Senior Skip Day Part 2

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I cursed myself for having sexual fantasies. Was this horrible situation that was happening to me now a secret fantasy? Even secret to me? Either way, this was a fantasy that might come to life very soon. Jerard’s fingering had made him pop out of the front of his boxers. They had ridiculous blue and white checks which surrounding his now exposed cock. It wasn’t near as big as Maurice’s. This one looked like his girlfriend–someone petite and athletic– could take it all and it wouldn’t hurt. But the head and the top few inches of it were curiously lighter in color than the shaft. Sweat was beading up on my forehead. I stared curiously at it. I bet it would look weird going in and out; darker as it began to penetrate; lighter as he pulled partially out. Black, then white, then black again. The lighter part would disappear in me… then visible… then not. Marcus was still on my right side and held the scissors up. “Hey, she’s got another set of clothes here, so why not? The Lady in Red is obviously in white today, but I bet I know something that’s red, right bro?” He looked at Maurice, who was rubbing his warm dick on the side of my face for so long a frothy lather was dripping on my left ear. The three laughed together as Marcus pulled my bra strap up about an inch off my shoulder blade and ‘SNIP’! The elastic made it snap back in both directions, and the top of my breast jiggled as my cleavage collapsed a little. Oh, well, this wasn’t one of my better bras. My brain still wanted to think normal thoughts. ‘SNIP’! The other strap sprang open, and my boobs lowered a little. Would they laugh at how I sagged a little more than the little whores in their class that they had cupped and fondled? And just like when I was in high school, I cursed that my boobs weren’t rounder and higher. Marcus said, “Yeah, you’re right. We ain’t coming back to this school anyway, so what can she do to us? Expel us! HA!” He then pinched my left nipple through my bra cup. It was the first time one of them had touched me someplace special! I shook my head from side to side but as I did, I rubbed my face against Maurice’s horse-like cock. I could sense it had weight to it. Strings of his pre-cum were sticking to my cheek now. My poor make-up! He grabbed his cock at the base and began slapping it against the side of my face like a club. Marcus let go of my nipple but not my bra. He pulled it away from my skin about an inch and carefully cut across a nickel-sized piece of material which he had captured between his finger and thumb. As he let go my bra snapped back against me and a rosy, impossibly hard, dime sized nipple was exposed neatly through the hole. My nipples are nice. I will give myself that much. Not bad for an old lady! I looked at his face to see if he agreed. He better like it! I know he hasn’t seen better!! “Well, well! ‘Lady in Red’ sure ‘nuf!” I pulled my right shoulder away from him so as to deny him the other side of my bra. But then, he might as well see both of them, right? NO! He can’t do that to me! But… but… the bra is ruined already, right? He chuckled at my feeble attempt to pull away. His big hand grabbed my other boob and snipped the scissors in the air. I didn’t want to end up with him cutting my skin anywhere. What if I struggled and he cut my nipple! So I froze at first and then pointed my shoulder and boob to him as an offering. As I looked down at my heaving breasts; my one exposed nipple inexplicably hard as a rock, he practiced the same sick symmetry he did on my left side as he cut a companion hole in my right bra cup. Jerard stopped playing with himself long enough to clap enthusiastically. “Beautiful!!” I chose to believe that was a compliment in reference to my nipples and not just how well Marcus had carved my bra up. I think I felt myself blush, and I wagged my head affirmatively and whispered though my gag, “You’re damn right they are!” As he handed him the scissors, Marcus said “Here, Jerard. You think you can handle this down there without cutting her? I don’t want a mark on her, ya hear?” He pulled off his two layers of oversized shirts to show a hard athletic chest with curly black hair. I think he was on the football team. A muscular, man’s body. Brad’s body was soft, but I wondered what it would feel like with this chest laying on me, moving up and down? Would it scratch my nipples? What am I thinking?! Jerard fumbled nervously and wedged the scissors inside the hole in my pantyhose as he cut toward the waist. Since I was still raised up on my elbows I tried to twist my eyes sideways as Marcus yanked off his jeans to see what he looked like naked. Would he be as hard as the other two? He didn’t seem as nervously excited as they were. Was he still soft? Didn’t I excite him? What was wrong with him? The blouse tearing initially was an accident. Did he regret what was going on? God, was he gay, maybe? Couldn’t I turn him on? “Ten bucks she’s shaved!” Maurice said. “White