She didn’t know that I knew – Part 10

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She didn’t know that I knew – Part 10Things take a turn…..During the next few days, both of our schedules were very hectic, and we didn’t talk about the events of the previous Wednesday. On Monday, I found out that my wife needed to go to an out of town conference Wednesday through Friday and I had a similar Business requirement the following week. Consequently, we did not meet up with her co-worked for the next two Wednesdays. The third week, I asked about him.“We’ve decided not to see each other anymore” she answered, “sexually, that is.”“What?” I asked, uncertain if I may have been the reason. “Now don’t go acting like that high school girl again” she said k**dingly, “It’s just that I was actually going to break it off anyway, and then you found out and it got very exciting for you and I. But there’s nothing there long-term. He’s also married and has k**s and a life.”“I hope that me finding out didn’t…” I tried to ask.“Okay” she said, in a very determined tone, “I really was going to break it off, but like I said, it seemed to really turn you on, so I continued. But honestly, the truth is…when I saw him sucking your cock….”“But” I interrupted, “I thought that… I thought that you WANTED to see that?” I interrupted.“Oh Baby” she said, sympathetically, “What I wanted to see was the man who I love, and who I’m married too… sucking a cock. NOT the man that I’m fucking on the side. It just kind of changed things for me.”After a long pause, she added:“If YOU want to date him” she replied with a chuckle, “Be my guest, but I’m moving on.”“Moving on?” I asked.“Well, funny that you ask” she said, “I was asked out for lunch today.”“You were?” I asked, “Do I know him?”“No” she replied, “I barely know him. I met him on the flight home from that conference a couple of weeks ago. Seems very nice and actually asked me to lunch.”“When?” I asked.“Ironically” she said, with a smile, “this Wednesday. There must be something about Wednesdays” she laughed.“But, it’s just lunch?” I asked.“Far as I know” she replied with a wink.My phone rang and we got busy doing other things but I was still thinking about the lunch date. Wednesday arrived and everything seemed normal… we got dressed, ate breakfast and started to leave for work. I tried to be nonchalant and casually asked:“hey” I said, “Isn’t your lunch date today?”“Yep” she replied, “But it’s just lunch and may not actually be a date” she added with a smile. “We may go Dutch.”“well, have fun and be careful.” I added.I thought about her all day and finally, later that evening, I asked her how it canlı bahis went.“you want details?” she asked.“Naturally” I replied.“Sure” she said, “But let’s go upstairs first.”We both ran upstairs and stripped. She practically pushed me onto my back and quickly mounted my cock.“What has You so worked up?” I asked quizzically.“Can’t a girl wanna fuck her husband?” she playfully asked.“Anytime you want” I replied with a smile, “But you seem to REALLY want it NOW!”She rocked and gyrated and got herself really close but then slowed her movements.“It was just lunch” she announced, but the added, “The best part was that He asked me out on a dinner date” she said, looking into my eyes.“He did?” I was surprised. “When?”“This Friday night?” she said, almost embarrassed.She then started to gyrate more, and she closed her eyes. As much as I enjoyed what she was doing, and I also knew that my wife, while fucking ME, was imagined her date, and I still had more questions.“What did you tell him?” I asked.“I told him YES.” She said loudly, and then followed it with “now stop talking!”She closed her eyes tighter and concentrated as her orgasm crashed through her. She slowed her gyrations and caught her breath. She leaned down and kissed me passionately and then she sat up.“Lick me clean?” she asked as she slid off me and slid her hips up my chest.“Sure, but..” and her drippy cunt covered my lips.After she climaxed again, she rolled off me and we lay side by side, panting. After a few minutes, she said…“He’s just mine” she said, while looking up at the ceiling, “for now, anyway. Let me see if there’s anything there and then we can see if you want to join later.”“I’ll ALWAYS want to join” I replied, “As long as YOU’RE there.”She smiled, cuddled and we drifted off to sleep.On Friday morning, she told me that she was going to meet him at a parking lot, leave her car and that she’d call me after he dropped her off at her car. I told her that, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be home until after 8:00 and asked what time she was leaving, because I had hoped to see her before she left.“Oh Baby” she said, “I’ll already be gone. He and I are meeting at 7:30.”Oh” I said, being disappointed, “Well have fun, please be careful and call me the minute that he drops you off at your, car.”‘I will” she said, “I promise. Bye-Bye…” as she left for work.The night seemed to drag on and got later and later. At some point, I must have drifted off because something woke me, and I realized that it was 1:00am! I picked up my phone and called her cell. It rang and rang and then bahis siteleri went to VM. I called again. It rang three times and then it stopped ringing and I heard some rustling sounds.