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Big Tits

I got into the office at around ten, Michelle was already waiting with my coffee and the weekend report. She had been my secretary for a little over two years and was constantly forcing me to raise her salary. I was certain that she had managed to climb her way to being the highest paid secretary in the country. And it wasn’t through malicious acts, but by being that good at her job. She was a mixed race woman in her early thirties, she was the perfect blend of Dominican and American. She wasn’t what you would typically describe as a Latino, but she was almost there.

”Sunday was a good day for a chance,” she began, ”How was your weekend?”

”Saturday I fished off the coast with a buddy, and yesterday I led a charter Shark spotting.” I told her.

”And how was your wife’s weekend?”

”No idea, you know if I had my way she’d be the chum I used to lure in the sharks.” My wife and I had married two years ago, and as soon as the ring was on her finger she brought out her true colours, which were various shades of green.

”No offence sir, but I know a pretty good lawyer.” she told me, divorce had been on my mind for a little under two years. But with her it didn’t seem like an option.

”Two months ago I asked her if she would go away for a million. But she just smiled and shook her her head. She wants it all, you see. She thinks she deserves it all.” I told her as I walked into my office, she followed behind and put the coffee down onto the desk with the report.

”So what have I got today?” I asked her.

She didn’t even need to check her notes or diary, she just replied, ”Promoting one of the office staff to team leader. I’ve left the two candidates and their information at the back of the weekend report.”

”Maybe I could marry you.” I joked.

”No that wouldn’t be any better for you,” she calmly replied, ”Because I truly deserve it all.” she said with a smile as she left the office.

At least with her I had regular sex whenever I wanted it, I thought to myself as I sat down.

I flipped through the file and then the profiles of the two candidates, both females who have sold my security systems to more people than anyone combined. I knew that Michelle was going to call for them individually at my request, just like at my request on Friday when she fired the team leader I’m about to replace.
The job was an easy one, teach your own selling skills to those below you and make them better. But sadly Carla failed to teach what she knew. Onwards and upwards.

”Michelle, I’m ready for the first one,” I told her over the phone. A few minutes later and she was showing in a young girl who I had obviously never seen before. She looked presentable enough, with a knee length skirt and tights. She wore a vest top underneath a blazer. She had her attire down nicely, but I wasn’t sure about the purple streaks in her hair.

”Please, take a seat,” I greeted as I directed her to a chair. ”As I’m sure you know, I own Rylock, and after reading up on you I can say with honesty that Rylock is a better company for having you.”

”Thank you,” her smile was a shy one, and her eyes looked quite sad, but then I assumed that was down to her being mixed race.

”That’s assuming that your name is Eva, that is.”

”Um, no, no it’s Abigail.” she replied.

”Oh, well that’s a shame, she must be up after you.” I told her, I was joking of course, but I wanted her to fight for what I was offering. I didn’t want someone to loose a step just because the boss knows their good.
”Well, Abigail, what I’m looking for is a new team leader. Carla lacked drive, once she got the role she slipped backwards and that’s not what I need or want. I want somebody that’s going to grab the rest of them by the scruff of the necks and make them better. Unfortunately I can’t make you both team leaders, so this is your chance to take a huge step forward.”

”Okay,” she said with an affirmative nod.

”I want you to sell me on your underwear.” I told her.

I’d never seen the colour drain from somebodies face like that before, it was as if she had the life sucked right out of her. Like a deer in headlights she didn’t know what to do or say next.

”Ex-excuse me?” was all she could get out.

”I don’t need security, and I’m not going to ask you to sell me this goddamn pen, because I don’t need any of these things. I want you to make me want to go out and buy the underwear that you’re wearing. I want to believe that I’d never be able to look at a woman in anything else.”

”Um, okay, right,” she stammered.

I leaned back in my chair and watched her for a moment, ”Hey if you can’t do it then don’t panic, just means I won’t have to think of something else for Eva to sell me on.” I told her. The moment I uttered Eva’s name I saw her eyes dart to mine, she knew that Eva was the favourite, and she didn’t want to lose this promotion.

”The law of averages states that you have to go through eighty people saying No, before you get one Yes. Well do you know how I have managed to get that eighty down to ten? Oh that’s right, I get a Yes in every ten attempts,”

The confidence that had been sucked out of her was beginning to build again, I watched her shift in her seat as her comfort level began to rise.

