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Chapter 2: At Home

“I’m home!” called Sharon as she wearily opened the front door.

“In the kitchen,” came the reply.

Sharon made her way to the kitchen where Laura greeted her with a kiss. Laura was wearing her blue, oriental silk dressing gown and her long auburn hair was damp. She had obviously just finished taking a shower. “Bad day huh?” asked Laura as she opened the fridge and removed a bottle of wine. She poured the wine into a glass and handed it to Sharon. “Hungry?” she asked, to which Sharon shook her head. “Well then sit down, drink this and I’ll go and run you a bath.”

Sharon watched Laura depart, marvelling again at the circumstances that had brought them together. I nearly didn’t even go to that party, she thought as her mind wandered back to when the two of them had met.

Picking up her glass, Sharon opened the back door and went to sit in the garden. Taking a long sip from her glass, she rummaged around in her pockets until she found what she was looking for. Cigarettes in one pocket, lighter in the other. She removed a cigarette from the packet, placed it between her lips, lit it and inhaled deeply. She exhaled with a sigh and took another sip of wine, slowly feeling the muscles of her neck and shoulders relax. It’s definitely been a bad day, she thought to herself as she took another draw on her cigarette.

“Bath’s ready!” she heard Laura call from inside. As she made her way to the bathroom Laura called out “Just leave your stuff on the floor and I’ll put it away.”

“Thanks,” replied Sharon as she started to undress. With hardly a care left in the world, Sharon climbed into the tub and sank up to her chin in the hot, bubbly water.

Laura popped her head round the door. “Everything OK?”

“Just fine,” came the dreamy reply, “but I could do with a refill.” and Sharon held out her glass.

A few minutes later Laura returned and deposited the glass on the edge of the bath. “Want your back rubbed?”

“No thanks, I think I’ll manage.”

“Well when you’re done I’ll give you a nice rub down. How’s that sound?”


With a chuckle Laura turned and left Sharon to enjoy her soak. Sharon could feel the last of her tension draining away as she started to wash herself down. A warm feeling began to take hold of her as the sponge was played Ankara bayan escort over her breasts. Her nipples hardened as she rubbed the lather into her breasts and rinsed them down. Under the water her free hand searched out between her legs. Sharon’s inner fire burned even higher as she ran a finger between her lower lips, all slippery from the bath and her own juices which had started to flow. One hand slid across the skin of her breasts as the other hand worked its way between her lips. She teased a nipple between her thumb and finger and bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as she suddenly climaxed.

Overwhelmed by the suddenness of her reaction, Sharon lay back and luxuriated in the warmth of her orgasm, the day’s problems well and truly forgotten.

As time passed Sharon reluctantly realised the water was getting cold. She stood up climbed out of the bath, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Hmm, she thought, Still not too bad as she slid her hands over her flat stomach and up over her full breasts. Sharon had a very good body and she knew it, although she despaired at the slight dimples on her thighs. Still, can’t have everything, she thought as she pulled on her dressing gown and made her way to the lounge.

The curtains in the lounge were drawn and the room was lit by a few of Laura’s aromatic candles. Laura was sitting next to a soft rug with her tray of massage oils in front of her. Standing up, she crossed over to Sharon. Holding her as tight as possible she kissed her fully on the lips. She could feel Sharon’s melting response. Laura gently slipped Sharon’s dressing gown from her shoulders until it fell to the ground then beckoned her to lie on the rug in front of the fire.

As Sharon lay down, Laura opened one of her oil bottles and poured a little onto her hands. Gently she started to rub the oil into Sharon’s shoulders and down the backs of her arms. With long slow strokes, her hands caressed her lover’s back.

Sharon was murmuring dreamily as she surrendered to ministrations of Laura’s hands. She rolled over onto her back to allow Laura to work in the front of her shoulders and neck.

Laura sat astride Sharon leaning forward to work some more oil into her shoulders. As she did so the material of her dressing gown, brushed against Sharon’s nipples sending a thrill Escort bayan Ankara through her body. Sharon’s passion ignited suddenly. She lifted her hands and ran them through Laura’s long, soft hair. Pulling Laura’s head down until their lips met, Sharon kissed the object of her desire. With fumbling hands she undid the belt of Laura’s dressing gown and slowly slid it down over Laura’s shoulders. Reaching up she cupped both of her lover’s breasts in her hands and slowly teased the nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers. Sharon pulled Laura down and their lips met again. Her tongue exploring between Laura’s lips.

