Sexy Cousins 3

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Part 3

I’m Rick, 39, single, and a year removed from a twenty year stint in the US Marines Corp. I went in when I finished high school, and loved my position so much, I stayed the required twenty for retirement. I left as an E-7 Gunnery Sergeant. Loved my time in the service, although there was a few times it got harried out in the field.

I am 5’ 10, 175 pounds, brown hair and eyes, and in good shape, even today. When I got out, I landed a job at this company that manufactures products for the Defense Department, and other major corporations. My job is in the security section.

Angie, is 42, 5’4, maybe 125 pounds soaking wet. Being Italian, she has that deep tan color in the summer, and a beautiful set of 34C breasts, and a great ass. She is a nurse, at a local doctor’s office, at the hospital.


Excerpt from Part 2

“Are you sure you and Angie want to do this, this weekend with us?” she asked. “Absolutely” I said. “Who better to do it with, than people we know and trust, and for you and me, love”

Cathy grabbed my cock and said, “True, we do love each other, and I have really missed having this.” Cathy then said, “we better go look on them, but I bet they are fucking”.

“Good” I said. “I am dying to see her fuck Tom. Not sure why, but it really turns me on.”

Cathy moaned, “Me too, and watching you two earlier, really got me going strong.” “Just make sure you save some of this for me later.”

We got up and headed towards the cabin. When we started down the steps, there was Angie, up on the countertop, legs spread, and Tom fucking her pussy. Angie looked up at us and mouthed to me, “I love you baby.”

This is going to be one hell of a weekend. One I won’t forget.


Cathy looked back at me, as I stood behind her, taking in the action, and commented about what they were doing. She smiled at me and said, “Told you so…………. I think this is going to be a very nice weekend.”

Cathy stood next to Tom and was rubbing his ass, as her husband was feeding his dick into Angie’s hot little pussy. Then she leaned in, around Tom and kissed Angie. I stood on the other side and leaned in and sucked on one of Angie’s nipples. As I was doing this, Cathy reached over, behind her man’s back and grabbed my hand and squeezed it, then to my surprise, laid it on Tom’s ass and had us both rubbing his ass. Now I have never actually played with a guy. The most was fucking Cathy together. But hey, I am secure with my own sexuality.

I then walked behind Cathy, and took my own hard cock and started rubbing it up and down her crack. She accommodated me by spreading her legs. Once she did this, I slid right in. She let out a load moan, which Angie asked.

“Like that big cock don’t you slut?……….Fuck her good Baby.” Angie said

So there we all were, starting our weekend of swapping and great sex. Since Angie and Tom already had a head start, they came quicker than Cathy and I. But hearing them orgasm and everything that was going on, it didn’t take either of us long to explode in our own orgasmic relief.

Once we were done, the girls shooed us from the galley area and made sandwiches, which was the first intention of Angie’s. Tom and I headed back up to the helm, where I started us back on our trip. It only took another 3 and a half hours. During that time, the girls laid out and caught some sun. Tom even joined them for a while, but no sex was involved.

We were about a half hour out, when Angie came up and stood next to me and kissed my cheek. We were all still naked, but with no boats around us, it was cool. She told me how happy she is that she finally got a glimpse into the swinging world and likes it. She said she really got turned on by me watching her and Tom together. Then got super excited when I was doing Cathy next to them. I told her how I felt too, watching them having sex.

She smiled then and asked, “Think you are up for another round with me, when we get to the room?……….. I am so horny right now.”

“Anytime you want it Babe…….. It’s yours for the taking.” I said.

Just before we got to the island and dock area, we all put back on clothes. I was pretty sure people would not want us walking around nude. Such prudes. I hailed the dockmaster over the radio and asked for a berth, which he directed me to an open one. Good thing we did leave when we did, there was only a few left.

After gathering our bags and coolers, we got a cab and made our way to the hotel. After checking in, we all made our way up to the suite. The suite was ok. It had a common living room area with a big couch and two chairs, along with a flat screen TV, mini bar, and a dining table.

