Sex in Viet Nam

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My beautiful wife and I recently took a trip to Viet Nam. As with anything we do, we planned for lots of enjoyable sex. We brought plenty of fuck me panties, our strap on with a black cock, a wand vibrator, and plenty of lube.

Our flight to Viet Nam was 27 hours long. That a lot of time in airplanes and airports. There has been a time when my wife wanted to give me oral magic when the cabin was dark, but this trip was too long and too crowded to allow that special opportunity.

Flights to Viet Nam arrive very close to midnight. The 11 hour time change on Daylight Savings Time makes the transition difficult at best. We tried to get some sleep and get on a schedule as quickly as we could. Having sex each evening allows the body to wind down and actually helps adjust to the time change.

We enjoyed Sai Gon and the shopping before we flew to Da Nang and took a taxi to Hoi An. Hoi An is our favorite city in Viet Nam. It is a quaint town with lots of beauty. It’s also the clothing capital of Viet Nam. A lady can pick any material and have any clothes she has a picture of created in 24 hours. My wife found some very sexy see through material and had a few blouses made. My wife is 36 DD and I love her in see through blouse.

We always stay in Hoi An long enough to relax and get fully adjusted to the time. As the days went by my wife was more and more energetic. One night at a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant in Hoi An, the Green Moss, my wife said, “I need to fuck your ass. Are you ready for the strap on tonight?”

I am always ready for the strap on and said, “You know how much I love getting fucked by you. Let’s do it.”

We walked back to our hotel, the Thanh Binh Riverside. It is a very modern hotel and very relaxing. The staff is very high quality and service oriented. We had a large balcony overlooking the pool and river. When we arrived back at the hotel I asked my wife if I could pick fuck me panties for both of us. She said, “Please do. I love fucking you wearing panties.”

We brought a pink matching pair with us with white lace trim with us. I stripped my wife slowly and slipped her pink panties on and patted her ass. I then put a shelf bra on her 36DD tits and put her strap on harness around her hips with an eight inch black cock hanging in front of her. She always looks so sexy wearing her black cock. She’s in control, but also eager to satisfy my need for ass pleasure.

I slipped on my own pink panties and we started kissing and touching each other. I love sucking my wife’s nipples. Her tits are big at 36DD, but her nipples seem even bigger than they should be. They are very large and so enjoyable. My nipples are also very sensitive. At one point my wife and I sat facing each other on the bed playing with each other’s nipples. It’s real hard to pleasure my wife’s nipples when I am so distracted with the pleasure she is giving me. Between playing with each other’s nipples we stroked each other in our pink panties. It was so relaxing, energizing and pleasurable. It felt so good.

Eventually, my wife told me to get on my knees in front of me and said, “My nipples feel great. I’m going to keep playing with my nipples. You suck this big black cock you love so much.” I licked and sucked her cock that soon would be in my ass.

My wife then said, “Let me play with your cock in your pretty pink panties before I fuck you. Stand at the side of the bed.” I stood at the side of the bed and my wife sat on the edge of the bed to tease my cock in my panties. She is so good at this and she had me moaning.

Finally, she said, “Lay down on the bed and put your legs in the air.” I did as I was told and my wife pulled my panties to the side and lubed my ass with her finger. It felt so good. I knew something bigger and better was soon going to be massaging my prostate. I love the fact my wife wants me to wear panties through the entire night. The harder I get the better the silky panties feel on my cock.

My wife worked my ass with her finger and then said, “I think you are ready. Stand up and bend over the bed.” I bent over the bed. My wife pulled my panties to the side exactly as I do when I fuck her from behind. She said, “Your ass looks so sexy in pretty pink panties. I want it so bad.” I felt the head of her black cock touching my lubed ass hole. It felt so exciting. I love ass pleasure and this was going to be so good.

I said, “Give it to me baby. I’m ready.”

My wife slowly entered my ass and I felt her panties touch mine as she gave me all of her cock. She stoked my ass so slow for a couple strokes and then real hard and fast for a couple, the same way I fuck her from behind. What a great feeling to be fucked by my wife! My cock was real hard in my panties as I got fucked.

Then my wife and I both heard the sound of the door opening. The Vietnamese lady was delivering our laundry and forgot to knock. She saw my wife fucking me and said, “So sorry, so sorry.”

