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Wearing her delicious black lingerie; the balcony bra set, matching lace panties and sheer black stockings, her pale skin and red hair making her look amazing. Joy had an amazing figure. Nice legs with strong thighs from her sports. The most mathematical round ass that filled out those lace panties, more than a handful to squeeze and looks amazing after our slap and spank sessions. Nice wide hips narrowing at the waist. Her bust, full, C cup and large enough to overflow my hand but pert enough to allow her the luxury of going bra less on many occasions. Of course she was beautiful, but tonight she had that extra glow about her, a giddiness of sexual anticipation of what was to come. She had hinted long ago to me during one of our bondage sessions that she wanted to feel violated by two cocks at the same time. Not toys, cocks.

It took some arranging. I had to find the perfect specimen. A man who would do as I commanded, who wasn’t wanting to dominate proceedings for his own pleasure and was acutely aware that this was for Joy, her alone and he would have to perform at my command. Of course he had to be adequate in other departments. Yes, I had the candidates send me dick pics to weed out the unworthy. The things I do…

I met with Joy and David at a local bar. I wanted her to feel comfortable with him as well. She trusted my judgement, having told me beforehand, but as this was her first threesome, mfm, I wanted her to be absolutely okay with him. Of course I was correct. Joy and David got on well and by then end of the night we were laughing like old friends.


Now it was the night for our session. Strictly no alcohol, no drugs or other stimulants and condoms must be worn except for oral. I wasn’t about to risk any issues with my girl. I told her I too would obey those rules for her.

We commenced. I told Joy to relax on the bed. I instructed David to start at her neck, kissing, stroking her hair, kissing her lips. Both of them looked like teenagers, kissing and petting, his hand cupping her breast. I began on her stocking toes. Delicately kissing and sucking each one. I could hear her moan in David’s mouth. I found out early Joy loves her toys sucked one by one. Making my way up, kissing her calf muscles, under her knees, inside çeşme escort her thighs. Meanwhile David’s hand was well inside her bra, squeezing her tits, their mouths and tongues locked. I removed Joy’s panties, as much as I love sexy lingerie, it wasn’t to be needed.

Then I began the tongue lashing she enjoyed so much. Her’s was a different style to most. She loved hard sucking on her labia, loved a rough tongue over her clit and as many fingers as could be forced inside her already wet pussy. I obliged all three. Sucking her pinkish lips, taking each one in my mouth. Then running my tongue around and over her clit, each time her hips rising to me. Two fingers entering, she gasped and moaned “fuck,” as I did. A third, just to make it a little more interesting. I felt her tense then relax as her tunnel welcomed half my hand. Delighting in this she was tearing into Davids willing mouth. By the looks of things she was about to come. “Pinch her nipples, bite her neck.” I instructed. David looked at my head between her legs, nodded once. Her moans telling me he was doing as I instructed. “Fuck, oh fuck I’m…I’m cumming…ahhhh.” She screamed, her body lifting off the bed and quivering. We stopped, giving her a short respite.

“David, put on a condom and fuck her until she cums again.” Without hesitation he prepared. Thank god he’s listening. Joy is in for an incredible night if he can hold it together. “On your knees Joy.” She smiled, assenting to my instructions. Her head looking back as David, now naked with his hard cock, knelt behind her. I undressed. Her mouth my target. I nodded. David moved to enter Joy’s dripped wet cunt. I moved closer so Joy would take me in her mouth. Her eyes looking up at me in silent thanks. She was about to experience what she always wanted. Little did she know I had much more in store.

She was relishing the feeling of being fucked from behind and her mouth stuffed with my cock. She struggled to find a suitable rhythm sucking me as David was pushing into her and forcing her body back and forth. Consider this a training session I thought. Watching as she adjusted, leaning on one hand, the other hand gripping my cock, slowly learning to suck in time with David’s thrusts. Good man, nice üçyol escort steady pace.

