Sex On The Beach

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It was late evening and the sun was just setting. The whole world was turning a lovely shade of deep pink. The water was warm and I was just thinking that I would have to leave it soon, the darkness would follow quite swiftly. I would have to give myself time to get back to the beach hut before that happened.

Then suddenly I was aware of you. I watched in disbelief as you walked onto my deserted part of the beach, you rounded the headland into the cove, just as I was about to leave the water. What timing! I panicked for a moment, how could I get to my clothes without you seeing me, I am not the sort to be naked in front of complete strangers. I shouldn’t have been skinny dipping, I know but the water was just so inviting I couldn’t resist.

You spoke and your voice was warm with a rich British accent, “Good evening” was all you said, but even so you managed to rock my world. I hesitated before responding, but you thought that I didn’t understand you. “Ahh, Lorelei has lost her voice.” You added. I smiled, and responded you would be grateful for small mercies, if you had ever heard me sing. You laughed, a low and sexy sound. I blushed and you raised an enquiring eyebrow. I blushed some more before turning my face away from you. I heard your intake of breath but had no idea why, at this point. I turned back to see your flabbergasted face.

I asked if you were Ok? You whispered something about more than OK. I started to panic again. The sky was turning darker pink and I knew the sun would set soon. Almost as though you read my mind, you asked if you should leave. This thought saddened me, but my shyness would not allow me to walk naked from the waves in front of you. I took my courage in both hands, and replied. I didn’t want you to leave but I would be grateful if you would turn your back while I got dressed. You laughed in that sexy way again and replied no problem.

You turned your back and I almost ran from the waves. I cannot look at you as I scoop my hair into a band and pull on my clothes. When I do look up you are facing me and watching me intently. I blush crimson. How long, I ask. Since you stepped out of the water you reply, can you forgive me? I didn’t expect the question, and I think I had already forgiven you before you spoke. I can’t find my voice, so I shake my head a set off to walk away. You run after me, and ask me not to go. You want to get to know Lorelei, or should that be Rapunzel? I look up at you and realise that it is my hair that has caught your attention. I know that it is striking, long, smooth dark brown hair that reaches to the backs of my knees. Again I am silent, not knowing what to say, you ask if I would like dinner and I surprise myself by saying yes.

You are a gentleman by nature and tell me you will meet me wherever I would like, in an hour. I smile and say, here.

I run along the beach to take a quick shower and wash my hair. My meeting with you has made me feel alive, vibrant and excited. I take care drying my hair and scoop it up loosely off my neck. I dress casually, but for the heat. I wear a light cotton dress, panties and sandals. I walk slowly back up the beach after an hour, trying to appear calm but something about you has made me nervous.

As I round the headland my breath is taken away, you are waiting exactly where you were, but everything has changed. There is a small table, two chairs, and candles everywhere. As I get closer I see that you have changed too, and that there is food and wine on the table. You say your table awaits as I approach and I smile up at you.

I must admit to barely tasting the food or wine, though I am sure if was all wonderful. I was only aware of you, your smile and voice, your attentions and your very presence.

After dinner you asked if I cared to dance and when I said yes, you provided music from a well hidden stereo. I looked up at the stars, out to the sea and up into your eyes and I was lost. You had won me over with hardly any words and no caresses. I felt weak at the knees and I could feel my body reacting to you and the most romantic night of my life.

As we danced your fingers caressed my back, and slid down to stroke my bottom. I slid my hands up your back to your shoulders and further up into your hair. I looked up into your aroused and darkened eyes. I felt myself sigh as your lips came down to mine. My eyes fluttered shut as I felt your firm lips caressing mine. My mouth yielded and your tongue plundered my welcoming territory. I moaned softly against your lips and pressed my soft body against yours. I was surprised by my wanton behaviour but I did not want to stop. You responded to my action by placing your hand firmly against my back and pulling me in tighter. Here I could feel the strength and hardness of your body against my pliant tender places.

