Sexy IT Girl in Saree Got Banged Ch. 01

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This story is about a simple girl whose name is Sinni. Sinni is a simple girl born in an upper middle class family with all essentials and amenities. She had completed engineering from a college near to her home and hence having no experience of hostel staying. Sinni used to always miss these things when her friends use to narrate hostel instances.

Sinni used to look very beautiful because of her skin tone and figure. But she was still not aware of how to be appealing and look hottie like some of her friends, but Sinni always envies her friends who got or used to get a lot of Male attention. Sinni always wanted to be one of those girls who men dream to sleep with, but due to her dressing sense she was always overlooked and dint get such Male attention. Sinni completed engineering and got recruited via campus placement in a company in the same city.

On the Day 1 of her office, Sinni wore a decent kurti(Top) and Jeans and she saw her batch for the first time, there were 9 boys and 5 girls who were also joining that day. Sinni saw three of the boys were well built and the way they were looking at hazel,(hazel was one of those 5 girls who really looks hot n sexy with the way she dresses, she was dressed in sleeveless kurta with hot fuck-able figure) if hazel would have been standing alone and molestation would have been legal all the three would have completely molested her.

As it was day 1 of the office, induction was the first thing followed by training. The office had 1 month of training plan and during this training every day hazel used to look hot and grab every Male attention in the office, some poeple used to intentionally collide with her during break hours or whenever she is up for the washroom one or the other men goes in the same direction and tries to collide with her such that they could touch her boobs.

Sinni used to get a bit jealous with hazel as here as well, a girl other than herself has started getting Male attention. This went up for a month. In this office there were two floors and four teams, all these new recruits would be distributed amongst these four teams after their training. So after a month, the floor allocation was done, there were two floors in the office and based on performance in training, the batch was distributed. Hazel and Sinni were put on same floor but in different teams, but hazel as a tester and Sinni as a developer.

From the day, everyone was allocated their floors Sinni tried to wear some tight hot clothes to attract Male attention but still everyone on the floor used to notice hazel with her sexy apparels and figure. Sinni was sexy too in the tights but no one noticed her, Sinni always wanted to be number 1 in everything since her college days. She used to look good but because of the good girl image she missed the enjoyments that bad girls get. Boy friend, loosing virginity etc etc. Even no one from her college had ever proposed Sinni. This used to disappoint her, initially Sinni used to wear very strict clothes as she used to stay in home. This created such an image of Sinni that in college even when Sinni tried wearing few new things, no one cared upon it. Sinni didnot want a bit to have same image in office. She wanted to have Male attention in office Ordu Escort and also wanted to loose virginity as all her friends brag about the same.

So Sinni started wearing tight clothes as soon as she was shifted in the second floor, however hazel wave was still flowing and it was traditional day approaching.

Everyone was gossiping about the saree that hazel would wear and the way she would look in that. This time sinni got a lead and she wanted to be the hottest chic in saree for the traditional day. There were two days left for traditional day and Sinni started exploring shops for good decent but sexy saree. She found some options but nothing convincing. Also back of her mind she was afraid of spending too much money as she was not sure even if she buys such a saree and still people like hazel then her hard earning would go in vain. With these thoughts Sinni could not finalise anything and soon it was just 1 day to go go for the TRADITIONAL DAY. All the men were commenting about hazel;

Navi ( A senior person from Sinni’s floor): Fuck what a bombshell this haze; looks I just can’t imagine how slutty she would be looking in a saree on the traditional day.

Akku( Another person from Sinni’s team but junior to sinni): Yeah Navi I agree to you, if there was an award of sexiest bitch of the office then, Hazel wpould be the winner of that award.

Virat(Member from hazel’s team):

Sir sometimes she sits beside me during the break hours and I feel like pressing those big melons with my hands and dick.all start laughing…

Sinni used to hear these comments but would get more jealous. Sinni always wanted to be the centre of attraction, she would love instead of hazel ppl are discussing about her. So sinni decides to wear a sexiest transparent saree no matter what cost but atleast try to grab the Male attention the next day. So that day after 630 PM viz after office, sinni takes her two wheeler goes to a near by saree shop and asks for a saree.


Sinni: Hey bro can you show me a saree, it should be completely trans[parent and if possible in pink shade.

Shopkeeper: Hey Raju, show this madam a saree as per her requirements.

Raju: Sure. Hello Madam please let me know which type of sarees you are looking for?

Sinni: Bro as told earlier I want a transparent or complete see through saree in pink shade.

Raju : Do you want full transparent or translucent kind of shade?

Sinni: I want complete transparent.

This made raju look at Sinni from up to down and Sinni was dressed in a tight kurti. Not sure about office Male attention but Sinni was sexy enough to get a lot of raju’s attention. Raju had completely scanned Sinni’s figure and additionally she was enquiring for a transparent saree, this made raju’s tool rise up a bit. Raju took the complete transparent pink saree with transparent blouse and told sinni;

Raju: See this Madam this is a complete transparent saree, I also have a matching transparent blouse for this saree. Do you wanna try this saree here once?

Sinni : Sure why not! But what ‘s the cost of the saree??

Raju: Only Rs 6000

At this point sinni liked the saree as it was grand and damn appealing, but Ordu Escort Bayan she had only 2k. Sinni was confused whether to search for more or go with this.

Sinni says I guess it is out of budget for me. Can you show something else please?

