Seduced by the Babysitter

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I rushed out of work a half hour early, almost giddy with anticipation. Tonight was going to be a long held fantasy come true and my cock was already rock hard just thinking about what was to come in less than a few hours. Plans had been set in motion weeks ago and would finally come to fruition soon after I arrived home. I prayed for light traffic as I pulled out of the business complex where I worked and went over the past couple of weeks in my head. Long story short; the wife was going out of town, the babysitter was watching our son but tonight my sister was taking him to a fair with her kids and wouldn’t return him until mid-morning tomorrow. Kerry, the teen girl who had watched our boy off and on for the past year had agreed to spend the the few days my wife would be gone in our guest room which left her and I alone in the house tonight. Kerry had been a revelation.

At eighteen she was usually mistaken for far younger in looks but older in attitude. She had graduated high school a year early and was already in her freshman year of college. She was smart and funny and both my wife and I had been ecstatic to find someone so mature to watch our son. What my wife had hopefully not noticed but I, of course, had was just how sexual Kerry was. Usually I was home before my wife and it was me who interacted with her most, paying her and seeing her off. Kerry took every opportunity at these times to flirt with me, brushing up against me, making playful but suggestive comments, and once or twice even playfull grabbing my ass as she left and told me my mornings on the treadmill were working… “looking good, Mr. Jace,” she’d call out as she waved good-bye and headed out the door. Then, the fateful night that I came home extra early… the house was quiet and I peeked in the first floor nursery to find my son napping fitfully, his baby monitor switched on beside him.

Quietly I went searching for Kerry and as I rounded the corner at the top of the stairs I could see her sitting in front of the monitor in our home office. Moving into the doorway I was just ready to call out and let her know I was home when my eye was caught by movement on the computer screen. She was watching porn. And, not only porn, but hardcore porn. On screen as I’d watched I saw a young looking teen girl in pigtails being fucked by two much older men, one white and heavily tattooed and one black with rock hard muscles and a huge cock. Kerry had one hand on her breast, massaging a nipple through her thin t-shirt, her other hand was stuck down the front of her cut-off denim shorts and she was obviously masturbating. I was just ready to back away but wondered what would happen if she was “caught”… I crossed my arms and cleared my throat.

Startled, Kerry had pulled her hand out of her shorts and spun around to face me. Her face was flushed but whether from arousal or embarrassment I couldn’t really tell. My question was answered a moment later when instead of apologizing she just smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

“Hey, Mr. Jace, you’re home really early today.” Leisurely she reached behind her and clicked the streaming video off, also taking the time to clear the browser while she was at it.

“Sorry,” she shrugged casually. “The baby was napping and I was bored. Hope you don’t mind. I always clear the hit history… wouldn’t want the wife to find some of my stuff and suspect you.” She laughed out loud and continued to meet my gaze.

“I don’t mind.” I shrugged, “but she might so it’s probably a good idea that you’re careful.” I paused, not wanting this conversation and it’s possibilities to end just yet.

“Pretty hard core stuff,” I finally added.

She shrugged again. “Really? I don’t know. It’s what I’m into. One of the things I’m into anyway,” she smiled cryptically izmir escort and held my gaze.

“So you’re into two guys at once?”

“I’m into a lot of stuff. Older guys is a big one. Threesomes is another. And I don’t think sex should be about flowers and romance. I like rougher stuff, a little force, even some rape scenarios as long as it’s only playacting.”

“Really?” I raised an eyebrow. My cock, rock hard in my pants. “I never would have guessed, I just thought you were a flirt.”

Kerry laughed. “I got that, Mr. Jace. You’d be surprised how many older guys don’t get that I’m coming on to them cause I look so young. And everyone is always warning girls about predators!” She laughed again and I was left a little speechless. Did she really just admit that she had come on to me?

About that time the baby began to cry and Kerry skipped downstairs to check on him. By the time she had him settled in his high chair with a snack, my wife arrived home and Kerry left shortly after.

The following week my wife had made known her plans to travel out of town to meet with a client and my sister had generously offered to babysit the night of the state fair.

Nothing had been arranged per se but Kerry certainly knew that we would be alone tonight and unless she really was just a huge cock tease underneath all of her brave talk I had high hopes for the evening.