The bedrooms were identical, both having king size beds, and both had a TV in it as well. The bathroom had a big walk in shower and a jacuzzi style tub. It would be a very tight squeeze to get four people in it.

Tom and I took our bags to respective rooms and the girls unloaded them into drawers and hung up any clothes that needed it. We all agreed to meet back up in 30 minutes to see what we could do on the island. We all chuckled when Cathy said, “Besides sex, that is”

Angie and I got out some new clothes to wear to go exploring the island. As we stripped down Angie looked over at me and winked. She was standing there naked and I just looked at her. Just the sight of her gets my blood boiling, and this time was no exception, as she watched my dick start to rise.

“Is that for me Baby?” she said seductively. She then sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. “If it is….. I know a nice warm and wet place to put it.” she cooed out.

I walked up to her and place the head right against her swollen lips and rubbed them. Then entered her. She was extremely wet and very hot. When I was all the way inside her, she let out a long whooshing sound.

“God Baby…….. I will never tire of this, or you……… I hope you know that you are the only man I will ever make love too……….. Tom may fuck me many times this weekend, but he will never have my love.” she said, as I slowly started pumping in and out of her wet gash.

“Baby” I said. “This weekend is for fun and exploring this new world with them……… I want you to do anything you want with either of them…….. Damn… your pussy is so hot right now……… I mean it too……. You are the only woman I will make love too……….. But don’t ever think you need permission to fuck the others……. When you want it…. Do it, and enjoy it completely.” I said.

“Honestly……. I’m not sure I could do this with another couple………. I am not even sure with Heather and Chris……… It just feels so natural with Cathy and Tom………. Baby…….. Faster…….. I really need to cum again.” she moaned out

I did as I was told and quit talking and got down to business, which is making my lover cum. It didn’t take us long either, and we both came around the same time. When we uncoupled, I went to my knees and began eating her. “Honey?” she said. “Tom’s cum is there too”. I didn’t answer but just kept licking her out, cleaning her pussy for her.

We then got dressed and went into the living room and waited on our guests. They joined us on the couch, dressed in shorts and shirts, just like us. Both girls went braless, to Tom and my delight.

After looking over some brochures, we decided on renting some bikes and just go exploring, then get some dinner. We all agreed that tomorrow evening we would do the winery and restaurant they have on the island.

After a short walk, we found a bike rental place and rented 4 bikes, and took off. We rode all around the island. First, the outer areas where the parks and beaches were, stopping occasionally to take in the sights, and take pictures

Of course the girls saw all the shops to browse for the next day. So Tom and I already knew what we’d be doing part of the day tomorrow. We’d be their bag men for all the things they would buy. But after a couple hours of riding around, we thought it best to stop and eat dinner. We picked this one place that had lots of people and figured it must be good.

After a 45 minute wait, we finally got seated and ordered. Nothing fancy, just pizza and beer tonight. We already scoped out the Winery and restaurant and said we’d go there tomorrow evening. Dinner was good and we talked and talked. Angie fit in well with them, like she has been part of the family for a long time. That made me feel good. Cathy later whispered to me that she adores Angie, as the two ladies were becoming best friends.

We did, after dinner, take a quick ride to the west side of the island to catch the remaining sunset. As we sat and watched, Angie kissed me and thanked me for coming into her life and that she loved me. Tom then suggested we start heading back, so we could drop off the bikes.

Once back at the hotel, we all decided to take showers. Tom and Cathy went in first and emerged like 10 minutes later. Both were wearing knee length robes, the hotel provided. And both Angie I could see he was sporting a woody, which I am sure Cathy helped bring about.

Angie and I made small talk while they showered. She Demetevler Escort said that these two are a couple she wouldn’t mind getting marooned on an island with. Not just because of the sex, but that she gets along so well with them, like she has known them her whole life. I told her Cathy has a way of making you feel that way, as does Tom. They are a perfect match for each other. Angie giggled and said that we were as well.