My wife stood up and so did I. My wife’s big black cock was wet and hanging from her crotch. My cock was acıbadem escort big and stretching my panties. The Vietnamese lady was so embarrassed, but before she ran out the door she said, “Wow, two very big dicks. So sorry.”

My wife and I had a good laugh and got back to business. Eventually, my wife fucked me in just the right way to get herself off. The she said, “I need to be taken care of. Take off this black cock and eat me.” I did and she had several more orgasms. We finished with an old fashioned missionary fuck kissing each other passionately as my cock slowly moved in and out of her.

We lay on the bed in a spooning position. My wife said, “I wonder what the Vietnamese maid is thinking? Does she think we are crazy or is she wondering where to buy a big black cock for her husband?”

The next day we went shopping and sat around the pool. The heat in Viet Nam can make afternoon activities difficult. It is strongly suggested to stay out of the mid-day sun and go outside early morning or evening.

We went back to the room and the maid was cleaning it. She seemed real embarrassed and did not look at us at all. My wife felt so sorry for her and went to her. My wife said, “Yesterday is OK, no problem.” The maid had a slight grin and my wife gave her a hug.

The maid went about her business. We got on the wireless to check email and write our blog. The AC was set low and perfect. The stress of the western world was far behind us for a while.

Before she left, the Vietnamese maid approached my wife and said, “Can I see big black cock?”

My wife said, “Sure.” She pulled her favorite toy out of the suitcase and handed it to the maid. The maid turned bright red. She was both embarrassed and intrigued. After a few minutes my wife took the cock from the maid and held it for the maid to step into. She did and was even more embarrassed.

As the maid wore the cock I approached. My wife was playing with the cock, moving it back and forth. I got behind the maid and put my hands on her hips. I was moving her hips in a thrust action and said, “You are very good at this. Maybe you want to try this on your husband.”

The maid said no, but my wife and I could both tell that this was not the end. The intrigue was far stronger than the embarrassment.

Panties in Viet Nam are far more conservative than the USA. Because of the extreme heat they are almost exclusively cotton. The cotton is thin and feels OK and there is some lace, but silk is very rare for panties. Fuck me panties are even more rare.

We got our laundry done about every three or four days. It’s much easier to have laundry done than drag multiple suitcases around Viet Nam and airports. When the maid delivered our laundry the next time she had our panties on top of the stack. She said, “Panties very pretty and sexy.”

My wife agreed and said, “We both love sexy panties and wear them every time we fuck.”

Shockingly, the maid said, “You fuck a lot?”

My wife responded, “We fuck at least four times a week. When on vacation we try to fuck every day. It is so enjoyable for both of us. Orgasms are the best pleasure possible.”

The maid asked how an orgasm felt. My wife was eager to explain. Now the maid’s intrigue was at a peak. My wife got out her wand vibrator and showed the maid. My wife said, “Do you want to try?”

That one question was all it took. The maid was removing her blouse and pants. My wife said, “Lay in the bed and relax. My husband will play with your tits. I will use the vibrator.” The maid just smiled and jumped on the bed.

Almost instantly the maid was moaning. It was a matter of minutes and the maid was thrusting her hips and screaming in Vietnamese. I have no idea what she was saying, but I’m going to take a guess it was dirty and sexy.

This maid was petite to say the least. She was barely five feet tall and probably right at 100 lbs. She was a fireball of sexual desire. My wife and I enjoyed getting her off over and over. The maid really loved it.

After the maid got dressed she bowed deeply and said, “Thank you. My name is Thuy. Can the two of you fuck me before you return to the USA?”

My wife looked at me. She had that look that says, “I want it all.” She told the maid we would think about it and talk to her tomorrow. We had three days left in Hoi An.

That night at dinner I could see the sexual energy in my wife. She wanted to plan a lifetime sexual escapade for the maid. She said, “Let’s get the maid some very nice clothes, sexy lingerie and take her to dinner in Da Nang far from this hotel. We’ll get a different room so her job is not compromised. Let’s plan an evening of pleasure that lasts all night. She is small, real small, but maybe we can double penetrate her. Keep on mind she may want put the strap on cock on and fuck you.”

I simply said, “I’ll do anything you want. Just tell me what you want.”

I personally have never liked smaller woman. I like my wife with big tits, big ass, a reasonably thin waist and some meat on her bones atalar escort to love. To me a woman with curves is very sexy, but I was interested in how sex with such a small woman might turn out. I could lift her up without her feet on the ground. Could I spin her around on my cock?

