Sharon’s Surprise Ch. 04

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After I got dressed and kissed Bob good bye I headed home. On the way I called Marijean from my cell phone. “No need to worry about Bob,” I said, “I had a talk with him.”

“By talk, I’m assuming that you did most of your talking with your pussy and he did most of his talking with his dick,” Marijean said. “I know guys like Bob and they will say anything to get fucked.”

“That is true,” I said, “but I like the way he fucks me. It must just be that un-circumcised cock. It touches places other guy’s cocks have never touched before.”

“Ok, so you like fucking him,” Marijean said, “Does that mean that he isn’t got to be a problem for us with the District?”

“I think that is something we really don’t have to worry about,” I said, trying to re-assure her.

“So where does it go from here? You and Bob going to sneak around behind your husband’s back,” Marijean asked?

“Nothing like that,” I said, “we are going to spend the long weekend on his boat at the Thousand Island Club.”

“We as in you and him, or we as in you and your husband and him,” Marijean asked. “God, that sounds even kinkier than if you and Bob went together, knowing your history with Bob.” “How many times have you fucked him now, let see, twice at the party — right? And once, or was it more, today? You’ve fucked him more times that I’ve been fucked by your husband — who by the way is pretty damn good.” “Maybe you and Bob should spend the weekend together, I’ll keep your husband company while you are away.”

“Thanks for the offer, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the compliment, but I think I’ll take him with me, if for no other reason than I may need a ride home,” I said. “Though who knows what the future may bring.”

When I got home I told my husband that Bob had invited us to spend the weekend on his boat in the Thousand Islands. Ok, Ok, I again didn’t give him any details about how I spent a couple of hours on Saturday.

“So, you must have impressed him at Marijean’s party,” my husband said.

“What can I say, I leave quite an impression,” I said.

“Yea, I know,” he said.

A couple of weeks later we were in the car on the way to the Thousand Islands for our long weekend on Bob’s boat. He had e-mailed a couple of pictures of the area and the boat, one of a very busty woman sunbathing topless on his boat. His comment with the photo was, “What can I say, I’m a tit man.”

He also sent along some information that the place where the boat was docked was a private, conservative resort, but that he usually spent the time on the boat either cruising or anchored at some cove along the river. He assured us that we would have all the privacy we wanted or he knew some places where other boats tied up for a night of partying.

The drive took about three hours, so by the time we got there it was getting dark. We asked at the gatehouse for Bob’s slip and they directed us to the area where the boat was docked.

It was later than we expected, but we met Bob at the dock and he invited us on board for a drink. “We can have a quick drink or head over to the restaurant and have a drink before dinner,” he said.

“Let me change quickly and we can go,” I said as my husband handed me the garment bag with my clothes.

Bob took me below to show me where to change and freshen up. He carried my garment bag and hung it on the back of the door in the main cabin. He then just stood there, “Go ahead, do let me stop you,” he said with a smirk.

“Out,” I said as I pulled my tank top over my head, “you’re the one that said we were running late.

I quickly changed into the dress I had brought, not too revealing, Bob had advised that the place was family friendly, but tight enough to show off my curves and low enough to show some cleavage.

“Ok, let go,” I said as I found my husband and Bob chatting on the back of the boat. They helped me onto the dock and we walked the short way to the restaurant. It was a beautiful old building along the banks of the river that was once someone’s mansion. It was beautifully maintained and felt as if the original owners had invited us to dinner. The food, wine, and service cevizli escort was impeccable. Our waiter hovered near the table through most of the dinner. I caught him peeking at my cleavage and smiled. He returned my smile with a nod of appreciation.

We chatted and drank and when we were finished Bob signed for the meal and we walked back to the boat. On the boat we sat on the aft deck and chatted until about eleven or so.

When it came time to call it a night, I asked Bob what the sleeping arrangements for the weekend were.

Without batting an eye Bob said, “I’m glad you asked. The plan is that you’ll be sleeping with me and your husband can sleep in one of the other cabins. OK?”

“Very funny,” I said.

“Hey, I gave it a shot,” Bob said. “I imagine you’re both tired from the drive, so I’ll let you sleep with him tonight.” “You can use the master cabin and I’ll sleep in the cabin right across the way.”

“Ok, good night then,” I said as we all went below.

The master cabin was large and comfortably appointed with everything anyone would need. I said to my husband, “Administrators get paid a lot more than us teachers.”

I looked around for a few minutes, finding a large vibrator in the night stand next to the bed. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Bob was outside, “If you haven’t noticed as yet, the shower is small, but they have two large showers at the boathouse at the end of the dock. I usually shower there because it is simpler and the water doesn’t have to come from the boat’s holding tanks.” “I’m heading over there now, if you two want to come along I’ll show you where it is. There is a nice sauna there also, if you’re interested.”

