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Sharing a roomBack in the 80’s we were invited to a wedding in Melbourne the bride was the daughter of my boss of the time, I don’t really know why we were invited probably someone else couln’t make it and we were there to make up numbers.Anyway we turned up and having been met at the airport we were taken to the hotel where we would be staying the weekend and where the reception was. Of course we found out too there had been a cock up and we would be sharing a room, no problem as it was a big room with two queen size beds at different sides of the room.Well we unpacked our clothes taking one of the wardrobes before showering getting changed and going down to the bar to meet up with the father of the bride, no doubt our room mates would turn up later. We had drinks and dinner courtesy of the father of the bride and then went up to our room for a relatively early night so we were fresh for the wedding the following day.In the room we found ourselves still alone and presumed our room mates had either cancelled or found another room so with nothing else to do we settled for a bit of slow lovemaking.Of course like in the English farces our room mate chose that time to arrive, not as we thought a couple but a single guy and a young one at that. Of course that broke the mood but with abundant apologies the guy turned off the lights and went into the bathroom and after a while came out and got into his bed and seemingly quickly went off bursa escort to sleep.Well our coitus interruptus decided to be coitus if we were very quiet and once again my fingers found Anne’s clitoris and hers found my cock and we commenced were we left off. Anne muffled the majority of her moans with the pillow and it appeared we didn’t disturb our room mate even the sound of the bed squeaking softly as she rode me cowgirl style seemed to have little effect apart from a moan as he was dreaming. The following morning Anne and I had showered and dressed before he woke up, we introduced ourselves to Glenn and he apologised for the situation we were in, I told him it wasn’t his fault and we would make the best of the arrangement for the rest of the weekend.The wedding went well as did the reception and eventually we retired to our room it appeared Glenn had left the reception earlier and we hadn’t noticed even though he’d had a few dances with Anne earlier in the evening. We quietly undressed and showered before bed I noticed the curtains weren’t fully closed but it was only allowing a small amount of light to enter the room if anything it made it easier for us to find our way around so we didn’t bump into anything in the dark.Once again we decided to have sex and after not disturbing Glenn the previous night we decided he was a heavy sleeper and weren’t quite as quiet as we were the previous night. Of course we’d had a few more drinks bursa escort bayan and were a little more uninhibited and after ten minutes the bed clothes had been thrown back and Anne’s nightdress was somewhere on the floor and the soft light filtering through the curtains was highlighting her body as she rode my cock hard and her tits were softly swaying in and out of a shadow from where I was it was really erotic.Out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement at Glenn’s bed a steady rhythmic movement about halfway down his sleeping body he wasn’t asleep and was slowly jerking his cock. I whispered to Anne that Glenn was watching and being the exhibitionist she sometimes was, she started putting on a bit of a show stroking her breasts and tweaking he nipples as she made more of a show of riding my cock her moans of pleasure getting louder and her breath came in shorter pants. as she approached orgasm.The effect on Glenn was amazing he no longer tried to pretend he was sleeping he kicked off his covers showing his hard cock as he masturbated and staring at us across the room, Anne was no shrinking violet in these situations seeing what she wanted she went to get it. She unsaddled herself from my cock and in three steps had moved over to Glenn and in one movement pushed his hand off his cock and using her own hand guided him into her well lubricated cunt and taking him to the hilt with a satisfied moan. Of course Glenn made no escort bursa move to resist and any suggestion of an argument was stopped by her breast covering his mouth, not satisfied by watching them fuck in the soft light filtering through the curtains I turned on the bedside light so I could see his cock penetrating my wife his shaft well and truly lubricated by her juices.Already near orgasm it didn’t take Anne long to go over the top it seemed loud enough to wake up the neigbours but it seems the walls were well insulated and there were no noise complaints, I could see by the thickening of juices on his shaft that Glenn had shot his load flooding Anne with his cum. I expected Anne to leave Glenn after he came and his erection subsided but it appears it hadn’t happened and she stayed straddling him for a while until they moved around and he was kneeling behind her and I was entertained by watching him fuck her doggy style for the next twenty minutes her tits swaying with every stroke until her arms collapsed unable to take her weight after multiple orgasms had wracked her body, finally Glenn shot his second load this time he withdrew just before it and shot his load on her back (why do they do this) and he then collapsed alongside Anne worn out. Anne got up and showered before returning to bed with me for a cuddle before dropping to sleep having been satiated by Glenn at some time during the night they must have fucked again because the two of them were in Glenn’s bed when I woke up but they hadn’t disturbed me. Glenn apparently was the bride’s first cousin we at least found that out before he left the following day just anothe one night stand.

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