Shaking Car

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This story is pure fiction, based off of a real relationship. Many times have I fantasized over this. I hope you enjoy.

Often I have thrown around the idea that I might be homosexual. As is to be expected at my age, I was becoming very curious. I began my exploration by watching gay porn and reading gay erotica. It got me off, but never as easy as heterosexual material did. *shrug* Still, I kept going, often exploring my ass with lubed fingers, or a smooth object. I found that orgasms while stimulating my ass were fantastic. It was from this discovery that I formulated this fantasy. It involves a friend of mine, who we’ll name Marcus.

Marcus and I have always been good friends. We shared things, we had deep conversations, we helped each other. We were pretty close. As we got closer, often I would look at my friends differently, just to see if I was attracted to them, sexually. Often, I concluded that I wasn’t. I had never met a guy I was attracted to like that, but the idea of fucking a guy, or GETTING fucked by one was still fascinating…and stimulating. Back to Marcus and I.

Marcus is a very personal guy; he leans in close when you speak, even if it’s casual. He often places hands on you, claps you on the back, squeezes your shoulder, all that. Never noticed it until recently. He’s also an arrogant ass much of the time. Pisses me off, but I never thought it’d play into what was about to transpire.

Marcus is a big guy, almost freakishly big. He’s adult size already, and we’re Sophomores in High School. He’s the star lineman of the football team, and participates in multiple other sports. He excells in everything he does. And, also, as it turns out, he has a big cock. Accidentally spotted it when going to the bathroom. Oops. *wink wink* Well, after THAT, I began thinking…thinking Kağıthane Escort about how close we were, and how great a fuck he might be…me, taking his rod in my ass. Mmm…it became more appealing with every night I thought about it. Though, I’d never admit it, or display such an attraction to the idea near anyone. As much as I felt comfortable with my homoerotic thoughts, I wasn’t about to share them.

So one day, we’re walking back to my car, bullshitting as usual. Talking about the lamest and geekiest (though funniest) things you’d ever hear. I ask him to hold on, because I have to get my tire pressure gauge from the trunk. He nods, “Whatever.” and follows. I open the trunk, and bend over, wearing pretty loose cargo pants. But I’m bent over far enough for them to stretch across my ass. He’s right behind me, and thrusts forward with his hips, shoving at my body. I froze. “C’mon, hurry up fag.” he laughs. Without thinking, I push out my ass, and nudge him back. “You would come on, queer.” Not very clever, but we’re not trying, are we? He snorts, and speaks. “Hey Sam, do you ever think about men?” What the fuck!? I thought. I stood, closing the trunk. I was still a little stunned from our little dry hump earlier, and now I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well…no…” I answered, looking down. He had torn down my defenses. Damn! “I think we should try something, seeing as how we’re already friends.” I was stunned. I shook my head and started for the driver’s seat. “Just get in the fucking car.” He licks his lips, watching me. “Damn, that’s a fine ass…mmm.” I couldn’t help myself; I got turned on. “As if you could handle this.” I ran a hand down, squeezing myself. At the time, I thought it was another joke…but it wasn’t. “C’mon, dude. I bet you’d love it.” I stared at him. “No.” Escort Bayan He walked slowly to me; I didn’t move. He stood directly behind be, when he grabbed my ass through the pants. “Nice and thick….and soft…mmm…” His strong hands grasped at my cheeks. I caved. I could feel my hole anticipating, twitching. I pushed it out to him. “In the car…and you better make my come.” He kissed the back of my neck.

I jumped in the back seat of the car, and he followed, closing and locking the doors. I immediately noticed his bulge. He was getting hard. He undid his shorts, unveiling his rather impressive cock. Couldn’t guess how long, but it was longer and bigger than anything I had put in my mouth or my ass. I crawled at him. I guess I thought I had to follow some standard procedure, suck then fuck. But I wanted to see what it was like to suck a cock. I wanted to be the bitch of this hunk of a man before me, I knew that much. I knelt, and began sucking. Like a novice, but I thought I did well, licking the head and bottom, tickling his balls, going deep (though I couldn’t go that far. A shame) humming, staring up at him as he ran his hand through my hair. The sucking didn’t last long, and now my ass was itching for it’s first cock.

I quickly turned and presented my soft, virgin ass to him. He didn’t waste a minute. He licked at my hole a little, if only to get it wet. It felt great but not as great as what was next. He pushed into my a little to fast. I squealed a little, inadvertently moving and pushing back, burying his hot meat in my cocksleeve. GOD it felt good. I moaned like a little whore, losing my inhibitions. Fuck, I wanted him. He began to fuck me. The size really hurt, but the fact of the situation made up for it. He grunted, humping at my ass, ever the masculine, ever taking istanbul Escort me like the bitch I was. I cried out, putting my hands up against the other side of the car. I pushed back at him, wanting as much of his rod as I could get. He growled as he leaned forward, his head having to tilt because he was too tall.

The cramped space made it all that much sexier. God it felt good, every nerve stimulated…he was deeper inside me than anything had every been. “FUCK ME! Ooohh…” I was his woman, taking it like a woman. My alpha male began humping faster, his balls slapping at me only making the noise even sexier. He reached around and began jerking me off, making me squeal even more as he easily stimulated my prostate with his cock. He kept humping harder, and after about a half an hour of anal sex, it sounded like a regular porno: the screaming bitch, the moaning man, the wet flesh slapping, and the creaking of the car as it moved with my man’s thrusts. I threw my head back, gritting my teeth. “UNH! MPH! MAKE ME COME! OOhhh…GOD! COME INTO ME! Fuck! Fill that ass up baby! LOVE ME!” I was lost, loving my role…he groaned more, and I thought I could feel his cock load. Or maybe it was my cock, because his pro work with my ass and my cock could only be resisted for so long. I felt the wracking orgasm coming, and felt around for something to grab onto. As if answering my prayers, he wrapped his thick arm around me and pulled me up to him. I arched my back as he continued to rocket into my hole. I screamed…truly screamed as I began coming, his jerking flinging my cum all over the car, and my ass clamping like a vice on his tool. He cried out, and came just after I did, shooting strings of his seme deep into my bowels. I whimpered, pressing back on his cock, hoping to get every drop of his load….GOD I had wanted it so bad…We settled down together, and finally he pulled his cock out, and we lay in the back seat, naked, sweating.

“Yeah, I’ve thought of men before.” I said, feeling the cum slowly leak from me.

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