We took a shower pretty quickly, by our standards. Hell, I was hard just entering the shower. That’s because I find Angie so breathtaking, and when she is naked, she is even more so. After drying off, we donned our robes and headed back to the living room, where Tom and Cathy were snuggled up on the couch. They were looking at Tom’s phone pretty intently then.

Angie asked, “Find something interesting to watch guys?

Cathy looked at Tom, sort of startled. Cathy bit her lip and then Tom just nodded to her, like he wanted her to say whatever it is that has Cathy perplexed.

Cathy sat up some and turned towards us, as we took a seat on the other couch. “Guys….. Oh God……..I, we, have something to tell you……. But please….. Please……… keep an open mind.” she said. Both Angie and I said of course.

“Well” she began, “And Rick, you don’t even know this one………. About two years ago, Tom and I were in the pool……. The kids were supposed to be gone most of the night……… So we went skinny dipping and were playing around some……… But as we were playing, we didn’t know we had company…… It was Lacy and Brad……….. Before we even knew what was going on, the two stripped and joined us in the pool.”

I laughed, “You’re kidding?……….. Bet that brought you two back to reality.”

Cathy continued, “Oh Yeah………. I asked what they thought they were doing….. Lacy just said swimming…….. Then said that she and Brad had been skinny dipping quite a few times……… Now understand, we are pretty lax when it comes to dress inside the house. It is not uncommon for the guys to just be in boxers, or Lacy and I walk around in panties and bras……… But this is the first time for being naked…….. I just looked at Tom, and he said, no big deal…….. And he was right………… So from that point on, we all pretty much go naked around the house……..But anytime we know someone is coming over, we are dressed…… And for those occasions when someone just pops in, like you dear cousin, one of us has some clothes nearby, usually Tom, while the rest of us head upstairs and put on clothes.”

So Angie asked, “What’s the big deal?………Hell, Rick and I are always naked at home.”

Cathy frowned a bit, then went on, “The big deal is this, come look.”

Angie and I went over to them and stood behind the couch and looked at Tom’s phone. The screen showed a couple, in the 69 position on a couch. The couch was quite familiar to me, since it is at Cathy’s house. We watched for a few minutes, then saw the girl get up and saw her face. It was Lacy. Then saw the guy. It was Brad.

I looked down at Cathy and said, “Oh wow Cat……… kind of reminds me of you and I at that age……..Hope you have her on the pill……….. But, how are we seeing this?”

Tom answered, “About 10 months ago there was a rash of break ins on the street. So I got a security system install. There are cameras outside and inside, facing any door that comes into the house. This one is in the family room facing towards the French Doors that leads to the patio.”

Then continued, “One evening, while Cathy and I were out, we got a message on the phone that someone entered the house and didn’t punch in the security code……….. With this system, it is up to us to call the police. So I brought up the cameras, which stream live to our phones, and watched……….. We saw Lacy and Brad in the family room, making out on the couch……..It wasn’t long before they were naked and having sex.”

Cathy took over, “At first I was mortified, until I too, thought back to you and I Rick…….. How the hell could I say anything………. And I haven’t yet……… This isn’t the only time we have caught them………..Who knows how long they have been doing it too………..I sometimes think they know we are watching too…….. Why else would they do it in that room………. Oh God Angie…. You probably think we are one fucked up family.”

Angie laughed, “You’re kidding, right?…………Heather and I have been lovers for years now……….. I’m just as fucked up then, as you claim to be………. But you know, I don’t feel what we do is wrong……….Just like I don’t think what you and Rick have done is wrong……..And let’s face it, they aren’t hurting anyone, are they?”

We looked back to the phone and Lacy was riding Brad pretty good now. The sound isn’t the greatest, but you could hear her moaning real loud and talking a little dirty to him, just like her mom.

Cathy chuckled, “ I guess you are right……..Thank God I put her on the pill a few years back………. One good thing……..Brad didn’t get his size from John’s side of the family…….I know he is my son, but damn…… he has a nice cock……… He is like you two clowns in that department.”