”I get one Yes from ten people telling me No, because I’m never uncomfortable. I’m always at complete ease and never the same girl twice.” she told me as she began to slowly get to her feet. She kicked off her shoes as she rounded the desk and then sat on the edge of it. She brought her foot up and placed it on my knee,

”You feel that?” she asked sliding her foot up and down my thigh, ”the way my foot glides up and down your leg? Feel it,” she told me as she brought her foot up again and placed it in my hand.
”That’s not the everyday feel, I’ve almost never felt anything softer against my legs. Do you like the way it feels against Your skin?” she asked.

Her foot slipped from my hand and she brought it up to my face, I was the owner of a multi-million dollar company, and right now an employee was rubbing my cheek with her foot. I glanced to her crotch and saw her thighs, ”Stockings.” I murmured under my breath.

”The best stockings you’ve ever felt.” she told me as she unzipped the back of her skirt. She stood back to her feet and let it drop to the floor. She revealed her black panties and turned on her heel to face away from me, giving me a view of her perfectly shaped ass.

”Do you see how the fabric of my panties stick to my skin? They seem almost like a tattoo, providing me with complete comfort whatever the position I’m in. It feels as though I’m not wearing any at all. And yet,” she stopped mid-sentence and slipped her thumbs down the back of them, ”Slipping them on or off is so easy, Escort Keçiören once you get them over your cheeks, they practically…” she stopped again as she pushed the panties down over her ass, and they they slipped down her legs, ”…drop off.”

I watched her slowly turn her hips, she hooked her panties with her foot and raised them, she leaned against the desk and made sure I couldn’t see her vagina as she raised her leg and dropped her panties right in my lap.

She span back around to face away from me as she slid free of her blazer. She tossed it into the chair she had previously been sitting in and slowly began to pull her vest top up her body.

”Of course, the perfect panties and stockings won’t give you the confidence you need to talk strangers into buying what you got.” she said.

She walked slowly with her back to me, her ass moved in perfect rhythm as she pulled her top up over her head and dropped it on top of her blazer. She paused for a moment in a pose that allowed me to full appreciate her backside. The light hit her skin and reflected from the stockings in a way that made me use every type of personal restraint possible to stop myself from jumping the desk and taking her.

”The right bra can get you anything you want in life, but only if it’s strapped around the right breasts, and on the body of the right mind. Choosing which bra to put on in the mornings isn’t as easy as you might think, it has to reflect on the kind of day you want to have.” she told me.

She turned around and put her hands on her lips, her legs were crossed in a way which gave away very little to my eyesight, her black bra was worn with pride. It had smooth looking cups and tiny reflective studs scattered over them. The shoulder straps were split into two, making it seem as though the bra was both supported and slipping down her shoulder at the same time. I didn’t know where she had found it, but I liked it.

”They say you should always go a cup size bigger, and when in business you should go one smaller to look more professional. But I can’t help but always wear just the right size. Because no matter how well it’s hidden, I know it’s there, making me feel sexy and making my breasts look..”

”…Amazing.” I finished her sentence for her. I took a guess and estimated her to be somewhere in the B-cup range, but I had never had this kind of desire to want B-cup before now.
I wasn’t sure any more if it was the bra, her words, or the delivery of her words, that made her breasts look so appealing. Before she started ‘selling me’ I would have said she was an average built woman with a cute face, but now, I wanted to buy her an apartment.

She slowly began walking back towards my desk, ”And do you know the best thing about this bra?” she asked as she came around to my side. I slowly shook my head, I could only imagine how I looked right now supporting an obvious hard-on.

She sat back on my desk, bringing both of her feet up to my crotch and slowly massaging my hard hidden cock.

”The best thing about this bra, is when I get home and undress. I slip out of my clothes like I did just a few minutes ago, and when I’m wearing nothing but my stockings and bra, I simply…”

I wasn’t sure how it happened, but my trousers had become unzipped, and on top of that my full erection was on complete display. She massaged it between her feet, the silk stockings felt like nothing I had felt before. I looked at her though bliss-filled-eyes as she reached between her breasts,

”…Flick this switch.” she finished as the front bra clasp popped open, she ripped open her bra as though she was ripping open a shirt. Her breasts exposed, her small brown hardened nipples aiming right at me as I felt the explosion of semen shoot right out of me.

”Fucking– fucking hell,” I moaned, ”I’m sold, and I’m spent.” I told her as a huge smile appeared on her face.

My semen was splattered over her feet, my trousers and still dribbling down my shaft as she hopped off the desk. She made her way around to her clothes and began getting dressed again.