You took me over to the blanket and laid me down. I pulled you down beside me and kissed you hard. I felt our teeth clashing but that just aroused me further. I welcomed your hand upon my breast, I needed the pinching alsancak escort of my nipples. I moaned loudly when you slid the restricting clothing from my body and claimed my nipple with your mouth. I felt hot and sensual as you sucked, licked and gently bit my nipples. I tried to undo your shirt but you kept distracting me. I cried out in pleasure as your fingers caressed me intimately and I helped you remove my panties. Then I had to taste you, to see you too. I rolled slightly and ended up almost on top of you, all shyness forgotten as I removed your shirt and sucked your hard nipples. Then I fought with your trousers until I found my prize. I closed my fingers around your hard shaft and squeezed, pleased by the sound of your moans. Then I wriggled down the blanket so I could bring my mouth to bear. I licked it first, up and down the length and then around the head. I soon had all of it in my mouth, sucking on it. Oh, you felt and tasted so good. Again you made me lose concentration though, as you rubbed my clit with your thumb and gently inserted a finger into my hot wet pussy. I gasped around your hard cock and you escaped. You moved smoothly down the blanket kissing my stomach on the way. Then you set your tongue to work on my most intimate places, licking and delving and sucking. I was writhing and moaning all the time. I opened my eyes to look up at the stars and I watched your face between my legs. I lost everything for a few moments, or was that hours, as I came. The pleasure rushed over me and through me and I felt my body shake, as my juices ran over your face. You smiled down at me as I returned to earth and I smiled back in a dazed way.

My turn, I whispered to you. I lay you flat on your back on the blanket and kiss your hard cock again, then I loose my hair so it covers us, like a curtain. I see the desire on your face, as I crawl up to your face and kiss you hard, I slide my tongue deep into your warm mouth as I slide my wet pussy down your hard cock. You gasp and push up under me trying to get in deeper. I smile down at you and oblige you, by sliding up and down on you, riding you. Leaning over to drape you in my hair as my breasts press against your face. I feel your hands on my ass, then your fingers rubbing around it. I tense slightly as I feel you insert a finger into my ass. Do you want it, I whisper? You look at me in amazement, do I want what, you manage to say. I smile, do you want my ass? If you want it all you have to do is ask. Almost before the words have left my lips, you have moved, somehow got out from under me. You push me over from my kneeling position and ask if you can have it as you thrust deep into my pussy from behind. I scream in pleasure as you fuck me deep. I shout yes, you can have anything you want. You remove your cock from my wet and aching cunt and thrust it deep into my waiting ass. I scream again as you ride my ass, fucking me hard and deep. I am already shaking when you rub my clit and thrust fingers into my cunt. I feel you tense and thrust harder, as I feel my body react again and I come, as you shoot your load deep into my ass.

We are both lying naked on the blanket, listening to the sea and looking up at the tropical night sky. I feel slightly uncomfortable and incredibly shy. You turn to me, almost as though you know how I am feeling. You raise yourself up onto one elbow and lean down to kiss me. It is a tender kiss, soft, yet full of promise and I feel my body react to it. You reach up and stroke my hair, with a tender look on your face and smile down at me. I feel safe, protected and wanted. I smile up at you and ask is there anything else you would like to do. You laugh in that sexy, throaty way you do, and reply yes, everything. I smile at you and answer, I am here, do whatever you want.

I am a little surprised when you leave me alone on the blanket. When you return you ask me to close my eyes, which I do. You touch my smooth, shaved pussy and I feel that you are rubbing something onto me. I peek and see that you are putting cream all over my lips. I smile and you pretend to be angry that I am looking… no peeking I am told. I lay still, with my eyes closed and enjoy the sensations you are causing. I shiver in excitement as I feel your breath against my inner thigh, then sigh in pleasure as you start to gently lick the cream off me. You take special care, to just into every nook and cranny, to make sure that I am clean, and very aroused.

I gasp and shudder in complete surprise as you rub an ice cube over my swollen clit. It is too cold against my hot sensitive skin but the pleasure is undeniable. You rub the ice, from the ice bucket, inside my lips and into my steamy cunt. I am in heaven as I feel the cold against my heat. You rise up to kiss me, while sucking on a piece of ice. You hold it between your teeth and rub it against my hard nipples, causing me to writhe in pleasure. Then you kiss me with your cold lips and slide your icy tongue inside my hot mouth. I tell you that I would like to do the same to you, but you say, later there is plenty of time. You suck on another piece of ice, and repeat the cold kiss and icy tongue routine on my lower lips and pussy. I am so turned on now. I am whispering encouragement. You use your fingers and tongue to your best ability and bring me to the edge of orgasm. Then stop. I cry out in frustration and you chuckle. As you slide your rock hard cock deep into my aching, wet cunt. I start to come immediately; the sensation of your cock filling me is just too much. You thrust deep and hard as my cunt spasms around you.