I looked over at my husband who was already on the king size bed. “Go ahead if you want, I’ll get a shower in the morning,” he said.

“Ok,” I said, “let me get my robe.” “Do we need towels,” I asked.

“Nope, they have lots for the sauna,” he said, “We’ll get some there.”

We walked to the boat house up the dock making small talk about the day, the drive up, the food and the wine, etc. When we reached the boat house, Bob showed me around. The sauna was quite large, but at that time of the day no one was using it. There were two showers, one for men and one for women, with lockers and changing rooms for each. There was also an exercise area with quite a bit of space and a number of pieces of equipment.

“So, what shall it be, sauna and a shower after or just a shower,” Bob asked?

“Sauna sounds like a nice start,” I said as I walked past Bob toward the sauna. As I passed him he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I pushed myself tight against him so he could feel my tits against his chest as I kissed him back. I broke free from him and walked to the sauna controls and turned on the heat. “Think anyone will be using the sauna tonight, other than us,” I said?

“It’s already late, so I doubt it,” Bob said.

I smiled at him as I took a towel from the shelf. “Good,” I said as I slipped my robe off and hung it on a hook outside the sauna. I walked in to the sauna and sat on the towel I had. I looked back to see Bob quickly grab a towel and follow me in.

I sat there feeling the heat build in the sauna. Bob was standing there with his towel in his hand. “Take your robe off and hang it outside,” I said to him. “Bring me another towel when you come back also.”

Bob came back in quickly and stared at me. “Sit down and enjoy the sauna,” I said. He sat down next to me and handed me the extra towel he brought.

I stood up and spread the towel out on the bench and lay down on it. I was right next to Bob with my head near his lap. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the relaxing warmth of the sauna.

After a few moments I noticed that Bob’s cock was starting to get hard. I moved up a little so that I was lying on my back with my head on his legs. His hands moved down and he started to caress my nipples with his fingers. “You have great tits,” he said.

His touch started to get me excited and my nipples started to harden. Seeing my response erenköy escort to his touch he gently pinched my nipple between his thumb and finger.

“You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a jerk, but over time I have become fascinated by this cock of yours. It is so beautiful and different than anything I have experienced before. You sure do know you to use it; you’ve made me come every time you’ve fucked me. No other man has ever done that,” I said. “I find myself sometimes just reliving the experiences we have had in my mind and I get so excited I have to make myself come. You’re making me fall in love with you like some sort of school girl,” I said.

“Ok, it’s getting hot in here; let’s go take a shower so I can get to bed. I imagine you have an interesting weekend planned for us,” I said as I leaned over and kissed the base of his cock and squeezed his shaft before getting up.

I got my robe and we moved to the showers. There was one for the men and one for women. I winked at Bob as I walked into the men’s locker-room; Bob was close on my heels as we walked through the locker area to the showers. There were soap dispensers near each shower so I lathered myself completely. I turned and saw Bob just watching as I soaped up my tits. Sensing his excitement, I did it slowly and as provocatively as I could. It seemed to work since I saw that his cock was again coming to life, getting thicker and thicker as he watched.

“Come on, we came here to take a shower not stand around and watch,” I said and I pulled him into the shower spray. Slowly I pushed my soapy tits against him as I started to lather him from head to toe. I spent a lot of time lathering his beautiful, thick cock. It felt hard and hot in my hand as I lathered the entire length of his shaft and his ball sack. I soaped him several times, each time stroking the length of his dick slowly.

After a few minutes I stepped away from him and stepped into the shower stream to rinse myself off. “Come on, rinse off, it’s getting late and I am tired from the drive up,” I said. A very dejected look came over Bob’s face.

A few minutes later, after the shower had partially deflated Bob’s hard-on, we walked back to the boat. Bob buttoned everything up for the night while I went below to our cabin. My husband was already asleep, so I brushed my teeth and got in bed as I heard Bob come below. I left the door to our stateroom open so Bob could see me lying nude on the bed. I sat up as I heard him pass by and said, “Goodnight. See you in the morning.”

The next morning I awoke with the sun shining into the window of the cabin. I realized that my husband was asleep and I looked across the hall to see Bob sleeping in his cabin. I watched as he rolled over on his back revealing his huge dick pointing straight up. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it was magnificent and I thought back to how much pleasure it had given me the times we were together.