Angie giggled, “Yeah.. I noticed he is hung nicely……….He is going to make some woman a very lucky girl, one day.” which made us all laugh.

Angie had been rubbing Cathy’s shoulders, but now leaned over and kissed her, as her hands slipped under the robe and massaged her tits, as they kissed. Cathy moaned out as Angie did this to take her mind off of the kids.

Cathy reached over and put her hand under Tom’s robe and played with his cock. Then she broke the kiss and said, “Well………They’re having fun, so I think we should too…….Fuck.. I’m so horny now.”

Angie stood up and I helped her remove her robe. Then she did the same for me. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and stroked it, as we kissed. I placed a finger in her pussy and felt how wet she was.

Angie now moved around the couch and fell to her knees and spread Cathy’s legs wide. Cathy slid some so her pussy was on the edge of the couch now, giving Ang better access. Angie wasted no time in diving in and started eating her.

“ Oh Fuck!”,” Cathy softly said. “ God, I love your tongue in my pussy.”

Tom was now kneeling next to his wife, with his cock near her mouth. She started to lick the head, which made him moan. I walked around and took up a position on her other side.

I rubbed the head of my cock on her nipple, then gently licked the pre-cum off of it. Cathy grabbed my cock and brought it to her lips, then and kissed it. Then brought Tom’s cock to meet mine, then licked them both.

Angie looked up then and smiled when she saw what Cathy was doing, but went right back to eating her new best friend. I was really turned on watching Angie’s ministrations she was performing.

Cathy then grabbed my hand and guided it to Tom’s hard shaft, and softly asked me to hold it. Then did the same to Tom. We both looked at each other and shrugged shoulders. For me, it was the first time I had ever touched another man’s penis.

Cathy then said, “ Stroke each other slowly, while I lick and suck these two gorgeous cock heads”, then moaned.

I looked down at Ang when I heard her say, “ fuck…. So hot”, then attacked Cathy’s pussy.

Cathy took turns on sucking each cock, while we stroked each other. I was actually enjoying it, as was Tom. Then Cathy let out a load moan, lifted her ass off of the couch and started flooding Angie’s face with her orgasmic fluids.

“ Holy Fuckkkkk…….. cumming” she said, as Angie did her best to drink it all in. As she came, Tom and I rubbed her face with each other’s pre-cum, from our cocks. Cathy’s body was still shaking from her strong orgasm.

Angie sat back on her haunches and smiled at us. “ You three are super hot……. My turn now……. Cathy, make me cum Baby.”

The girls switched positions and Cathy dove in. Tom and I did the same for Ang, that Cathy had us do. For me, it was no big deal. Since it’s just us four, and I am very secure with my sexuality, I’m open to just about anything, and I think Tom is too. Had it been that more were involved, I doubt highly that this would have happened.

I looked down at Cat and saw she was sucking Angie’s clit and was fingering her too. Angie had her hands on top of Tom’s and mine, helping us stroke, while she took turns in sucking the heads of our cocks.

A few more minutes past and Angie let out a long groan and said “ oh Fuckkkkk….. I’m gonna cum all over your pretty face, Slut.”

Angie lifted her ass up, like she was driving her pussy into Cat’s face, and started her orgasm. But hers sprayed Cathy’s face and neck. Angie’s body shook all over, while she said “ Holy Fuck”, numerous times.

Angie then slumped down, panting hard. Tom was now sitting next to her, caressing her, while her orgasm subsided. Cathy, meanwhile, lay back on the floor, rubbing in Angie’s love juice. I decided to join my cousin on the floor and started licking her breast and neck, savoring Angie’s cum.

Cathy and I started kissing now, while I started fingering her tight little slit. Then we heard Angie moan again, so I looked to see they we’re doing the same as us. I knew Angie was comfortable with this now, just by her moans and movements, and also her talking dirty.

“ Rick… Baby”, Angie called out.

