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set upThere I was hanging around in the middle of the living room gettingfucked in the ass and in the mouth at the same time, and by hanging; I meanhanging face down, legs spread, arms spread a few feet off the floor, withmy ass filled and my throat filled with a cock, how did I get to this pointyou ask?Rewind to last night.About me: I was currently single, divorced actually for a couple ofyears now, with a son, 17 years old, no wait 18 now as his birthday wastoday, he lived with his mom and her new husband, and I was sitting at homedepressed because it was my son’s birthday and my ex and her new husbandhad taken him out of town for his birthday. So I decided to go out to alocal bar that I had been going to for a few years, planning on having afew drinks. I was on my first beer and sitting at the bar, the only otherperson at the bar, sitting on the other side of the bar was a big muscularguy with a baseball cap on staring down into his beer, when a pretty womancame in and sat down next to me; of course I checked her out briefly and Iliked what I saw, she was probably late twenties, early thirty’s about5’4″, red hair and a slim body and stacked, what do I mean by stacked; wellshe was dressed nice but wearing a loose sweater that couldn’t hide thesize of her breasts, I think I caught a quick glance of a nipple againstthe sweater and she smelled really nice from some good perfume and awoman’s natural scent. What do I look like you ask? Well I was a 36, 5’10” slim, weighing about 185 lbs, with short brown hair, and my face wasnothing special to look at, not ugly by any stretch, pretty much an averagelooking guy.When she sat down, I had checked her out briefly but didn’t really talkto her, I mean she was hot and probably hated being hit on by guys all thetime, plus usually when a woman came in alone to a bar, she was meetingsomeone, so beyond nodding my head to her as she sat down I didn’t startany kind of interaction with her. Well she ordered her own drink, anordinary domestic light beer, I was surprised to see that, because usuallywomen wanted the sexy girlie drinks; Cosmo, Apple martini, etc… Then outof the corner of my eye I saw her drink half of the bottle in one gulp. Then she slammed it down on the table giving me an excuse to look directlyat her without being that creepy guy at the bar. When she slammed it downshe said “Whew I really needed that.” and then she looked at it and pickedit back up to her lips and downed the rest of it in one long swallow,before setting the empty in front of her. I watched her down that beer,with her pretty throat working as she swallowed all the beer.When she set it down empty I said “wow you really must have beenthirsty?” She looked at me and smiled and said “Yeah, that really hit thespot, I really needed that after the day I have had.” I replied back andsaid “Oh that bad huh.” she smiled at me and said “well if you buy meanother drink I will tell you all about it.” I quickly got the bartendersattention: If I had to, I would have dived over the bar to get her thatdrink. I looked to her and said “The same” she said “sure, and how about ashot of tequila also?” I smiled and thought “Bingo” and I had the bartendergive us each another beer and a shot of “tequila” When the drinks got thereI grabbed my shot and she grabbed hers and I said, “how about making us atoast to make the drink go down smoother,” She grinned and said “all rightthen” and each of us holding our shots up she said “To chance encounters.”and we both downed the shot, quickly chasing it with some beer and shelaughed and I followed along.She introduced herself, said her name was Ann, I told her my name wasMark and she then told me about her day and how work was a pain in the assand her boss was a dick, just the usual things people complain about everyday, then she said that she had gotten in a big argument with her boyfriendover the phone. “I winced mentally, thinking, “shit, boyfriend!” I didn’tquiet catch the reason for the argument, as I was busy mentally crying out”Shit, Shit, Shit.” then I heard her say “and he fucking dumped me!” I said”excuse me, he dumped you.” Inside my head I was yelling my head off,”YES,YES,YES!” And she said “yeah, just out of the fucking blue, said hewas tired of arguing with me and he could find some other bitch to fuck,without all the yammering.” I looked at her; and while I was elated insideand doing a mental happy dance, I put a concerned look on my face and said”he really said, just that.” she nodded her head “yes” I said “he was afucking moron.” She laughed at that and said “I know, I mean look at me”and she waved her hand down her body as she thrust her tits out, almostpoking a whole in her sweater with her huge tits and erect nipples. I tookher invitation to look at her and checked her body out, she was just as hotas I thought, I looked back at her face and said “Yeah a real fucking moron.” She laughed and said “I know really” and picked her beer up for a sip,while also putting her hand on my leg, causing my dick to instantly gethard.When she set her beer down she smiled at me and then she bent forward towhisper in my ear, You know what would really hit the spot?” I nodded