Slowly she kissed her way down Laura’s neck then slowly ran her tongue over Laura’s left breast, gently nibbling he nipple before moving her attention to the other.

As she focused on Laura’s breasts, Laura positioned herself astride Sharon’s leg. Slowly at first she began to slide up and down Sharon’s leg while Sharon continued to squeeze and caress her breasts.

Laura felt the fire begin to grow in her pussy as she rode Sharon’s leg, her clitoris almost screamed as the friction of her movement heightened the sensation of pleasure. She felt Sharon begin to wriggle lower beneath her. Sharon kissed her way down the length of Laura’s stomach until her nose was being tickled by the short hair between Laura’s legs. She stuck out her tongue and found Laura’s clit. Gently she licked it. “Oooohhhhh!!” sighed Laura, “that’s wonderful.” Sharon probed deeper with her tongue, her lover’s juices trickled over her face as she slid her tongue deep inside.

Laura sat upright and began to caress her breasts as Sharon continued her gentle exploration. She could feel the fire spread up her body as with each stroke of Sharon’s tongue, her climax grew closer. She felt Sharon’s hands clench on her buttocks as she ground her clitoris harder against Sharon’s face.

Finally, as Sharon’s tongue beat a rhythmic tattoo against her clitoris Laura came. She arched her back and let out a low moan as she continued to grind her pussy into Sharon’s mouth. When finally, she could take no more, she lifted her body and allowed her lover to remove herself from below her. She kissed Sharon deeply, showing her appreciation, then whispered in her ear, “Now it’s your turn”.

She pushed Sharon to the floor and positioned herself, Bayan escort Ankara immediately, between Sharon’s legs. She ran her tongue up the inside of one leg, stopping just short of Sharon’s pussy, which was already drenched in sticky sweet juices. She repeated this on the other thigh and then returned to the first. Over and over again, she teased Sharon stopping just short of her ultimate goal.

Then, when she gauged that Sharon could take no more, she dipped her tongue between Sharon’s lips and kissed her clit.

Sharon let out a cry of frustrated pleasure as Laura finally began to work on her aching pussy. Laura’s tongue swirled over Sharon’s lower lips then dipped inside her love hole. As she focused her attention on Sharon’s swollen bud she reached up with her hands to fondle her breasts. She squeezed and rubbed them as her tongue flicked over the lips of girl she loved to distraction.

Sharon’s head rolled from side to side and she bit down on her lip to contain the moan of pleasure that threatened to erupt.

Laura removed one hand from her lover’s breast so that she could tease Sharon’s pussy. As her tongue lapped at Sharon’s clit, she inserted a finger into Sharon’s soaking cunt.

Sharon could feel the pressure building as Laura’s soft tongue continued its work. The walls of her pussy gripped the finger that was fucking her as her hips writhed against Laura’s tender ministrations.

Suddenly it became to much; Sharon arched her back and her head tossed from side to side. “Yes, yes, oooh yesss!” she moaned as the heat and contractions in her groin spread up her body to consume her.

Laura moved up, stared deeply into Sharon’s eyes and then kissed her deeply. “Feeling any better now?” she asked, smiling.

Sharon closed her eyes and stretched letting the tension of her orgasm disipate. “Much better.” she murmered dreamily. “Any more of that wine left?” she asked.

“I’ll go get some”, came the reply.

“Be a dear and bring me through my cigs, would you?”

Laura returned with their glasses and Sharon’s cigarettes. Sharon lit up and took a sip from her glass as Laura snuggled up to her and laid her head on her lover’s shoulder. “Have you anything planned for tonight?” she asked.

“No have you?” replied Sharon, taking another draw on her cigarette.

“Well…,” murmered Laura, suggestively, “I just thought that once we’ve finished these we could have an early night.”

Sharon stared intently into Laura’s face, took another quick puff, sipped her wine then smiled. “Why don’t we do just that?” she said.

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