“ Tom and I Demetevler Escort Bayan are going to the bedroom and fuck…. This couch isn’t that comfy….. you okay with that?” She asked.

I picked my head up and smiled, “ have fun Babe…… we’ll join you guys soon”

She said I love you, as the two got up and headed for Tom’s bed. I decided to go down on Cat, which has been her nickname since we were kids. Cat’s hands snaked through my hair, as I ate her delightful slit of pleasure.

As I was eating my first love, Angie and Tom we’re fucking. She was definitely in her talk dirty, slut mode, which I love and adore. I was is no rush. I loved tasting Cathy. But she had other ideas.

“ Rick Baby…… put it in me….. God… I need your hard cock”.

Who was I to question her request. I got between her legs, and like a divining rod, it found her slippery slit, as I pushed slowly, all the way in. God, she felt so good. It had been a good 6 or 7 months since we last had sex together, and I truly missed her.

“ God….. I’ve always loved this and how you feel inside me……… can we talk a minute?” She asked.

“ Sure” I said, as I hugged her tight and flipped us so she was on top now. As we did this, we could hear the other two fucking hard, since there skin was slapping together.

Cat giggled and said, “ I think they’re enjoying themselves……. Thank you Sweetie.”

“ For?” I asked.

“ Being in my life….. loving me all these years….. you know, you are my first love and I’ll always be in love with you…… and now, sharing your loving partner with me, us……. But I have to be honest…. I’m starting to have strong feelings for her.” She said.

“Well, she too has feelings for you too…… She adores you Cat……. Of course, I do too…… I sometimes wish we weren’t cousins…… I would have married you back then…… But rest assured, that woman in there, will be your cousin one day………… But I gotta ask……. What was with having us guys hold each other’s dicks?”

Cathy giggled, then flexed her pussy muscles around his cock, which got me to moan. “Like that huh Cuz?…………. See, it’s a fantasy of ours…….. Tom wants to try some oral on a guy, and I want to watch and maybe even help out……….. But, any of our past friends in this life, wouldn’t go for that……. But you, at least I think, would be open to it”

Cathy started grinding her pussy back and forth now, then start going up and down. “So, what do you think?………. Oh God, this cock feels so good” she cooed.

We could hear Angie moaning loudly now, so I knew she was close again to cumming. “Yeah…… I would be cool with it……… I may try it myself…….. Fuck me now and let’s cum” I told her.

Cathy started humping my cock hard and fast now. Her hands were braced against my chest. My hands went up to her breasts and grabbed them, but not real hard, but she loves this. After a few minutes, I started meeting her every thrust, with my own. I watched as her eyes started rolling back into her head, so I knew she was ready to cum. I went even faster so i too, could reach an orgasm.

“Oh Fuck….Oh Fuckkkkkkk…..”Ohhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk Rickkkkkk” she yelled as she started cumming all over my cock. My balls started tingling and could feel my juice flowing up to my dick, when I grunted real loud and started shooting into her. We both kept fucking, while orgasming, until we both had no more to give. Then she collapsed onto my chest, with both of us breathing hard.

Cathy pushed up and said, “Guess we should go join those two………. I’m up for another round.”

We went in and join the other two as they had just finished and were resting a bit. Angie laughed and asked if we got lost. Cathy said no, just caught up in the moment. Then Cathy asked us what we thought she should do about Lacy and Brad. I told her to do nothing. It wasn’t anything more than we did at that age. Tom agreed with me too. Angie was pretty quiet on the subject.

After a short break, the girls decided on a little 69 action, between them, and then let us join in. Same partners as we just had, Angie and Tom, and me and Cathy. Angie rode Tom in a reverse cowgirl position. Cathy was on all fours, between their legs, as I entered her from behind. As I slowly pumped in and out of Cat, she was licking them both as they fucked. Angie looked so hot in this position and she was loving every second of it too.

“Oh Fuck………. Eat Me Cathyyyyyyyyy….. Oh Fuck…….God Damnnnnnnnnnn” Angie yelled out.