I kept staring at his hard, thick cock and found myself becoming more and more excited. I slid my hand down over by belly to my pussy. Just looking at his cock made me tingle and I felt myself getting more and more excited as my fingertips brushed the lips of my vagina. I touched myself for a few minutes, then suddenly I could not control myself any longer. I got out of bed and walked across the hall to Bob’s cabin. I stood next to the bed for at least several minutes simply staring at his cock. I wanted to touch it, I wanted to feel it in my mouth, I wanted to feel in deep in my cunt, I wanted to make him come, and I wanted for him to make me come.

I tentatively reached out with my hand and wrapped it around Bob’s thick rod. His body moved slightly at my touch. I squeezed his prick and slowly started pumping it as I moved to sit next to him on the bed. I didn’t know if he was awake or still asleep, but the heat of his cock and the sight of his thick, un-circumcised cock swept me into an erotic sensation I had never experienced before. I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock as I stroked it slowly. I watched as his cock responded esenyurt escort to my touch by getting noticeably thicker and felt hotter to my touch. I was amazed at the way the head of his cock partially emerged from his foreskin as I stroked and watched his hidden cockhead get larger and change color as blood filled his thick shaft.

Several minutes into my pleasuring of his prick, I could contain myself no longer and moved so that I could engulf his cock with my mouth. The heat of his shaft combined with the lust I was feeling was an intense experience unlike any I could recall. I moved my other hand to his shaft and sucked eagerly at his prick as I pumped the entire length eagerly.

I moaned as I licked and sucked eagerly at his cock. Every sensation, the taste of his cock, the feel of the skin on his penis, the heat of his shaft, was intensified as if I had never experienced any of them before. I tasted the saltiness of his precum as it started to ooze from his prick. The taste only added one more elements to the lustful sensory overload I was feeling.

I knew by now that Bob was awake and enjoying my enthusiastic cock sucking skills. He placed his hands on the back of my head as I sucked his thick rod eagerly.

I heard him moan and suddenly felt his body twitch with pleasure. At the same time my mouth was filled with the first spurt of his sperm. I eagerly sucked and swallowed as fast as I could but the volume of his ejaculate was immense and I could not contain it.

I held his hot cock in my mouth as he pumped spurt after spurt of his come into my mouth and down my throat. My body tingled with pleasure knowing that I had emptied this beautiful man’s balls into my mouth. He shot jet after jet into my mouth and I eagerly swallowed as much as I could, just for him.

When I felt his spurts subsiding and his cock going limp I rolled onto my back. Tears of joy were streaming down my face as I gasped for breath. Bob sensed my intense arousal and moved his fingers to my pussy. I let out a loud moan as I felt his fingers penetrate my vagina. “Finger me, finger me,” I screamed as Bob started caressing my cunt.

I was excited, more excited that any time I could recall, and I was sure I didn’t want it to end. Bob inserted two fingers into my sopping cunt, between gasps I managed to say, “More, more, give me more.”

I felt Bob pull his fingers out of my aching cunt, quickly I felt him insert four fingers into me. He started pushing his fingers deep inside me. I felt my pussy open to accept his fingers. “Push, push,” I screamed as I grasped my tits. Bob continued to push his fingers in and soon I felt that he had pushed part of his hand into my cunt. I moaned as I felt the palm of his hand slide inside, “Fist me you bastard, fist me,” I screamed as I felt his hand glide past my vaginal muscle. I felt a squishy sensation as His hand completely entered my pussy. As I felt the widest portion of his hand slide into me, I shuddered with pleasure and began the most intense orgasm of my life. It wracked my body completely. I felt Bob’s hand deep inside me and I felt my cunt involuntarily convulse around his hand.

For several minutes I felt more pleasure than I had ever felt as my vagina gripped at Bob’s hand now buried up to his wrist in my cunt. I felt the warmth of my natural lubrication flowing. I was having a hard time still catching my breath, I was gasping as convulsing with pleasure. After a few more deeply intense spasms, I felt my orgasm start to subside.

I lay there on the bed gasping for breath with my eyes tightly closed, Bob’s hand still buried in my cunt. A couple of minutes later I was still overwhelmed with the pleasure I had experienced as I felt Bob slowly start to pull his hand from my pussy.

I twitched once more as my vagina constricted back to normal size with the withdrawal of his hand. I lay there on the bed for several more moments not able to speak or even open my eyes.

Once I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my husband standing in the doorway to the cabin. He said nothing but smiled and made a motion like he was applauding my performance.

A few minutes later Bob helped me up. I was spent and leaned back against his body for support. His hands were on my hips to steady me, so reaching back I took his hands and moved them to my tits as I pushed back against him and arched my back feeling his hands cup my full breasts. I turned my head to him and nuzzled his neck.

To be continued…

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