bitches all shave.” Escort Tunalı “You’re on! She’s dark skinned, and it’s too early for gals to shave for summer when they wear a swimsuit when they go to the pool or the beach. I bet she’s got a lot of fur!” God, Marcus is so wise! I was just going to get a wax job before summer got here. I wonder if he’ll like it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that my pubic hair might win a bet for someone! I liked the idea. “This is taking too damn long!” Jerard said, very flustered. I watched between my bent knees as he threw the scissors over his shoulders. As they hit the tile with a clang, his rough hands yanked at the pantyhose nylon but the tear stopped at the seam at my crotch. I was afraid he’d cut my thighs with the stretched nylon so I started to squirm and buck. He assumed I was struggling. I was, wasn’t I?! This was not a good thing. I had to fight back! Or at least make it look like I was. No, that can’t be the way I felt! Brad would never look at me the same way if he found out. Maurice tightened his grip on my arms as… what was this!? Marcus had bent down and sucked my nipple into his mouth!! Oh! No! Only Brad can do that!! I started to buck and thrust my shoulders. Jerard saw his opportunity to yank and reached up under my skirt and pulled my tattered pantyhose down off my hips as I shimmied and squirmed my hips. But since I was distracted by Marcus’ mouth, I hadn’t noticed what Jerard was up to. I couldn’t process everything that was happening, but I realized all too well that Marcus was flicking his tongue over the rock hard tip of my nipple. Sweat started to pop up on my forehead as my black hair (I just got it styled!) was beginning to cling to my neck and face. Maurice had started to pick up the rhythm of his slapping my cheek with his hard fire hose!   Could it be getting longer?! No! That’s impossible!! It was soaking my gag. Had he cum?! No! It would be all over my face and upper chest by now! Big gobs, I imagine! I bet he could squirt some past my boobs if he tried. That would be hard to wash out of my camisole! I can sew the straps back on so Brad won’t know. But what if it gets on my gray skirt? That would be hard to wash out. My mind went to Monica Lewinsky’s blue cocktail dress. A young buck like Maurice could probably hit my skirt easy from his position over my shoulder next to my mouth. Brad ‘The Dribbler’ couldn’t shoot five inches anymore when I jacked him off when we couldn’t screw because I was on my period. Man, I’m glad I’m not on my period now! Marcus pulled his mouth off my fruity pebble and smiled at it. Then calmly, he maneuvered his fingers inside the torn tip of my bra cup and ripped it back towards the edge of the cup like he was pealing an orange! He smothered my whole tit in his lips, and I felt my nipple knocking against the roof of his mouth. I was relieved he wasn’t biting it as I groaned from my helplessness. I think my groan may have sounded like a moan. Nervous Jerard had really enjoyed his ripping, I guess, because he started to grab my skirt at the hem and tried to break the material but thankfully it wouldn’t budge. I liked this skirt! Marcus saw his struggle and laughed. He looked down and saw that the button at the waist was on the right hip and the zipper was below it. He fumbled only briefly to unbutton it before he just grabbed the button roughly and pulled it off! My muffled protest didn’t seem to affect him. Then he smoothed my skirt down far enough to unzip it. He grabbed the back side of the skirt at the zipper and said to Jerard, “Grab the front part and pull, let’s get a better look at these panties.” My eyes were wide, my breathing heavy, and I hadn’t noticed that Maurice had let loose of his grip on my arms. I guess he figured it wasn’t necessary since I had stopped struggling. I wasn’t struggling anymore! He reached down the back of my blouse collar between my shoulder blades, never taking his hard prick from the side of my face. In fact he was still slapping me hard with it like a fleshy whip. I leaned my head back a little so I could see it as it whipped me. As his one hand guided the whip, his other wormed down my collar and fumbled in that age-old feeling ever female knows: a guy working his fingers to unhook your bra. This slapping of his cock on my face had to stop! It was hurting now. Pre-cum splayed on my upper chest and now there was some on my nose! It tickled! It had long since started to run into my ear. This was more than annoying. As his hand went past the back of my head so he could get to my bra, he rubbed the knot of my gag further down toward my neck, loosening it far enough for me to wiggle it off my mouth and spit out my gag. He didn’t notice, as he was concentrating with his left hand cracking his whip on my face and his right hand fumbling with the hooks of my now ruined bra. Marcus and Jerard had ripped my skirt (my good skirt!) from ulus escort the end of the zipper to the hem. I could feel the pressure release from my waist as they folded my skirt back off my body