”I told you, the right underwear can get you anything you want in life, maybe even a promotion.” she told me as she buttoned up her blazer. She pulled off her stockings and dumped them in the trash bin on her way out of the office.

Michelle then walked into the office and I made no attempt to move or cover myself, she looked me up and down and asked, ”So what do you think?”

”I haven’t had a foot-job before.” was all I could say, ”Okay, you wanna clean this up for me?” I asked.

With out saying a word she came around to my side of the desk and got down on her knees, her hands were placed on my thighs and she brought her open mouth down around my slowly shrinking cock.
There were many reasons why she was the highest paid secretary in the country, she did everything I needed her to with no questions asked.

I couldn’t help but hold the top of her head as she bobbed back and fourth, my sensitive manhood responded to every flick of her tongue and pretty soon had become hard again. It stood as a strong mass as she brought her mouth muscle up and down it, occasionally glancing up at me as her saliva washed away the semen.

I could feel my empty sack begin to tighten as she again took it deep, ”You trying for another raise?” I joked.

”You want me to stop?” she asked.

”Of course not, I want you you to drop your panties.” I told her.

With out pause she got to her feet and hitched her skirt up around her waist, she leaned over my desk while slowly slipping her red cotton panties over her ass. There was no stockings or tights, just the smooth toned skin of a mixed race beauty. I stood up and lined myself up behind her, she placed both of her hands down on the desk and braced for impact.

There was a list of things I knew I never needed to do with Michelle, and one of them was lubricate her. I poked against her clitoris and then pushed my way into her. She let out a short gasp as I pushed into her as far as I could go and then began thrusting.

I held onto her hips as I slammed into her, with every jolt a gasp escaped her throat. ”I tell you this every time,” I began, ”You can go ahead and be as loud as you want.”

With that said her short gasps became loud moans, I gave sudden bursts of rapid thrusts before slowing, making sure I got balls deep each time. I felt her muscles clamp around my cock as she went flat to the desk, her moans became cries as she got closer to her climax.

Her feet came up off the floor as I thrust her further onto the desk, she now gripped the edge as I delivered one last flurry of rapid fucking. She popped with an orgasm just as I did. We both let out a long moan of relief as what little semen I had left splashed against her Keçiören Escort cervix.

I dropped back into my chair and watched as my almost transparent semen began dripping out of her.

”That’ll be all for now, Michelle.” I told her.

”There’s fresh clothes in the drawer, sir. And I’m going to move your second candidate interview too after lunch.” she replied as she pulled her panties back up and rearranged her skirt. She then left the office without saying a word.

”Thank you,” I muttered.

Lunch was the perfect time to read over the weekend reports, Michelle had gone out and gotten us both some sandwiches and was sat with me as I read through them. There was however, an abnormality.

”Eva has worked quite a few weekends recently, hasn’t she.” I noticed.

”Ever since you fired Carla.”

”So she’s either low on cash, or eager to impress.”

”Well she wouldn’t be the first to kiss ass, to be honest she has a pretty strong mind for business. If I had to pick without interviewing them, I would recommend Eva.” she told me.

”I would love to see you interview them.” I joked, Michelle smiled politely in return.

”Well after watching your technique via the security camera earlier, I may be able to manage it.” she shot back with a confident smile.

I scanned my eyes over Eva’s file, ”I see here she had a significant amount of time off last year.”

”Yes, she had surgery.”

”Oh, was it successful?” I asked.

”I think so,” she started as she took a sip of water, ”her breasts certainly look healthier.”

I smiled and dropped the file down onto the desk, ”Okay, back to work. Give me five minutes and send her in.” I instructed.

She got up and gathered up the papers we had been looking over and left the office. I leaned back in my chair and checked my phone, Michelle is like a goal keeper for keeping phone calls away from me. Nothing gets passed her, not even my wife. And for that I’m thankful.

A few moments later and Michelle was showing Eva into my office, the first thing I noticed about her was her vibrant red hair, obviously a dye job, but never the less it dropped half way down her back.
That was when I noticed the skin tight black leather pants, there wasn’t a crease to be seen and I could only imagine the struggle she must have had to get into them. Her red high heels were the same shade as her hair, and she was tall, christ, she must be around six foot.
She was wearing a long sleeved black top that was clinging to her almost as tightly as her pants, with a low neck line I had an ample view of her enhanced breasts.

”Please, take a seat.” I told her.