The maid was super excited to hear my wife’s plan. We set the arrangements to meet the maid in the market in a taxi. We drove to Da Nang for a shopping event. My wife wanted a short skirt, heels and a sexy see through blouse. I wanted her to wear a sexy bra and panties that I picked out. The only hard part was the panties and bra, but we found a western store and bought dark pink panties for all three of us and a shelf bra for our Vietnamese friend.

We all showered at the new hotel. My wife and I dressed our new friend. She was in awe of the attention. I touched her pussy and it was wet, almost dripping wet. We hadn’t even started yet.

We went out for a western meal with a bottle of wine. Our friend looked very sexy. The anticipation was getting her very excited. We talked about sex all night. She admitted that she had a husband, but all he did was take care of himself and the orgasms in our room was her first. We assured her that he would love her new approach to sex. It would excite him and good things were ahead for her sexually. We suggested that she ask him to watch some soft porn as a tool to teach him there is a lot more to sex than a quick load.

She was really ready for the night. She expressed concern that my cock would be hard to take. My wife calmed her with some explanation of the use of lube and then she said the most enjoyable fucks for her are taking it in both her ass and pussy at the same time. My wife explained that our goal was to introduce her to DP.

All we got in reply was a gigantic smile.

When we took the taxi back to our hotel I sat in the front and our Vietnamese friend and my wife sat in the back. As we drove our new Vietnamese sex kitten put her hand on my wife’s thigh and smiled. That was a serious sign that this was going to be a special night. When we got on the elevator to go to our floor our Vietnamese friend patted both of us on the ass and said, “We have fun tonight. You teach me.”

My wife just smiled and I said, “We will all have plenty of fun and pleasure tonight.”

Our Vietnamese friend surprised me when she said, “You fuck me and I fuck both of you. Can I fuck your ass?”

My response was, “You are welcome to fuck me if that’s what you want.” Our new friend had her biggest smile yet.

We walked into the room and my wife said, “Thuy, please just relax. We have a long night of pleasure ahead of us. This is going to be more than a few orgasms. It will be orgasms until the sun comes up. Let Jason undress both of us and we can relax in our panties.”

I walked over to my wife and gave her a long kiss as I grabbed her ass. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her 36DD tits in a shelf bra. I slipped her skirt off and there she was in her pretty dark pink tanga panties and big tits overflowing her bra. I left her stockings and heels on her. Next I move to Thuy. I gave her the exact kiss and ass grab. I removed her blouse to cute 32B tits and a cute little ass in tanga panties. The girls stepped up together and undressed me. I was wearing the exact same tanga panties. Thuy said, “So sexy in panties. I like. Your cock so big.”

My wife pulled out a bottle of Champaign. She had three glass and poured each of us a glass. She instructed us to stand near each other. I had my hand on my wife’s ass in panties. Thuy had her hand on my ass and my wife had her hand on Thuy’s ass. My wife said, “Let’s toast to a lot of pleasure for all three of us.”

After a sip of Champaign I said, “Let me eat Thuy’s pussy to start. I want that clit.”

My wife said, “It’s all yours. Enjoy yourself.”

Thuy was very vocal in Vietnamese and screaming quickly. Then she said, “I want your big cock.”

My wife suggested she ride me. I lubed my cock and Thuy slowly slid down on me. She squealed as the entire cock buried in her. She was bouncing on me hard. My wife got on me as well sitting on my face and facing Thuy. They played with each other’s tits. I know only because my wife told me the next day. I was eating pussy while my cock was used by Thuy. Then my wife got out the vibrator and hands it to Thuy. She touched it to her clit as she rode me. I could feel her pussy tightening and she exploded with a massive orgasm.

I said to Thuy, “Get on the floor on your knees.” She did and I pounded her pussy doggie style. She loved it the harder the pounding got. She was slamming her ass back against my cock as I pounded her. The harder the pounding the better Thuy liked it.

I looked up and my wife had put her strap on cock on. She said, “It’s time for a little DP.”

I got on the bed on my back with my balls right at the edge of the bed. I motioned Thuy to ride me. She got on me facing me. My wife put a lubed finger in her ass and she went crazy. She took aydınlı escort two fingers, then three. My wife said, “If she’s not ready now, she won’t ever be ready.”

She placed the big black dildo on Thuy’s ass hole. I told Thuy to relax and pulled her to me to suck her nipples. My wife slowly inserted the big black cock and Thuy went crazy. She was screaming in Vietnamese with an infrequent, “I love this, more, more, more.”

