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Adele and Linda had been delighted when, after their final exams had been passed, they found themselves offered positions in the same hospital. But it wasn’t an every day hospital; it was a Military Hospital. A shortage of Military Nurses had forced the MOD to contract out and employ State Registered Nurses as well. When Linda and Adele had found that their first night duty was in the men’s medical ward they knew they were going to have some sexy fun. Both of them had gained a reputation as fun, sexy girls during their college years and, although they were far from sluts, they knew how to have a good time.

As they dressed for work that evening, in the small flat that they shared together, they both decided to take the special uniforms that they had prepared for such a time as the night ahead looked like producing; namely the standard nursing uniform with the hems raised considerably higher than normal and accompanied by some very sexy panties, some very sheer, black nylons and a sexy red suspender belt to match their knickers. These they placed in a bag while they wore the standard uniform into the hospital.

They set about their duties on the ward and the 10 soldiers recuperating there spent the whole of the evening chatting them up and passing sexy remarks as soldiers are so apt at doing. It was 11.oopm when the duty Staff Nurse bade them good night and left them alone to watch over the ward while the patients slept.

No sooner had the door closed behind him than Linda and Adele changed into their 2nd uniform and re entered the ward. All the patients were still awake and the sight of the two girls made them all sit up in bed and stare. The comments started to flow fast and furious and Adele and Linda began to laugh and generally torment the soldiers with their sexy replies to the remarks. The nurses had already determined that 8 of the soldiers were able to get out of bed with no ill affects to their varying conditions with the two remaining patients able enough to sit up. Both of these had broken legs that were hanging up in slings.

Staff Sergeant Howard, Sergeant Tony G and Sergeant Tony D were the senior patients on the ward with the remaining 7 being Corporals or Privates. It was 2 of the Privates that were confined to bed.

With the soldiers looking on Adele decided to start the night’s fun by kissing Linda. In silence, at first, the soldiers just stared as Adele planted a long, loving, tender kiss on the lips of her companion. Linda’s nipples immediately started to harden as she felt her friend’s tongue slide into her mouth and her arms went about Adel’s waist and pulled her into her. Slowly she lowered her hand and slid it onto Adele’s leg and began to inch it upwards until the short hem of her uniform exposed the white suspenders and stocking tops beneath it. Linda’s hand encircled Adele’s bum and grasped her cheek tightly as they stood kissing seductively and passionately. This was not just a show for the onlookers. The passion and the sex was there for all to see. These girls were lovers.

The silence of the room began to deteriorate as the patients found their cocks beginning to harden and their voices began to send encouragement to the 2 girls as they stood kissing and fondling at the top of the ward.

Although the girl’s were seriously getting sexed up they also knew that their exhibition was causing all the cocks in the room to harden with the delight at the scene they were witnessing. Staff Sergeant Howard motioned for the soldiers to keep their voices low as one of the Privates suddenly shouted out;

“Go on Nurse Adele. Suck her pussy out!”

Linda smiled as she drove her tongue deep into Adele’s mouth again before whispering to her friend;

“Let’s mersin escort go for it sweetness.”

Linda broke the kiss to allow Adele to drop to her knees in front of her and almost screamed out as Adele lifted her short uniform and planted her wet mouth on Linda’s now wet knickers as they clung to her soaking wet pussy. The ward suddenly went silent again as the men took in the act that was being put on for them. But for Linda and Adele it was no act. Linda was soaking and Adele was feeling the sexual excitement ripple through her own body as her mouth began to suck on Linda’s red,wet panties. The taste of the love juice that seeped through was making Adele’s own pussy wet; as well as increasing the hardness of her nipples. Adele wanted to taste the pussy beneath the panties in her mouth and her fingers deftly slid the elastic to one side to allow her tongue access to the waiting love nest. Her tongue drove in and Linda let out a moan that echoed around the walls of the ward; much to the delight of the onlookers.

Staff Sergeant Howard could stand no more of just watching; he suddenly bounded from his bed and, motioning to the soldiers to remain where they were, he moved behind Linda as she stood having her pussy licked out, put his arms around her and clutched at her firm breasts while his mouthy began to plant tiny kisses on the nape of her neck. Linda moaned and rammed her hips into Adele’s face just as her friend’s tongue flicked over her erect clitoris. Linda felt Howard’s hard cock pressing against her bum, through her uniform and his boxer shorts and she began to move her hips first into Adele’s probing tongue and then back onto Howard’s hard cock.

