set up by her husband

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set up by her husband”shhhhh dont move sexy boy””mffffffffff mffffffff”Mike had me arm i my back ass up on his lap , my mouth shut by his big strong hand”thats a ggooood boy take the plug right in there sexy””mgfffffffff””ho you have such a tight cunt””in and out, like that let it in, its going to set in plae and youll like it””right there , nice cute white ass”tap tap taptaping on my plugged ass like im a k** on daddy lapmy gf is in the kitchen with his wife ,,,,,and im in the garage getting ass plugged by the Haitian daddy holding me on his lap , ass up , my ass lubed and plugged”i love white boy who listen, now you will listen carefully”he reach for the sexy little pair of panty ,helping it up my legs , until i feel it press agaisnt the plug , the string going between my ass cheeks, in my crack making e feel how tight and smooth it is”we gonna have dinner and you’ll tell your gf you got the job””your going to make her so freaking proud”tap tap tap”my wife need a maid to help with the chores and the house stuff””youll stay here all covid lockdown , helping my wife and if you make her happy, i wont show your cute gf you like getting stufff i your tight white butt””please please Mike im not gay, omg i cant do this””yes you can boy, we gonna mobilbahis güvenilir mi get dinner and you will tell her you gonna stay here for the whole lockdown””i cant”tap tap tap”yes you can dont be stupid , if you go back home what do you think she will say, when she sees your in panty and plugged? ””that cute ass all sexy, plugged, in nice panty, you dont want her to catch you like that right?””Mike….why , i just….i just want a job””i know its ok, ill pay you of course””you will be able to pay the rent and keep you apart, make your gf proud”he was rubbing my pantied ass like i was his thingi felt so lost and worried he help my jean up ”dont worry, im going to teach you to suck later tonight , when we are alone, i need my big cock sucked on daily”i look down , the words breaking my last ounce of doubt of why he was doing this”go first ill join you”i was done i sat at the dinner table and by the minute i fell into his trap”ohh nice nice so you are starting when?””he star tomorrow, your bf gonna be able to make the rent, i felt sorry for you 2””and you, honey gonna have someone cleaning our place so you can concentrate on your work too””thank you baby , your so kind, this is great””he will sleep here so mobilbahis we dont hae trouble with covid lockdown or anything ”Mike looking at me , i could feel the power he was gaining over my body, my ass sit o the plug started buzzing the second he touch his phone”show us you are worthy of your rent money Alex, get the table clean and make us cofee the the dishwasher”i look at Mike”yeah….ok ”my plug buzzing under the panty ,. i walk around getting the table stuff, each step the lube feeling of my wet plugged ass , my mind getting blind by the minutesmy gf talking about leaving soon, the wife saying she could gave her a lift after dessert”im fine i would prefer not to go to sleep to late”i clean the table, and was called a good boy by Isabelle , mike wife”ok time to go then””good night ”my gf kiss me and i was soon alone with Mike”my wife likes you already””.your going to be a great helper ””did you want a dessert?””a nice big lolipop to suck on?”i watch him take my hand”dont be shy lets go take a shower””youll make bonus money every time you suck on my cock”i was silent, in panty and plugged , Mike walking me to my fateremoving my cloth water started he had me naked , i realised how the plug just stayed in as i got under mobilbahis giriş the watera cock sucker of bbc soon to behe got in , he was huge, cock ring in place looking at me ”how is this plug doing?”he turn me u was unplugged”heyyy Mike wait im going to suck you….gettt away stop rubing on myyyyyy aaaaaaahhhhhh””Mike mike your too big ””shhhh relax gimme ur ass boy””its all open , all for daddy bbc””ahhh ahhhh ahhh my giodddd not sooo deeeep ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh””shhhhhhh gimme ur hole , you are so sexy””you are sexy my bbc in your tight white ass””relax boy im gonna pay you good money , let me fuck that sweat ass””your gf will be proud of you””making money like a good boy”he fuck me good , it wasn’t hurting so much, i could feel him ripping away my masculinity ”take care of my babies for me, ahhhhh fuckkk yesss , take it boy”i moan at the warm cum load spurting in meit made me feel so wet and open”now you can suck me clean ”my knees hot the floor and my mouth openi had been fucked , filled up , i was driping cum , his bbc still rock hard in my mouth”we need to get out make sure the wife wont find out”we did, i felt sad , i liked sucking under the warm water”dont be sad boy ill join you when she sleeps””ill pluf you until then ”and i was back in panty and pluggedhe left me in the guess room trying to sleepi woke up in the bed legs up pany off , i felt the plug in my mouth as i moan daddy fucking me uphe cum fast and left me dripping cum again, confused , wondering what my gf was doing, what would she think

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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