myhead slowly “no” and she said “rebound sex!” and then gave my leg a squeezeand downed her beer, sitting up and saying “pay the check, I will meet yououtside.” I watched her cute little ass walk away and quickly came to mysenses and stood up and reached into my wallet and grabbed two twentiesthrowing them down on the counter saying “keep the change” to be honest itwas probably way too much for what we drank, I mean I had only two bearsand a shot same as her, so the bartender was probably ecstatic, but Idigress. I went out the front door, just seconds behind her to see herstanding there facing the entrance, she smiled to see me come out so quickand as I approached she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me up to her,leaning up her lips open in invitation and I bent down to give her a kiss,she plunged her tongue in my mouth and I could taste the beer and booze onher breath.She held my shirt, pulling me tight to her so I could feel her huge titspushing against my chest, before she pushed me away, releasing my shirt,then she said “where are you parked?” I waved vaguely at the parking lotand she giggled and said, “well you have to be more specific than that, ifI’m to get in.” So I got my act together. I was still stunned that thisbeautiful women was picking me up at a bar to have sex with me. So Ipointed out my car and she said “good, drive me home!” and she headed to mycar, I followed behind saying “are you sure you don’t want to go back to myplace?” I opened the door for her while she said “Nope I like to sleep inmy own bed, plus this way after sex, you won’t have to drive me home.” As Ilet her into my car and walked to the drivers door I thought “Fuck, thiswas really going to happen!”I got in and started driving, and she started giving me directions whereand when to turn, she had started to rub my leg and then moved her hand tomy lap to feel my hard cock through my pants, when she felt my cock shesaid, “Ooh, nice and hard already, and it feels big.” as she stroked mycock through my pants. I wouldn’t call it big, above average yes at 7″ andjust a little thick, but not big, but apparently she thought so or was juststroking my ego along with my cock, to be honest I didn’t care if she wasas long as she was satisfied. Eventually we got to a small house and shehad me pull around to the back to park, I didn’t ask why she wanted me topark around back or anything because at that point the only actuallythinking going on was by my dick.We got out of the car and Ann grabbed my hand and led me through theback door and into a kitchen and then up some stairs to a bedroom. As soonas we got in the room with me following behind her, she lifted her sweaterup and over her head, I noticed there was no Bra strap, then she turnedaround to show me her tits, they were fucking beautiful and huge, an “F”cup at least, she held them out from her body and just pointed at my pantsand raised an eyebrow; getting the hint I started taking my clothes off , Inever took my clothes off so quick in my life, I saw her undo the button onher skirt and drop it to the floor, and I saw her bare shaven cunt peakingat me, she had NO fucking panties on! I had sat next to her at the bar andthe whole time the only thing she had on was a Sweater, a skirt and Highheels, While I hurriedly removed my clothes she got on the bed sticking herass back at me and her cunt and asshole peaking at me from behind and Inoticed perversely, still with her heels on.She laid down on her back with her legs spread and I got the last of myclothes off and climbed on the bed, crawling towards her, she held her armswide open and her legs spread, and didn’t say a word, and without anyforeplay or hesitation I crawled between her legs and thrust my 7″ cockright up her cunt in one quick thrust sinking in balls deep in her hot wetcunt and I laid over her body, and as I thrust my cock in her cunt Ibrought my mouth to hers to lock lips for a passionate french kiss as Ithrust into her cunt, in and out. She broke off the kiss to say in my ear,”My tit’s, my tits, suck on my tits.” I did not need to be told twice andlifted up on my hands to look down at her massive tits bouncing on top ofher chest with my thrusting and bent my head down to take a nipple betweenmy lips and suck it in, She moaned and brought a hand to the back of myhead to push down on my head and mashing her tits in my face.As I fucked her, she was crying out “god, oh god no, oh god, oh god no.”and as I was sucking on her tit she hissed “bite my nipple.” I had sex withwomen before that liked to get her nipples chewed on a little so I did notthink anything was weird and I bit down lightly, she hissed “harder,” so Idid it harder and as I did she pulled up on my head causing her nipple tostretch out before popping out of my mouth, then she pushed my head backdown on her other tit and hissed “again, do it again.” So I bit down againand she cried out wordlessly and bucked her hips hard against mine. Shemoaned quietly and said “that’s it keep doing that, show me how much of aman you are, Mark your territory. So I proceeded to bite and suck on herbreast’s hard. Then she cried out “It hurts.” then quieter hissed “but itfeels so good.” she did this a couple of times as I