Howard realised that this was just no visual game. This was interactive sex at its best.

His hands left Linda’s breasts and, moving her red hair to one side, began to slowly undo the buttons on the front of her uniform. Adele, meanwhile, was flicking her tongue hard and fast over Linda’s pussy and driving her wild. Pausing for air Adele saw what Howard was doing and began to help him undress Linda by almost ripping the lower buttons from her uniform. Within seconds it was off and Linda stood there in just her red panties, suspender belt and black nylons.

Howard suddenly dropped to his knees behind Linda and, winking at Adele, the two of them grasped her knickers and slid them down to expose her shaven pussy to the delight of the onlookers. As Adele sank her face back into Linda’s wet crutch; Howard slid his tongue into her tight arse. Linda screamed. Her body shook and her hips began to fuck hard and fast onto the two tongues that were reaming into her body. She gripped her own naked breasts and pinched hard at her nipples as the delights of the two probing tongues brought her to climax. This time, fearing she might be heard outside of the ward, she muffled her scream as she spurted her juices onto Adele’s probing tongue. Howard quickly jumped to his feet as he felt Linda orgasm; slid his boxers off and placed his hard cock at the entrance to Linda’s arse. He whispered to her.

“You want this in your arse nurse?”

“Oh God Yes!” came the emotional reply as Linda’s orgasm began to subside.

Adele suddenly pulled her tongue from Linda’s dripping pussy, changed her position so that she was sat beneath it and raised her head up to lick back inside. Linda suddenly dropped forward onto her hands so that her body was bent over Adele’s head and her arse was open and ready to take the cock. Linda almost screamed again as Howard’s huge erection slid into her bum and Adele’s tongue again began to lap at her love juices as they poured from her.

Howard had his hands on Linda’s bum as he began to fuck his thick cock into her depths in long, slow strokes that was sending ripples of pleasure souring through Linda’s entire body. Adele’s tongue was doing the rest as Linda orgasmed again almost immediately. Howard picked up the pace as he felt his cock about to explode and he suddenly erupted deep into the depths of her arse while Adele began to drink Linda’s juices down into her stomach.

Linda thought that it was all over for now and was about to get up and start to attack Adele’s still covered pussy when Howard withdrew his cock and she felt another pair of hands on her bum cheeks. Sergeant Tony G had slid off his bed, ripped his boxers off and placed his large erection at the hole just vacated by Howard’s now sagging cock. His cock rammed in hard and deep and sent another muffled scream emitting from Linda’s mouth as Howard’s spunk was forced out of Linda’s arse and began to run down her legs. Adele quickly climbed to her feet as she left Linda to get arse fucked again and motioned to Sergeant Tony B to follow her over to a spare bed next to her friend who had now slid her own hand down to her pussy and was rubbing her slit like a crazy girl while her arse was being pummelled by Tony G’c stiff cock.

Adele wasted no time in undoing the buttons to her uniform and ripped the front of her dress open and slid it from her shoulders. Tony B grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed. His hands ripped at her red panties and soon his head was buried deep into her soaking wet pussy. The licking and sucking she had given Linda had served to heighten her need to the point where she was ready to explode at the first touch of Tony B’s tongue. Somehow she managed to control herself and thrust her hips up into his probing face in an effort to fuck his tongue deeper into her. Tony B began to tongue fuck her slit as she writhed on the bed beneath him; her eyes closed as she concentrated on every lick, every flick, every probe. Suddenly Adele felt someone near her head and she opened her eyes to see one of the Privates holding his cock close to her mouth. She smiled at him, forgetting the tongue in her pussy for a fraction of a second, and opened her mouth to invite him in. As the thick cock slid into her she closed her lips eagerly about it and as the owner began to fuck her mouth slowly and deeply Adele sucked on the long, thick shaft entering her whilst playing gently with the balls that hung beneath it.