Cathy looked up at Angie, “You like that cock, don’t you Baby……….Fuck her good Honey”

I reach under Cathy and started playing with her nipples, knowing she loves this done. I have no idea how she concentrated on licking those two as I started pounding into her more. Angie and I looked into each other’s eyes and mouthed that we love each other. Tom was starting to fuck her faster now and Angie pulled Cathy’s head into her body, then she let out a loud groan,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………Ohhhhhhh……… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and started shaking as her orgasm took over her entire body. As Angie came, she pushed Cathy’s head away. Her clit gets real sensitive then. Tom then started to cum deep inside Ang, letting out a long and loud “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

I could feel Cathy’s pussy start convulsing around my dick now, and got super hot, as she started to cum again. I couldn’t hold back anymore either. And yelled out “Catttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” as I started pumping cum deep inside her.

I pulled out and sat back on my haunches, and watched as my cum slowly dripped from my cousins pussy. Cathy’s head was turned sideways and resting on Tom’s thigh, While Angie lay back and was rest on top of Tom. We were all, pretty much spent.

“Oh My God” Cathy finally said, as she rolled to her one side, next to those two. “That was so intense, and truly mind blowing……….. You two can visit our bed, anytime you want too.”

Angie now moved next to me and cuddled next to me. Cathy did the same with Tom. It had been a long, but fun day. I wasn’t sure how Angie would take to doing this, but she was really into it, right after Cathy ate her on the boat this morning. I could see us four doing this on many occasions now, without any worry of people getting jealous.

Then Angie asked, “When’s the last time you two were with another couple?”

Cathy looked at Tom, then spoke. “God…….. It’s been a few years now…… When we first got into this, we made friends with this one couple Tom knew. But after a few times, the chemistry wasn’t there. And the woman really wasn’t into the bi side of it. Then we started having threesome’s with a buddy of Tom’s and one of my girlfriends. Those were fun. We even tried to set them up as a couple one night. The night went pretty good, and they even went out by themselves, but just didn’t click. So we pretty much have threesomes.”

Angie smiled, and said, “This was definitely my first as a couple.Anything else was always with another woman, or Heather and I with my one friend. But this? This was wild and I loved it. Watching you and Rick together made me so hot, which loverboy there benefitted from. And Tom, you are a great cocksman. And, you two are welcome in our bed anytime too.”

After that, we said our goodnight’s, and padded off to our bedroom, after visiting the bathroom. Once we were under the covers, Angie curled up next to me, placing a leg over my one leg and her hand caressing my cock.

“Baby?………. Do you still love me?” Angie asked.

“Of course I do…… nothing has changed.” I remarked.

“This has been so much fun today. Then, all the sharing we have done………..But if you said that we shouldn’t do this anymore, I would be okay with that too……. Just know, I love you more than I ever have.” she said softly.

I kissed her softly and asked, “What turned you on most?”

“Oh God…….. Everything…….. From our sexy swimsuits, to Cathy and I playing…. The you three getting me to squirt……Oh My God, That was unbelievable…. Then watching you and Cathy together. Now that was hot……. Just the whole experience was great……. Except in porn, I have never seen another couple up close, doing it. Watching your cock slide in and out of her….Oh My God Babe. That was truly hot.” she said

As she talked, we both got turned on again. She crawled up on top of me, and slid my cock into her. “Oh Yeah……. My man’s cock, so deep inside me……Make me cum Baby”

The next morning, after showers, we all went to breakfast, then shopping. At breakfast we all agreed what went on the previous day and night was fun and something we four all looked forward to doing again, and hopefully many times. We all agreed too, to take the boat out in the afternoon and just lounge around, away from the tourists.

After shopping, we headed back to the room and changed into swim attire. It was pretty hard for me not to take Angie, right there in the bedroom, when she slipped that swimsuit back on. I was still naked when she finished and noticed me starting to harden. She giggled then said,

“Wow… This suit really does turn you on” then came up and kissed me and stroked me a little.

