Sharing A Fantasy

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Chapter 1

Cheryl watched the scene before her. Watched and felt. Those were her only two options for the moment.

She watched as her husband, TJ, was dominated by a man and a woman. She watched because she was tied to a chair, naked, hands bound behind her back, ankles tied to the legs of the chair. She watched because it was what she had asked for…what they had asked for, she and her husband. The dominant couple was there to fulfill a fantasy. And fulfill it they were …. and very well.

The sights and sounds of her husband with these two made her beyond horny. Her pussy lips were so swollen and her clit so hard that they ached. There was a puddle of juice in the seat of the chair that had leaked from her slit. Cheryl moaned and grunted as she watched, her body feeling much of what she saw. Her heart beat quickly and her breathing was heavy.

She had cum already, squeezing her thighs together until her swollen pussy lips massaged her hard clit to a body shaking orgasm. Twice. Neither orgasm brought her relief. They only made her want more. She knew her time would come and that the waiting was part of the entire scenario but she was ready. More than ready to join in, to have the couple take her and use her as they were her husband.

She shook as she remembered being stripped naked, stroked, teased, then shoved into the chair, bound and left to watch. She watched as the couple stripped TJ, turning him around, examining his body, like he was a slave up for sale. His cock had hardened almost immediately, jutting from his body like a soldier at attention before his commanding officer. His huge balls had been tight up against the base of his shaft as the couple had touched him. Slowly, as he slipped into the scene, they had released and dropped to their normal position. Her husband had the biggest balls she had ever seen. His balls were hers.

She owned them.

She was addicted to them.

The sight of them made her pussy swell and get wet. Cheryl could play with them for hours, sucking, stretching, squeezing, slapping them until she put TJ into a trance. He would fall under her spell, her control as she played with his balls.

The couple had been drawn to those giant balls just as she was. They each grabbed them, squeezed them until TJ moaned in pain and pleasure. Cheryl watched the woman come back to them over and over before the man would push her away and cup them, feel their weight, then slap them hard. Both made it a point to comment on the size of those balls. Cheryl fell a tinge of jealousy, possessiveness, creep into her throat at their attention and comments.

Those were her balls!

Then they couple had undressed, revealing hard, taut bodies, honed by hours of workouts. Cheryl had gasped at the woman’s breasts, firm and large and obviously enhanced by surgery. They were beautiful. Topped by long, hard nipples the color of a dark oak. Aureoles as big as silver dollars, dotted with large bumps. The woman’s waist was small and tight, sitting above a shapely ass and a pubic mound that was full of bushy black hair. She could see the pouting lips as the woman circled TJ. Cheryl knew she’d be seeing them much more closely when her time came.

The man was built like an athlete. Broad shoulders, strong arms, muscular abs framing a tapered waist. When he dropped his pants, Cheryl felt her pussy twinge. His cock hung semi-hard, long and heavy, swinging as he tossed the garments aside. His balls were average and only lightly covered with hair, as was his area above his cock. As he moved around her husband, she watched that cock grow harder.

Her pussy gushed. It had to be 10 inches long because TJ was 8 inches and he was certainly not as long as this man. The head was wide and dark, looking to be one that would certainly be able to hit her spot. Cheryl loved cockheads that hit her spot.

Hell, she loved any cockhead.

They put a collar on her husband attached to a leash and pulled him to the bed. The man sat against the headboard and took the leash from his partner. He pulled TJ to him until his head was bahis forum at the man’s crotch. Then he took a powerful hand, grabbed TJ by the back of his neck and pushed his face down to what was now a rock-hard 10 inch cock.

“Suck me,” the man commanded.

TJ obeyed as Cheryl watched. His lips parted and he licked the big cockhead, swirling around it then down the long, thick shaft. The man groaned as TJ slid his tongue back up that shaft and engulfed the flared cockhead with his mouth.

Cheryl moaned also. Her mouth wanted that cock. Any cock. Watching her husband sucking that big piece of meat made her hornier than she had been. Her hips bucked as she watched TJ taking as much of the cock as he could.

Cheryl’s attention was then diverted to the woman who had turned her way. She had been watching her partner get a blowjob while strapping on a big dildo. The woman tightened the straps which circled her waist and stepped over next to Cheryl. The dildo had to be 11 inches long though not really big around. It bounced as she approached Cheryl. “You wanna suck something?” The woman asked in a harsh voice.

Cheryl nodded.

“Then suck this…” the woman said as she grabbed Cheryl’s hair roughly in one fist and pulled her head down to the long rubber cock.