“Faster.” I said, David obeyed. He grabbed her hips tighter, I could see his fingers imprinting on her flesh. I could see the gleam in her eyes as she felt his cock fuck faster. I too thrusting into her face, the occasional gag as my cock went a bit further than she could take. She was panting. I could feel her breathing on my cock, her moans signally her build up. “Slap her ass, and fuck her harder,” simple instructions.

The Whack followed by a muffled “Ohhfff fhhucck,” from Joy. Another and another slap as David was now fucking her hard, thrusting in and making Joy a whimpering mess. She took me out of her mouth, hand gripping me tightly, her head arching back as she screamed “YES!!” again spasms rolling through her. David still fucking her. I reached over, making a stop sign in his face. He stopped. Joy was sobbing. Two.

“We swap. Hold her head for her as she sucks you.” David nodded. Unrolling the condom off his cock. Still hard thank god. Most men would have nutted, he must be close. I’m fucking close too, but we must hold out for Joy.

“Roll on your back Joy”. She lay down, lifting her knees up for me, head on the edge of the bed, looking as David’s cock hovered above her lips. She took him in her mouth, him moving his hips to slide his cock in and out. She knew what to do, reaching around to grab his ass, pulling him in deeper, controlling the depth. I got between her legs. Her pussy wet, open and swollen. Juice trickling down her legs. My condom coated cock entering her, as my hands held her hips. I could feel her relax, familiar with my cock, knowing I would fuck her well. And I did, moving my hips, controlling my pace in such a way that she could feel each long, deep thrust. Her throat full of cock. I grabbed her right breast, squeezing, David grabbed her left. Two cocks and her tits being squeezed. I knew this would happen quick. I wasn’t disappointed. Joy’s throat bulging, gagging, the “Gah gah gah,” sounds as she let David fuck her mouth, her body arching with each thrust of my cock, my other hand pressing down on her abdomen, just above her mound. A few more thrust in her mouth and cunt and she once manisa escort more came. Three. David and I both withdrew. “Keep hard, put a condom on. Lie on the bed.” David looked at me, stated his affirmation.

I sat down and hugged Joy. “We’re almost done. Just your final present. I want you to hop on David, ride him. Then lean forward. Okay. Ass in the air. Your DP time my dear girl.” Joy’s eyes widened. Mouth agape. I could see she wanted to both sing and scream at once.

David lay there, his cock ready. Joy, near exhausted, slide her legs over his hips, slowly lowered her well used pussy onto his cock. Moaning as she felt it enter. I prepared myself with lots of lube from the bottle. As Joy leaned forward, that glorious picture of her cunt stretched and his cock inside her, that tiny asshole smiling at me. I rubbed a little lube on my fingers and spread it around her asshole. Slowly I pushed my head of my cock into her ass. She bite her lips. Feeling that sting, her muscles tight around my cock. Relax, fuck, relax Joy or you’ll make me cum. Finally she did, I feel the resistance ebb as I slipped in further. As if that was the signal Joy began rocking her hips back and forth, David joined in thrusting up, I tried to alternate. As he thrusted I waited, then my thrust came. Like pistons, up down up down. Pussy fucked, then ass fucked. Oh Joy was loving this.

“Fuck yes, oh god. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Slutty fucking whore. Fuck me.” Her primal screams. I knew she had found herself in this fantasy now. It was a reality. She was a cock loving slut. She enjoyed being fucked by two men. Her pussy and her ass taken at the same time. I could only imagine what she felt, the fullness as her body surrendered to us. We fucked her, We fucked and fucked. I came, her tight ass milking me. David followed soon after and Joy shuddered at number four. We lay there, the three of us, Joy on-top of him, head on his chest. Me beside her, stroking her hair.

She rolled off David and faced me. Tears running down her cheek, a smile so wide. She kissed me on the lips. Something she was told not to do unless I said.

“Thank you.” she purred. Any thoughts of her indiscretion quickly dissipating. “You are welcome my dear.” I replied, running my hands through her hair, lifting her chin, the softest kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes, entering her blissful slumber.

I motioned to David. He stood up with me. I shook his hand. “Shower is through there. Thank you.”

“Anytime.” he said.

“Oh, there will be another time.” I said.

He smiled, nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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