The girls did put sundresses over their suits, just to have some decorum about them. I know both ladies enjoy others looking at them, but why show more than they have too. Escort Demetevler But there are many families around the islands, so they didn’t think many would appreciate their suits like Tom and I do.

Once we were a good mile from the island, the girls lost their dresses. Tom and Cathy were sitting on the aft bench, while Angie stood next to me, as I drove out of sight of the island. I wanted to get us to an area no one was around, because I knew we’d be playing some again.

I would say we were a good 5 miles north of the island and the water was like glass, except for the ripple the boat was causing. When Angie saw no other boats were anywhere near us, she stripped off her suit, then helped me with mine. We looked back and saw the Tom and Cathy had theirs off already.

As I cut the engine off, Angie yelled back to them to stay right there. Angie was just starting to make her way to them when I stopped her and asked her to help me with getting the mattress from down below. Once the mattress was pumped up, I went got us all a beer and joined the three on the bed.

Angie and I sat across from Cathy and Tom, just enjoying the sunshine and calm waters. Naturally, Cathy had her hand on Tom’s dick, which was pretty close to being full mast now. One thing I was sure of about these two, that they were in love with one another, and no one would come between them.

Cathy then smiled and asked us, “So guys, what are your thoughts about this whole weekend so far?”

I let Angie answer. “Honestly…. It has been amazing for me……. I mean I realize that you three share a past together and was a little scared that I couldn’t handle what we have done….. But thankfully, that hasn’t been the case….. I really feel that Rick and I grew closer, and I have grown closer to you two as well.”

Tom smiled and said, “Good….. We were hoping you would feel that way. And Angie? You are a beautiful lover and I hope you and Rick allow me to enjoy your passion again.”

Angie looked at me, like for permission, which she will never need. “Thank you Tom….. I thought you were wonderful too. And yes, I’d love to be your partner again as well. Even after this weekend.”

Cathy leaned in and kissed Angie’s lips, then said, “Well Good….. Tom and I talked after we went to bed, and again this morning……… We’d like it if we were exclusive to just you guys. I mean, if you want to explore with others, that is fine, but Tom and I are going only party with you two. But if you do, please use condoms with them. I hate the feeling of them and I love when my partner cums in me.”

Angie giggled, and said, “Oh God, I hate them too. What good is sex if can’t feel your partner’s cum inside you. Unless Rick isn’t telling me something, about others, I had no plans on venturing out with others. I mean my niece wants a foursome, but her man is not up for that. I would really love if we let Heather join us four sometime, or let Heather join you and me, Cathy, for some girl time.”

Tom laughed, “Oh… What about us joining in girl time?”

“You two can go play golf or some other manly thing you two can do. This is women only” Angie said

Cathy laughed, “Yeah…. You two can play by yourselves. Anytime Ang, you want some girl time, just give me a call. Bring Heather sometimes too. I have this feeling she is as good as you are to eat.”

“MMMMMMMM. Trust me, she is” Angie said.

Then Cathy got a serious look on her face. “Look. One other thing. Last night was sort of out of the box for us. We had never spent time alone with another partner like that. We have always been in the same room. But we have always wanted to sleep with another. Play together at first, but when we call it a night for that, we sleep with our partner of that night.”

I actually piped up now, “I think we’ll need to discuss that one, if you two don’t mind. And Babe, these are the only people I have ever had sex with. I’d prefer it be just us four, and Heather once in awhile. I don’t see Chris ever being onboard for this style of life.”

I got up and said who wanted another beer, which they all agreed too. I was surprised when Angie followed me down into the small galley. As I fished for the beers, Angie asked,

“What do you think of what she just asked Babe?”

“It’s more of how you feel Honey. I know we have just begun our relationship, and I trust you, and most of all, I am in love with you. I would prefer it just being us four too, and let Heather join in.” I said.