fucked celtabet giriş her hard and biton her tits and at one point she cried out wordlessly, almost sounding likeshe was in pain but the expression on her face was pure pleasure. Then Igroaned I’m gonna cum soon and she brought my head off her tits to bring myear close to her mouth as she hissed “I need to cum, help me cum, treat melike a dirty whore, oh god I liked being called a whore and a slut,” andshe whined “please do it for me.”So as I got ready to cum I started calling her a whore, hey I like totalk dirty in bed and some of the women I had slept with liked being callednasty things during sex, so I went along with her and started calling her adirty whore and a slut, she hissed “yeah louder, louder let everyone knowwhat a slut I am.” So I got louder and said “yeah, take that cock youfilthy whore, you like that don’t you, you dirty slut….” and so on, Ifelt her shaking under me and I knew her orgasm was approaching and shestarted No, God No, No, No, your gonna put your cum in me.” and she yelledloudly, at that point my orgasm hit and I yelled “Take my cum, you fuckingslut.” and shot my cum up her cunt as she yelled out “BOB, Oh god BOB.” Ithought in the throws of my orgasm “Bob, who the fuck was Bob, she couldn’teven remember my name.” then I felt her fingers dig into my back scratchingme and she brought her hand in front of her and started hitting my chestwith her fists screaming “get off, get off of me.” I was in shock from herreaction and still coming down from my orgasm as she did this, then I hearda loud bellow from a guy, “GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER.” and someone grabbed mefrom behind, throwing me off of Ann and off of the bed and onto the floor.I looked up shocked to see a huge guy standing over me, as I sputtered”what, who…” I heard Ann cry out “Bob, Oh god Bob, it was horrible, he****D me, oh god Bob he ****D me.” I then heard him say “I’m gonna fuckingkill you.” and I looked up in fear all I could hear was ****, ****. He wasstanding over me glaring down and I saw Ann behind him get up and calmlywalk over to a table and I I saw her move the table dragging it across thefloor just a little bit before picking something up and setting it down. Ididn’t know what the hell was going on, what the fuck why was she yelling**** and who the fuck was this? Then I heard him chuckle and say “how didI do Honey?” and I heard Ann laugh and say “Perfect, and Perfect timing.”I gaped up at them, with me still laying on the floor and looked backand forth between the two of them as Ann put an arm around this Bob, and Isaid “who the fuck are you and what the fuck is going on.” Bob smirked andsaid “Hi I’m Bob, Ann’s husband, and whats going on is you just violently****d my wife.” I said “What, your wife, but she said she just broke upwith her boyfriend, and what the fuck do you mean ****, I didn’t **** thatcunt she was entirely too willing.” Bob said seriously “don’t call her acunt ever again or Else..,” and then he smiled and said “of course you did,we have proof” and he brought a pair of panties off the floor and gave themto Ann who slipped them on and pushed them into her cunt getting themsoaked before Bob grabbed them and tore them off of her throwing them onthe ground and then Ann smiling held up her hand and turned them around soI could see some of the blood from my scratched back on one of her fakenails and then tore one nail off, wincing slightly and dropped it also onthe floor. Then Bob said “and look at her tits.” I looked and saw her hugetits covered in bite marks and what would probably be huge hickeys in a fewhours.I looked at them and Bob looked at me and said, “we will tell the copsthat you met her at the bar after we had a fight and got her drunk and tookher home and ****d her.” I spluttered “what, that will never work, I willtell them the truth, it will be my word against hers, you’ll never prove itwas ****.” Bob smiled and said “no, are you sure they won’t believe, howabout after hearing this” and he picked up what Ann had been messing with alittle bit ago and said “we just got this new baby monitor for when mysister drops her k** off with us and we had just taken it out of thepackage and put it here to charge, and what’s this? it looks like thesensitivity is set pretty low, so it would only pick up a babies cry andnot all the other noises in a room. And look it is voice activated, with arecording function, wow baby monitors now these days.” And he pressed acouple of buttons and I heard clearly Ann’s voice “god, oh god no, oh god,oh god no.” I could also faintly hear the sound of me pounding into hercunt and he pressed it again and I heard “It hurts,” a pause “It hurts.”then a few seconds later a cry of pain and bob hit the button again for meto hear me say “yeah take that cock you filthy whore, you like that don’tyou, you dirty slut….” then from Ann “No, God No, No, No, your gonna putyour cum in me.” and from me “Take me cum you fucking slut.” and then fromAnn again “BOB, Oh god BOB.” and “get off, get off of me.” and then fromBob “GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER.” then I heard Ann cry out “Bob, Oh god Bob,it was horrible, he ****D me, oh god Bob he ****D me.” I then heard him say”I’m gonna fucking