She is Beautiful Pt. 02

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Lilly stood at the window gazing upon the city lights. We had agreed that we would order some fresh light munchies so that we wouldn’t need to be interrupted for a solid 18 hours at which point Sam and I would need to go to the rehearsal dinner.

Rather than shock a poor hotel staffer we cooled things down a bit, after an initial trio of kissing and groping where faces became flushed, nipples and cocks hard and Sam said, as she took our hands, bringing them down to her pussy “I am so wet!”- until after the delivery was made. We chatted more and got to know a little about our intriguing guest. She was born a boy but always knew she was feminine and through a lot of hard psychological work, some top-notch surgery and emotional pain did what was necessary to look and feel like the woman we’ve met. As we talked, we knew we both really liked this incredible woman more and more. She was intelligent, sexy, self-assured, compassionate and artistically inclined – traits that we both find great turn-ons.

The knock at the door broke a trance that we were all in – looking at each other with lust and longing – wanting the real activates of the night to begin. In came room service with fruit, cheeses and charcuterie and a case of sparking water (which I explained was quicker and easier for the entire stay.) Tip in hand, our delivery woman took a glance around and left but not without a funny look in her eye. Following her to the door I waited a discrete moment before double locking it and pressing the do-not-disturb button, ensuring our privacy.

I opened a bottle of vintage Krug rosé champagne (I brought 6 with us) and beckoned my wife and Lilly to join me in the bedroom when I asked how their bar bathroom encounter happened.

Sam said “when we went into the bathroom only one stall was available. I already knew I wanted Lilly while you watched so I grabbed her hand and pulled her feriköy escort into the stall and locked the door to pee and quietly talk. Lilly pulled me to her, and we immediately started making out when she whispered in my ear “please Sam – don’t be scared” as she took my hand and lowered it down to her crotch. I didn’t know what she meant – expecting to feel a warm wet pussy. As soon as I felt what she was packing I simply gasped – and baby, it was hard and hot – impossible to mistake for anything other than a real cock – I turned her around, sat her down on the seat, pulled her dress up and her sport pants down and sucked and jerked that big beautiful cock till it exploded in my mouth. You know how much I love cum baby… I didn’t know what to expect after that, but Lilly kissed me deeply and then got down on the bathroom floor, took my panties off and she told me to pee. Her face was only inches from my pussy watching me pee. As I was finishing, she started to lap my cunt up like she was starving… I told her all about our mutual desires and kinks, especially how you love it when I fuck your ass with my toys, and … well… here we are.”

With three glasses of outstanding champagne in hand we were standing at the corner window in the bedroom where I swept the sheer curtains aside to gaze at the city lights. I brought us all in close, raised my glass in toast and said “ladies – no holding back – let’s make this a time of no-holds-barred sex, glorious debauchery – I am yours as I hope you’ll both be mine” …

Lilly and Sam took large swallows, draining their flutes and then they both attacked me.

Before I knew it, I was being sandwiched with the heat of two bodies front and back. I felt four big breasts pressing into me as I was showered with kissed while being stripped of my shirt, then arms wrapped around my waist as my belt was gülbağ escort undone. My pants clasp and zipper were next as Sam started sucking and chewing on my nipples – something that always puts my dick into ultra-hard alloy steel mode.

I felt the sweep of my pants and underwear coming down and then I was being dragged backwards where I was unceremoniously thrown onto the king-sized bed – my pants gathered around my ankles, trapped by my shoes.

My cock was rock hard and the searing lust of four eyes gathering in the sight of me made it throb and pulse in anticipation as I looked up at these two beautiful creatures. Sam crouched down, pulled off my shoes and socks and pants all in a second and there I was, in my birthday suit, rock hard cock pressed against my belly, wondering who I was going to attack first.

That didn’t happen. Sam stood up and grabbed Lilly, pulling her into her body and started ravishing her mouth. The women started moaning into each other’s mouths as their tongues dueled. Their arms were wrapped around each other as Sam slid the zipper of Lilly’s dress down, down, down to her magnificent ass. It slid silkily to the ground baring large breasts encased in a golden bra while a pair of athletic sports briefs held a full, big and hard cock in outline. Lilly then just reached up and literally ripped Sam’s blouse off of her chest. Button’s flew and Lilly hoarsely said “I’m taking you shopping for a closet full of replacements” as they smashed back into one another resuming their full-mouth kissing and working the clasps of each other’s bra. I couldn’t breathe. This was far beyond exciting and my cock had already deposited a nice pool of slippery pre-cum on my belly watching this scene unfold before my eyes. I dipped my fingers in and licked them as I watched more.

Lilly was grinding her confined girl cock into kağıthane escort Sam’s crotch and Sam was grinding her pussy right back on that hard shaft as two bras fell to the floor. Both girls looked down at the same time and crashed heads together trying to get at each other’s tits.

I jumped up and held them both, turning them and lowering them both to the bed as they kissed sorry and started to play with each other’s nipples. Samantha, as I mentioned before has a beautiful set of big luscious DD’s and Lilly looked to be about the same, if not a tad bigger. Sam became the aggressor and rolled herself on top of Lilly, pinning Lilly’s arms down as she lowered her head and took Lilly’s right nipple deep into her mouth.

I reached for and pulled Sam’s skirt down her ass, which was lewdly up the air, rotating and grinding, seemingly with a desperate need all its own. Sam lifted her legs one at a time as I pulled her soaked panties down and removed the rest of her clothes. “I’ve been sooooo wet since I sucked Lilly’s big cock in the ladies’ room my baby…” she sighed as I rubbed the soaked material all over our bodies.

There was my wife loving on two big supple tits of this amazing creature, her ass up in the air grinding away with her juices pouring out of her pussy, soaking her thighs. Looking down I saw that Lilly’s cock was still trapped in her sports briefs – obviously used to conceal herself in public. I grabbed the waist band and lifting the front over the head I peeled her shorts down to reveal a stunning and gorgeous big hard penis. It has to be a real 10 or 11″ cock which made me shudder and my mouth water. There was a big wet spot on the fabric where her head had been trapped so I brought it to my nose and breathed Lilly’s animal male scent in deeply.

I reached up grabbed Sam’s hair, pulling her off Lilly’s breast and shoved the pants in her face. Sam went crazy, rubbing her face all over the wet cloth. Samantha rolled off Lilly, huffing in the alien scents of the garment and for the first time I looked down upon Lilly in her naked glory. Big soft breasts with hard nipples, a womanly tapered waist and belly and a big cock bobbing with her elevated heartbeat.

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