She cheated and wished she had not after.

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She cheated and wished she had not after.I paid for my sexual desire and vow to never do this again. have always had feelings for authority figures and police officers got me excited the most. So at 23 I married a guard from the jail. Was the house wife as we tried to have a c***d. That failed and by 40 I got depressed. Dr’s told me to find something to occupy my time. I took a job as a dispatcher at the police department. Work might night to eight and this is this shift my husband works. Worked with a man who I find exciting and sexually desirable. I giggle like a school girl when he was around. I finally told him he was an amazing man. Being six feet six she fills the door when he walks in. His pretty blue eyes and his broad shoulders just got me going. We flirted when all others left and worked totally alone most week nights. I fixed him a meal for us both each night. We ate and talked, flirted back and forth. The night arrived when he kissed me and iz kissed him. I stood up and he bent over as we made out for a long time. He pulled up my türbanlı istanbul escort skirt and ran his hand down my panties. I had an orgasm as he reached the area. He held me in his strong arms as I nearly went limp. My panties hit the floor and I got up on the table. my legs opened and he reached for his zipper. The phone rang and I had to answer. Was a prowler call and he had to go. before he left he told me, I wll be back after this and we can finish what we started. I agreed and smiled. I thought of him as he arrived at the call and worried for him. If he arrest someone, we will do nothing. I don’t want to loose this opportunity. He clears the scene and is headed back to the office. Tells me we will finish that letter when he gets in. I understand his code and prepare. I slip off my panties and wash me self up. I got very wet and worried about must smell. He came in and we locked the doors. I assumed the spot where we were. he took me in his arms and held me. Once out lips locked türbanlı istanbul escort bayan my body reacted. his hand found me as wet as when he left by now. up my skirt went and on the table. He lays me back and I hear the unzip of his uniform pants. I have not been this excited in my life time. he spread me open and stick it in me. I feel like he is using a baseball bat. It hurts me and I force me self to enjoy it. He grabs my shoulders and forces more of it inside me. now I am in pain. Tears from my eyes and I hold my breath to keep from screaming. he thinks I am having and orgasm and hits me harder. You need to finish please I tell him, and he goes faster and much harder. I worry about damage up in side me by this time. I did not want to stop him, so I took it. He lasted what seemed to be an hour more. Slamming me and keeping me in his control. Told him to stop I hear someone, that made him rush. He finished in me as we had agreed. He went out after and looked for anyone. I türbanlı escort istanbul got my panties on and in my chair. I sit gently and not with all the force on the seat. I start crying as he comes in. he comforts me and ask if my crying is issues with my marriage. I say yes and tell him to go on patrol for a while. He leaves and I inspect me self. find a little blood in my panties so I put on a pad. I finish me shift holding my stomach and crying off and on. He comes in and greets me that morning. walks me to the car. Said we can do this again some time if you like. I told him I would think about it. Went home and told my husband a lie, told him I could feel something hurting inside me. I thought I needed heating pad and bed. he treated me so kind I had extreme guilt now. We have worked since and will so for a long time. Will never allow another man to have me. my husband will be it from now on. he now tells me I feel different and act different sexually. I have lost me passion he feels. I have not lost passion at all, I love my husband. I still feel this lover is sexy, I just wish I had left it that way. Top this day he thinks I will not have sex with him due to guilt. I ask that he show me what it looks like and its beyond words, I will leave it there. I just wish he had warned me. Keep this in mind should you find that giant man you feel tingly about. Make sure he is not going to break your insides apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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