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This story is an entirely fictional work of adult erotic fantasy, involving consensual sexual relations between related persons.

Copyright me 2017.

If you”re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you”re of legal age. 

Inspirations for this story include vintage porn star Steve Regis and Ed Sheeran”s Shape of You, especially the Latin remix.  Believe it or not I had no idea the video for the song involved boxing until after I completed this story.

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SHAPE OF YOU by Boy Mercury X


I”m not gay, first off, but some things you just can”t ignore, and my sister”s son is one of those things. 

Ricky has too much energy for his own good.  He uses a lot of it working out, but still has more than anyone needs.  He”s always moving, dancing, talking, always in some kind of motion.  He”s like a puppy.  But fuck, that working out is something.

This kid is short, about 5″5″ I guess, but built.  Shorter muscles can build up faster, and he”s got `em. In profile he has that S shape where his back and belly kind of curve, and his ass is just perfectly round.  He”s got a cute enough face for a guy, like most 21 year olds do, but who can look at his face when there”s so much T&A.

I love women but it”s just his tits and ass are so round and perky.  I never felt this way about a guy before.  Maybe I don”t notice so often, or maybe it”s because I see him all the time, on account of him being family and that he works summers in my butcher shop.

So all summer at work and at family events, I walk funny from a constant boner because I”m checking out this boy, his melon ass and his hard round man tits and just wanting to bury my ugly fucking mug in them.


I had a crush on Uncle Steve for as long as I can remember.  Even when I was little I”d see him with a tight T-shirt showing off his big thick arms, or sometimes a white tank top where you could see his hairy chest. 

He was a boxer when he was my age and still looks like Superman off-season or something, even in the face with a heavy brow and lantern jaw and permanent 5 o”clock shadow.  I always liked older guys best, and big ones, and Steve is both, about 40 and 6″2″ and I figure 250 pounds.  Not goopy either, but thick and solid, like he”s made of brick.  Unf.

I got off on the thought of him so many times when I was growing up, I figure at least once a week for a few years.  That”s gaziantep escort a lot of whacking off I did thinking about Steve, but he”s straight as they come, so tough for me. I wish he had a gay son so I could have a hot cousin. Nothing wrong with wishing.

I don”t know if he”s cool with me being gay, but he never said nothing otherwise even though he seems like the kind who wouldn”t go for it. He even hired me for hours in the summer, which is super cool, because I also do some pole dancing at a gay bar in town, and neither is a real job but between the two I”m doing okay.


So Saturday shift and Ricky is more bouncy than ever.  Like what the fuck kid, I know you”re just 21 but where do you get this from?  I”m just looking forward to getting home and putting my feet up with a beer and TV and a little jerk off before bed.

So I tell Ricky to knock off an hour early, because he”s already dancing around the place, swishing while he”s making change and boing boing boing like there”s springs in his shoes.  Get out of here, you”re a distraction, you little pain in the ass.  I”m too old to be horny like this.

So kid goes in back to change into whatever the fuck else he wears and we get a rush of customers, so I yell out to quick come back and help pronto.  He comes out halfway from changing with no shirt, just throws an apron on not even covering those titties.

Nipples ain”t okay by health code, I say out loud, next time wear a shirt like an adult. He laughs it off and customers don”t care. I”m about to drop my jaw from those titties, especially with the edge of the apron rubbing on them.  But Ricky takes two of my logo stickers for sealing the paper on purchases, about nickel size each and bright pink, and puts one on each nipple like pasties on a stripper.

Jesus fuck, how much is a man supposed to take?


I didn”t think about putting the shop stickers on my nips, it just came into my head and I just did it.  I get feeling high when I dance, and it”s fucking Saturday night man, so live a little.  And that apron was rubbing raw on my nips making me crazy.

Closing time came and Uncle Steve walked right up and said Take those off, and pulled the stickers off my chest, and his big butcher fingers gave my nips a squeeze.  Like something happened between us just for a second.

Steve turns real fast to go lock the door and starts sweeping while I turn my iPhone playlist on and cranked it, because closing shop is way better with music and dancing, even if Steve is a grump about it. 

He”s pretending like there”s not some 100% danceable tunes and like I”m not suriyeli escort grinding away while I put shit in its place for the night.  And I don”t want to be ignored by Steve today, so I start up some pole dancing moves, pull off my kicks and my jeans right there behind the counter


I”m trying to not look at Ricky and his tits because I”m gonna” stare like a fool, and my boner is hurting in my briefs.  It hard enough to not make a fool of myself over them most days, but peeling those stickers off and grazing those tender pink titties I could have jizzed myself right there.