When I come down you remove your still erect member and bring it to my lips. I slowly lick it clean, tasting my own sweet musky juices. I lick and suck on you drawing you inside my mouth and fucking you with my face. I suck and lick your cock and caress your balls, hoping to bring you to climax, when you tell me what you want. I smile up at you, my mouth still full of cock. I nod and slide my mouth off you. I wrap my hair around your shaft and start to wank you with it. I hear your soft moans as you watch me use my hair to pleasure you. I feel your body tensing and your cock get even harder as my hair covers you. You cry out and shoot your come into my face and hair. It hangs in threads all over my lips, cheek and into my hair. You sit up and kiss my lips, tasting yourself off me. We sit together in peace and contentment, for a few moments, each with our own thoughts. Then you invite back to yours to clean up. I readily agree.

We walk up to your beach hut, much closer than mine. I don’t feel conscious of my nakedness, I just feel sexy. We enter the hut and I am conscious of the lights, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and am shocked. I don’t look like myself, my hair is a mess, but my eyes are wide and dark and my lips look redder and fuller than usual too. You stop with me and look at our reflections, you smile and tell me how beautiful I look. I blush and my whole body turns red.

You gently usher me through to the bathroom. You pull me into a large shower with you and turn on the water. You tell me to relax and enjoy as you start to shampoo my hair. I am amazed at how delicately you do it, caressing my head, with your fingers and rubbing the lavender scented shampoo into my hair. Having soaped my hair, you turn your attentions to my body, moving us out of the direct spray you soap every inch of me. Bringing back to the edge of ecstasy. I moan and sigh as your magic fingers turn me on. You are tender and soft and make me feel that there is no rush. I try to join in but you say no, this is a pleasure for you too. I relax and enjoy the attentions.

You bring us back under the direct spray and sluice off the soap and shampoo. You hands are much firmer as you do this and my whole body starts to tingle. You turn me around to rinse off my back, and I feel your hands lingering on my ass. I smile to myself but say nothing. You gently bend me forward and caress my ass, moving in behind me so I can feel your hard cock pressing against me. Your fingers move down and into my pussy. I am slick all over, but even slicker inside. You pull your fingers out, and with no more preparation slide your cock into my waiting cunt. I push back against you, trying to get you inside quicker and you playfully slap my ass. I moan and the fuck of my life begins. You thrust deeper and harder, while slapping my ass. I moan and push back against you. You thrust harder and deeper, then slowly insert a wet, well soaped finger into my tight ass. I am growling now and telling you I want it hard and deep. You slide another finger into my ass, as you slap my ass with the other hand and fuck my cunt with your wonderful cock.

You say something about a surprise and disappointment fills me for an instant as you remove yourself from me. A second later you are back behind me and I feel something hard and cold entering my hot cunt. I gasp as I realise that it is not your cock. Then you switch it on, it vibrates deep inside me as you slowly push your cock into my waiting ass. I scream in pure joy, as you fill both my holes with pleasurable sensations. I scream again and again as you fuck both holes, fill them and empty them in a hard rhythm. I cry out your name as I come, and as I feel you come deep inside my ass, I cry out and shudder again.

Eventually, I collapse to my knees, but you gently pick me up and after a quick soap and rinse, bring me out of the shower and wrap me in two fluffy towels, one for me and one for my hair. You pull on a robe and we lie on the bed together, not saying anything just basking in the afterglow of a wonderful evening.

Just as I feel my eyes start to close, I think I hear you whisper, its not over yet, and I feel my face smile as I drift into sleep.

I wake slowly, and for a moment I wonder where I am. I open my eyes to a strange room, and as I turn my head I see you. Oh, I blush at the thought of what we got up to last night. I leave the bed carefully, as I don’t want to wake you. I make my way the bathroom and use the facilities. I am bright red again as I re-enter the bedroom, my mind racing with images of what we got up to in the bathroom. As I enter the room I see your still sleeping form and I smile.