Eventually, Thuy collapsed on my chest after another massive orgasm. My wife said, “Let’s rest for a bit and sip some Champaign, but first give me one orgasm. Lick my clit.”

I rolled Thuy onto the bed beside me and asked my wife to lay down. I love my wife’s nectar. It smells and tastes so good. I gave her a quick orgasm and we all sipped some Champaign.

My wife said to Thuy, “What do you want to do next?”

Her immediate reply was, “Give me big black cock to wear. I want to fuck both of you. Mister is first.”

I said, “I’m ready whenever you are.” I had not cum and was saving my cum until the end of the night.”

Thuy looked so cute with her short, slight body, pink panties and a big black cock hanging in front of her. I had to get a picture before she fucked me. The cock was moving side to side and up and down as Thuy thrusted and twisted with a big smile on her face. She stroked the cock like someone who knew what she was doing. She grabbed the lube put some on the cock and stroked it some more. She was ready for this and after she fucked me, she wanted to DP my wife. Thuy was learning more than anyone imagined and was enjoying every second.

I bent over the bed. My wife got on her knees so her mouth was right at my cock, between me and the bed. She sucked my cock and I was in heaven. I felt Thuy place the big black cock on my ass hole. I had placed some extra lube on myself just to be sure since this was Thuy’s first use of the strap on.

She slid the cock in me like a pro. Thuy thrusted the cock in me hard and fast. She was going crazy and enjoying herself. So was I. Eventually her cock hit her clit just right and she screamed in pleasure. She pulled out and love every second. Then she said, “Now I fuck Miss Jessie.”

Jessie laughed. I got back onto the bed on my back with my balls at the edge. Jessie jumped on my cock and waited for Thuy to enter her ass. It was even more wild and crazy with Thuy slapping my wife’s ass and pounding her pussy hard. My wife was screaming and thrusting back onto me. I was the best DP ever.

Eventually, the girls had enjoyed more orgasms than was expected for one night. We rested for another sip of Champaign. The Jessie said, “It’s time for Jason’s orgasm. What do you prefer, honey?”

I said, “I always prefer fucking you from behind in panties Jessie. I love your big ass and thin waist, but first both of you suck my nipples.”

The girls went after my nipples like never before. It felt so good. Then I said, “Jessie get on your hands and knees. Thuy suck my nipples while I fuck Jessie.”

Jessie positioned herself on the floor. I kneeled behind her, got inside her and then got on my feet so I was just above her ass for some real good thrusting. This is my favorite position and always feels the best. Thuy was on my side sucking one nipple and twisting and pulling the other. It had been hours since we started the sexual adventure. I had delayed my cumming for the girls, but now wanted a real big load. As my cock went in and out of Jessie while she wore her pink panties I could feel the cum load building. Then I thought something special should happen to end this night and I said, “Here it comes, baby. This is going to feel so good and be a real big wad. Thuy I want to cum on your tits.”

About 30 seconds later I said, “Oh Jessie, Oh Jessie, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Get ready Thuy.”

I pulled out of Jessie just as the cum started to explode. The first portion of my cum was a wad that splatted on Thuy just below the chin. The second blast of cum was a stream that squirted all over Thuy’s perky tits. The third and very weak burst was another small wad that landed below Thuy’s tits above her abdomen. Jessie and I licked my warm, thick cum off of Thuy’s face together kissing each other with our cum coated lips. Then I cleaned up Thuy’s tits of my cum and Jessie licked her stomach. Thuy sucked the rest of the cum drippings out of me.

We then had one last three way kiss sharing the cum taste with each other.

The three of us lay on the floor smiling. What a night for all three of us! We washed down the taste of great cum as we finished off our Champaign in celebration of a special east meets west party. Jessie taught me how good my own cum can taste long ago. Tonight was a great sharing of cum.

The next morning we put Thuy in a cab with a gigantic smile on her face and paid her fare home. She took her new clothes. Her gift from Jessie was both the vibrator and the strap on harness with big black cock. We could buy new ones when we got home. This was our last night in the Hoi An, Da Nang area. This was the peak of our trip. Thuy’s life was changed forever. Whoever she fucked in the future was going to get a real treat. She would always have plenty of orgasms to enjoy. We had a special memory and great three-way pleasure from our time in central Viet Nam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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