kill you.” and a noise of a table scr****g against thefloor and silence.I sat there stunned thinking, “Oh my god, it did sound like I was r****gher, but you couldn’t hear her voice egging me on as she always kept it lowenough not to be picked up. then I heard Bob say “Wow honey that was awonderful performance.” she said happily “yeah my best ever, how did youlike my screams,and the bit at the end with the table leg, perfectexplanation of why it quit recording, oops it fell on the floor as you hitthe table trying to get at the bastard that ****d me and hit the buttonturning it off, Bob tapped the monitor on the table twice saying oops, soclumsy of me.I hung my head shocked, thinking “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” then Ithought “WHY?” And I looked at them practically crying and said “Why, Whyare you doing this to me? Bob and Ann both looked at me and Ann said”nothing personal, there’s just something we want with you.” I looked atthem and said “Want, what do you want, I don’t have any special job, I justwork at a lousy furniture store, I don’t have a lot of money, what couldyou possibly want with me?” Bob said, “we don’t want any money, or anythings, we just want your full cooperation.” I said “cooperation, withwhat?” Bob replied, “why anything we want.” I sobbed “But what do youwant?” Bob said “you!” I said “Huh, what the hell do you mean by that.” Bobsaid “why exactly what I just said, we want you, we want you to play with,we want you as our little toy, we want a willing sex salve that will dowhatever he is told.” I Looked up at him and said “sex slave! seriously asex slave!” I pointed at Ann and said “she could have had me do almostanything if I had access to her cunt and tits, why the fuck did you need todo all this?” Bob grinned and said “Oh no, not just her sex slave, minealso.” and I saw him unzip his pants and pull out this huge cock, it musthave been 10″ soft. And Bob said “and we didn’t want you to do almostanything, we wanted you to do everything, every single thing we told you todo. Now get on your knees right there and start by sucking my cock.”I looked up at him in disbelief and said “your serious” then I heard “he****D me, oh god Bob he ****D me.” and saw Ann with the recorder grinningat me. I closed my eyes thinking “oh god this can’t be happening my lifewill be over, but maybe their bluffing” and looked up at Bob and said”maybe your bluffing, do you really want to go through all the hassle withpolice and a trial, just to get back at me if I don’t go along?” Bobgrinned and said “there is that possibility and who knows maybe we are andyou can walk right out of here never to see us again, but what if were notbluffing and oh what about that son of yours, Mike is his name, what if hefound out dear old dad was a r****t, what would that do to him?” I lookedup horrified “My son, how do you know about my son, I never told her abouta son.” Bob smiled and said “ahh that’s the question, lets just say that wedid not randomly pick you up in a bar. I mean who knows what sort ofperson you meet at a bar? you think we just randomly picked you out, no weplanned this with a little help.” I said “help, who helped you and why?”Bob just laughed and said “that’s our little secret. But it should helpyou decide what you are going to do because if we went through all thistrouble would we really give up on you, I mean what would be the fun inthat?”I hung my head and said quietly “You win.” Bob said “louder I couldn’thear you” I screamed out at him “you win, you fucking bastard, you and thelittle cunt over there.” Then I felt a smack on my face and I was laying onthe floor on my back as Bob stood over me and said “I told you not to callher a cunt.” then he sat down on the bed behind him and said “well get onyour knees and get over here and start sucking.” And I looked up at himsitting on the bed and at his cock dangling down between his legs and said”OK” and I got on my knees and crawled over to him and looked at his cockin front of my face and reached a hand to his cock and Bob said “No hands,use your mouth only.” So I closed my eyes and leaned forward to bring mymouth up to his cock and I slipped the cock head between my lips, smellingthe scent of his cock and finally the taste of it, and the feel of his softcock in my mouth, I could faintly taste pee and what can only be describedas cock, his cock head was soft and smooth and I just sucked on the headfor a few seconds, before Bob said “swallow more of it.”So I knelt in front of Bob sitting on the bed while I sucked on his cockhead and when he said swallow more, I obeyed him and started sliding moreof his cock in my mouth until it was filled and hit the back of my mouthcausing me to gag, Bob said “don’t you throw up on me or I will make youclean it up with your tongue.” The thought alone, almost made me throw upbut I resisted and concentrated on not gagging and just sucked on it. Iheard Bob sigh and say “I see we will need to give you some training onsucking a cock, for now I just need to get you used to a cock in yourmouth, so the first thing I want you to do is to make sure you do not letmy cock out of your mouth until I say you can, no celtabet yeni giriş matter what.” I continuedto suck on