The tongue in her pussy began to lick faster and Adele bucked her hips upward to meet it as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm flow through her. The lovely tongue that was licking and probing suddenly left her wet slit and she felt her legs lifted high and open as Tony B positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. The thrust of his cock, when it came, was sudden and fierce and she orgasmed almost immediately just as the cock fucking her tight lipped mouth suddenly erupted and send wave after wave of spunk deep into her throat. With her orgasm still rippling through her body she suddenly heard Tony B shout something about unloading himself a second before she felt his hot spunk shoot into her waiting pussy.

Linda had cum again as Tony G fucked her arse harder and faster until he, too, erupted his hot sperm inside her to join up with the spunk that remained form her first arse fuck.

She straightened up as Tony pulled his limp cock from her back side just as two pairs of hands grabbed her and lifted her bodily from her feet. She saw one of the privates pushing a bed so that it touched the bed that her lover Adele was now getting her pussy poked on while a cock was sending hot spunk into her throat. The two soldiers that now held Linda between them moved over and deposited her body onto the bed next to Adele just as Tony B was withdrawing his spent cock.

Both girls lay there looking up at the remaining soldiers who had yet to fuck a mouth, a pussy or an arse as the 6 men gazed down at them with their naked cocks in their hands and deciding where to put them. So many choices.

Eventually two of them climbed between the girls open legs while two other’s slid their hard cocks into the mouths of the two waiting nurses. In and out the four soldiers plunged their throbbing cocks as they fucked the girls hard and fast.

Adele reached her hand out and grabbed Linda’s as the four cocks invaded their willing bodies and fucked them hard and fast. Adele orgasmed again just as her mouth filled with hot spunk and a few moments later she felt the cock in her wet pussy unload itself deep into her wetness. Linda’s hand suddenly squeezed Adele’s tighter as she too began to swallow the hot cum that had just gushed into her mouth and her own orgasm ripped through her yet again. The cock fucking Linda’s pussy took a little longer before he eventually unloaded himself into her wet and well fucked pussy.

As the last soldiers climbed from the beds Adele turned and kissed Linda deeply before they both rose and headed for the beds of the 2 soldiers held captive with their legs in plaster. While Linda went to one; Adele approached the other. In unison both girls climbed onto the beds at the same time, smiled at the faces of the soldiers who, had up until then, been fondling their cocks in anticipation, and knelt astride the upright cocks. Just before Adele lowered her still wet slit onto the cock beneath her she turned to Linda and smiled.

“I’ll race you sweetheart.”

Linda smile back;

“GO!” and dropped her pussy to impale the cock throbbing beneath her. Adele dropped at the sound of the ‘go’ and both girls began to fuck the cocks inside them as if they were in The Grand National. Up and down the girls fucked hard and fast, causing the soldiers beneath them to urge them on, each wanting to be the first to explode their spunk into the pussy now fucking them. On and on the girls rode the cocks harder and faster. The men they were fucking were moaning in pleasure as they were fucked like they had never been fucked before. Suddenly Linda orgasmed and shook as she took her cock in deeper. Adele followed with her own orgasm a few seconds later and then delighted in the feel of the hot spunk as its previous owner erupted inside her. A few seconds followed before Linda’s cock spurted its hot load into the depths of her pussy. Both girls collapsed onto the chests of their ‘rides’ in sheer exhaustion.

Linda looked at Adele and smiled.

“I think you won sweetness.”

“And what do I get as a prize Princess?” Asked Adele jokingly.

“Wait until we get home in the morning Oh Angel of mine.” Grinned Linda in response.

“I’ll give you your present then.” Another smile spread across Linda’s face; the glint in her eyes obvious to see.

Two pairs of hands finally lifted each of the girls off of the now very slack cocks that they were still sat on and deposited, side by side, on an empty bed. Staff Sergeant Howard smiled at then as he handed them their clothes.

“From myself and my men; thank you nurse Linda and nurse Adele. That was the wildest night of our lives. But now I think you had better get dressed into your proper uniforms; some of these men are overdue their medication.

Adele grinned at Linda as the two, shagged out, nurses headed down the ward still in their suspender belts and stockings and clutching their knickers and uniforms.

“I thought we just gave them their medication; Didn’t we Princess?”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Cumming soon from the pen of SweetLinda. Ten part epic of Sex in the Sahara.

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