onto the desk, and they grunted approval at their conquest. I looked down to see what they were looking at but this cock was now flinging pre-cum in my left eye! I had to stop this! On the next swing of his horse whip, just as he succeeded in unhooking my bra, I turned my face toward his enormous cock and opened my mouth wide. Instead of spraying my nose or eyes with this swing, I took his big head in my mouth. There! Now that will stop this beating! With my arms free now, I turned toward him so that I could get that nasty thing deeper in my mouth. If I could suck it a few inches deeper in my mouth he wouldn’t be able to release it and slap my face with it anymore. I knew better than to bite it. Who knows what would happen to me if I did. And I guess it would be fun to find out what it tastes like. I felt a tug on my skirt and instinctively raised my ass so they could pull it away. Maybe I could sew it. Nah! Marcus, seeing my bra dangling loosely on my chest now, lifted it off my tits and threw it in the same pile as my skirt and pantyhose. All ruined! This was going to get expensive to replace all this stuff! Maybe they would chip in some money. My middle aged tits were now completely exposed. It didn’t appear that any of them were repulsed. On the contrary, there were smiles all around. I started to coo at this apparent approval and the vibration of my mouth on Maurice’s cock seemed to excite him. Could a dick really be this large? So thick and long! And the head felt heavy as I circled my tongue around it. What in the world am I doing?! I really should get this boy’s cock out of my mouth but I didn’t want him getting any more sticky stuff in my hair or gum up my contacts. Better to have this pre-cum inside my mouth. That made logical sense. He was so big surely my jaws would begin to hurt if I kept sucking it like this. I heard another shutter click and out of the corner of my eye I saw Jerard snap a picture from an angle that took in my crotch in the foreground and Marcus’ hand on my left boob in the middle ground (grabbing it more roughly now, that animal!) and Maurice’s hard pole in my mouth. I hope he can make me a copy of that one. Then there was more ripping! My poor camisole! Four fumbling black hands converged on my tummy and in an instant my pretty lace top camisole was in tatters and thrown in the pile of rags. Whenever I wash the car and try to tear one of Brad’s old tee shirts I can never get them to come apart without cutting them first! But strong young hands with a will and adrenaline can be very powerful. Like now with Marcus squeezing my right tit and Jerard finally putting his hands on something besides his two-tone cock as he reached up and grabbed my left one. As I sucked Maurice further in, I felt Jerard’s dick touch the cotton of my panties! My panties and the collar, arms and back of my blouse were all that was left on me. I didn’t bring another pair. They better not rip these off!! How will I explain to Brad that I have no underwear on under my jeans?! But I suppose I can undress in the bathroom so he doesn’t see.   As I rose on my left elbow to keep the whip captured in my mouth, my right hand found Marcus’ naked hip for balance. “Is this what you’re lookin’ for, Ms. Delaney?” He guided my hand to that place… a new place… a new sensation. My fingers explored his shaft, up to the head. His hands were kneading my tender tits. I wondered what his sack felt like? Umm! It’s big, but tight against his body. I started to choke as Maurice’s cock hit the back of my throat. I hadn’t learned the proper breathing technique for such a gigantic cock in my mouth. Jerard took a cue from Maurice and started slapping his cock down on my panties, the head hitting my lower belly. “Stay away from that hole. That’s mine! At least at first, it is!” I was glad to see Marcus assert his authority with the other two. Umm… first? FIRST!!! What was I thinking! Marcus pushed Jerard backward away from my crotch and reached down and grabbed my panties in his big hand. I knew what was coming and mumbled around Maurice’s captured cock, ‘NO!’ I needed these panties even if they were plain white cotton ones. Why hadn’t I worn something sexier? Marcus would have liked to see me in something sexy at the bed and breakfast tonight. Wait a minute….I mean BRAD! “OK, Terri. You’re the boss! Heh, heh. If you don’t want them ripped we’re cool with that. Can we call you Terri, Ms. Delaney? After all you’re all over our cocks and we can see more of what you got than those silly seniors who got excited about a bra and pantie beaver. Speaking of beavers… who’s gonna win that bet, Terri?” Jerard said, “Jesus, Marcus! Look how wet her panties are! You can almost see her pussy through her undies!” “Well yenimahalle escort bayan look all you want, but I’m in there first. Now to see if I’m a winner.” He grabbed my panties in the same place as before, and I was sure he was going to rip them off against my wishes but he didn’t. He pulled them up toward my tits and away from my skin. I