his cock that was filling my mouth and concentrated on notgagging while it filled my mouth.His cock started to get hard and pushed against the back of my mouth andI was forced to back my mouth off of it as it hardened, until I only hadabout 3 or 4 inches of cock in my mouth with 8 or 9 inches sticking up fromhis lap. After a couple of minutes of sucking and to be honest it wasn’tthat bad once I got used to it, He said “Go ahead and use your hands andget my whole cock wet, but don’t let my cock out of your mouth.” I actuallyhad a pretty good mouth full of saliva and I let as much as I could drainout of my mouth and over his cock and brought my hands up to spread it overhis cock, as I did this he said, “that’s it, use your hands and jack up anddown my cock while you suck and get it nice and wet.” I used both of myhands, up and down on his cock, while I sucked on the last few inches thatstill filled my whole mouth up. His cock was getting pretty wet, since thesaliva in my mouth had been flowing almost non-stop, then he said “Justsuck on the cock head and continue jacking my cock.”So I did what he said, and it was a little bit of a relief since Ididn’t have to worry about gagging any more. His cock head was prettymassive, but it felt real soft in my mouth and I hear him say “suckharder.” So I sucked on it harder and could feel my cheeks sink in as Isucked, Then he said “keep doing that but look at me.” So I was jacking hiscock with both my hands and his cock was covered in my saliva and I wassucking pretty hard, you could tel from the way my cheeks had sunk in andas I looked up I saw a flash of light, I blinked and stopped briefly, andwhen my eyes cleared from the flash, I saw Ann over Bob’s shoulder with adigital camera in her hands, grinning down at me as another flash hit myeyes from the camera and Bob said “I didn’t say stop sucking, keep doing itand don’t look down, so as I continued to suck on his cock head and jackhis cock as Ann continued taking pictures of me sucking Bob’s cock lookingup at him.I couldn’t believe this was happening, in addition to being forced tosuck his cock, the fucking cunt that got me into this mess was takingpictures of it. But I knew I couldn’t do anything about it, so I suckedhis cock just the way he told me too, then he said “keep doing what yourdoing, but get off your knees and stand up and make sure my cock doesn’tleave your mouth.” So as I sucked and jacked his cock, I got off my kneesand stood up; still bent over, with his cock in my mouth, using my handsaround his cock to keep myself from falling forward. So I ended up on myfeet, bent over sucking his cock, luckily the bed wasn’t too low so Iwasn’t bent over too bad. Ann stopped taking picture and got off the bedand out of the corner of my eye I saw her move over to my side and dosomething, I glanced over with his cock in my mouth and saw her putting thecamera on a tripod, Bob gave me a light slap on the side of my face andsaid “don’t worry about her, pay attention to my cock, and I brought myattention back to the cock I was sucking and jacking, and I was thinking”shit, what was she up to with the camera.” and after a few seconds I felther come behind me.Ann leaned over my body with her huge tits hanging down right on my backand rubbing them onto my back as I was bent over, and I heard her say,”well, I see you found the cock you were looking for so badly, go ahead anddo what I know you want to do.” I was thinking, “what the hell is shetalking about?” then I heard Bob say “the next part of your training startsnow, go ahead and take as much of my cock in your mouth as you can.” So Iobeyed his instructions and slid more of his cock in my mouth until it hitthe back of my mouth, causing me to gag and back off a little I gotprobably 4″ in my mouth. And I heard Ann say, “oh look at you, so eager toswallow that cock.” And then Bob put his hands on my head and I heard himsay, “Help him out honey.” And I felt Ann reach under me and with one handgrab hold of my balls and give them a little squeeze, and she said out loud”Ooh, you want me to play with your balls?” and then after a pause and justa little more quietly, “a little motivation to help you out” and she gavemy cock a harder squeeze causing me a lot of pain and my mouth to openwider as I tried to cry out, At that point Bob pushed down on my headcausing his cock to hit the back of my mouth and the entrance to my throat,he continued to push down harder trying to get it in my throat, and I heardAnn say, “take it, and don’t resist or you know what will happen.” then shesaid “Ooh, what a good cocksucker, you look like you’ve done this before.”I was struggling to not throw up and also to breathe, but Bob kept onpushing my head down until suddenly his cock pushed into my throat andreally causing me to have trouble breathing. My hands had went to his ,gripping them as he pushed down on my head and his cock had finally slippedinto my throat and as it slid down, Ann said, “wow I can’t believe you aretaking the whole thing, you are such a good cocksucker, I’m glad you cameto us.” I was just struggling to breathe as his 12″ cock slid down mythroat, until my nose hit his pubic hairs and it stopped buried in mythroat, My throat was totally filled