Cheryl opened up her mouth and the woman shoved the dildo into it, pulling her head down onto it. Her shoulders ached as the woman roughly yanked her head down onto the cock. Cheryl sucked the rubber head and shaft trying to keep up with the woman’s thrusts. Her eyes watered as the cock slammed into her throat. She was just concentrating on opening her throat to take the dildo in when the woman pulled it out and yanked her head backwards.

She held Cheryl’s hair in her fist, pulling her head back until Cheryl was almost looking at the ceiling. When the slap came it surprised her.

Her head snapped to the side with the force of the blow. Her eyes watered more.

“Don’t worry, bitch… you’ll get to suck plenty of cock before the night’s over…” the woman said. “Now, though, watch while I take your hubby’s asshole…”

She released Cheryl’s hair and reached down into a bag, pulling out a tube of K-Y. Cheryl watched as the woman squeezed out a huge gob and spread it over the length of the dildo. When she had covered it completely she moved to the bedside. Cheryl followed the woman’s gaze and saw her husband bobbing up and down on the man’s hard cock. TJ’s own cock was very hard and his balls swinging back and forth as he sucked the cock. Cheryl watched the woman reach out and grab TJ’s balls and pull his ass around towards her. The woman then began to use her still slick fingers and hand to coat TJ’s asshole with the remaining K-Y. Cheryl heard her husband grunt and moan as the woman slid a finger into his asshole.

Cheryl watched the woman crawl onto the bed, grasp her husband’s cock and balls in one hand and guide the dildo to his asshole with the other. There was little hesitation as she rubbed the rubber cockhead around TJ’s slick asshole and then pushed it in.

TJ tried to pull his mouth off of the huge cock he was sucking but the man held him in a strong grip. Cheryl heard her husband grunt in pain as the woman pushed inch after inch inside of him. Cheryl knew her husband could take the dildo, she had fucked him with much larger ones, but she was always careful to stretch him out first. This woman and man teamed together and took no such mercy on him. When the dildo was completely buried in her husband’s asshole, the woman then began to fuck him. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until she was holding his hips and slamming the cock into him.

TJ’s mouth was still filled with cock as his asshole was filled with that dildo. He grunted and groaned and sucked.

Cheryl watched the woman fuck her husband’s asshole until it was stretched out. She knew that TJ would be now totally lost in getting fucked. She knew how much he loved to be fucked. She wanted to be fucking him herself, taking him under her control as she often did.

Again, she felt a twinge of jealousy. Her helplessness made her horny and hardcore. She wanted to grab the woman and slap her around. Her fighter was emerging as she watched and heard her husband getting fucked. It wasn’t that she wanted to rescue him, it was more that she wanted to dominate them all. Cheryl felt the bitch rise in her, shaking her body as it fought to get at the trio fucking in front of her. The ropes held her tight but she still struggled.

She was still struggling with her bonds when she saw the woman’s right hand slip down to TJ’s dripping cock. When it grasped his hard shaft he groaned loudly. Cheryl heard the woman say something to her partner and he nodded.

The man pulled TJ’s mouth from his cock and slid out from the headboard and handed the leash to the woman. She held it as she slid from the bed and the man took her place behind TJ. Cheryl then realized what was happening.

The man was gonna fuck her husband.

She groaned.

So did TJ when the man positioned his big cockhead against his asshole. Before she knew it, Cheryl saw the big cock slide into her husband’s ass. The sound he made was animalistic. The real cock was much thicker than the dildo, though not as long. It filled TJ’s asshole completely.

Cheryl felt her bitchy side slip away as the man began to fuck her husband. The sight was so erotic that she found her thighs pressed together and squeezing her pussy lips without even thinking about it. Her orgasm didn’t take long to reach. It ripped her body as she watched the woman remove the strap-on and slide up into the position her partner had previously occupied. She spread her muscular legs and exposed her very hairy cunt. It was matted and wet and swollen.

Cheryl wanted to smell it, taste it, eat it. But it wasn’t her turn, yet.

TJ got what she wanted.

The woman grabbed the sides of his head and pulled his face into her crotch. When TJ began to eat her, she gasped.

Cheryl knew what the woman was finding out.

Her husband was the best pussy-eater in the world. He loved eating pussy and once he had eaten you you were never the same.

Cheryl watched the woman’s face. It went from surprise to awe. TJ began to devour the hairy pussy thrust in his face even as his asshole was fucked harder and harder. The woman came within a minute, screaming her orgasm almost as if taken by surprise. Then she came again, almost immediately.

Her partner slowed his thrusts, watching the woman arch her back and scream her third orgasm. He picked up the pace of fucking TJ’s asshole when the woman opened her eyes, looked down at the man eating her, then gasped loudly. She held TJ’s head tightly and ground her pussy into his face until she exploded once more. This time her voice was full of lust and passion. She was oblivious to her partner’s stare. TJ was her focus.