“Hello” I said into the phone, “Hello? Honey… Are you there?”Suddenly, a very calm and very deep male voice spoke into her phone:“She’ll call when she’s back to her car… in the morning.” And the line went dead. I freaked, and my imagination went wild. I honestly didn’t know how I felt: Worry and concern, jealousy, angry that she didn’t tell me that she was going out all night… I just didn’t know. I lay awake all night, with a HUGE hard-on and just imagined. That’s all that I could do, was imagine. Sometime just after dawn, I must have fallen asleep and then woke up around 7:30. I grabbed my phone and noting! No messages, missed calls, etc. I was very tempted to call her again, but I thought better of it. I got up, made breakfast and paced around the house. At around 10:30 am. I got a text from my wife:*He just dropped me off at my car. Home in 15 min.*Where I was glad to know that she was on her way home, I wanted to call her and read her the riot act… yet I also knew two things: That she was driving and wouldn’t want to talk and that if I pitched a fit, about being our all night, I could kiss any chance of getting anything, when she got home Good Bye. I waited patiently. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, her car turned into the driveway and then into the garage. As the garage door closed, I met her at her driver’s side door and pulled it open for her.Hi Baby” I said, enthusiastically… “Must have been SOME date?”“It was” said my very exhausted wife. “Now I just need to sleep for a bit.”I was holding the car door open for her and as she spread her legs to get out of the car, her short, black dress hiked up even further and revealed that she was without panties.“Baby?” I almost whined, “you’re not wearing panties? I was really hoping for some…”“Oh, that” she said, sounding half asleep, “He had those off me before dinner.” “He did?” I asked, sounding even more interested. “What did he…”“Baby,” my wife cut me off. “Just help me get inside and up into bed. I’ll tell you then, okay?” She was carrying her shoes and I helped her make her way inside and up the stairs to our bedroom. As we walked together, I noticed that her usually silky brown hair still had traces of semen throughout. The smell of sex was also very evident. I was surprised that her “Date” didn’t give her the opportunity to clean-up before making her do the “Walk of Shame.” bahis şirketleri When we got to our bedroom, I helped her sit on the edge of the bed and I helped her off with her dress. Once I had pulled it off and over her head, she was naked: No panties, no stockings, no bra. My wife looked down at her bare breasts.“Where’s my fucking bra?” she asked. “I LOVED that one.”“Probably with your panties” I replied, trying to sound funny.“Nope” she said, “I know where they are…” and added a little laugh. “Not there!”I noticed that where her breasts looked fantastic, as always, dried semen trails remained all over her tits and neck. She then fell to the side, her head on the pillow and I lifted her legs to get her on the bed. This briefly gave me a good look at her pussy… her well-used pussy. Her entire vulva looked sore, red and slightly puffy from either heavy use or her continued excitement, and it had a thin, almost-dried layer of cum. Her outer labia was protruding and looked red and tender. A definitive translucent fluid was clearly visible just inside her vagina. My cock twitched as I anticipated my long-awaited reward for her all-nighter.I removed my shorts and just as I was about to kneel down, my wife opened her eyes:“Baby” she said softly and pathetically, “I know what you want, and I know that it will feel amazing….” She paused. “But I’m exhausted.”“I understand” I reluctantly admitted, “But can I ask you a couple of questions?”“Now?” she asked, sounding a little impatient.“Yea, just a couple” I said quickly. “Did you have a good time?”“Oh Yea” she said with a smile, her eyes almost all the way closed.“Are you gonna see him again?” I continued.“Hope so” she replied, “But that’s up to him.”“I see” I said, now stalling for my next question. “I’m just curious, …You know that he answered your phone last night?”“Yes” she said, her eyes now closed.“So I heard His voice…” I was being very careful, “Is he….”“Say it, Baby” as she reached for my hard cock, her eyes still closed “Ask me… I know that you need to know.”“Is he Black?” I said quickly.“VERY” was her reply, as she gave my hard-on a firm squeeze and then took her hand away. “Is see” I continued, “and is he…”“VERY” she replied, a hint of a smile spread across her lips, “He’s fucking HUGE.”I just sat there looking at her and wondering ‘Now What?’“Baby, I know that you want to lick me out, and I know that it will feel amazing,” she said, as though almost doing me a favor, “But please know that as good as you would feel, I simply don’t have the energy to cum… not again. I need to sleep for a bit and then… maybe… okay?”Before I could answer her, I swear that she drifted off to sleep. I figured that I waited all night, so what’s a couple of more hours. I covered her up and left the bedroom.To Be Continued…..

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