up, I couldn’t believe it and Icouldn’t breatheThen Bob said “kneel like a good cocksucker,” and from behind Ann pushedin on my legs causing my legs to give out and my knees to crash against thefloor with his cock still in my throat. And I heard Ann say “My you arequick to obey, just like the good cocksucker you are.” I was having troublebreathing and almost against my will my arms were trying to push me off hiscock, but Bob still had his hands on my head holding me on his cock and Annhad put her hands on my shoulders and leaned over the top of me, pushing medown and also pushing against my back with her legs, trapping me againsther husband and making it impossible to move off his cock. I heard Ann say”Wow honey, I’m glad you found this cocksucker, it was so cute seeing himbeg for your cock.” I couldn’t breathe from the cock stuffing my throat andit was useless trying to get away, they were both dominating me and makingit look like I was a willing participant, and as I got light headed,something snapped in me and I suddenly gave up fighting and just kneltthere struggling to breathe but not trying to get away.I felt like I was going to pass out, but didn’t care anymore and then Ifelt Ann remove her hands from my shoulders and lean back and Bob removehis hands from my head and I still knelt there with his cock in my throattrying to breathe around the massive cock in my throat with no luck, and asI felt myself starting to pass out, I heard Ann say “well, will you look atthat.” and then she grabbed my hair and pulled me backward off his cock andcausing me to gasp and draw in air, then the feeling of needing to pass outwent away, as I gasped for air and fell back on the ground. After about 30seconds Bob said “I didn’t tell you to remove my cock from your mouth,” andI groaned and sat up, crawling forward to take his hard cock, covered in mysaliva back in my mouth, and I heard Ann say, “Honey I want to see thatagain.” and Bob said “Well it’s up to our cocksucker here, I mean it’s notlike we are forcing him, are we cocksucker?” I knew it didn’t matter what Isaid, but decided to make it easier on myself, now that they had shown howmuch they could dominate me. And without saying a word I started to pushhis cock into my throat once more, this time I didn’t have any help so Istruggled until I heard Ann say “let me help you out.” and she put her handon the back of my head and started pushing it, which seemed to do the joband his cock slid into my throat once more and I slid all the way down his12″ cock shaft before my nose was buried in his pubes.Ann’s hand was still on my head and she grabbed some of my hair againwhen he bottomed out in my throat and I held his cock in for a couple ofseconds before she puled back on my hair and his cock slid back out of mythroat. She stopped pulling as just the head was in my mouth beforelightly pushing my head forward more as a suggestion than forcing me, and Itried to take his cock again, this time she had to use less pressure on myhead for it to go in my throat until It was all the way in once again, thenshe released my head and said “now by yourself, and continue doing it untiltold otherwise. So I obeyed and slid it out and pushed it back in mythroat, with just a little less effort this time until I plunged down on itonce again, I continued sliding the 12 inches of cock into my throat, themore I did the easier it got, a few times I had to stop to fight the gagreflex, but not for long. As I was swallowing and sucking, she got on thebed behind Bob resting against his back with her arms around his chest. And watched me, I heard her say “I think we can keep this one, he learns soquick and is so obedient, much easier than I thought he might be.” and Icontinued sucking as she continued talking “You should have seen him in thecar as I praised his large cock, I bet he isn’t so proud of his cock nowafter sucking on your monster.”They continued watching me suck until Bob said “It’s almost time.” andAnn’s eyes light up as she said, “ooh this is my favorite part.” and Bobsaid to me “Go ahead and just suck on the cock head, and jack my cock off,with both your hands.” And I did what he told me too and I felt his cockhead start to get harder and the slit on his cock start to open up a littleand he said ‘Don’t swallow, hold it in your mouth” and he started cumming,his cum flooded my mouth filling it up as I felt it spurt, spurt againstthe roof of my mouth, the salty taste of sperm that I had only incidentallytasted after kissing a woman that had given me a blowjob, and then Ann said”let him cum on your face,” and I let his cock out of my mouth and the next3 or 4 spurts started hitting my face and getting in my hair and I had toclose my eyes to close to keep from being hit in the eyes. Then he stoppedcumming and I just knelt there until I felt Ann’s hand come up to my faceand wipe cum off my eyelids and she said “open your eye’s” which I did,looking in her face just inches from mine and she said “turn to the cameraand show everyone the cum celtabet güvenilirmi in your mouth.” So resigned to what was happeningto me, I did just that and looked at the camera on the tripod, with a redlight on front showing it was recording my humiliation and domination