I walk quietly back to the bed and remove the light sheet from your body. I gaze down at your relaxed body and smile as I look at your soft, inoffensive cock. I kneel on the floor beside the bed and gently caress your cock and balls. You move in your sleep, giving me much better access, and I wrap my mouth around all of you before you get too hard to do that. I massage your cock and balls with my mouth and tongue and almost immediately I have to move away slightly. As I feel you harden in my mouth, I have to release your balls. I feel a tightening feeling deep inside me. There was something very sexy about feeling you harden inside me!!

I move closer to the bed and start to slide my mouth up and down your hardened shaft. I run my tongue over the head of your penis and then run it around the helmet. I feel you thrust up with your hips and I smile as I see your eyes flutter open. I watch in delight as you become aware of what is happening and see you smile. You run your hands through my hair and pull me onto your hard cock. Thrusting into my face, really fucking my mouth. I suck for all I am worth, and tease with my tongue. I feel your balls tighten and your cock swell, just before you pull back slightly. I move away, just in time for you to send the full burst of your come into my open mouth and onto my face. Each pump jetting more onto me. I look at you and see the excitement on your face. I am surprised when you move in suddenly and kiss me, I feel you tongue plunge into my mouth and I know you can taste your come from inside me. I greedily suck on your tongue and thrust my own tongue deep into your mouth tasting you, your come, and me all mingling together. You eventually move away from me and I struggle to catch my breath, you kiss so wonderfully, I am glad I am on the floor, I think I may had fallen otherwise. You make my whole body tremble, not just my knees.

You help me up onto the bed, and caress my face and hair, before moving down to caress my breasts. I am soon trembling with anticipation. You squeeze my breasts then pinch my nipples, and I feel the answering tension fill my body and a hot ache start low down inside me. You kiss your way down to my breasts then lick, suck and tenderly bite my nipples. Each action causing the passion to rise inside me. You lick and kiss your way further down, and part my lower lips before licking all the way from clit to ass. I shudder in unexpected pleasure as you use your fingers and tongue to excite me further. I feel your tongue push inside my pussy as your long thin finger slides into my ass. I moan in delight as you tease and pleasure me further. I know that I am very wet and I can feel you spreading my juices down to my ass. I whimper in pleasure as I see you produce the vibrator from somewhere by the bed. You tease me with it, touching my clit then moving away. Until I am a quivering wreck, demanding that you fuck me. You are happy to oblige, you slowly enter my hot, wet pussy. Stretching me, filling me and resting deep inside me. Then you start to move slowly, building the sexual tension inside me. Suddenly, you are gone, I am empty and desperate for something to fill me. You thrust the vibrator inside me and work it firmly in and out as you move you face down to lick my clit. I am overwhelmed with sensations. You push me over the edge into a sexual oblivion as you suck my clit, thrust in the vibe and slid a finger deep into my ass. I think I lose consciousness for a moment. I know you have taken me to another world.

But you are not finished yet. All this giving me pleasure has turned you on and you turn me over, and slowly thrust into my dripping cunt from behind. There is no resistance it is like fucking cream, I am so wet and willing. You take your time, thrusting in and out slowly deeply, thoroughly. I am beyond everything but pleasure now. I feel like and floating aware only of the sensations you are causing deep inside me. You start to move faster and I feel my body respond. You start to fuck me, like a wild animal, hard and deep, no holding back and I love it. I scream at you not to stop as you grasp my hips and pull me back onto you, as you thrust forward. I shout at you to fuck me!! (and I am not embarrassed, caught up as I am in the moment). You swear as you speed up and shoot your semen deep inside my dripping cunt. You let me fall flat to the bed, and I feel you weight on top of me. I welcome the pressure of you, I feel your cock slowly softening inside me and I feel sad as I feel it slide out. As soon as it slides out, you move and I am amazed when you slowly start to lick our combined juices from my lips. I then feel your tongue inside me scooping out more of our mixed passion. You turn me over and kiss me deeply. I moan and suck your tongue into my mouth tasting the sweet and salty liquid that is us. I lick your lips and taste us off your skin. I sigh in deep contentment as I feel the warmth of lust slide over me again.

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