I called my sister on the way home and sure enough she’d picked the baby up as planned and was still keeping him all night. She’d left Kerry at the house, she said, and asked what my plans were. Did she sound suspicious? I didn’t think so but just in case I told her I was going to see if a buddy of mine wanted to head out for dinner with me and that I thought Kerry might be having a friend come over anyway. This seemed to satisfy her and we disconnected.

I pulled down my street picturing Kerry in my mind. As I said she looked young, mostly due to her pale blonde hair which she usually wore in a high ponytail. Her skin was pale and smooth and she had a tendency toward not wearing make-up. She was barely 5’3″ she’d told us and while not anorexic thin she was small boned but athletically built with a nice round ass and hips and breasts that had gone from almost nonexistent to maybe a small B cup since we’d first met her. I’d pictured her small frame next to mine every time I even glanced in a mirror. I was a bit over 6′ with dark short cut hair and a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow. I jogged a few days a week and was in pretty good shape for my age which was just a year shy of 40. Technically, I was old enough to be Kerry’s father and I could only imagine that was part of the appeal for her.

Finally home, I dropped my briefcase on the kitchen counter and moved through the quiet house. Out of habit I checked the nursery which was empty as it should be and then moved upstairs. I’d fantasized about finding her naked in bed, waiting for me, but what I found instead was every bit as enticing. She was in the office again, in front of the computer again. This time her blonde hair was in two braids. She wore a short pink plaid skirt, white knee socks with no shoes, and a white button down shirt. The porno she was watching depicted a woman bent and tied over a wooden sawhorse. Behind her a large naked man with a shaved head was steadily bringing a leather paddle down over her already red ass. In front of her another man, dressed only in a pair of leather chaps squatted in front of her, pulling and twisting her nipples as she squirmed and begged him to stop. Kerry’s hand was lazily stroking beneath her skirt although I couldn’t see anything from my position behind her. I watched silently, curious about her fascination with such dark porn.

On screen the man in chaps pulled two large metal clips from his pocked and attached them to the tied woman’s swollen nipples. She cried out, throwing her head back in what looked like a combination of intense pain and ecstasy as he stood then forced his cock into her mouth. Behind her the naked man finally halted his assault with the paddle and began fucking her in tandem with the man in front. Kerry’s hand snuck beneath her shirt and before I had a chance to say anything she spoke without turning.

“Hey Mr. Jace, how was your day?”

I smiled at her nonchalance and knew my expectations hadn’t been for naught.

“Not as good as yours, apparently, Kerry”

“I know, I’ve been pretty naughty today. I haven’t done anything all day except watch porn and wait for you to get home.”

Finally she turned to face me. She was flushed again, but she pulled her skirt down as she spun in the chair and pressed her knees together.

“That is pretty naughty,” I replied, playing along happily. “How do you think a naughty girl like you should be punished?”

Kerry pouted and looked down at the floor. She looked like nothing more than a contrite little girl suddenly. “Just don’t call my Daddy Mr. Jace, I’ll do anything you want if you don’t call my Daddy.”

A jolt like electricity went through me.

“Anything, Kerry? Are you sure you can handle anything I want?”

“Try me, Mr. Jace, please, I’ll do anything…”

I took a deep breath and realized this was really going to happen.

“Spread your legs for me, Kerry, and pull up your skirt.”

Instantly she did as I asked and for the first time I saw her bare and slightly puffy pussy. She’d shaved it, of course, she was fully immersed in her role of the naughty little girl.

“Touch yourself.” I commanded and her finger slid slowly along her slit until she parted the lips and I could see the wet pinkness that they’d hidden.

“Like that, Mr. Jace?” she was almost lisping now.

“Exactly, Kerry, but I want more. Unbutton your shirt too.”

Her breasts were small, as I knew they would be but her nipples were large and dark pink and hard as pebbles. Without my asking her hands moved up and over her body, pinching her own nipples as she squirmed in my desk chair.

“Come over here Kerry,” I said thickly.

“Not like that,” I amended as she began to rise to her feet, “crawl to me on your hands and knees.”

The sight of her on the floor crawling as I’d requested was almost too much to bear. My cock was throbbing I was so turned on and I knew I wouldn’t last long once she touched me so I tried to figure out where I wanted my cock first.