and Iopened my mouth to show the cum in it. Ann then said “you can swallow itnow, then show everyone how much you liked it,” So I looked at the cameraand swallowed and then opened my mouth to show it gone and licked my lips.Then she said “tell everyone how much you loved swallowing my husbandscum.” I looked at the cameras and said “I loved swallowing all his cum.”Ann clapped excitedly ” I knew it, I knew you would be a greatcocksucker.” I looked at her and suddenly I knew they hadn’t won yet. Iquietly said “you guys fucked up.” An looked down at me and frowned andsaid “what are you talking about?” I smiled and said “how you going toaccuse me of **** now.” I pointed at the camera and waved a hand at myselfand said “Look at me, how you going to explain his cum on me, and my throatis probably bruised from his cock,” and I looked at them both with megrinning. Ann suddenly burst out laughing and kicking her heals up on thebed and despite everything that happened to me I still noticed her massivetits bouncing from the motion. I looked at her in confusion and she lookedat me again and laughed harder, then I heard Bob say “you are stupid.” Ilooked at him and my mouth fell open at his statement and I heard Ann say”you silly little man we never had any intention of accusing you of r****gme.” I said ‘But, But you said..” and Bob sighed and said “look anyaccusation we made would have the police looking closely at us to and atour lifestyle, which to be honest we make no secret of and a halfway decentattorney would tear us to shreds.” I said “But, but..” then he said “wewere bluffing.”I just looked at him and said “bluffing, so you don’t plan onblackmailing me to be your sex slave, then why did you go through allthis.” Bob said “who said we weren’t going to blackmail you to be our sexslave” I said “but you said you were bluffing about the **** charge.” Bobsmiled and said “we were bluffing, we just needed to keep you confused andoff guard for a little bit and willing to do what we wanted.” I was stillconfused and said “but why, just to get me to suck your cock.” and Bob said”Exactly, and to get it all recorded.” and he pointed at the camera andsaid “just think if we mailed some pictures of you sucking a cock to yourjob, or maybe post your video on-line or sent it to your son, or to yoursons school friends what would he think of dear old dad sucking a cock?” Ilooked at him once more horrified and said “but I will claim you made me doit, I will go to the police!” He said, “maybe you could have and we thoughtwe would have to edit it to make it appear you were willing, but yousurprised us by doing it all yourself, the video clearly shows you, with noone near you swallowing all of my cock, over and over again and followingour instructions with no one touching you or forcing you to do a thing.” Ilooked over at the camera and thought “I can just grab it and run, maybe Ican get out of the room before Bob gets me, then they won’t have anything.”but Bob killed that hope as he said, “I know what your thinking, grab thecamera and run, but do you see that cord running into it?’ I looked and sawit as he said “Internet connection, we were broadcasting it elsewhere.”I looked and knew that I had been beat, there was nothing I could do andI couldn’t stand the thought of other people seeing me suck his cock,especially not my son, and how would his friends treat him if they saw it,he would be devastated and then so scornful of his dad. Then I looked backat Bob and said “I still don’t understand, why, why me, what did I ever doto you?” Bob sighed and said “nothing, you did nothing to us, but someoneasked us to do this and we owed them, and also thought it would be fun.” Isaid “but who, who would want to do this to me, why would they want to.”Bob just smiled and said “That’s the secret we can’t tell you, but if youwant you can say “Hi” to them, they are the ones getting the feed from thecamera and he waved at the camera where I noticed the red light still onand I looked straight at and yelled “who the fuck are you and why are youdoing this to me? After a couple more seconds of staring at the camera Isaw the red light go off, and Bob say” well looks like they had enough.”I collapsed on the floor in shock at everything and started sobbing, Anncame up to me and sat down and patted me on my back saying “there, there,everything will be all right, you will come to enjoy it and eventually youwill thank us for the gift we are giving you.” I looked at her face andsaid “Gift, this is no fucking Gift you people are ruining my life.” Shejust smiled and said “you will see.” and leaned over to give me a kiss onthe forehead before standing up and saying “get up “I think it’s time foryou to go home.” I looked at her with my mouth open and then shut it,before standing up, I shuffled over to my clothes that had been dumped onthe floor earlier, in the excitement of getting to fuck Ann and bent downto pick them up, when Bob said “No, you don’t need them.” I looked at himand said, “but she just said it was time for me to go home.” he chuckledand said “and you will.” then he got off the bed and grabbed my pants offthe floor that I had been going to grab and reached in the pants pockets topull out my wallet, my