She sat down and crossed her legs, how she managed in those pants I didn’t know. ”As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m the owner of Rylock Security. And we need a new team leader. I was fortunate enough earlier to interview the first candidate, Abigail, and now it’s our turn.”

”Are we the only candidates?”

”Yes. You are the only two people I can be confident in when it comes to bringing everyone else up to your level.”

”It’s strange, the last time I saw you I was applying for the job of your secretary.” she told me.

She caught me off guard a little, ”Really?” I asked, ”I must have missed that in your profile. And I certainly don’t remember you.”

”Well I was a little different back then, flat chested and no confidence. I had blonde hair too.” she told me.

”I really don’t remember,” I told her. ”I’m a little concerned though that it took you three years to get on the radar for a promotion.”

”Well It took a little while to create the person you see before you.” she replied.

”Fair enough, so, when Abigail had her interview earlier I asked her to sell me something. And no, don’t worry, it’s wasn’t a pen, but she did really well. So unfortunately I can’t ask the same of you, instead I’m going to test your leadership skills.”

”Can I ask what she had to try and sell you?”

”Her underwear.” I told her bluntly. ”I wanted her to make me the worlds biggest fan of whatever she was wearing.”

”Oh,” she said slightly taken aback, ”That sounds difficult, considering that I’m not wearing any.”

It would have been my turn to be taken aback, but I knew before she came in that she was headstrong, as Michelle had said, she had a mind for business. But that’s not to say that her comment had gone unheard. I couldn’t help but glance at her slim figure and bulging chest as she sat before me soaking it all in.

”So you come in to the office on a Wednesday morning and morale is low, nobody has managed to make a sale all week and you know that you have to turn it around by the weekend otherwise I’m going to coming at you with a truck. What do you do?”

She took a long moment to think about her answer, before finally saying ”I get on the phones myself and show them how to do it.”

”Is that all?” I asked.

”No, I tell each person to excuse themselves before going into the toilets. I then tell them that if they don’t go and pleasure themselves and return to their desks relaxed and relieved, then they’re going home.”

”Wait, so you would tell them to go and masturbate?”

”Definitely.” she said smiling, ”It relaxes you, you need to feel relaxed otherwise the person on other end of the phone will know. If there were guys working on our floor I would suggest an orgy, but there isn’t.”

I wasn’t sure if she was bluffing or being honest, but either way she gave me short and straight answers.

”Okay,” I said, ”three business men walk into the building and want to invest, but the lobby sends them to the wrong floor and their on yours. I’m already in a meeting and Michelle is with me, so it’s all on you as floor manager, what do you do?”

”I show them into the third floor conference room, I tell them that you will be with them as soon as possible, and then I keep them entertained until you arrive.”

”How do you entertain them? A game of scrabble?” I ask.

”No,” she answered laughing, ”I fetch them drinks while allowing them get a good view of me,”

”How do you do that?” I interrupted.

”I come to work every day for an opportunity to impress. I always look one hundred percent.”

”So right now I’m a potential investee. I don’t have all day to wait, and here you come bringing me a drink. Keep my mind off the clock.”

She briefly smiled and got to her feet, she picked up a glass of water and brought it around to me, leaning over me slightly she placed the glass down onto the desk. I could smell her perfume and was an inch away from her hips, her ass was sticking out and I couldn’t help but check it out.

”So how much are you looking to invest?” she asked.

”I’m Keçiören Escort Bayan not sure, I wanted a look at the figures before I made a real decision.” I replied. She turned and leaned onto the desk.

”It’s a very good company to work for,” she said, ”It’s constantly growing,” she said dropping her eyes to my crotch, ”Expansion is something that we work hard for here.”

She arched her back a little and then stretched her arms up, ”Long hours and hard work built this company,” she pushed her chest out and I noticed her hardened nipples, ”And it’s with long hours and hard work this company has become one of the worlds biggest names in security.”

She finished her stretch and leaned forward a little, ”We’re big on everything here, nothing is too small, we can see the smallest problem and take it with everything we have.”

She chose each word carefully, it was almost subliminal. After blowing my load twice already today she had managed to get me on the way to my third erection.

”When I started working here, I had nothing, and now,” she ran her hands through her hair and held it all back in a messy bun, ”Now I’ve grown.” My eyes were locked to her breasts, I should have asked her to sell my on fake ones because I had never been a fan of them. But I had the urge to see hers.

She got back up form the desk and then straddled me, sitting on my lap and placing her hands on my shoulders.

”I can see that your all about growth, and I can feel your strength,” she then leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, ”you have no idea how far I can take you.”