“Turn around,” I told her when she arrived at my feet and I helped nudge her into position facing away from me with her ass high in the air and her head cradled in her arms. I threw her shirt up over her head so I could see her smooth back and then pushed her skirt up over her hips and nudged her knees apart. Her sex was gleaming wet and her asshole was tiny and pink.

I undressed quickly and bent down behind her allowing my cock to finally graze her skin. The contact provided another brief electric jolt and I had to stop myself from just ramming myself into her.

Instead I let my hands roam over her ass, her hips, and thighs, I slid my finger up and down her sex and then leaned forward and grazed both nipples, pinching them hard and rolling them until she squirmed and moaned against me, trying to push herself back on my hard cock.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I asked her, my mouth close to her ear.

“No, Mr. Jace,” she answered quickly. “I’d rather not…” she trailed off, sounding slightly nervous for the first time and with those words, I suddenly knew that I had to take her ass first. I wanted her so bad and I wanted to make her give me everything even if she thought she didn’t want to.

“Are you sure, Kerry?” I asked as I slid a finger deep into her pussy and then circled her puckered hole with it’s moisture. I added spit from my own mouth and allowed my finger to sink into that tightest of holes to the first knuckle.

“Oh god, Mr. Jace, please fuck me. I want you so bad.”

“I want to fuck your ass Kerry. You have to beg me to fuck your ass or I’m never going to make you come.”

“Oh, please, Mr. Jace, I don’t want that, please fuck my pussy first, please, Mr. Jace”

She was squirming uncontrollably now as I continued to finger fuck her and then drag every bit of moisture I could onto her tiny puckered asshole.

I revelled in this tiny resistance. It gave me an opportunity that I’d been waiting for and I brought my hand down sharply on first one ass cheek and then the other.

Kerry squealed and squirmed even harder, pressing her shoulders hard on the floor. I realized she was dragging her nipples across the nubby carpet beneath her and I slapped her twice again, even harder.

“I want your ass, Kerry” I said sternly, “and I want you to beg for it!”

Kerry was silent for a moment and I thought she might resist a little further but finally she caved.

“Please, Mr. Jace, fuck my ass, fuck me anywhere you want, I’ll do anything you say.”

And, with that I added one more dollop of my own spit to my ready cock and pressed firmly against her backside. My wife didn’t like anal sex after one unsuccessful attempt and it had been since college since I’d taken a girl this way. I worked myself in until I couldn’t see the head of my dick anymore and then slowly eased almost back out, rocking in again almost instantly. After a few attempts I was halfway in and with a bit more spit I finally buried myself completely in her. I held myself still in her for a minute, enjoying the warm depths of her and reached around to play with her nipples again. She cried out, begging me to fuck her, to make her come but I took pains not to touch her clit. I wanted to make her wait. I rubbed and pulled her nipples one at a time while I slowly began fucking her ass, quickening my pace as we found a rhythm and it was only a minute or two before I felt that tightness in my balls and knew I was going to come.

I came deep inside her, pressing her hard into the floor, one hand still clasping her breast, squeezing her nipple between two fingers.

We lay silently for a moment, both of us breathing hard and heavy but I wasn’t done with her yet. Once I’d composed myself I flipped her over and kneeled between her thighs. Her nipples looked chafed and red, her sex was swollen, her little clit poking out between puffy lips and she looked beautiful. I bent over and licked her nipples, making her arch her back. Gently, I sucked first one nipple then the other before moving down her body. I kissed and licked my way down her smooth belly and hip and then settled down between her thighs.

Kerry was moaning nonsensically as she had been almost since I’d plunged into her ass.

My tongue and lips found her wet slit and I began licking her everywhere but her clit. She squirmed and moved, trying to make contact with my tongue but I avoided her hard little nub at all costs.

“Please, Mr. Jace, please…I need to come”

Finally, I moved my tongue onto her tiny, hard clit, and wiggled it gently. Kerry bucked as if I’d branded her, grabbed my hair, and squeezed her thighs tight around my head. I continued licking her until her breathing returned to normal and her legs relaxed around my face.

Eventually, exhausted, we both lay on the office floor, exhausted.

“My god, Mr. Jace,” she finally whispered. “We should have done this a long time ago.”

I chuckled and agreed.

“How soon before you’re ready to go again?” she asked with a grin.

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