cell phone and my car keys, and held them out to mesaying “But this is all you need, leave the rest here.”I said “but how am I going to get home with no clothes?” Bob said, “youhave your car keys and wallet, drive home.” I said “Naked, I can’t dothat.” He said “yes you can, in fact I am telling you to do it.” I said”but other people and what if I get stopped by the police?” He pointed tomy wallet and said “that’s why I gave you back your wallet, your license isin there, right?” I said, “but, but what good is a license going to do ifpolice catch me naked, the fucking drivers license will do me no good. Bobjust shrugged and said “then don’t get stopped, now run along,” and then alittle pause as he looked at me then said, “Oh I almost forgot, be backhere by 7 p.m. tomorrow, we have some fun planned, and keep your phone onyou in case I have more instructions, and you had better answer because ifyou don’t, I start emailing pictures to your friends until you do. Now runalong, we have a video to watch while we fuck.” and he started pushing meout the bedroom door.Ann said “Honey, let me walk him out, I have a couple of things to talkto him about.” Bob said “OK but hurry back, I want to watch the video withyou.” and Ann grabbed my arm and said “come on” and pulled me down thehallway both of us still naked, with me clutching my keys, wallet and phonein my hands, while she escorted me back downstairs and to the back door,before stopping and saying, “just so you know, I thought you did a prettygood job of fucking me, the orgasm was real.” I just looked at her indisbelief, because I really didn’t care at that point. And she smiled upat me and continued, “and you should also know that I really am a “fuckingcunt,” as you put it earlier and I don’t mind being called one, but Bobgets so bent out of shape and he can do some real harm to you if he getsmad, but remember one thing.” and she leaned up to kiss me on the lips as Istood there shocked at her actions before she continued, “he’s the nice oneof the two of us.” and she grinned with an evil grin before shoving me outthe back door naked.Even though I was naked, I stared at the back door for a minute, beforeremembering my state of undress and quickly ran to my car and got in andsat for a minute or two in the darkness, before looking around for anythingto wear and saw absolutely nothing. I had just cleaned my car outyesterday of anything that might have covered me, so I just started the carand drove off. When I drove here I was getting directions and not reallypaying attention to where I had been driving because I was a littledistracted at the time, so I drove around for a little bit before realizingwhere I was at, all the while craning my neck around looking for police oranyone else out that time of night. I cringed whenever a car came towardsme and then I saw a car in my rear-view mirror, I was desperately trying tofigure out if it was a cop when I saw the light in front of me go red and Ihad to stop for the light abruptly. The other car pulled up behind me andI was relieved to see it wasn’t a cop, that’s when I noticed that betweenthe car behind me and the street lamp by the light, the inside of the carwas well lit up and I saw two teenage girls standing at the curb staring atme naked sitting in the car.One of the teenage girls giggled and pointed down at me, I couldn’tdrive off because the light was red and the lights around here had thosecameras that flashed a picture if you ran a red light. So, I tried tocover myself up with my hand not on the steering wheel and I heard the girlpointing at me say “shit, he’s totally naked” and they bent over to lookcloser in the window and the other girl grinned and said “Is that cum onhis face?” I brought my hand up to my face and felt the sticky mess thatBob had made when he came on my face and I had never cleaned it off, ofcourse when I put my hand to my face I uncovered my cock briefly causingthe girl who had noticed the cum to say, “hey Mister nice cock.” and turnedback to her friend to giggle, as her friend said “Ashley, how do you knowwhat cum looks like?” and the light turned green and I sped off before Icould hear the answer to that question, I was totally embarrassed, butweirdly, my cock had gotten harder as I thought about that brief encounter.There were no more stop lights and I managed to get home without meetinganyone else.I pulled up to my house and looked at the front door, I had left thelight on by the door and therw was a streetlamp just in front of my myhouse, so I looked around to see if anyone else was around and not seeinganyone, decided to chance it and opened my car door real quick and dashedfor my front door holding the keys in front of me to open the door quickly,when I got to the door to put the key in, somehow I ended up dropping themand I bent over real quick to pick them up and put them in the lock, as Iturned the key and the handle to open the door from behind me I heard “Niceass!” and quickly looked behind me to see my next door neighbor standingthere with her dog in her arms grinning at me, I looked at her horrifiedand quickly opened the door and slammed it behind me and leaned backagainst it groaning

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