It took a lot to keep my hands at my side, almost like the worlds greatest lap-dance, it was hard to keep them to myself as her chest pushed up against mine.
She leaned back a little and took my hands, ”Can you feel how much I’ve grown as a person?” she asked as she placed my palms down on her breasts. I let out a short sigh as she flicked her hair from off her shoulder. Her piercing green eyes were locked onto mine, she smiled, ”Do you want to see, how much I’ve grown?” she asked.

Before I could answer she reached down and began lifting her top up over her head, her breasts sprang into view and I gave in to my instincts.

I grabbed her forearms and kept them pinned behind her head whilst she was in mid-undress, her face was covered by her top, she couldn’t see anything as I dived onto her nipples. They were as hard as bullets, I lightly bit down on them causing her to moan.

I climbed to my feet and her legs wrapped themselves around my waist, I put her down on the desk and delivered a tongue lashing to each nipple. I never like fake breasts due to their lack of movement, but there seemed to be enough to keep me entertained. I released her arms and allowed her to fully remove her top, I pushed myself upright and slipped my fingers underneath the waistband of her pants, I gave them a tug and they began to peel off of her. She kicked off her heels as I pulled her pants off, she quickly reached for my belt and in seconds my trousers were dropped to my ankles.

She grabbed me by my neck tie and pulled me into her, she let out what sounded like a squeal as I slipped inside of her. She brought her ass up off the desk and wrapped her legs back around me, keeping me rigid, she began gyrating against me. The way her hips moved was almost mesmerizing.

She was completely shaved down below and though she only supported herself with one hand on the desk she had complete control.

I pulled her up off the desk and supported her as she began bouncing herself off of me, she had no issues with letting her feelings be known, she was practically screaming in ecstasy. It occurred to me that she might be trying to be heard by Abigail, but there was no way.

I cast a quick glance up to the security camera in the room and thought about what Michelle was doing right now, she was watching, that much I knew.

Eva had thrown back her head and released her leg grip, I was now carrying her while diving myself in and out of her. She let out moan after moan,

”Oh my fucking god, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she yelled.

Her breasts bounced about as much as they were going to, she brought her head forward and kissed me hard on the mouth before giving me a little bite on my lower lip.

”I’m so wet, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” she told me.

I let her drop down to her feet and she knelt into my chair with her ass out. I didn’t want to guess at how often she was plugged in the ass, but it was already slightly open. I delivered one mouthful of spit to her ass and then began pushing my cock inside.

She let out a soft gasp as her ring widened around me. I slapped her ass hard as I began thrusting backward and forward. I reached around her and cupped a breast as my balls began slapping against her clitoris, pretty soon my balls began to feel tighter.

”Fuck, I think I’m close,” I muttered, ”I want it in my ass, please, cum in my ass.” she begged.

I reached up with my free hand and grabbed her throat, I pulled her back back as I pounded her ass as hard as I could. Her cries echoed around the room, I pulled her back against my chest and bit down on her earlobe.

My hand slipped from her breast down to her clitoris and I began massaging it, ”I want you to cum.” I told her. Almost instantaneously she erupted in a climax. She bucked a little and threw herself forward, I grabbed a handful of her hair and didn’t give her a moment to rest. I went in and out of her like a machine, before finally releasing whatever I had left, right into her rectum.

A few moments passed before either of us moved, my cock dropped out of her and I was followed by my semen. She turned a little before slumping into my chair, I was leaning against my desk as she gently rubbed her aching vagina.

”I think I might invest in this place.” I told her, giving her the yes that she worked hard for. She smiled and laughed a little as she pulled herself to her feet.

”I’ll put the paperwork together.” she told me.

A little while later I was sat in my chair massaging my balls, they had been emptied three times in the same day for the first time in a very long time.

Michelle walked into the room and sat down in the chair opposite me, ”Well that was a vigorous process.”

I smiled weakly at her, ”Some day, huh?”

She smiled from the corner of her mouth, ”So who are you going to choose?” she asked.

”I don’t know, did you know Eva went for your job?” I asked.

”Yes, I remember her.”

”Of course you do, you remember everything.” I replied.

”Do you remember that before you gave me the job, you were going to give it to that black girl? Alicia?” she asked.

”Oh yeah,” I remembered, ”What happened to her?”

”She went back to being a ballet dancer.”

”She did ballet? I thought they all had small breasts, Alicia’s were huge.” I recalled.

”She was blessed.”

”So, who am I going to choose?” I asked.

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