felt the elastic in the leg holes and across my lower back tighten but not break. Good! I needed those for that night! I felt the elastic stretch across my inner thigh until they plopped inside my now puffy pussy lips, bunching up in my wet crease and ass crack as they pressed against my clitoris. For the first time I concentrated on what was happening down there. Am I really wet like he said? That can’t be! I’m being forced, right? I saw a movie where an assault victim said it hurt badly because she was so dry. If I circle my hips just right maybe I can get that material to move back and forth across my nub. It might work. Let’s see. I could see my lower body in my mind’s eye and knew that Jerard and Marcus, who has now taken my hand off his cock (I wish he hadn’t done that. I needed it for balance!) were getting a full view. I knew from the position of my undies that the three of them figured out that Marcus had won the bet. My raven black hair had spilled out of the leg holes of my undies. Soft ringlets of it, black as any Afro American girl they had seen or dreamt about. Did they enjoy the familiarity of this view? Or would they see this episode as an opportunity for experiencing a completely different type of woman? Would I be more desirable if I had been shaved? Would Marcus have liked it better even if it had meant he would have lost the bet? My jaws were starting to hurt. Maurice was fascinated with my tits, especially my nipples as his hand kept moving from one to the other while he moved his hips back and forth, shoving more of his hard tube in my mouth. I had never taken a man so deep in my mouth before. I hoped he thought I was more proficient at sucking a big cock than I actually was. I felt it would be better if they imagined I was more sexually experienced than I really was. Maurice’s grunting made me think I must be doing okay. Jerard exclaimed above all the grunting and cooing, “Teach wants her panties intact, Marcus. If you want her first, pull them off now. I’m getting blue balls and she’s bucking like a bronco. I can’t hold her legs apart with one hand even if the fight has gone out of her.” “Okay, stud. I got one leg. Get your camera ready and get a pic of this bush when I pull them off before I get in there. Look what you did, Jerard! You got some of your stuff on her panties! Did you cum? Now Terri’s gonna have to wash these good. I don’t know why, but she must like them. She wasn’t worried about us ripping the rest of her clothes too much, but I promised her, and she’s the boss, remember?” I started to remember Monica Lewinsky again and realized that if I had cum on panties they might not dry before tonight. And my juices certainly wouldn’t either. It would be easier and safer to explain why I had no undies on rather than these soiled incriminating undies… I sure as hell couldn’t explain cum stained ones! So I figured, ‘what the hell’. As he hooked his fingers inside the waistband while I was rotating my hips wildly, I slammed my ass down hard on the desk making it impossible for Marcus to pull them down. I pulled Maurice’s cock out of my mouth long enough to say “Rip the fuckers off, you cock suckers!!” “We should suspend her, boys. She said fuck again!” “You’re the boss, Terri!” Four hands ripped and tore as the cool air hit my now exposed pussy. I never call it that! I think that’s a dirty word. I lifted my ass up obediently as several remnants of cotton land on the growing pile of my morning’s outfit and my naked ass rested back on the cold wood of my desk. “Look at that huge triangle of pubes!! Jesus she’s got a nest! You think your dick can find her hole in the middle of all that, Marcus? But that’s a nice pink cherry there peeking out… mmm!” “Shut up, quit shaking and take the picture! And Terri, stop rotating your stuff and quit sucking long enough for him to get a good shot! I’m getting a little impatient myself.” Click! He parted my legs further. Click. I leaned back across the desk with my back on it now, the only clothes left on me were the tattered top and arms of my blouse. I lay my head back over the edge of my soon-to-be screwing platform (i.e. my desk). I was about eighteen inches from the blackboard behind me. Maybe I could take Maurice in my mouth easier like this. He read my mind and very quickly he propped his back against the blackboard, and I opened my mouth wide to take him in. His balls were resting on the bridge of my upside down nose as he straddled my head in his thighs. Click. All of a sudden I realize no one was paying any attention to my tits! I reach up and grab them in the way I like to do to myself; circling the undersides. Mmmm. Click. Maurice said, “Hey, Marcus! If I get sloppy seconds, don’t cum in her too much! I don’t want your skanky cum sticking to my prick!” I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to have anything left in case I make him cum like this. “Take the other hole, Jerard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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