jackson continued to pound away at Jenny for a while and I think she came again.

Finally, Jackson buried his big cock deep into Jenny and came in her pussy. I was hard again from watching it happen right in front of me. For a few minutes, Jackson and Jenny had their weight on my face. Then, Jackson slowly pulled his cock out of Jenny and his big cock covered in cum and Jenny’s juices slowly slid across my forehead leaving a wet trail on my forehead and in my hair.

I had just cum, but I was totally horny and ready for more. I had never experienced anything nearly as hot as sex with Jenny and Jackson. Jackson smiled as he watched me wipe his cum off of my forehead.

I did not want to admit it even to myself, but I loved the idea of Jackson’s cock right in my face.

Jackson had dinner sent up to the suite and we all had dinner and more wine. After dinner, Jenny had to rush to catch her plane to New York. She gave us each a kiss and was gone.

Jackson and I continued to drink red wine and talk. Jackson had a way of getting people to talk about things they would never normally discuss. For example, he asked me what kind of porn I like to watch. For some reason, I told him I like porn involving girls giving blow jobs, submissive girls and dirty talking.

The next thing I know, he had me searching for this kind of porn on his laptop. Soon, Jackson was naked sitting next to me watching porn movies I had found. Jackson encouraged me to get naked too. I declined.

After a few more glasses of wine, Jackson started to rub his big cock as he watched the movies. I had never seen a guy beat off in front of me. I was embarrassed, but I was also fascinated by his enormous prick. It had to be 10 or 11 inches long and it was thick.

“Jackson, how long is that thing?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” he replied. “I will call Misty for a tape measure.”

I tried to discourage a call to Misty, but Jackson called immediately.

Misty appeared 15 minutes later with a tape measure.

Jackson said, “Joe wants to measure my cock. You may want to leave before he does it.”

I tried to protest, but Jackson was off to the rest room before I could correct him.

Misty asked, “Joe, are you bisexual?”

“No.” I said.

“Jackson is and he is very persuasive. You better watch out.” Misty warned.

I wasn’t sure I was completely against being persuaded and I was very interested to hear that Jackson was bisexual. But, to Misty I said, “Thanks for the warning. I will be careful, but it shouldn’t be too hard to resist since I am not gay.”

Misty just smiled and said, “Okay, but I used to say that I would never have sex with my boss before Jackson persuaded me to have sex with him. I didn’t even know I was being seduced.”

Misty left and Jackson came back with the tape measure. He said, “Joe, you want to help me get my cock hard before you measure it?”

I laughed and declined.

Jackson then handed me the tape measure and started jerking his cock. I was sitting next to him as he stroked his big cock. It seemed bigger than ever. I didn’t understand why, but I was excited to look at the big monster.

After a few minutes, Jackson told me to measure it. I tried to resist, but Jackson told me that just measuring his dick was not gay. So, I pulled out the tape and measured his hard cock.

It was truly magnificent. I had to touch it and sort of hold it as I measured. It was thick and heavy. I took my time with the measurement. I could feel Jackson staring at me as I touched his cock.

The measurement showed that Jackson’s cock was 11 inches long and was 7 inches around. I had to hold his cock in my hand for the measurement of the thickness. It was the first time I had ever touched a cock other than my own.

Jackson teased me about measuring it with my mouth, but I politely declined. I screwed up when I declined though because I said, “I am not ready for that!”

It was supposed to be a joke of some sort, but it sounded like I might be ready for it soon.

We kept drinking and talking. Jackson returned to the porn on his laptop. He asked, “Have you ever watched shemale porn, Joe?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Do you like it, Joe?”

“Yes, but I have never said that to anyone.”

Jackson said, “I won’t tell. Do you like the movies where the shemale has a big cock or the movies where the shemale has a little cock?”

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation, but I was drunk enough to say, “I like the ones where the shemale has a huge cock.” I really did and I really did not know why. I was able to just compartmentalize it in my mind and not think about it very often.

Jackson looked me in the eye and said, “I bet you fantasize about sucking on a shemale’s huge cock.”

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