After watching his partner cum twice more, the man said something to her. She looked up at him with glazed eyes and nodded. Both she and TJ moaned as she pushed his head from her pussy as the man slid his cock out of TJ’s asshole. Before TJ could say anything, they flipped him onto his back.

The sight of her husband’s gaping asshole, huge balls, hard cock and juice covered face made Cheryl groan. She wanted to be there with him, with them, fucking and eating and feeling. Her body ached with the need. She no longer felt the bitch in her. She felt the needy, ready-to-please submissive female begin to take over. Her emotions welled-up and she attempted to speak, ready to beg to be released and taken.

Only a croak came out of her throat and before she could retry her request, the man had lifted her husbands legs to his shoulders, then plunged his huge hard cock back into that gaping asshole. TJ groaned loudly until the woman straddled his face, facing toward her partner, and smothered him again with her sloppy pussy.

Cheryl watched with her mouth hanging open as the couple raped her husband. The woman ground her pussy into TJ’s face while grabbing his cock. She looked up at her partner and nodded. He increased his tempo, fucking TJ like a jackhammer. Slowly the woman began to jerk TJ’s dripping cock. Cheryl watched her stroke that shaft. She wanted to suck her husband’s cock. Instead, the lady dropped her own head down and took him in. Cheryl groaned again. Her pussy gushed and she felt the puddle of juice in the chair get bigger.

TJ was trying to get his face free from the woman’s pussy and get some air. Cheryl watched him squirming but to no avail. Finally the woman leaned up, letting TJ’s cock slide from her lips, as she screamed another orgasm. She pulled her pussy from his mouth, allowing him air, and looked back at him. He was gasping for air and covered with her juices. Even still his tongue was searching for her clit. She shook her head, leaned back until she was sitting back onto his mouth.

She looked at her partner.

“Make him cum…” she commanded. The man nodded.

He reached down and began to stroke TJ’s cock as he fucked his asshole. Cheryl knew it wouldn’t be long now. In fact, she was amazed that TJ hadn’t cum already. When she fucked his asshole she would make him cum quickly and then get hard again as she fucked him.

It wasn’t long before TJ’s hips rose off the bed, signaling his impending release. He was eating the woman’s pussy with a fury, slurping and licking and groaning. The sight of her husband straddled by another woman made Cheryl so horny she was about to scream.

The woman beat her to it, cumming again as TJ devoured her pussy.

TJ was right behind.

As the woman lifted her pussy off his mouth to get some relief from his eating, TJ screamed, bucked his hips and exploded. Cheryl watched the man stroke her husband’s cock as it spurted rope after rope of thick cum. His cock twitched and jerked as the man jerked out every drop of cum, finally slowing his own thrusts into TJ’s asshole.

Cheryl watched the man and woman both lean down and lick up TJ’s cum.

She groaned. She wanted some. She loved his cum. More than loved it. It was like life to her. It was the essence of her man.

They licked most of it off and then slid of the bed. TJ lay there, exhausted, body and cock going limp. His balls looked bigger than ever, emptied of one load, but still holding a lot more cum. For a moment Cheryl wanted the couple to leave so that she could go to her man, bring him back to life and spend the rest of the evening fucking and making love. The sight of him made her moan.

The couple both looked at her.

“Now, it’s your turn…” the man said, grabbing the leash and jerking TJ to a sitting position.

HE looked at TJ. “You ready to see your wife get fucked?” he asked.

TJ nodded, looking at Cheryl with the look only he could. She shivered, wanting him.

“Good…” the woman said. “Get up and get ready to be tied.”

TJ slid off the bed, never taking his eyes from his wife. He wanted to make love to her. He wanted to show his devotion to her. They were both feeling the same way, he could see in her eyes. But, he also knew they wanted to finish this fantasy. The woman took the collar from his neck.

He watched as the man untied his wife, took the collar from his partner and placed it around his wife’s beautiful neck. His stomach flipped as he sat in the chair, watched the man lead Cheryl to the bed and felt the woman bind his hands and feet. His small bit of jealousy surfaced as he watched the man’s huge cock get harder just being near Cheryl.

She was his wife. His lover. His…

He knew there was no need to worry. He was just needing her.

When the woman stood in front of him and bent to his ear he closed his eyes.

She was whispering. “You are the best pussy-eater I have ever found. I will want that again from you…” she said as she licked his ear. TJ’s cock was growing hard again as the woman stood up. When he looked into her eyes he saw lust and then felt the pain.

His head snapped to one side and then back to the other before he could figure out that she had slapped him…hard!

His eyes were watering as he listened to the words the woman was saying.

“Now, watch as we fuck the shit out of your wife!”

TJ felt the tears of pain stream down his face and realized it was his turn to watch.

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