“Were you serious about getting married soon? If you are, why wait. To me, you are my soul mate. To be honest, it was fun when it was just Tom and me alone. Less pressure. I was kind of afraid of really letting go and enjoying the moment. You know, he is a lot like you in bed. Very tender and giving. He even asked what I liked and disliked, and concentrated on my likes. Of course, he hasn’t really seen my slutty side yet.” she said, then giggled

“Oh. I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy that. Cat can be quite slutty too. As for marriage. Let’s go get a license next week and find a judge. That is if you want to be part of this really fucked up family of mine.”

“MMMMMMMMM I can’t wait. Then it will be a big incestuous family then. Kind of like having two husbands and you having two wives.”

We kissed and she saw I was hard, then grabbed it. She turned around and bent over, “Slide it in Lover. I just want to feel for a second.” I slid inside her. She stood back up now and turned her head so I could kiss her. We exchanged I love you’s, then uncoupled and took our guest their drinks.

Angie handed Tom his beer, then pulled on Cathy’s hand, for her to stand up. They embraced and Angie kissed her passionately. This kiss lasted a few minutes, as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Then Angie broke the kiss,

“Cathy, Rick and I are going to get married in the next few weeks, whenever we can do it. Please stand up for me. I feel as though I am marrying you two as well, so I definitely want you part of it.”

“Oh My God… Damn Jarhead, you aren’t wasting time here. I love it. Of course I will.” Cathy said

“Good. I said, “And Tom, will you be my best man?” He smiled, “I think you know that answer.” then shook my hand.

“Now that we got that out of the way” Angie said. “The rest of the weekend, and I hope you two agree, is I am with Tom, and Cathy you are with Rick. Once we are back from this little boat trip. No one need ask the other spouse for permission about anything. But, we all meet up tonight in one bed, because I am dying to have two men, and so is Cathy. Then after that, Tom and I will sleep together. Oh and fuck quite a bit. Take your pills boys.. You are going to need them”

Cathy laughed, “Ohhhhhh I knew I liked her for a reason Cuz. Now, how about putting that hard cock in me for a little bit. I am kind of horny right now.”

Cathy positioned us guys on the mattress so that we were laying with our heads at opposite ends. Then the girls mounted us. This made it easier for them to kiss and fondle one another while they fucked us. All four of us were in no rush, but it was warm out and the sweat was pouring off of us. One thing I learned about Angie, she enjoys a good sweaty fuck.

We all finished about the same time, although the girls came before as well. Once we had our wits about us again, we decided to head back to the island, so we could shower and maybe take a nap before dinner.

Angie and I were in the bedroom stripping down to shower, when I asked her to sit on the bed. I got to my knees and pushed her legs open. She giggled, “What are you doing Mister?”

“Eating your pussy.” I explained. “You know his cum is still inside me?” she asked

“I know. I don’t care. I have to eat you.” I said.

After a few moments of sucking on her pussy and clit, she moaned out that she was cumming. That was all I needed from her now. I love eating her and making her cum. After a short rest, she got up and went and found Cathy, and they went and showered together. They must have been in there a good 20 minutes before reemerging with smiles on their faces. Tom had already showered before, when Angie was letting me lick her. So I went and took mine.

When I emerged from the shower, Tom was lounging on the couch, but no sign of the girls. When I asked where they were, Tom pointed to his room, where the door was shut. He laughed and said,

“You know buddy, I believe our lives are about to change dramatically.”

I chuckled and asked, “How so?”

“Cathy has always wanted a woman to play with, like this, and now that she and Angie have found they are quite compatible, I think they’ll use us for when they need dick, but otherwise, when they are together, it’s all about them.”

I thought for a moment, then agreed with him. “Good thing the four of us don’t live together. We may get sex only a couple times a week.” I said and we both laughed.

“Or” Tom said, “They may kill us with sex. But what a way to go”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, Cum and go at same time. Now that’s the way to leave this earth… But, we might as well live it to its fullest, while we are halfway young.”

So begins the adventure of these four, and whatever their lives will lead them, together.

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