Sexual Escapades Ch. 02

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The Scent of a Woman

Going back to another time while I was still married, however by now my marriage wasn’t what it used to be and any guilt I felt after I cheated weren’t there anymore. There was a possibility that my husband knew of my extra marital affairs or he was having a few of his own. Nothing was ever said either way and to me, that was just fine. So now, we move along to a new adventure, a tantalizing and steamy experience with Melody.

I used to attend an aqua size class with an old friend and co-worker of mine. One night however we both decided to play hooky and just hang out at her place. Neither of us were in the mood to go so we decided to just crack open a bottle of wine and relax. Melody was a pretty woman. Years younger than me but sexy never the less. She had long dark hair, green eyes, full luscious breasts, and a gorgeous figure. I never could understand why she went to the aqua size classes. I use to stand and admire her while we were in the showers cleaning up after class. I would steal glances at her naked body and wonder what it would be like to touch and feel her. That was the very first time I ever wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. Even though I didn’t know it, I was about to find out that night.

“Did you want to listen to some music Callie?” she asked. “Sure why not. Just something mellow though, I’m not in the mood for loud tonight. Kevin’s been playing his music all week really loud and it’s starting to get to me.” Kevin was my husband by the way. He was slowly by now turning into jack ass number one. Melody picked some rather relaxing tunes and came to sit back on the couch with me. Picking up her wine we started to chat about different things in life. My marriage, or so called marriage. Work and our other co-workers. Her love life. Anything and everything. Time had gone by and we really didn’t even care. Eventually I looked up and noticed how late it was getting. I made a mention to Melody about leaving soon seeing as it was late. She figured the night was still young and I shouldn’t have to rush home to Kevin right away. She was right of course so I called home and let Kevin know that I wasn’t going to be home any time soon and that I was just going to relax with Melody for a while before I did. He didn’t care one way or another. I hung up the phone and went back to the couch. Melody could see the not so impressed expression on my face and motioned for me to sit down between her legs with my back to her. “You need a massage” she said to me. I wasn’t about to turn that offer down. I sat down in front of her and immediately she started to rub my neck and shoulders.

“This would be easier on both of us Callie if you could just remove your shirt.”

“Oh, of course.” I giggled nervously but removed my shirt anyway. Why should I be nervous? It’s not like she’s never seen me naked or vice versa. She continued to massage my neck and shoulders, escort mecidiyeköy working all the stressful knots. I was so relaxed and enjoying the moment that I didn’t even realize that she had undone my bra and began to slip it off my shoulders. When I did take notice, I held up the front part against my tits and looked back at her. She smiled and simply said it was getting in her way. It wasn’t a very innocent smile and that’s when I knew she was up to something. I didn’t say anything though and just let my bra slip off my body.

Melody’s hands slowly worked themselves closer and closer to my tits as she gently pulled me back into more of a laying position against her legs. I sighed and smiled just enjoying the moment. No point of me trying to fight whatever’s about to happen. I might as well just go with the flow and enjoy it. After all, maybe I’ll get lucky and not have to wonder what it would be like to feel her naked body against mine anymore. I leaned back and laid my hands against her thighs gently caressing her. Her hands continued their way towards my breasts. First grazing against the sides then making her way to the top of my chest. She worked her hands down till she had both breasts in her hands kneading them. She started to play with the nipples as my own hands started to caress up her body over her clothes at first. I found my courage and began to slip them under her shirt to feel her soft satiny skin. I caressed the sides of her breasts first then moved them over her bra to gently squeeze her tits. She continued to fondle mine for a few more moments then stopped. She began to turn me around so I was facing her. Pulling me up she kissed me gently on the lips. At first I was shocked but I quickly got over that reaction and began to kiss her back. I helped her remove her shirt and bra while we continued to kiss.

We looked at each other momentarily to make sure this was something we both wanted. With smiles and gentle nods of our heads we continued to play with one another’s body. Kissing, licking, exploring. I sat down beside her on the couch and she kissed me again. I could feel myself getting wet and my body temperature began to rise. Melody slowly started to push me back against a pillow as she climbed on top. Her soft lips moved from mine to kiss along my neck and down my chest till she was kissing and sucking on a nipple. She spent a lot of time on the one before moving over to the other breast and giving it the same loving attention she gave the other one. I moaned and arched my back against her mouth, holding her head firmly against me. I could feel her hands against my thighs and all I could do was wonder how long it was going to take before the rest of our clothes came off.