He”s playing his music loud and next thing I know the kid is peeling off his jeans and turns his ass to face me, and nothing there but a jock strap, and that fine young ass is moving so smooth and sweet.

Jesus fuck!  Ricky get the fuck in the back room! I”m yelling and coming at him to shove him out of site.

The kid is laughing, and I”m still yelling You trying to get me shut down?  What the fuck?


My long mix of Ed Sheeran”s Shape of You comes on, and I don”t usually listen to that smurf but I have such a hard on for this one song, and I”m so into Steve right now, so I pull up to him and say to dance with me.  He”s all no way, no way, no I don”t dance, but come on uncle Steve.  So I drop to my knees just like I do at the bar, lean back and run my hands under the apron on my chest because now he”s looking at me like he likes it.

I hoist myself up with my thighs which I know looks good, and straddle one of Steve”s big meaty thighs and grind up against him like he”s my dancing pole, and he”s breathing hard and puts a hand on my waist. HOLY FUCK if Steve”s not moving with me, taking my lead and rolling up to me.  We got it going on real good and I pull up tight against him and wrap an arm around him and he”s so thick and solid it”s like hugging a tree, and with a hand on his crotch I realize his dick is hard as fuck. 

So I slide back, bend over at the waist sexy like so he can look down and see my ass and back when I drop my face near his boner.  I start to pull down his zipper and he gasps.


I don”t fucking dance, but things just got carried away, and then the kid is on my zipper and I don”t give a shit about anything else but this right here, and that song and Ricky”s tits and ass and him grinding on me.

So I unbuckle my belt and open my jeans and my dripping dick is out, and my jeans are down around my knees.  Ricky is down under me still dancing and rubbing himself and I”m working my dick with my fist.

Then Ricky”s on his knees, and rus escort pulls close to let my dick rub against his tits, and I”m so close to blowing already, please God don”t let me fall with my jeans tangled up in my knees, but if I gotta” fall let my blow my load first.


Uncle Steve”s got such nice cock, curved around and veiny and dripping on me.  I want to suck it, but he”s so into my chest so I start pushing my pecs up for him to see.  He”s grinding on my chest and then BOOM he”s shooting cum like Fourth of July fireworks and it flies over my shoulder and on my face and big ropes of it fall on my chest, and Uncle Steve”s whole body shakes and lurches forward like he”s gonna” fall, but catches himself, and keeps pumping all his cum out on me.

After a couple minutes he”s down to a slow stroke, and a long oozing thread hanging from the top of his meaty dick to my chest, so I lean forward to catch it up in my tongue, and reach into my jock to whack off.

The sight of Steve standing over me with his beefy chest heaving up and down in his tight white t-shirt, his veiny cock dripping and his furry nuts hanging there put me over the edge. I came faster than I think I ever have before.


The kid lapped up a string of cum and leans back and starts shooting geysers all over himself and my jeans and the floor of my back room.  Fucking 21-year-old kids and their balls.  My whole back room smells like cum, and that song is going on saying I might be crazy don”t mind me.

Fuck, I gotta” to get back in shape, I”m breathing like racehorse.


I tell Uncle Steve I have to get going and he”s like Yeah, have a good night kid, see you on Monday.  He”s not even looking at me, just cleaning like it”s just another mess.  Too bad because I really wanted a kiss but he didn”t even look me in the face so I figure he was done with me.

I clean off and get dressed and when I leave Uncle Steve locks the door behind me.  But before I get ten feet away he opens up again.

“Hey kid,” he says, “that song you had on, could you like put it on a CD for me?”

I”m floored and ask, “You liked it?”

He looks around to make sure there”s no one to see, then pulls up his arms tight like a boxer and does a beater motion that”s half shrug and half dance, and all awkward says, Yeah, y”know.

Uncle Steve dancing for me tugs at something in me that I swear runs right from heart to my balls.  I put my hand on chest and pat it like my heart is pounding so hard, and say Sure thing Steve. 

And just as I”m turning to leave, “Steve, you wanna” come see me dance tonight?”

“Not tonight, kid.  Maybe next week.”

I put in my earbuds and dance down the street, mixing some boxing punches into my moves and singing along like I don”t care who hears, Every day discovering something brand new, I”m in love with the shape of you.


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