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Sexy classroom encounterYour sex story awaits my first one hope you like it kisses sweetheartThe final closing school year of a seniors fantasy comes true, Alex has always been dreaming of the day that he could have sex with he’s perfect stunning, sexy in every way school teacher.Hannah was like no other women, her body was perfect, slim, sexy blue eyes, brown hair, gorgeous ass, perfect tits, very cute smile, everyday in class Alex would think about what he would do to her if given the chance.Walking by him in the class room everyday handing out paperwork, Alex would catch a glimpse of her perfect ass, sexy smooth legs, and instantly get a massive hard on for her, but how could he get some one on one time with her to try to get her attention… …Alex came up with a plan, to massively start falling her class, this must get her attention, because he has always done well in her class, so Alex star’s falling test after test, finally two weeks go by, Hannah calls him to her desk during class tells him she needs to see him after school, finally Alex has his chance.School comes to an end, he heads up to Hannah’s classroom, Hannah always looks stunning but today she looks even more stunning, wearing this beautiful pink dress that goes perfectly with her stunning blue eyes.Alex sits down, Hannah says “Alex what is going on with you lately you are failing these test’s very badly, this is not like you, is something the matter?””It’s really hard to concentrate lately for me, I will try to do better.”” why are you having such a hard concentrating lately?” hannah replies”I can’t tell you.”” I am your teacher and its all part of my job please tell me Alex.” hannah says, leaning in closer, her voice becoming softer” you promise you won’t get mad at me?”” yes I promise I won’t get mad, what is it?”Alex conjures up enough courage to tell her, “Well I am having a very hard time concentrating lately cause of you Hannah, you türbanlı düzce escort have been my dream girl ever since I have started this class with you as my teacher, you are like no other women I have ever laid eyes upon.”Hannah replies “Thank you so much for those kind words Alex, what exactly distracts you?”Alex replies “well everything about you, your smile is so cute, your legs are amazing, gorgeous ass, perfect chest, and the very sexy clothes you wear.”Hannah replies “Alex, I am your teacher you can’t think of me in this manner.”Alex replies “I can’t help it I mean just looking at you right now is causing problems, physical ones”Hannah replies “Physical ones what do you mean.”Alex replies “well look”; moving his hands off his lap revealing a hard on. Hannah replies “Oh my Lord! Now I see what you mean, I had no idea you have such affections towards me”, she smiles tells him to lock her door, and to come and sit by her.Alex does what she says, locks the door and sits on her desk, while Hannah is in her chair.Hannah begins to undress slowly, teasing Alex by looking in his eyes; Hannah’s lifts her pink dress of her perfect body, revealing her sexy red underwear.Alex begins to kiss her neck, running his hands and fingertips all over her body, both moan.Hannah runs a hand down his leg, and stars to gently massage his hard cock through his jeans.Alex takes his jeans off his hard cock straining in his boxers. Hannah slips her bra off her shoulders while they continue to kiss, looking deep into her sexy seductive eyes, Alex begins to rub her pussy through her panties, then pushes them to the side, start’s to finger her yummy wet pussy, ’’ Hannah lets out a sexy moan’’, while Alex is fingering her pussy, Hannah pulls his boxers down and starts to rup her hands up and down his long thick shaftHannah pushes everything off the desk, tells him to get on top of the türbanlı düzce escort bayan desk, he does. Hannah gets on top and spins around, pushing her dripping pussy into his face… she bends down and starts sucking his cock, licking the shaft up and down, running her fingertips up and down his inner thighs. She takes him deeper and deeper, feeling the tip of cock cock on the back of my throat and cup his balls, making a circular motion. as she movehery mouth slowly up and down his cock, she lets her tongue rub up and down his shaft, massaging itAlex begins to eat Hannah’s wet pussy out, sucking on her pussy walls, biting her clit gently, grab her hips and pulls her deeper onto his face, running his fingertips up and down her legs. hannah moans deepy as the pleasure ripples through her…Hannah take’s her pussy off his face and slides her dripping wet pussy on his hard cock, feeling her pussy lips grab a tight hold around his cock, the sexy moan his makes when she slides up and down his hard cock, moving her hips fast, putting her hands onto his soft chest, looking into his eyes while she rides his cock.Hannah bends down and they kiss while she rides his cock, pinching her nipples gently, kissing them softly hearing her sexy moans, Hannah begins to lick Alex’s fingers still having her juices all over them.Alex tells Hannah to put her stomach on the table, she does as commanded, lying flat over the table, her legs on the floor and wide apart, her hands gripping the opposite side of the desk. Alex slides his hard cock inside her pussy, slapping her ass gently, pulling her hair gently, kissing her back, her neck, fingering her wet yummy pussy, pinching her clit, while his cock slides in and out.Hannah flips her hair back looking deep into his eyes over her shoulder and he pushes deep inside her, she slapps the table out of pleasure, “yes baby fuck my wet türbanlı escort düzce pussy harder, and deeper” As the pleasure builds Hannah starts screaming out “don’t stop baby yes it feels so good, my pussy is so wet for you”Alex then slides his nice hard cock back into her yummy wet pussy, ” I am close baby don’t stop.” Kissing her while each thrust goes deeper and deeper inside her.hannah moans out “baby I am so close make me cum all over your hard cock yesss that’s it, I am Cumming baby mmmmmmm”hannahs eyes close and boy starts to shake… Alex feels her hot juices start to squirt out all over his cock, when she is finished he takes it out of her yummy wet hot pussy and pushes her onto her knees, letting her lick her yummy juices off his hard cock, she keeps some in her mouth comes up to kiss him, mmmmmmm her juices taste amazing.Hannah keeps sucking his cock, licking up and down his shaft, ticking his balls, looking up at him. she uses her tongue to massage his hard shaft whilst her hands slide up and down rotating.Alex looking down at Hannah, holding her hair up, seeing those sexy eyes look up at him with a mouth full of cock.”do you want to fuck my ass?”,she bends back over the desk, Alex begins too while he is sliding his cock in her tight ass hole, he is grabbing her arms holding them behind her, kissing her lips, her neck, her back. hannah screams out, the lack of control exhillaratig, her ass feeling amazing as his hard cock slides in and out… her face is pressed into the desk as her hands are held behind her back.Hannah then tells him to get back on the desk so she can fuck him, and make him cum all over her perfect tits, Hannah begins to side his hard cock deeper and deeper inside her hot wet pussy.Alex begins to get close to cumming, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy, kissing her each time, both moaning loudly.Alex screams I am cumming baby.Hannah quickly jumps off gets on her knees, starts to stroke the finally couple of times before the hot cum goes all over her perfect perky tits.Hannah whips the cum off her perky tits with her fingers, and licks the cum clean off her fingers.Hannah I think now this will help you get you back on track in my classroom what do you think?Alex It should help very much soo, but no promises

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