Meanwhile raju, madam please try it atleast once I will see what amount of discount I can get you and sinni wanted to try it as well.

Sinni says

Sinni: Fine I will try it but please send a lady to hel[p me in the changing room, I could see there is a tailor ady sitting over there she can help me. Please send her in.

Sinni saw a women tailor for blouse in the shop so she thought that person will come inside, sinni removes her tight top and started wearing transparent blouse, it was a tight blouse and then she started draping transparent saree. She draped the saree in a sexy way but as the blouse was so tight one hook was broken but sinni thought it just opened so she called the person from closed doors

Sinni: Hey can you please send that person in for helping me.

Raju waited for this very moment as he himself wanted to look Sinni in that sexy saree. Without thinking much he entered room and Sinni thought it was tailor lady and without looking into the mirror or behind her she responds:

Sinni; Can you please help me with the hook of this blouse, I think it is opened up.

Raju puts the button and starts touching sinni from back, Sinni realizes it was some Male. she suddenly stepps forward and turns and was astonished to look at raju.

Sinni: Heyaa what are you doing here? I had asked you to send the tailor lady inside the room.

Raju: Ma’am as soon as you entered the change room, the tailor lady left for home and there is no more lady in the shop to help you with this. So thought of helping you in here.

Just then Sinni’s pallu(The portion which covers the transparent blouse ion the saree) fell and raju could see huge melons popping out of sinni.

Sinni was trying to cover but as it was transparent, hence it was completely visible and raju was continuously staring at those melons.

Sinni: Can you please get out of this room, I am still changing.

But Raju was not in his conscious to listen, Within mins raju started squeezing Sinni’s Melons in that transparent blouse and on first two squeezes itself all the button of the blouse broke and Sinni was having no clue as she was feeling good as well. As she knew this is wrong. She prevented but raju was continuously fondling her boobs, sinni pushed raju for a while and told

Sinni: Look I will start shouting, so please behave yourself and get out of this room.

Raju: Madam sorry but I could not control. Please donot shout or scream as my job would be lost, but seriously you are looking sex queen in this saree and you can turn on anyone and everyone in this attire.

These comments of Raju made Sinni aroused and due to Raju’s fondling of Sinni’s boobs a while ago. Sinni was also high at this point and also started leaking a bit in her vagina as raju’s firm hands had fondled and squeezed her boobs in a great way.

Sinni: I understand, so no problem what’s done is done but however you complement I don’t have enough money to purchase Escort Ordu this saree.

Raju: Maybe I can help you here with this, but I need few favours from you in return for my benefit and enjoyment.

Sinni: You have already enjoyed a lot, so please donot demand something which cannot be met.

Raju: Not much I want to squeeze a lil more out of those melons and then I want you to blow me and let me cum on those melons. No sex only what say?

Sinni was confused already Raju had got to fondle her now having just oral sex wont make much difference so sinni agreed to this but she told

Sinni: Okay I ‘m ready, but you need to stich saree and blouse tonight itself as I need it by tomorrow morning and in return tomorrow morning you will get Rs 2000 cash along with your services. Is it a deal then??

Raju agrees and sinni goes back home, raju sits in the shop for the whole night preparing the saree for sinni. On the other hand sinni was feeling so good as she got the experience of a firm hand squeezing and fondling her boobs and this made her wet and she masturbated.

Next day morning that is on traditional day sinni started early for office as she had to change to saree in the shop and also blow the shopkeeper for the rest amount.

Sinni went near the shop but shop was still shut, suddenly someone from inside opened the shutter a lil bit and pulled sinni in and started squeezing her melons again, this time sinni started moaning

Sinni : aaaah… aaaaaaah.. aaahhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

before she could realise it was raju, raju started fondling her boobs so hard..

Sinni: Hey you let me first wear the saree first and then we can start.

Raju: sorry madam, I could not sleep the whole night fantasizing your boobs and figure so could not control looking at you here this morning.

Sinni: But the saree and stitching is ready right??

Raju: Yes yes, please try it and see.

Sinni wears the saree and as soon as she wears raju pulls her thru her waist and makes her kneel down and pushes his dick in her mouth, and starts stroking her, side by side he squeezes her boobs like anything sinni is completely wet and starts blowing raju hard and gets her mouth fucked in a harder way.

After a while raju jerks completely into Sinni’s mouth just when sinni was about to deny or ask raju to take dick out of her mouth, raju ejaculates into sinni’s mouth.

At this moment sinni in a completely transparent saree with blouse unhooked and boobs pressed hard, had her nipples erect and visible thru transparent blouse. She also has a mouth full of cum… Seeing her like this raju once again jerks off and let’s his full cum inside sinni. Jerking two times makes raju weak and he is off for a while.Sinni at this moment is completely high, she wants badly someone to fuck her, she asks raju 4-5 times to fuck her and complete.

Sinni : aaaaah aaaaaaaaah Raju can you please fuck me now and satisfy me, I dint know this would turn me on this much. So now I want a dick badly inside me. Please raju can you please fuck me once atleast.

But raju is already asleep because of jerking twice and meanwhile it’s already office timing, so sinni wears the saree in the same sexy way and spits some of the cum and gulps the rest wipes her mouth with the pallu and leaves for office…

At this point sinni in the transparent sareee is completely high and fully wet.

Wanna know what happened with her in the office?? Then wait for the next part.

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