As if she could read my mind she sat back and began to unfasten the zipper to my jeans. She took her time pulling them off though. Melody kissed her way down my body, avoiding escort bayan istanbul my pussy at the time the little tease. Once my jeans were on the floor and I was laying there in nothing but my panties, she began to remover her clothes, including her panties. Her sexy hot naked body stood there before me. She quickly pushed back the coffee table then swung my legs around so they were back on the floor. Looping her thumbs into the waist band of my panties she tugged them down over my ass and down my legs till they hit the floor. She shoved those out of the way with her foot then spread my legs open and knelt down between them. She started to kiss and lick my inner thigh up and down to my knees. The feel of her soft tongue against my skin made me smile and a small moan escaped my lips. I looked down at her and noticed she was looking up at me with lustful eyes. She slowly made her way back up my legs stopping briefly at my pussy to smile at me. She then leaned forward and kissed my pussy lips. Alternating between kisses and licks she teased me. I reached down and opened my lips for her exposing my little pink clit. Instantly her mouth wrapped around it and she began to suck every so often flicking her tongue over it. We stayed this way for some time before she turned me over onto my knees with my legs still spread. Melody continued to tongue fuck me from behind. Moving between licks and sucks and every so often she would thrust her tongue deep into my pussy hole.

Without notice Melody stopped and got up. I looked back and asked why she stopped. She told me that she would be just a moment she had to go get something. She quickly made her way out of the living room and out into the hallway that must have led to her bedroom. Just as quickly she returned, but once she got into the living room she slowed down. Sauntering towards me with her hands behind her back. I raised an eye brow as a silent question but she said nothing. When she came back to the couch she turned my head so I was facing the back of the couch again. She went back to devouring my now wet and juicy pussy for a while. Eventually I felt something cold against my pussy, something rubbery. I looked back to see what she had and in her hand she held a blue dildo. She took it away from my pussy for a moment to suck on it and make it nice and wet with her own saliva. With one hand she pulled open my lips and with the other she began to insert the dildo into my snatch. She fucked me slowly with the dildo while she quickly licked over my clit. She picked up the pace with the dildo, slamming it hard and fast into me while she continued to lick me. I could hear her sweet voice uttering dirty language. I loved how dirty she was and the excitement of her voice and the sensations she was causing me with her mouth and dildo made me explode. My entire body shuddered as I orgasmed into her mouth. When I finally stopped shaking and could breathe escort bayan şişli a little better she turned me over again and leaned up to kiss me. I could taste my juices all over her lovely lips and tongue. While we kissed I moved her to a sitting position on the couch then pushed her back till she was lying back comfortably. She still had the dildo in her hand and that’s when I noticed it was a double headed dildo about sixteen inches in length and quite thick. I smiled at her as I leaned down to kiss her again. Our hands both working over one another’s bodies, feeling, groping, lightly scratching and digging our nails in. I moved over to her breast and began to kiss and suck on them one by one, my hand moving down her body to her pussy. Melody was wet, very wet. I rubbed her clit for a while then sat up a little to better position myself. I inserted two fingers deep inside her while I used my thumb to rub her clit. Leaning down I continued to nibble and suck on her tits. I loved hearing her moans and groans. I especially loved listening to her beg for more. Begging for me to fuck her harder and faster. Wanting me to slam my hand against her cunt. At this rate Melody was going to make me cum again, even though she wasn’t doing anything to me. I reached up and took the double headed dildo from her before making my way down her body towards her pussy. I took my fingers out of her and inserted the dildo as deep as I could without hurting her. I continued to fuck her as I leaned down to suck and lick her juicy and stimulated clit. It didn’t take Melody long to cum she practically squirted into my mouth. I slowed down just a little so she could calm her body down a bit. When she looked down at me she smiled and shifted her body so she was in a bit of a sitting position. She motioned for me to move to the other end and spread my legs. She scooted down the couch till one of her legs was over mine and the other was under my other leg. She took the dildo again and inserted it back inside of her. She took the other end and pushed it into me. Slowly we both started to fuck the dildo until eventually our pussy’s touched. We moved back just a little bit so we could masturbate while fucking the double headed dildo. Within minutes we both exploded again.

Moments passed before we both moved our limp bodies into a more comfortable position. Melody wrapped her soft arms around me as we cuddled on the couch. I think somewhere deep inside I knew this day would one day come, as did she. We stayed like that for a while, just talking and relaxing. Eventually I had to leave though. I know Kevin wouldn’t care what time I came home but we both had work in the morning and it was rather late. I got up and reluctantly got dressed. Gathered up my bag and walked to the door. Melody remained naked as she walked with me. At the door we said our “see you later”, hugged and kissed again, both of us making mentions of having to skip aqua size again one day soon.

I knew that was the start of a new relationship with us. Not one that lasted long but it was definitely an experience I have not forgotten, and I know I never will. Melody may have been my first experience with a woman, but she definitely was not the last.

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